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  1. Thanks man! I already swapped them for 57 classics. I will keep your suggestion in the memory bank.
  2. Hey Scott!!! What’s up? They also have a cherry burst with a beautiful top!!!
  3. GC in Kalamazoo has a really nice selection of Heritage guitars right now, including a Core 150. But there was a 2020 Dirty lemon burst Standard that was calling to me! GC had a great offer on Heritage stuff right now so I took it home! I had to do a complete setup on it. The action was sky high and there was way too much relief in the neck. But it setup PERFECTLY! Low action and the neck straightened out very well. Being PLEKED makes a huge difference!!!! HUGE!!!! Heritage had definitely stepped up to the plate with their quality. This 150 is stellar!!! As good as any Gibbons CS I have ever played!! I do think they need to get away from SD 59s though, I’m not really impressed with them.
  4. Hope the HRWs are still there
  5. That’s awesome Rob!!! I almost picked one of those today in Kalamazoo. But I got a 2020 Standard instead.
  6. That's one of the best tops i've seen on a CC so far!!! WOW!!!
  7. Thanks bro. They were rescue guitars. Kinda like rescue dogs....but not as cuddly
  8. Loosen the strings, take out the neck pickup....best way to know for sure
  9. I have 2 transition Heritages. 535 custom and a Millennium DC Keep in mind, neither one of them were retail store instruments. But both are great players and both have great tone.
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