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    10 Most Iconic Guitar Amps

    I know its "iconic amp" we are talking about but even a desk is an "amp" I think a neve consul and a couple of others need to be included when you consider the amount of great guitar sounds and fitting guitar sounds that have been recorded straight to the desk. In some of the incidences when these great tones were recorded straight to desk there was a bevy of "iconic" guitar amps lounging around in the next room going unused. Other times the amp and desk were equally as important and each functioned as parts of a whole.
  2. JeffB

    Heritage Website

    yep. 4.8 kilos isnt very heavy. I did think it was for a while, not so much now.
  3. JeffB

    Heritage Website

    My H150 is heavy for a guitar. 4.8kg, about 10.58lbs. All things considered, its not all that heavy compared to other things.
  4. JeffB

    10 Most Iconic Guitar Amps

    Damn straight, Spectrum13!
  5. Cool amp. Hope it fills the spot you want it to. Congrats.
  6. JeffB

    Heritage Rig

    Very cool! Looks stella. If Tim had a timmy it would be about as close as you could get to a heritage pedal
  7. Cool beans. http://mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/electric/fillmore-series/fillmore-50/index.html One of you guys should buy one and tell me all about it.
  8. I took one gigging for a while, it wasnt an issue. Another guy I worked with had a 112 ED combo and after a few gigs he bought in some of his other tasty amps, whacked for sale stickers on them and still only uses the Electradyne. I went and had a look at the amp today and put a deposit down on it which may end up going on the Fillmore when they get in. Stupid stupid stupid dumb dumb dumb, meh, it'll be okay. The modes work, generally unless you use extreme settings on one but not the others. For a cover band pop, dance or hard rock/classic you dont really get to the extremes. You retain a good clean and nice texas grind and a good hard rock. It didnt take long to find the balance of the three modes for any of the gigs I did with it. I think its one of those amps you have to try out to understand how the channels interact with each other and if it works for you or not. It works for any application I would ever need but my gain requirements are quite ....low .
  9. The 2nd channel on the Electradyne is pretty engaging. So are the other two.
  10. LOL!! ED = ElectraDyne Never gonna use initials to save on typing ElectraDyne ever again.
  11. Here is Mesa's official vid. Sounds like a Mesa. As much as I love Mesa, Im not feeling it. I would rather the ED. Theres a NOS ED I found for 1/3 less than the new Fillmore. Trying to figure out if I care enough to go and pick it up. I played for a short while today through my own gear and its pretty good sounding stuff, a bit GAS stifling.
  12. there are vids online from sweetwaters and others now. Sounds good. I cant tell much from demos though, I always have to sit with something for a short while to get any real idea. Mesa, PRS, HD and a some others have a very specific method of advertising. I find it very cringe worthy. I try not to let it influence me negatively when they release new products. If anything their literature is good for a bit of a laugh, even if it is a slightly sardonic laugh.
  13. And its always the wrong mids!! Its like Mesa go out of their way to not include the right mids or include a blanket of other mids you cant dial out while keeping the right mids. But you stand back and listen to the amp while you are playing and its like, "oh, this sounds great! hope the drummer gets the bridge fill right"
  14. $1499us for the head, $1699us for the combo 'bout $9773au I also like that they put the reverb control on the front, thats worth 200 bucks. More I read about it, price etc and that mesa discontinued the Express series Im starting to think its an Express replacement but more spendy.
  15. Look, its handsome, its got a Boggie badge on it. Im sold and I know nothing about it. In 2months theyll get here and I will try it out, buy it and beat myself up over why I did that when I hardly even play anymore, join a band to justify the purchase, cry myself to sleep because I hate the music I play, try to write so I can justify playing in a cover band and all the while spend countless hours tweaking the two channels and three modes while strumming an open G chord and thinking its the best thing I ever bought. Then I will plug into my fender and wonder why I ever turned my back on it, rediscover jazz, take lessons, leave the band, sell the mesa and go camping and fishing. Then Mesa will bring out another amp. Ive been down this path before I know where its headed. Might pre order one tomorrow and just lock in the next two years.
  16. Reading the owners manual here : http://mesaboogie.com/media/User Manuals/fillmore50-WEB.pdf I think a black face tweedy Marshall Mesa sort of thing. So yeah, from my perspective a Lonestar and a Electra Dyne mashed together with more emphasis on the vintag'y aspect that sells everyone wants. I could be just projecting my own wants and lusts there though.
  17. I have 2cents. I really like the DSL50 head. I prefer it to the 100w. Although I dont really play anymore and am not very tied up in a tone search where I did end up before I wound down was with a clean only amp and a Kingsley od pedal.....and a couple of other pedals also, but really its just the clean ch and the Jester. I have a Jouster on back order, only one year to go. The set up is really as versatile as any of the multichannel amps I had. I had a lot. As far as portability, convenience and floor space, its as manageable as a multichannel amp and really its no different in floor space, you need a pedal to change amp channels and reverb etc. I like a couple of Egnater dual channel amps, good cleans and some of the best vox/marshall od sounds(thats how they sounded to me ) What I didnt like about them was I didnt trust them. I always felt like they were going to break down. They never did, not in 5yrs anyway, faultless actually. Favourite mesa is the Electra Dyne 112. Deep big cleans, perfect crunch and grind(for me). Sat with one and a JCM800 and mimic'd the JCM800s sounds quite closely, the bonus was there was still more gain, mids and bass on tap in the ED. Down side - heavy. Every Mesa I owned I put a bias kit in. It made both the stiletto and Roadster come alive and feel right. The LoneStar took on a more personalised feel and the gain worked better for me. Turned the 3rd channel on the Nomad into something useable! thats a big deal! That channel sucked!
  18. JeffB

    My Man Cave of Amps

    Initial reaction: I chuckled. Its a good feeling picture.
  19. JeffB

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Well.....thats, youve...Im.....ha! umm. So, you like them amps huh?
  20. JeffB


    I really like the Kemper, I think it is the unit for modeling but from the little time I used the Helix and got to know as much as I could I think I would go the Helix if that was the choice. Not because I thought it sounded better, it did and it didnt, but because I liked the layout and accessibility of it. Seemed better set up to gig with. I would probably go for a lighter amp and a pedal board when all said and done. It doesnt matter what modeler I have bought over the years or what multichannel amps I have owned, I always go back to a simple one channel amp and a couple of good od pedals. Its just easier and sounds better, to me.
  21. Yes. I'm a proud supporter of unions and workers rights
  22. JeffB

    H157 neck thickness and profile

    Jay, dude, you shouldve stopped posting in this style awhile back.
  23. Twin or deluxe. Kinda underwhelming. Will not do again. Felt like I had wasted my time doing the quiz, I knew that before I did the quiz. The online "are you a sociopath?" test is more fun. I keep doing it to manipulate the results.