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  1. Joyann Parker on an H-150

    Fair post, Randy Sorry if I came across overly dorkish. Im not really feeling any music lately, maybe my post understated what I meant because of my disconnect with music. I can still recognize honest music. I like that Joyanns music is stripped down the way it is. No crap to wade through.
  2. NMAD

    Congrats! bargain! Have fun There are still three for sale locally and I have the ads bookmarked. I check the ads 3-17 times a day. I was kinda hoping I would be over this sort of thing.
  3. I blah quite easily. Im wavering on the whole "guitar player" thing.
  4. Tell me....

    I wanted a 535 in 5 colors
  5. The DSL50 with a 212 was my favourite venue supplied amp....when venues still supplied amps. I preferred the DSL50 over the DSL100 and a 212 over a 412 with it. I always liked most JCM800's but the DSL50 was close enough, a bit smoother, and the clean channel was pretty great for a clean fender guy like me. They were serious amps, from clean through to higher gain. No pedals needed, just fly in fly out with a guitar and a change of under pants. Country guys didnt mind them and hard rock acts didnt mind them. Another sub 1k amp I can vouch for, though a bit older now and all that goes with that, is the Fender ConcertII. Mine still has red dust through it from mini tours I did in the 90's when gravel roads were the only roads to get to most of the places we were going to. That amp was mishandled, bounced around in the back of trailers, wagons and pickups for 1000s of kms, cranked in sweltering heat and cold nights and never once since 1986 when I bought it has it failed. Down side is, no gain in the amp I like so pedals are fundamental to the od sounds. Another amp I grew to like were the little VOX AC15's, I think maybe one of my favourite od sounds of all time. In the band I was in and the volumes we used I would only have an overdriven sound using one of these but it was a cool sound so I didnt care too much. They all seemed to get really warm to the touch though. Some of the compression when cranked gave the feeling like the whole cab was going to split open or explode. I thought that was pretty cool. If I had no gear today and had to gig to feed the family I would get a DSL50 and 212cab, a HSS strat............ or a 335 type guitar.....with a bigsby. Or maybe.. I would get the DSL50 and 212 cab for sure. I might get one anyway. I just noticed theres 3 online for sale locally. Also theres a JTM45, which at one time was an industry standard, and should still be. Damn. Ive got amp gas.
  6. Tasty Amps,

    I like your handsome amplifiers. I dont know, either the 67 or the 62 but I cant tell by looking
  7. Joyann Parker on an H-150

    Sounds good. I like her playing style and sounds, all seems about right, authentic and honest. Good vibrato.
  8. Best amp ever

    JTM45 head. End of thread. Whatcha got?
  9. Super Eagle workout

    Just to make sure we are clear, I have heard a clip of you and this crew before and thought it wonderful. Without anything to listen to this clip other than my phone is can only imagine that this clip sounds just as great. Cheers. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  10. Super Eagle workout

    I imagine it sounds great. I need to get a new laptop, headphone jack is broken and bluetooth doesnt connect to anything. I cant listen to the interwebs.
  11. Best amp ever

    I used to sell Blackstars including the Artisan range. They were good sounding amps with no terrible reliability issues but a hard sell because they were made in Korea and at the time priced quite high compared to US and UK amps we sold. The Series One Blackstars were also great amps but priced too high to be successful. The HT series sold all day everyday, cheap and useful. At the time you could get a comparable badcat, matchless or something similar for the same money. Artisan sales never took off because of that.
  12. Tasty Amps,

    I was 20. She wouldve been out of jail for the last 20+yrs if she just killed me then.
  13. Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    Both these options seem good. I tend to keep and repair stuff I really like but have been rewarded by "letting go" and trying different stuff.....having said that, I dont have much of the different stuff anymore and still have my old stuff that I cant let go of.
  14. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    A friend has a Subway Rocket. 20w. Its definitely a Mesa. I borrowed it for a couple of gigs about 6yrs ago. It could get angrier than I thought it would, which was okay in the context I was using it in. I like the Express's more. Can you play it before you trade?
  15. Speaker cab question

    3 10's, could be fun trying to match the ohms to the OT. Always be a slight mismatch between cab and OT even with switchable 4, 8 and 16ohm options
  16. I think there is a digitech pedal that does that. Edit: Yep. https://digitech.com/en/products/mosaic
  17. Hard To Believe....?

    Strip clubs and golf, sounds like more fun than hanging around with guitar nerds. That old crew, they really were on to it! Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  18. Amp wattage vs Speakers

    It has a Celestion Vintage 30 which is a 60watt speaker.
  19. Amp wattage vs Speakers

    I used to swap out power amp tubes in one amp regularly between 6L6's (for 60w)and EL84's w/yellow jackets (for 15-18w) and would swap speakers from 100w celestion to a 25w celestion. Sometimes, a couple of times, I forgot which speaker or which tubes were in there. I never blew anything up using the GB 25w with the 6L6s but did know that something was going on with my sound or feel of the amp. Basically just panicked for the rest of the night, kept the volume down regardless of what was going on around me and hoped that I didnt destroy the amp before I finished the gig. A less efficient speaker breaks up before a more efficient speaker. I like speaker break up, a certain type or frequency, so Im inclined to seek out less efficient speakers. I wasnt always like that, I used to love clean clean amps at loud volumes and would look for efficient speakers to keep everything tight and clear, like a spruce top acoustic guitar sound.
  20. Amp wattage vs Speakers

    I think the terms you are using are wrong. I dont think you mean wattage. I think you mean db. Sensitivity and, stuff.
  21. Best amp ever

    Did we reach any agreement yet? Im a low gain guy, if I use overdrive. I always thought was chasing a Marshall sound until I plugged an R8 into a DR and cranked it. Changed the whole direction of research/gas. Coulve saved a lot of money if I figured that out sooner.
  22. Best amp ever

    Nah nah nah, no. Thats not how this works. We gotta argue about it as per @212Mavguy 's request. Some to and fro has to go on until no consensus is reached.
  23. Support the brand

    Lol! wut! Its a company. Their job is to win over customers and hopefully build a loyal and diverse fan base and to grow it and farm it for every cent they can. Its not my job or anyone that doesnt have coin in the enterprise to help build that corporation or company. You cant call some one a narcissist because they just cant find it in themselves to "support" something that isnt what they originally voted for.
  24. Support the brand

    Dunno, maybe try saying his name 3 times.