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  1. Harmony guitars?

    JJ Cales Harmony. He wrote recorded and performed some pretty good tunes with this. Pulled some cool tones out of it as well.
  2. NAD Bartel Sugerland

    Just spent time on the website and yt etc. Great sounding amps! Congrats, have fun with that one.
  3. Thats right. Kinda perverse sense of humour, making two threads about Edwin Wilson to be about Heritage headstocks. I dont even know who Edwin Wilson is, I had to google his name.
  4. thread about Edwin Wilson turned into a thread about a thread about Edwin Wilson which turned into a thread about Heritage head stocks. Wonder if Edwin Wilson will mess with the Heritage headstock?
  5. thread about Edward Wilson went straight to being a thread about the heritage head stock in 3 posts!!!
  6. Edit above: ...... its just *nice* to see.....
  7. All the Heritage guitar stuff aside, which is great, thanks for taking the time, its just to see all the words in that sentence spelled correctly.
  8. Maple fingerboards

    Made me think of the 70's LP Customs with the maple fret boards. I thought they were kinda interesting when they came through. They always attracted attention. I just cant get on board with the Custom headstock. https://reverb.com/au/price-guide/guide/3444-gibson-les-paul-custom-with-maple-fingerboard-1976-natural
  9. A WTF Moment

    I hope we can all make it through unscathed during these trying times.
  10. NPGD

    looks good. Either way. Excellent looking guitar.
  11. Maybach

    There are no more smokey bars. Everyone can read the name on the headstock and spot other differences.
  12. String Gauges?

    I used to use heavy gauges 11's and 12's but pretty much use 9-42's on everything electric except a yamaha that feels like it has 9's when it has heavier gauge strings on it, I think I have 10's on it now. I kinda like EB slinkys but used to get given strings so I just used what ever I was given and I think I got to a point where I didnt know what brand I was using unless they were elixirs, which I dont like. I wouldnt use Elixirs at home much like I dont like using V30 speakers at home. i only play at home.
  13. Your "swiss army knife" Heritage

    I dont have a 535 but based on the two 535 type guitars I have thats what I would go with. I use trem so a 535 with a bigsby type trem would be the one.
  14. New Guitar Day

    Nice!! Congrats
  15. BLOG

    Great blog. 5stars. Would read again.
  16. N G D

    Another great looking Heritage. Nice.
  17. Custom H155M has arrived

    Looks great! Congrats.
  18. 2017 H150 vs 2005 H150

    My H150 has a slimmer neck. More of a 60's oval c.
  19. 2017 H150 vs 2005 H150

    HAUNTING MIDS!!!! OP IS LOOKING FOR HAUNTING MIDS!!! ....And CHIRP!! This could very well be a set up. All my guitars have all that stuff. Just sometimes not at the same settings on the guitar or amp. Sometimes i have to use a different plectrum or not use one at all. Historics have a "chalky" sound you cant dial out. My h150 has it but you have to dial it in. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  20. 2017 H150 vs 2005 H150

    Ive directly compared my h150 to a 57, a few 58's and a couple of 59's.(historics) My h150 had a deeper and tight bottom end. It was closest sound wise to the 57 gold top. It was smoother and more powerful at the same settings than any of th historics. At the time it had sd59 pickups, right now it has an antiquity jb in the bridge and the guitar is too much for a pickup like that. It is a heavier guitar than the historics i tried it against. My h150 has the sound and feel i gravitate to, the historics didnt. Gary Moore was a fearless and ferocious player and some off his best loved tones didnt involve a guitar amp. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
  21. Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue

    Put guitars in the hands of kids, treat them with respect and instill a sense of belonging and comradeship in them and you can pretty much guarantee a future supply of expendable income coming through the door. Not only that and better than that, its pretty cool to relive your initial love of guitar watching them be overwhelmed when you let them plug a cool guitar into a cool amp and play their stuff. For me that was the best part of working in a guitar store. Striking up a conversation with a kid then grabbing the object of his or her desire off the wall and letting them hold it and play it, wide eyed, grateful, speechless. Some of those kids are now 24-28 and some still in contact. Some gig regularly, some went to the conservatory and now teach, some have put out cd's and toured. They still buy guitars and amps 13yrs later and they will for life. I cursed them made then guitar consumers player for life. Old coots already play and buy, you dont need to worry about them, they kinda take care of themselves. Some old guy pulled down an expensive guitar off the wall for them to play when they were kids and theyve been afflicted ever since. Or you can do what you want.
  22. NGD - Cat's Out of the Bag

    Nice score! Sweet looking guitar.
  23. Why am I doing this?

    I keep looking for a double cut two humbucker solid body guitar that isnt a PRS. Ive spent lots of hours over the last few months. I get frustrated every time I look, no Ibanez, Yamaha, ESP, Hamer or anything I like the look of. I scour ebay looking for older and vintage MIJ guitars and everytime I take this trip it ends with me realising I have 3 double cut two humbucker solid body guitars. But theyre bolt ons. Which doesnt really bother me at all. They sound fat and chunky. One, a 78 Ibanez, is very much a LP sound alike even with the bolt on neck. I doubt I would gain anything by getting a set neck guitar. A week later, there I am again searching for a double cut two humbucker solid body guitar, 67 tabs open including Japanese yen to Au dollar converter tab. Its basic insanity. You can call it whatever you want, call it the pursuit of "art" or whatever higher calling you need to get you over the line. I havnt picked up the guitar in weeks, really, I had a jam but only because I had to, it was fun on a social level, musically, it was fun but I wasnt in to it. I haven't had a real interest in playing for a while but I just closed the usual 30-40 tabs looking for a guitar to buy that Im not really sure exists. Why am I doing this? Well, its a nice distraction, I guess. I dont watch TV.
  24. Step To Heritage

    No. I cant. I played a lot of LP's before I bought my H150. It felt right, so I bought it. Nothing else matters really.
  25. Could only read this with an American accent. Turned out to be Reverend Lionel Preacherbot's voice.