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  1. Custom H155M has arrived

    Nice touch adding the Eagle. Love the specs on that guitar. ENJOY
  2. Whats your favorite H model ?

    My trusty Millinium Ultra Standard
  3. Play the new Fender elite series pickups (Version 4) that are found in the Fender Elite Stratocaster. These 4th generation pickups are now available separately. I think they nailed the humbucker single coil sound better than N3's and previous versions. I have since put them in two of my strats. I have had others but these quack when quacked and spank when spanked
  4. NGD: 2012 Millennium Standard Ultra/Pro

    Nice Guitar. Paul has great guitars and that one you got is pretty special. Glad to see it out there performing live.
  5. Check out this new Heritage Model. WOW

    If they ever give me a signature model (the lafond model). This would be it. Here is the rest. Millie Ultra STD, no F holes, HRWs, pickup selector on top.
  6. Never to be seen again....

  7. H170 with AF Date Code

    That would be a 170 2nd generation 2015. They were still making them then . Slight improvements better access to higher frets. Love mine. I got the 1st one of these second edition 170s. Great guitar
  8. Getting ready for PSP

    I wish I had the problems you have Kuz. Hopefully, when I learn the Kemper, I will have a profile of a Deluxe and a profile of a Vibrolux) one can dream the technology has come this far. Still trying to figure out the kemper as I just got it.
  9. Hope to Gig with it (Deserving of its own stand). Trying to come up with the ultimate lightweight rig. I have a 2 x 10 cabinet and a quilter PROBLOCK. I may bring it up if I can get it dialed in by Friday
  10. Getting ready for PSP

    Looking forward to the jam at Heritage this year. Kuz's Deluxe is a pretty killer amp.
  11. My Wife Thinks It's Crazy, What Do You Think?

    That super eagle exposed me to the 'greatness' of the Heritage Archtop line. It was a good fair trade for both of us. Although I eventually traded it, I didn't loose any dollars and got to experience something special. No problem parting with a few things to upgrade. With the used market, it doesn't cost too much to experiment and find the right keeper for you. The Journey is the Reward.
  12. So I have shared with my hoc breatheran my quest for an all in one solution. I sold my Marshall jcm800 stack to aquire the kemper I should be getting it in a couple of weeks. I must admit that I have been totally satisfied with my fender mustang III v 2 for ease of use ( rarely use the software) but am looking forward to taking the kemper plunge. I came across this cool video comparing the kemper to the axe fx to the line 6 helix. I much prefer the kemper sounds but wanted to check in with the hoc contingent to see if you agree. Here is the link. What say you?
  13. Well, it came!

    Great guitar great finish a wise choice. I have a 25th anniversary 535 in that same color. It grows on you
  14. I also have a 4 x 12 loaded with celestions so when my son can roadie for me, I will probably use it for the outdoor gigs. Stay tuned for the new amp day when the Kemper arrives in a week or so.