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  1. Xotic EP-Boost (Echoplex pre-amp emulation) i have found to be the best.
  2. Those new Fender ToneMasters are great. I have been playing the Twin Reverb ToneMaster and it sounds great for classic rock, clean surf, jazz, you name it. works great in a band setting and takes effects well. They make a Deluxe and and a Twin (21lbs and 33 lbs respectively). Still have a couple KPB810's (aka Brian's amps), a Princeton and a Concert along with my Mustang III and some modeler's but fender is doing something right with these ToneMaster's. Playing is believing but no one had them in stock (had to order)
  3. Great color Paul. Very unique model (never heard of it until your post). Nice score
  4. Great Playing Chris. That guitar sings beautifully with the setup you have. Thanks for posting. One of my all time favorite songs too. I ended up coming back to the h150 p90 combination after selling the goldtop. I love the lollars but I might have to try the p90s you mentioned.
  5. I have found that an H 157 pickguard works fine (white binding) on the Millie. I also had one custom made. I don't think it detracts from the value if done properly.
  6. Here are my two 'Hot Rod Heritage Guitars' My #1 Millie re-loaded with HRW Pickups. Love this thing. Added a pickguard and 'LaFond' Model just like 'Les Paul' Model at the headstock (to keep me from selling it). The other is a custom 555 3"" hollow body loaded with Lollar low winds. It also has a 25 1/2 scale length (Fender friendly).
  7. I would stay away from that guitar. There is a nice millie in blue for sale on reverb for $1200 shipped from Japan but they say they will ship anywhere. You would have a hard time selling that if it didn't work out for you. I am a fan of the millie and that one just doesn't look right to me.
  8. That sounded Great. Love the guitar sound.
  9. Thanks Brent. Was hard to part with that one but Jeremy is the envy of his guitar playing friends and they are aware of the mystique of the 87 to 89 heritage 150
  10. This weekend I am proud to be traveling to California for my son Jeremy's graduation from UC Santa Cruz. He is graduating with a computer science degree and will be working for Facebook. I have twins (Jeremy and Jason) They both play guitar so what better gifts than birth year heritage guitars. I got them almost birthday guitars. One guitar was Born June 6, 1989, One was Born June 7th, 1989. They were born June 8th, 1989 Proud of them both .
  11. HI Ron, if you want to part with any of those, just let me know. thanks for the reply

  12. HI DC Ron, not familiar with the roller bridge and microtuners. are the microtuners on the tail piece.  I was looking for an older one where the actual rollers are gold. Some of the new ones I have seen use silver rollers against the told.

    curious to know about the microtuners. as long as the pitted one is functional, it is all good. Thanks for the reply. Let me know if you want to part with any/all and what you are looking to get. I see you still have that amazing Midi EAGLE> what a great guitar


  13. RhoadsScholar

    RhoadsScholar Album

    The Guitars of RhoadsScholar
  14. Wow what a great color combo in a 150 light weight. I bet it sings.
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