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  1. This weekend I am proud to be traveling to California for my son Jeremy's graduation from UC Santa Cruz. He is graduating with a computer science degree and will be working for Facebook. I have twins (Jeremy and Jason) They both play guitar so what better gifts than birth year heritage guitars. I got them almost birthday guitars. One guitar was Born June 6, 1989, One was Born June 7th, 1989. They were born June 8th, 1989 Proud of them both .
  2. Very cool amp. Here are recent transactions on Reverb for these. Date Condition Sold Price 2/23/2019 Very Good $450 2/1/2019 Very Good $610 1/16/2019 Very Good $635 12/27/2018 Very Good $595 11/14/2018 Very Good $500 11/13/2018 Very Good $549 9/15/2018 Excellent $875 9/10/2018 Very Good $599 8/16/2018 Very Good $600 5/23/2018 Very Good $850
  3. I had the pleasure to play and eventually own Yooper's R7 Gold Top which I found to be exceptional. Later on, a 2008 H150 GoldTop came along (no weight relief) at 8.5 pounds which surpassed the R7. I was able to sell the Gibson without a loss and haven't looked back. I also have an exceptional 25th anniversary H150 LW (didn't even know they made these in LW). I have gone through about 10 H150's over the years and without a doubt, some are better than others. Someday I hope to find a G-Brand again but for now, I am content with the H150's to satisfy that L.P. itch that crops up every so often. I think its time for another pickup swap (cheaper than guitar swaps). Fralin, Lollar, etc. Looking to try a humbucker size P90 set in one of these. Chappers might be a Gibson FanBoy (I guess I am a Heritage FanBoy).
  4. Awesome. We are here to enable. Why stop at 4?
  5. Thanks for the update Paul. Glad to her Ren and Jim are still at it as well as Pete Farmer. My favorite guitar design is the Millie and I believe Jim and Pete came up with that one. Glad to here I might be able to get a custom build from the original folks that came up with the design (if I hurry up and win that lottery). In the mean time, I have a couple Millie's in the herd.
  6. I have a golden eagle however, it has a mounted pickup and parallel bracing (most have X bracing). I had a sweet 16 with a floater and ended up mounting the pickup (single neck humbucker). If you keep the floater, you might want to consider a handmade Kent Armstrong pickup to replace the Heritage pickup. It makes a world of difference. Not a fan of their floating pickup. I like the electric sound of a mounted pickup better and practice at a volume level half acoustic half electric. Some will disagree but I don't think I gave up much regarding the acoustic properties by going with a mounted pickup when I had Pete Moreno perform that mod on the Sweet 16. The Golden Eagle still sounds great acoustically and often times its enough for a good practice session. Either way, you can't go wrong with a Golden Eagle for what you can get them for on the used market. For me, it scratches that itch for a Gibson L5 (for now anyway)
  7. Found the pickguard on ebay. Originally bought it for another guitar but it was too wide. Ran about 65 shipped (don't recall the seller though). It was a one off and he was going to start building bound pick guards. I will look around and see if I can find the transaction. It really sets off the wood stained back and sides.
  8. I got this about 1 month ago and finally got around to bringing her back to life with a set up, a new pickguard. It is a Goldtop Heritage H576 (one better than the H575).
  9. I have had this guitar at Pete Moreno's shop for about 4 months getting it restored. Nicks and dings drop filled and a wooden bridge built so I can go back and forth between string changes. This guitar plays great sounds great, it is just plan G R E A T !
  10. Great choice. I miss mine. The two pickup option is nice. I never used the bridge pickup by itself but the middle position offers noise cancelling which worked great with the lollars. Got me out of a couple Jams at Jams (lighting, bad power). The neck position is the tone I would be after. Not sure how good it would sound with the pickup located between the neck and bridge positions though. It was a lot more feedback resistant then I thought it would be.
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