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  1. NGD, Please Help with Name (and Enjoy the PICS)

    I like it 'SecondHand', SonsBurstDay is kinda cool, 'Day After Tomorrow', it does have a james bond ring to it
  2. Working on a version of sleepwalk this afternoon using a couple of my Heritage Guitars (Sweet 16 and H-530 deep body). My trusty dog Gibson came by. He usually likes guitars with his name on them but once I explained The Heritage history. He was okay with that. Thought it made a great Picture.
  3. Glad to see Heritage participating on this forum. When I looked at the models being supported, I was glad to see a couple of Archtops remain in the mix. The Eagle Classic price point is grreat new and used and am hopeful it helps transition Heritage back to the finer archtops in the lineup. I am hopeful other models come back, but at the same time, maybe I will hang on to some that are no longer produced that I absolutely love. We are always chasing tone and we are fortunate to get a support from Heritage to keep the HOC alive and well. Kudos to Ingeneri as he represents a true working, gigging Jazz musician who raises the Heritage torch whenever it presents itself. I for one would welcome the opportunity to have my Heritage guitars Pleck'ed at factory.
  4. Mr. BrentRocks made my day at the last HOC when he agreed to part with this 1989 H150. It's serial number (March 6th, 1989) is two days before the birth of my twin boys Jeremy and Jason. Talk about a birth year guitar, this one almost landed on their birthday. As luck would have it, a couple years ago I bought a Cream 1989 made the same day. My son Jason is the proud owner of the Cream 150. I suspect my son Jeremy will soon have this one but I want to name the guitar. I have narrowed it down to 2 choices. 1. The Day Before Yesterday (my sons being born March 8th, this guitar being born March 6th) 2. The Day After Tomorrow (the guitar being born on this day, and my sons being born the day after tomorrow which would be March 8th) I know it is corny (but so am I). Just want to add a nice custom truss rod cover Which would you choose ? I have had this being restored since I got it and recently got it back. 1. Installed HRW Pickups 2. Refretted to get rid of teh NUBS (I hate Nubs) and really like a bigger fret 3. Repaired the binding and drop filled a couple places on the neck It was in amazing shape when I got it (almost 29 years old). So here are the pics, nice light weight one piece back, great flame/color Thanks Brent.
  5. NPGD

    I would go with black pickup rings and black knobs with the checkered flag look. very nice
  6. Your "swiss army knife" Heritage

    It would be my trusty Millie Ultra Standard with HRW's. My number 1 heritage (this month anyway).
  7. Feedback with Standard prospect Seth lovers

    You might want to go with Seymour Duncan 59's. I found that potted pickups make a big difference in a classic rock band setting (usually a loud drummer). Seth's are great if you can stay within their volume level limitations. I have seth's in other heritage guitars, but I can't crank them as loud without producing feedback. I think the combination recommended by Wolfe Guitars consists of a 59 pickup in the neck and a Seth in the Bridge for a 335. Something you might want to explore.
  8. Custom H155M has arrived

    Nice touch adding the Eagle. Love the specs on that guitar. ENJOY
  9. Whats your favorite H model ?

    My trusty Millinium Ultra Standard
  10. Play the new Fender elite series pickups (Version 4) that are found in the Fender Elite Stratocaster. These 4th generation pickups are now available separately. I think they nailed the humbucker single coil sound better than N3's and previous versions. I have since put them in two of my strats. I have had others but these quack when quacked and spank when spanked
  11. NGD: 2012 Millennium Standard Ultra/Pro

    Nice Guitar. Paul has great guitars and that one you got is pretty special. Glad to see it out there performing live.
  12. Check out this new Heritage Model. WOW

    If they ever give me a signature model (the lafond model). This would be it. Here is the rest. Millie Ultra STD, no F holes, HRWs, pickup selector on top.