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  1. RhoadsScholar

    Time to start a flame war!

    The one that got away but I have this one now
  2. RhoadsScholar

    Super Eagle workout

    great clip
  3. RhoadsScholar

    NGD: All you need is a red guitar, 3 chords and the truth

    It's a nice one (heaviest guitar I owned at 11+ lbs) but is sustained way more than Nigel's guitar even when it wasn't being played.
  4. RhoadsScholar

    NGD: All you need is a red guitar, 3 chords and the truth

    Money Shot
  5. Check this beauty out. Had to trade in the 150 p90 I had for sale and a les paul special plus some cash for this piece of Kalamazoo history.
  6. RhoadsScholar

    Sentimental Feelings

    Great post Paul. I had many used heritage guitars before this first video. First time to the plant. my wife and I visited them in 2008. It was the week before the first HOC. Marv gave us a private tour. While we were going through the factory, I mentioned to him I was a fan of the 170. I liked it symetrical appearance, but I didn't like how the neck joined the body. I also indicated that I prefer block inlays and like the idea of their Light Weight Chambered body. Marv smiled and said they were building a new H170 Second generation that would join the body as I described, came with block inlays, and proceeded to show me the prototype jig he mocked up. I asked him if the very first one was spoken for. He checked with vince, of the new owners. It was not and I met Vince, Jim, Ren and Marv. He proceeded to ask me what color I wanted. I referenced Willy Wonka (my wife rolled her eyes). I wanted dipped in gold, front back, neck headstock, etc. Before commiting, Marv recommended black lettering if the goldstock wAS TO BE WHITE. He had someone make up a sample while I was there. I loved the black contrast with the gold. I asked for black binding but was told know, they weren't doing it any more as they had issues. Marv also explained it would take about 18 hours more to finish it in all gold. He said the original finisher that did all the gold tops comes in once a week (Flloyd ) and takes care of the gold finish. He appologized but there would be an upcharge. I asked him what it was he said around $100 (before a discount). Marv also showed me how he rolled the neck and rolled mine to be somewhere between a 1960 and a 50's era which was just what I wanted after checking out a few necks. He said he would get started and it would be about 3 to 4 months which was quicker than usual . Marv wanted to release it early to some dealers so I had first dibs on the first one . I was called and my son and I picked it up (we picked it up in the exact date that was my late wife's birthday). I also added the HRW pickups. Ren was there for final setup. H170 Light Weight with HRW pickups, All gold custom neck guard, with Black they Heritage Logo. I call it 'MYSTIC JUJU' after my late wife. My son Jason LaFond captured these videos when I picked it up. Don't know if we will ever experience this personal attending again. Here is a picture of Ren fine tuning it with his secret sauce formula for the HRW pickups. Going to miss opportunities like this with the new heritage. But I got mine. Couldn't be happier.
  7. RhoadsScholar

    Heritage Nitro Finish Question

    I too will miss those kinds of stories/posts.
  8. Over I was luck to find a NOS 25th anniversary 535 in antique natural a couple years ago at Motor City Guitar in West Bloomfield. It had been in storage. I already had a 25th Anniversary 150 LW in Vintage Sunburst so I feel fortunate to score a 25th anniversary to go with it. For me, 2006 thru about 2015 or so are my favorite years for Heritage. Plus anything Paul had built for Green Oak Guitars as I would have to imagine a little bit of extra mojo goes into guitars he has available from that era.
  9. RhoadsScholar


    wow that knob goes to 11. much easier to find the sweet spot. most knobs only go to 10
  10. RhoadsScholar

    Custom Creations From Heritage

    Here are a couple of mine. First is my number 1 heritage Millie utra std. Switch tip up top, no f holes with HRWs Second is my custom H530 (3 inch deep, 25 1/2"" scale, Ultra wood package)
  11. RhoadsScholar

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    This post expresses my opinion the best. I have always felt a special custom element that only Heritage could provide. Even the used one I have aquired have a little something special, out of the ordinary that I admire.
  12. RhoadsScholar

    Some very disturbing news from 225

    I wish only the best from those wonderful folks that had a hand in building the 7 great Heritage guitars I presently have in my possession. I will NEVER buy what is referred to a 'Plaza Build' Heritage. Very turned off by the recent management decisions. IN case Heritage is still checking in on the HOC, let's not forget about the 300 guitars they smashed. YIKES! In memory of those (what may have been) Perfectly Good Guitars. From one of my favorite song writers.
  13. RhoadsScholar

    Speaker cab question

    I don't know if this helps, or muddies the waters, but the actual size of the speaker cabinet is rarely discussed but I find it makes a big difference in what I hear. I have a 1 10"" cabinet loaded with a Ragin Cajun speaker (it is oversized) and it sounds amazing. I also have a very large 2 12 cabinet (large but light weight) and find that side by side, there is a huge change (even with the same speakers). IF you get a chance, you should also experiment with the speaker enclosure size. I have ended up with many different flavors, closed, back open back, oversized. Wish there were more discussions about the actual cabinet sizes themselves. BTW: KPB810 is a great resource here as I have a couple of his amps and he knows his stuff. The combination of speaker and cabinet though offers a whole bunch of fun.