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  1. There is a 2020 Artisan Aged H535 in the For Sale forum here. I can vouch for the aging process they are using. It is excellent. I also have a newer H535. Great build quality.
  2. Was looking for a more traditional look on my 2021 CC H150 and 2022 H535. On the 535 I swapped out the toggle switch, knobs, added knob pointers. On the H150 added a pickup washer poker chip, knob pointers, and keystone buttons. On both asked Dan from MojoAxe to make more traditional pickguards. They turned out really well. Reasonable price, high quality, and fast service.
  3. I replaced the tuning buttons only. You have to work with the screw tension a little bit when you swap them.
  4. Picked this up a few weeks ago and have done some minor cosmetic mods to customize it. Have been a longtime Gibson Les Paul historic guy (owned 16 of them). Was really curious about these newer Heritage CC H150 models. I know it is not everyone's preference but I like aging on guitars if done well. I really am impressed with this guitar. It is as good as any Gibson CS Les Paul I have had in terms of build, playability, and tone. I have had a few aged ones and this is really well done. Bottom line I want to pick it up and play it. If I have a guitar and it does not meet that test- I move it on. I also picked up a newer (used) H535. Had been searching and going through a lot of semihollows for months. I have had a ton of Gibson Es 335's, Yamaha SA2200's, Eastmans T486, and three other previous H535s in the past. Will do a post with pics on the new H535 soon. It's also an excellent guitar. Heritage is doing a great job these days.
  5. Gibson 57 Classics are well matched with semihollows and very good pickups overall. I have tried them all including all of the high end boutique makers. Not sure you will notice nay big difference in swapping them out unless you go with A5 PAFs if you are looking for a brighter tone or more bite. I also have a set of Seth Lovers from Heritage stock in my 2022 H535. I like unpotted so enjoy these. My favorite SD pickups are Antiquities, but most of their PAF range pickups are very good.
  6. Thank you. Those look like the ones on the H535 for sure. Are they interchangeable with the other Gibson style bridges and tailpieces?
  7. Correction. Both are nashville style, but the H535 has different bridge posts- not the vintage ones.
  8. Has the top access screws on bridge. Locking stop tailpiece. Looks to be the same hardware used on both.
  9. Am looking around for a Gibson style pickguard for a newer production H535 I bought used. Any sources that have ones that fit? Thanks.
  10. Have went through a few aftermarket Les Paul pickguards which I had to return for my aged CC H150 which either didn't fit or didn’t look right. I ended up ordering one from MojoAxe. He has templates made for CC 150. I am not sure about standard H150, but he will work with you.
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