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1 hour ago, DetroitBlues said:

Bravo!  Congratulations!

Thanks bro!!    Hopefully the Kahler works well.   If not, luckily, it’s the old style Kahler that retro fits onto a standard Nashville bridge/tailpiece setup.  I’ll convert it back to a hard tail.    There will be a hole from the Kahler route, but that’s really easy to conceal, especially on a black guitar.  

My 71 les Paul custom was the same way...I ditched the Kahler and converted it back to a hard tail.   

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I never want to see another thread about a fugly headstock!   🤐

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2 hours ago, brentrocks said:

DAVE....how much does yours weigh??

I've never put it on a scale, but it's much lighter than a 150.

I also found that I like the way it hangs, and it's very comfortable to play sitting down.

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7 hours ago, brentrocks said:

I may be joining a band soon.  I’m being brought on to play rhythm, I’m hoping it’s not too heavy.   



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