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Put new pickups in my Custom Shop Zemaitis

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I yanked the Zemaitis Dragon Classic higher output pickups (8K neck, 16K bridge), out of my CS22MF DCP NT, and put in some Tyson Tone "Precious in Grace" pickups! These pickups just put the guitar over the top. The Dragon Classic set reminded me of the famous DiMarzio PAF/SuperDistortion combo, for hard rock they actually sounded great, but since I'm more of Stones/Faces fan I wanted more of the classic late 60's - early 70s crunchy PAF tone. And man I got it here. And while I was at it, I got some cool stainless steel bonnet knobs from a company called 490 Designs that I found on ETSY. I also found a company in Texas that made me a cool aluminum switch-tip called Armadillo Guitar parts. It's heavier than a typical switch tip so it makes a solid clunk when switching positions. This guitar is one fantastic rock and roll machine, and about as close as I'll ever get to owning an original Zemaitis!

links to parts... Switch tip https://www.armadilloguitar.com/

                         Knobs https://reverb.com/item/35031166-490-hardware-stainless-steel-bonnet-knob-2020-stainless-steel

                         Tyson Tone Lab https://tysontone.com/product/precious-and-grace-pafs/


Z Done.jpg

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6 hours ago, loudtubeamps said:

lighter than it looks...very nice!

Every time I bought one new I had them pick me the lightest one! The one I have for sale in the forum in 8.2 lbs. They are pretty easy to shoulder.

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