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New to me H150

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Pups are Schaller and say High-Tech. I like them. Low output which I appreciate with the 5 watt supro delta king when we’re going for sultry smooth. Soul food and the amp will take it far enough for my tastes. Absolutely loving this guitar!! Thanks again for all the info/tips and compliments everyone!! Still contemplating the right strap for this guy - comfort, secure joins, and style      Any recs? 


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I just have a nice 2.5" Levy leather strap, but I really like the Schaller strap locks.   Just make sure you orient the connector on the strap properly.  They are rock solid, secure, and you can pop them off the guitar is seconds.

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After realizing all my gtr straps are the same length, I went to a local leather repair place & got some heavy duty 3" wide straps made that taper at both ends. 


 Works well & didn't cost a lot. I like them more than most commercial straps, which to me are bulky and good ones are really expensive.

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