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  1. I wish they would also make this in a wraptail version, I would be all over that!
  2. Excellent choice, that one is great-looking!
  3. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. I can’t stop playing this one. My Les Pauls have been left to collect dust since this one arrived.
  4. Very cool, thanks for sharing! I’d love to own one of those.
  5. Hey everyone, I spent the past few weeks modifying my 2022 H-535. I started by replacing the stock Duncan 59s and replaced them with a set of unpotted alnico III Custombuckers. They really upgrade the sound. My biggest gripe is that Heritage puts out such a premium guitar, but they choose pretty bland pickups in them. I also added Montreaux Time Machine reflector knobs and orange switch tip. I replaced the bridge and tailpiece with Faber ones. It looked so odd with the stock tailpiece raised so high from the factory, this set allows the tailpiece to come back flush with the body. And finally, probably most uncommon of all the mods, I replaced the inlays with new ones. I must be pretty picky, because the inlays on the 12th through 21st frets are slightly smaller than the larger ones on frets 3 though 9. Now they are all the same size and aesthetically it now looks good to me. Enjoy the pictures!
  6. Incredible looking guitars!!
  7. I would keep it on, but honestly it looks class either way. Can’t go wrong.
  8. I like the HRWs. I find them to be way better than the current SD 59s they seem to outfit everything with these days. I recently picked up a 2022 H535 with the 59s and swapped them out immediately. Ended up putting a set of alnico III Custombuckers in it and it’s like a blanket has been lifted off. Such a better tone now.
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