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  1. wow, never knew that build process story. cool as hell..... HNY Fred!
  2. found some pics of my old Stat. A pawn shop rescue. Sold it to another member here about 10 years ago. Strat on Steroids! Here some road wear for ya, some "honest" road wear lol
  3. gawd you should see the Stat I once owned. pics buried somewhere in the archives it was cherryburst too. a pawn shop rescue. a reggae player was brutal on it but it had tons of mojo. sold it to an HOC'er way back when i was thinning the herd. they are strats on steroids. Leave it alone.
  4. oops, should have reviewed the thread first before reply glad it worked out. the 535 rocks the Heritage stable.
  5. true dat but I'd still start at the point of purchase.. GC my .02
  6. just checking my status here.. wow 12 years, over 2500 appearances.. and 0 yeah, ZERO warning points. I'm gonna start making trouble, need to up the count welcome ficecone
  7. Congrats. What’s your serial#? Want to compare build date with mine. Also, I’d leave those HRWs in there. My .02. Nice score
  8. Through the years Fender was great at re finishing strats/teles in solid colors after a less than perfect sunburst job
  9. nice diamond inlay in that headstock, mine came plain on my DC. But my H155 has the diamond. go figure. every Heritage different. Oh, and mine have the HRWs that were installed in them as standard before they started putting in the Seth Lovers, etc. what's the color and serial? mine are Q (2000) and S (2002) Translucent Red and Old Style burst. beautiful axe go play it!
  10. I am glad you got this shot, I saw it but didn't get it and by the time I could it was getting dark. Nice.
  11. Thought it was mine for a min, though mine is not a LE. It is a '00 H155 in Cherry Translucent, photos are pictured here in the gallery. From the back, they look identical..
  12. get me your email and I'll send ya a hi res version! and thanks..
  13. hey wow, cool! That's me playing Lance's 357 and Lefty Alicia rippin on her H150 behind me..
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