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  1. Madison WI GC had one about 20 days ago, I went in for some string lube and saw it, a nice one. posted it in the FS board below. It was a player H150CM SD59's likely and beautiful cbestnut burst a little wear and tear
  2. halfway thru, day 7 of 15 days stay at home. lets see what the week brings. it might get worse but it will get better here in the land of the free and home of the brave meanwhile, MAKE MUSIC!
  3. I see where Detroit is curtailing all production of vehicles (Josh?). I wonder if there will be a July 4th-type halt at 225 Parsons as well.. perhaps with wages paid during the shutdown? Its getting real out there stay in and stay safe. we will get to the HOC event in summer if all goes well! Stay safe, wash those hands!
  4. Kenny, AFAIK there has only been one press release from Heritage on this matter. I believe Gibbons's response was released in response to it. chico
  5. Gibson responds.. https://guitar.com/news/gibson-issues-formal-response-to-heritage-lawsuit/?fbclid=IwAR0RhHt4cIVOVn6nYX7rtlgC8N6LFR_glmIGSCVUdbJlWBTryVqmkLranY0
  6. Say what you may about "the Plaza era" good/bad, remember, Gibson's new owner is a hedge fund with the ex Levi's CEO taking the orders in the new ownership era there. This (fighting back against G) would never have happened without the capitalization of the new Heritage.
  7. https://guitar.com/news/gibson-sued-by-heritage/?utm_source=Guitar.com&utm_campaign=f3f0b6f832-gdc_media_email_nl_breaking_news_20200314&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f890f83bb6-f3f0b6f832-49940921
  8. on the Heritage FB Page today.. the link to the story they posted failed when I tried copying it here. anyway, if you are on FB go to the Heritage FB page or simply click on the photo and a link will open. ty.
  9. wow, never knew that build process story. cool as hell..... HNY Fred!
  10. found some pics of my old Stat. A pawn shop rescue. Sold it to another member here about 10 years ago. Strat on Steroids! Here some road wear for ya, some "honest" road wear lol
  11. gawd you should see the Stat I once owned. pics buried somewhere in the archives it was cherryburst too. a pawn shop rescue. a reggae player was brutal on it but it had tons of mojo. sold it to an HOC'er way back when i was thinning the herd. they are strats on steroids. Leave it alone.
  12. oops, should have reviewed the thread first before reply glad it worked out. the 535 rocks the Heritage stable.
  13. true dat but I'd still start at the point of purchase.. GC my .02
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