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  1. Madison WI GC had one about 20 days ago, I went in for some string lube and saw it, a nice one. posted it in the FS board below. It was a player H150CM SD59's likely and beautiful cbestnut burst a little wear and tear
  2. halfway thru, day 7 of 15 days stay at home. lets see what the week brings. it might get worse but it will get better here in the land of the free and home of the brave meanwhile, MAKE MUSIC!
  3. I see where Detroit is curtailing all production of vehicles (Josh?). I wonder if there will be a July 4th-type halt at 225 Parsons as well.. perhaps with wages paid during the shutdown? Its getting real out there stay in and stay safe. we will get to the HOC event in summer if all goes well! Stay safe, wash those hands!
  4. Gibson responds.. https://guitar.com/news/gibson-issues-formal-response-to-heritage-lawsuit/?fbclid=IwAR0RhHt4cIVOVn6nYX7rtlgC8N6LFR_glmIGSCVUdbJlWBTryVqmkLranY0
  5. Say what you may about "the Plaza era" good/bad, remember, Gibson's new owner is a hedge fund with the ex Levi's CEO taking the orders in the new ownership era there. This (fighting back against G) would never have happened without the capitalization of the new Heritage.
  6. https://guitar.com/news/gibson-sued-by-heritage/?utm_source=Guitar.com&utm_campaign=f3f0b6f832-gdc_media_email_nl_breaking_news_20200314&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f890f83bb6-f3f0b6f832-49940921
  7. I am glad you got this shot, I saw it but didn't get it and by the time I could it was getting dark. Nice.
  8. Thought it was mine for a min, though mine is not a LE. It is a '00 H155 in Cherry Translucent, photos are pictured here in the gallery. From the back, they look identical..
  9. get me your email and I'll send ya a hi res version! and thanks..
  10. hey wow, cool! That's me playing Lance's 357 and Lefty Alicia rippin on her H150 behind me..
  11. I have since swapped out the tailpiece. I love the silver hardware, pickups are HRW's.
  12. FredZep rips! Love this photo, great memories!
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