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  1. Check out this new Heritage Model. WOW

    RhodeScholar's real last name is LaFond; he just put it in "Les Paul" font.
  2. Check out this new Heritage Model. WOW

    Good one, Bob! You got me on that one....
  3. Repaired Values for Heritages

    I have had several broken/repaired headstock Heritages pass through my hands. I got them for much less than their unbroken contemporaries, and never felt like I had an inferior product; in fact, I felt like I kind of stole them. Having said THAT, I don't own any of them any more. That is not because they weren't excellent values, something new and shiny probably necessitated their sale...... Honestly, I think it's pretty silly that a headstock break elicits such a dramatic decrease in resale value. I'd buy a well repaired headstock repair at a good price all day, every day!
  4. H535

    WOW!! Very well done, enjoy it! 535's are my favorite, and this may be the most stunning one I have ever seen.
  5. A Heritage video from NAMM 16

    Yep, here it is; A few years ago, poor Guy from Vegas was sitting between the Heritage guy and me on a flight.... Things didn't go well.....
  6. A Heritage video from NAMM 16

    I can't help thinking I've seen him in a Warner Brothers Cartoon, or at least as a character actor in some movie. Never with Heritage, though.....
  7. He meant the Fender Mustang GT.
  8. Never to be seen again....

    That kid was a mountain. I'm 6'3", and I looked UP at him, and said, are you really his grandson, or a bodyguard?! He laughed and said "both". Great to see Marv doing so well.
  9. N G D

    I'm gonna guess that's a Millie! Whatever it is, Congratulations!
  10. HOC Board Software and the Path Forward

    I trust your judgement, boss; I'm just the guy at the end of the bar, adding non-essential/non-interesting comments to the conversation. Thanks for all you do!
  11. Seymour Duncan Antiquities

    I have not; Still, if you would like to put them both through their paces, I could bring them both to PSP.... I DO think they sound pretty similar, but the Antiquities are supposedly somewhat degaussed. (sp?).
  12. Seymour Duncan Antiquities

    I could probably arrange that; I have Antiquities in my red 535 and Lovers in my natural 535. Both recently restrung w/ .11s. The color of the guitar would have to be taken into consideration regarding the tone, of course....
  13. Well, it came!

    That's exactly what I was thinking! A keeper for somebody, apparently.
  14. Here is a guy who knows how to use the thing,