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  1. Can't wait to see it when it's all wrapped up, and I hope you do a demo!!!
  2. Thanks, I love Zemaitis guitars, and I love modding them to make them sound the way I want.. The disc-top was custom wired by pickup guru Tom Short, the two in the next picture have Tyson Precious and Grace Humbuckers, and Gabojo Mr2000 DeArmonds, the last one has custom Zemaitis/DiMarzio pickups and a rangemaster circuit built into it.
  3. Rockin' The Fillmore just like Humble Pie,,
  4. I've been a fan of the Studio 22+ since they came out, other than the hissy preamp which bothered me in the studio. I had one, the 5 band EQ version, but it was stolen from me, and I miss it to this day. As a live amp it killed, I toured for 5 years with it, and it never failed to give up the goods. It also sounded great as a head through a Marshall 4x10 bottom. I went through a bunch of smaller Mesa amps to try and replace it, but everything came up short, until I found a magic DC-2 that did the trick, especially when I replaced the stock speaker with a Weber 125A. But a little more than a month ago, I bought a Mesa Fillmore 50, and it surpasses every Mesa amp that I've owned. It is a phenomenal amp with two identical channels. And for me, not being able to dial in a good lead tone that worked with my slightly crunchy rhythm tone, had always been the achilles heel with every Mesa that I'd owned. The lead tones were always too mid-focused for what I wanted. But on the Fillmore, the lead channel distortion tone is very tweed like, open and balanced across the frequency spectrum, which is what I love, and I can dial either a slightly pushed tweed-like tone or a clean blackface-like tone on the rhythm channel. The reverb is out of this world, it is so deep that I hardly bring it past two on the dial! And any guitar that I plug into it sounds great. It also has the best tone stack I've ever used on a Mesa, making it very easy to dial in the tones, unlike most every other Mesa amp. And it's a reasonable weight for a Mesa (under 50 pounds). For "my kind of tone" it's the best single amp Mesa has ever made, and yes, I've tried them all. I have a bunch of great amps (Vintage Fender, Marshall, Victoria, Clark, Tophat, etc), and the Mesa is my favorite. It's so good, it's the only amp that I keep in my house now, and that's where I write most of my songs and do most of my demos for those songs! The only thing I wished it had was a tremolo circuit.
  5. Sorry to hear of your friend's passing. When you lose a friend like that, it leaves a hole in your heart that very hard to fill. Here in Ogden. we lost one of our favorite musician friends, Jon Turner, to a tragic car accident. He was only 40, and in the last few years he got a stellar rep as one of hour best guitar repair guys in town. And besides that, he was a great band frontman (Highway Thieves), who was a very good singer guitarist! He left two young boys and a wife behind, man I really feel for them. So right now I think I know a bit about how you feel! This was my buddy singing, and playing the guitar...
  6. That is funny because I've also considered a Byrdland, as I love my short scale guitars. There is just something sexy about the feel of the short scales.
  7. Hey Van was there a huge difference in tone because of the shorter scale, or was it more for the slinkier feel that made you go to the H575
  8. About 10 years ago I saw this guitar pop up for sale, and I loved the look of it. It had squiggly flame, the kind I love. Well the seller was our very own Brentrocks! It came to me with mother of pearl Gibson style pickguard (I actually prefer the Heritage shape), and a poker chip like a Gibson, and some non-descript knobs, so I pulled the mother of pearl pickguard (which I didn't like at all) and installed a regular LP cream guard. I also had some extra Gibson reflector knobs (my favorite), and installed them. I loved it as soon as I plugged it in, and immediately recorded this song with it... https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11053966 The only thing I didn't like about it was the weight, it was over 10lbs, so I sold and went looking for a lighter one I bought another used H150 (9lbs even) right after that, and then another new one (which by then, came with a long neck tenon which I prefer). I swapped out all the hardware and electronics on those two, and cleaned up the fret work and nut. Both of these H150s turned out to be fantastic guitars!
  9. That was a really good version, everybody did a great job, and the lead vocalist really did it justice!
  10. Well Rob it's good to see at least one of my friends successful at thinning the herd. And I'm really glad you wound up with a killer Heritage! Hey are you doing the Frankie Miller Song "Be Good To Yourself" as part of that tribute. You know he's one of my favorites... And check this nugget out...
  11. You must have got one really good guitar to have dumped the others.
  12. As you know, I record a lot, and I have found as I go that, I'm always pulling back the preamp gain, I always start a bit too dirty.
  13. Wow Ellen, that really is a nice guitar, and man what a bunch of work to make it hypoallergenic. But I'm glad you'll get to enjoy it soon!
  14. Viagra for your guitar tone! It'll make it bigger! Girls will notice (girl guitarists that is)
  15. The Sex Drive is a pedal that I use when I want more gain/sustain for slide guitar solos. It performs well
  16. I like the covers on the pickups!
  17. The most popular old Mesa seems to be the Mesa Mark IIC. Check the prices of those old beauties! I've been holding out, but recently, I bought a Mesa Fillmore 50, and I can tell you it's one of the finest amps I've ever played through. It has two identical channels with three different types of gain voices (Clean, Drive, Hi). Unlike any other dual channel Mesa amp that I've ever used, you can really set up a killer lead tone with the perfect rhythm tone. In the past, I could never get the high gain channels tones of my Mesa amps to sit with my clean channel tones. Typically I just used the clean channels on those amps and hit them with a drive pedal for the lead tones. The Fillmore on the other hand is really easy to dial in some great matching tones for rhythm and lead.
  18. B-string was out of tune/intonation on the Nashville demos, and that was driving me crazy, and like Pressure, I felt the Faber was brighter and needed to be adjusted at the amp, although I liked the string definition.
  19. Years ago I played through one of these amps and I was pretty impressed.
  20. Did you use their posts or are you using the ones that came with your guitar?
  21. You got that right, no El Kabong for me! My head already hurt from trying to learn how to play all those suspended chords in my "Tommy" book by THE WHO I have always loved short scale Fenders because of that Musicmaster! I love the spongy neck pickup sound that '59 had! Hahaha, I was thinking of another story about her. The first time I had the guts to play a guitar solo in front of her (my mom's family is very musically inclined), my little Danelectro Cadet amplifier caught fire. My mother, who has always been an immaculate house cleaner (we had nine kids and you could eat off the floors of our house), was probably in shock as the black smoke and stink of a burning resistor or two started pouring out of the back of that amp I recently bought one of those amps to relive the rock and roll of my youth.
  22. Fantastic!!! When I got my first good electric guitar (1959 Fender Musicmaster), my mom would come into my room at night, and find me fast asleep with that guitar in my hands and take the guitar and throw a blanket on me. That guitar made me want to practice every waking moment!
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