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  1. I've changed the pickups in all 3 of the Heritage H150s that I've owned (still own 2). Funny enough, my favorite H150 is a darkburst that has a a set of MJ wound pickups which are the custom shop Peter Green set which are unpotted, have unbalanced coils, but without the reverse phase magnets. Here it is straight into a production VOX AC15. And all of them have got the Faber treatment, and nut cut correctly
  2. These are my favorite for heavier LP style guitars... https://reverb.com/item/6343663-franklin-strap-3-padded-glove-leather-guitar-strap-black-w-natural-stitching
  3. Congrats on your honorable mention!!! Good thing you wore the nice shirt:)
  4. I’m glad you caught that Tim. It is truly an H535. Lucky I play guitar better than I type :-) You’re welcome Kuz, it was fun giving this guitar a little work out.
  5. I think soundcloud clipped a bit of the intro, but no, not a larger piece, just a quick little demo for Kuz to hear his old guitar. I hardly had any time to throw one together. I was sick in Feb, and still did 24 gigs!
  6. The acoustic rhythm is my Gibson Nick Lucas reissue. The heritage is the electric rhythm (middle position), main lead fills (bridge position), harmony lead (neck position). There are no FX, the Heritage is plugged straight into my Mesa Fillmore 50 and mic'd with a Sennheiser MD421 II. Thanks Kuz
  7. Smooth as silk, it's funny that it can be so relaxing while you're playing fast flurries of notes.
  8. That blue shot is sweet. Those wavy grain lines look like ripplin' waters. Make sure to post if you bring home the gold!!! Not a good shot of my DuoJet, but it's the first blue guitar that I've ever owned and it's kind of changed my mind about blue on guitars in general...
  9. Nice guitar!!! Congrats, it's a beauty.
  10. What is the part number of the ones you bought, and what is the thickness of the CC headstock? The orientation is 5 and 7 o'clock so we are halfway there
  11. I've built and mordded more guitars than a person ought to, and I can tell you from experience, that Gotoh makes some of the best tuners in the world. And besides, most brands that are sold, other than Schaller as you mentioned, are now made in China. Japanese made Gotohs, especially the 510 series are very high qualit,y and I have compared them directly to Schallers, Grovers, Klusons, and I prefer the Gotohs. All of my Zemaitis guitars have Gotohs and they tune more accurately and smoother than any Heritage or Gibson I own. These 510 gotohs are 18:1 ratio and came stock on my Zemaitis Custom Shop... I installed these 21:1 Luxury Gotohs on a A22 Superior Zemaitis Another set of 22:1 Luxury Gotohs on my SUJ 101 LTD13 Zemaitis I used this catalog for ordering and technical info... https://www.g-gotoh.com/dl/files/Catalog-2021-En.pdf
  12. I think you can file paperwork to have that charge reversed by showing it's true country of origin. But is it worth the pain in the AS*?
  13. not always true, unless the paperwork is filled out correctly, sometimes US Customs will slap a charge on you. Google it!
  14. Transformers and speakers are the soul of an amp. Two of my best friends are hardcore amp builders, and I've watched them swap trannies around in amps to get exactly what they are looking for. These guys never cheap out when it comes to transformers that they use. And I've done enough speaker swapping to now that speaker efficiency can dramatically change the volume of an amp. As for the hand wired amps as opposed to circuit boards. I prefer handwired, for serviceability, but my favorite amp that I plug into daily is a Mesa Fillmore 50. When properly built with good components a PCB board can be great. Mesa is proof of that, although the only amp of mine that I ever blew a transformer in was my MESA DC2. Of all the the amps that I own, only two are circuit board. PCP: Mesa Fillmore 50 Mesa DC-2 Handwired: VOX AC15HW1, Dirty Girl Reverb, Tophat Club Deluxe, Victoria Regal II, Clark Beaufort Premium, Ampeg J20, Winnie Thomas Princeton Reverb Clone, Hawthorn Electric Marshall JMP Clone, Paul Blandford Marshall 18 Watt Clone, 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb, 1969 Fender Vibro Champ, 1950 Webster Chicago 166-1, 1961 Ampeg Mercury.
  15. Just the right amount of green in that gold, and the best goldtop color I've seen on a Heritage. Congrats on your NGD.
  16. I don't know these great guys like most of you PSP guys do, but I'm sending some well wishes and good vibes to both of these Heritage icons whose names adorn my H150 labels!!! Get well guys!!!
  17. great tone here! You really are bonding with that guitar! Congrats!
  18. I think that colour is great. Congrats on your NOHGD
  19. That shape fits the era that the Les Paul Specials of the world were introduced! I think it looks great!
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