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  1. Remember I told you about my buddy with the tweeds. Well I was at his house yesterday and we had an amp party. Check out all the vintage amps on this wall (the only ones that aren't vintage are the Victoria Regal II on the bottom left, the homemade tweed princeton in the front, and the Marshall head on the right. But the guy is a killer amp builder so they sound GREAT... And we were rocking a '59 5E3, a '59 Pro, a homebuilt Tweed 3X10 Bassman here (along with a vintage Supro Dwight and a '64 Blackface Vibrochamp)
  2. I've never played one with a maple fretboard, and this 1960 is my second babysh*t brown one, the first was a 1959. I could tell them apart if my life counted on it!
  3. Not smart to mess what's working for ya! As for the clown color, if it floats your boat... Here's my babysh*t brown 1960 Musicmaster and it ain't winning no beauty contests:)
  4. Can you please turn that red down you're burning my eyes! hahahahaha Really is that the same guitar????
  5. Oh yeah the red defines CLOWNBURST! It looks WAY better in amber.
  6. I like it better amber, which is funny because I'm typically a cherry sunburst fan.
  7. Wasn't that guitar a cherry sunburst when you first owned it? Did it fade out?
  8. Really, how confident, that would be great if they stopped that! I didn't know about the bigger truss-rod.
  9. I think I heard that too, and with a slightly different cutaway.
  10. I think the biggest difference is the Custom Cores are typically lighter in weights. And along with the electronics, the pickups seem to be more PAF like (although potted).
  11. Congrats on getting your old squeeze back!
  12. I read a while back they said it would competitive, but I wouldn't bet on it
  13. https://guitar.com/features/interviews/exclusive-western-electric-confirms-plans-tube-georgia-factory-crisis/
  14. I like their volume pedals, they have a nice taper. The guy that I play in a duet with (who built my Marshall amp), is a pedal fiend. Besides building great pedals himself, he tries out more pedals than anybody I know. It was his good luck with Mission pedals that steered me to the pedal on my digital FX board. He uses both volume and wahs made by Mission But my favorite volume pedal, with the taper and feel I love most, is the Tapestry Bloomery, which unfortunately, is no longer made. I bought three of them when I realized the company was going out of business. That's what I use on my daily gigger board for my house gigs... And speaking of pedals, the Origin Effects Revival Trem on this board may be the best FX pedal I have ever incorporated into my acoustic show. When it's on, you can't bypass the preamp (early 60's brownface deluxe style), and it does something magic to my acoustic guitars that use Seymour Duncan Mag/Mic pickups. For lack of a better word, the pedal just makes my guitars sound bigger, with thick low mids, without getting muddy, and that's quite the balancing act! For years, I would incorporate a small tube amp into my setup (Princeton, AC15HW, etc) and besides being a pain in the ass to lug around, I still wasn't perfectly happy with the dirty tone I was shooting for in my more blues oriented songs, but this pedal is giving up exactly what I want. I can make the guitars sing on slide guitars like I'm playing through a wound up amp. And the bias tremolo, oh my, it is AWESOME!
  15. I was the same way, and fought digital for a long time. Lately though, for concerts where I play a lot of my original material I have presets for each song, and funnier yet, this is all for acoustic guitar. I don't use the preamps of EQ in the Helix Stomp (I use a JHS color box for that), but all of my time delay, and modulation FX are handled by it. And it's great to have everything beat-timed with the perfect wet/dry mix! And like you, I make the presets with the guitar/pickup combo I'm going to use for that song!
  16. I was waiting for you to chime in here Mav, and your post is exactly what I was waiting for! You should post some gut shots of your beauties!!!
  17. I think there is quite a similarity in tones with Marshall and Vox amps, at least the way I drive them, and the Ge boost just adds a little squishiness to make it more fun to play at lower volumes. Thanks my man I with ya Jeff, any more gain than that and I don't sound like myself anymore.
  18. Me too, the guy was squeezing out some good harmonics there. Hell, he was just having fun on his new Heritage, it looks like a Custom Core.
  19. Are you 3 points about the twin or the Hiwatt? I have never heard a good Hiwatt that remotely sounds like a twin. The way they break up, especially jumping channel is totally unique, and that's what attracts me to them. The guy that built my Marshall may be building me a Hiwatt down the road. I want a 50 watter. First I need to source some original Fanes and some good transformers.
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