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  1. Edwin, when he was at G i b s o n, he was the anti-christ, not he's Michael the Archangel, ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚ I said it when he first came on board he was gonna steer the ship right! I'm glad you love your Custom Core Brent! It looks like a sweety pie!
  2. I prefer the suckers, but I use both, and because both are so cheap, I just pick the one that works better for the situation. I use the suckers quite a bit more though, and I solder a lot.
  3. You know what I like about it, is that it heats up super fast to whatever temp you need. and it keeps it there, plus you can save three heat settings. Plus the tip cleaner has a can of flux at the bottom! Every now and them they sell refurbs which are fully warrantied for $39. A good friend of mine called me when day when he saw one and that's when I bought mine. I looked for ElChoad but I didn't see any in their deal section
  4. that is a great idea. And you could buy a new soldering iron for the cost of having your tech install those pickups. https://www.circuitspecialists.com/csi-premier-75w-Soldering-Station.html Get yourself some leaded solder (unleaded is harder to work with) https://www.circuitspecialists.com/4890-18g.html and a solder sucker to clean up the messes people left behind like many Heritage solder joint I've seen! https://www.circuitspecialists.com/zd108k.html
  5. It's four solder joints, got any friends that are good at soldering? I call a job like this "the ol' in and out"
  6. What did I tell you! I can't wait to hear your review.
  7. This is a discussion so.... Some things that "MAY" contribute: thinner finish, direct transfer of bridge energy through the ABR bridge posts, instead of pot metal Nashville bridge inserts like the regular H150s, the light weight tailpiece, lighter more resonant wood, perhaps better fret dress and nut cutting on their premium line (that is speculation). When I changed the bridge post on both of my H150s to the Faber BSW kits (screw in), I heard improvements in both of them. I haven't touched them since. Also when I first got the H150s, they were both in need of fret dress, and I cut new nuts for both of them. They were both abysmal in those areas, and my second H150 I bought brand new.
  8. nope he stays on top of his orders. He's one of the most popular boutique winders out there, but unlike many others, he knows how to run a business!
  9. https://guitar.com/review/electric-guitar/heritage-custom-core-h-150-review/ (notice the review if from guitar.com who are owned by Bandlab!) The video in the review almost had me ordering a guitar, the Custom Core sounds killer in it! And in most of the pictures that people are posting, the finish is not really floating my boat, but in this video, I love the way the finish looks. Sometimes it's hard to capture how a guitar really looks.
  10. Not true, for my last set, we talked for about an hour on what I wanted and he custom wound them the next day.
  11. Well at least you know what you can and can't do And yes, Wolfe is amazing with his turnaround times! If you like the PAF sound you will love the Legends! Check out this set of Wolfetones that I put into a PRS Custom 22 that I got in trade. I don't typically like PRS guitars, and when I plugged this one in, it reminded me of just what I don't like about PRS guitars, but after I put in a Wolfetone Dr VIntage in the neck, and a Marshallhead in the bridge, I instantly loved the sound of it! clean dirty
  12. Those are killer pickups, his best take on a PAF! And Wolfe has the best customer service that I know of. I've never waited for than a week with pickups from him! And I've never liked SD 59s either. I don't know what your pickup installing skills are like, but if you know what you're doing, I seriously doubt that you will be disappointed in your new pickups.
  13. If that had a rosewood neck I would have a very hard time resisting buying that one!
  14. Although I love the handwork, it's a little too over the top for me. I like some of the inlays, the stars on the bridge, and especially the headstock three stars, and the back of the headstock Liberty Bell, but everything else is just too much for my tastes. But I know, everyone is different, and I can see why so many people would love this! One of these day I will find a Golden Eagle that's perfect for me. But I want one without too much bling.
  15. Yes I alluded to the fact that you could find H150's all day long for little money, and for a modder like me, they were a great deal. Not so much anymore.
  16. I like the nickel WAY Better! I just tool the gold Bigsby off this guitar because I HATED all that gold...
  17. I would like to see/feel the finish in person to make the call, but from here, it looks pretty cool!
  18. that's a sweetie pie! killer allman brothers mushroom inlays!
  19. with the pots wide open you can get a pretty close call on the resistance
  20. wow 8.1 lbs, talk about a rarity! And that Eagle is exactly what I was talking about above. I've played some killer Heritage archtops as my friend was a dealer for years but I've never owned one. I missed out on a great Eagle a few months back at a local estate auction. Bummer!
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