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  1. Um, yeah. Some are higher-strung than others, though.
  2. This is not the one I play the most (that's a toss-up between the Mille and the H535), but it's my best looking Heritage.......
  3. I knew you had good taste, Pressure, but those are beyond lovely.
  4. Very tasteful and well done. Nice.
  5. Let's not forget that a claim on homeowners insurance is subject to the policy's deductible amount. If the policy has a relatively high deductible, it may not be worthwhile making a claim. And there are two aspects to the potential monetary loss in this situation: the cost of repair, easily determined, and the decrease in value of the guitar because of the break, not so easily determined.
  6. Interesting stand. Cupholders are rare. Sorry about the H137. It's sad, but could have been much worse.
  7. Um, Mr. C-Cup, Nope. I wasn't involved. No way. Never touched that (alleged) H-170, never played it, never saw it, have never even seen a picture of it. Innocent, that's me. Totally. However, bouts of stupidity do seem to rear their ugly head, as one year I inexplicably sold two of my Heritage guitars, a lovely H155 and a big-necked H137. To the same guy, even. Fortunately I had the great good sense to buy both of them back shortly thereafter. From the same guy, even. A fitting end to your sordid tale would be for the former owner (whoever that might be) of the subject H-170 (assuming it actually exists) to spend some time tracking it down, and BUYING IT BACK. Jeez, seems simple enough to me.
  8. Ren invented the 18 percent grayscale card? Never knew that. There must be a gadzillion of those out there in the world. What an outstanding guy!
  9. Um, I have a feeling everyone here will know exactly what you meant to type. And editing a post only seems allowed for several minutes after it appears, after that it's cast in stone.
  10. Never knew you were a singer, Brent. Just watched this video with Marg. After a few giggles, she became quite seriously worried about your health. Especially if Deb sees it. It appears the powers that be in our part of the world are trying to have us protect ourselves from the metric version of the virus, as we're told to keep two meters apart, not six feet. Stay well, all.
  11. Might this refer to the Harmony line? We'll likely never know the answers until the 1991 confidential agreement becomes not-so-confidential.
  12. No mention anywhere of Bill Paige. Wonder why.
  13. Or....... Sunday 12/21/2019 It was a dark and stormy night.......... (actually, it snowed like a bastard)
  14. Pressure, how vital is it to record the day of the week on the string package? I'm with you on writing down (and keeping in the case) the date on which the strings were changed, but now I'm worried that I may be missing something important. This may well explain why my playing isn't better than it is!
  15. Cool, Brently. It's got some tiny dust specks on the headstock, but nothing a 2000psi pressure washer wouldn't take care of.
  16. A solution for the tailpiece being too high is to top-wrap the strings. Meaning insert the new strings from the bridge side of the tailpiece and wrap them over the top of the tailpiece. This will give you enough height to avoid having the strings touch the bridge before they sit on the saddles. Brent's latest For Sale posting about his H150 shows a top-wrapped tailpiece. And I've never seen one of my Heritage guitars (or any other make of solid-body for that matter) properly intonated with the saddles all in a row like yours. Whatever gets the job done, though.
  17. Um, Scott, I'm available for adoption, you know.
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