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  1. Wraparound bridge on H150

  2. Wraparound bridge on H150

    Ms Tron looks nothing like that and yeah I still gots her! In fact Ijammed her last night!
  3. Wraparound bridge on H150

    to go to ABR you would need a conversion post. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Conversion-Posts-Install-a-ABR-1-on-Gibson-guitar-with-Nashville-bridge-Nickel/111300017648?epid=1031375287&hash=item19e9ff7df0:g:j2QAAOSw7XBY8W0p
  4. Wraparound bridge on H150

    The wrap bridges use a wider hole spread than the ABR and tunamatic... To fit the bridge would require very unappealing mods.
  5. Custom Creations From Heritage

    The guitar or the girl? LOL That would be Sheway with what appears to be an employee built guitar, I met her last summer at PSP and she was really nice , helping me with a few things personally... It really saddened me to know that she is a casualty of the terminations.
  6. Heritage Nitro Finish Question

    Heritage had a real tough spell with Finish and lacquer problems a several years ago with the "Golden Era" team and the company made it through a very tough time, They resolved all issues long before they sold the company and finishes have never looked back. The new owners have invested even more money in the finishing department with a new spray booth, healthier equipment and a curing room to shorten the entire process. I am a purist at heart, my old school thinking is to have a light finish that allows the guitar to continuously breath and become more resonate with time... I do believe the finishes have become heavier and more durable.
  7. Custom Creations From Heritage

    All the gorgeous details that went into that one!
  8. Support the brand

    Like Kuz and several others, this is a public forum and I have my own opinions... No one can tell me how to think. If you want to blindly support Heritage, Fine... If you want to see if they can do what they say, Fine! I BLINDLY PUSHED HERITAGE FOR DECADES, I believed so deeply. 30 days ago I decided to severe business ties with NEW Heritage, it had nothing to do with any of the reasons other members now bring up... It was solely because I don't agree with the corporations method of operation, how the operate on the business side and especially how they treat their dealers and associates. There is another thread about how many new guitars have we bought? Only 30+ for me and no more purchases in the future! I sure hope my GREAT friends at the factory survive and prosper in the new environment... I am routing for them. Go ahead BAN me! I have better things to deal with than a big brother on my back...
  9. Support the brand

    AND.... On the following Monday they did the same to Curly because he was not there Friday!
  10. Custom Creations From Heritage

    Way to go Polo! Wonderful guitars indeed!
  11. Custom Creations From Heritage

    Looks like the center seem is off... Get out the saw! Or selli it to the Maestro.
  12. Custom Creations From Heritage

    No, That is a piece of wood I picked up while shopping with Jim D. and NAMM. Here, look at the back.
  13. Change at Heritage Guitar

    A rainy day in the 'zoo
  14. Custom Creations From Heritage

    Since round 2 has begun, My midlife crisis, The twin Korina creations.
  15. Some very disturbing news from 225

    Out of the "Fire" came Ember guitars!