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  1. @SteinerJust a custom build 150 with Tonepros, ebony board, Bone nut, black binding, choice woods, duncan p90s, Maple Pickguard, maple Truss cover... The usual Golden Era Pimp up! If I was going to own a P90 girl this one had to be it LOL
  2. Long Gone bro! The company is into production, profit and has way more operation expenses with the multi levels of staffing. They are no longer a Pops, Pops operation! I recognized the Gibson business plan with the intro of the Meng Dynasty... Standardized models, limited colors, standardized parts and components etc. Streamlined processes also. Yes they are technically putting out a better product mainly because of hyper focus on cutting timelines and increasing efficiency. It is nice they brought in a PLEK.
  3. the Bridge position controls are Master Volume and Master Tone, The neck position controls are Neck Phase Rolloff and Bridge Phase rolloff, each toggle controls Down (tapped), middle(Untapped) and Up Phase activation. Obviously to play with phase mini toggles need to be up and its more effective with 3 way switch in middle position
  4. You are very welcome!!! Glad I could be of assistance. I am also glad the Ex didn't get half of my collection it would be a shame if that _______ also put you to shame. HAHAHA
  5. Take this as a statement that you like A2 magnet based pickups that are unpotted... Like myself If you want to experiment on sound a step further, Try a set of Antiquities... The only difference is the Rough cast A2 magnet which I CHERISH tonally
  6. 140 2nd generation? What is the body thickness? Only $50 difference for your knowledge
  7. This is an example of the Early runs, note the extended heel/neck joint! I absolutely love the entire package, pickups, wood, color, options... ROCK ON
  8. Talk about a low production model, I owned one that bounced around here a few times on its way to Vegas, Good luck on your Hunt.
  9. The winner has exposed himself. That Centurion is awesome
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