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  1. Like in breaking bad... There comes a time when you have too many guitars and have to count by weight! LOL Good thing I don't count... It would have made that divorce much tougher... AND, At least I don't have to say. "I am replacing the two I sold Honey!!"
  2. YOU ROCK!  Glad to see you are back!

  3. There are a few facts that you briefly bounced over in your amazing note. You live in Detroit, nearly 2 hours away from the gathering... quite the task and the results were a complete success. Also when you originally started discussing the possibility of attempting to continue on the Festivities there was a divided reaction, some like me were solidly behind you and others expressing negative feedback... You still moved forward(Your letter explains your motives excellently). I will be there next year, look forward to seeing my friends that share in our passions! Good Job! Not that you got paid...
  4. That's awesome, SSB is my fav color too. I am happy we have another in the Vegas fold!
  5. MMMMMmmmm... Back for seconds!!! Yummie
  6. Jim's the man!! Cant wait till I see him next summer
  7. Millennium Maestro

    H575 - Gold Top

    I absolutely love this picture, very classy! 10+
  8. Millennium Maestro's
  9. That is a very sweet axe... Welcome to the Deluxe LE club!
  10. I am so glad you decided to keep her!
  11. Oh your soooo BAD! Just look into the Maestro's baby blue eyes, there is nothing devious there! REALLY!
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