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  1. 140 2nd generation? What is the body thickness? Only $50 difference for your knowledge
  2. This is an example of the Early runs, note the extended heel/neck joint! I absolutely love the entire package, pickups, wood, color, options... ROCK ON
  3. Talk about a low production model, I owned one that bounced around here a few times on its way to Vegas, Good luck on your Hunt.
  4. The winner has exposed himself. That Centurion is awesome
  5. Pete is a great guy, There is something very special about doing an in person one on one consult on a build. Willie, no Marv= no 357
  6. I miss the Ol' days of getting drunk with the original owners, hearing those one of a kind stories from the insiders and having grown men call their wives to get them home safely due the the enabling qualities of the Maestro.
  7. In full production with the Golden Era I believe They produced less that 20 a week.
  8. If I could just clarify this very misleading statement: When Plaza bought 225 Parsons there was no plans or intent for a small guitar company occupying the building it was all about Real Estate development. A bunch of historic building resistance and a city development incentive caused a making lemonade situation with Heritage as an alternative, I truly believe Bandlab was out of survival... They are focuses on many other higher profit business models other than a small American guitar co. I am happy a few of my friends still float the Heritage Torch... Sad many more of my friends are not.
  9. I own one just like it. Its Mahogany
  10. Ahhhh the one that got away, I was looking for a single Jazzbox, eyeing this at Jay's till it was gone to Cali! I still don't have a jazzbox
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