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  1. A small sample before I got carried away with the heavy customization! (And Plaza Told me top stop! LOL)
  2. They carve a 3/4 top, setup makes a big difference. There are a lot of things to bring out the best a guitar has to offer. I regularly change tailpiece inserts, caps, pots, toggles. (There were always better options post factory)
  3. Older models were actually built in the old building 225 Parsons, painted in the old Booth (used in 59 LPs), most will have gone through a post builder complete setup and have a certain mojo, different years had different necks and specs ... New builds are to a higher standard, better out the box. A lot less options with models and features but now a factory custom shop to facilitate anything outside the norm. In the ol days many of our friends at the factory earned a living making us special guitars, now the guitars are more cookie cutter, less of our friends and original owners are there now and the profits go towards the new corporations. And of course want something unique, money talks at the custom shop. As a former dealer, the factory is very standup, offering upgraded warranty on dealer owned unsold merch... Many off our orders use to be customs, I can tell you my Ol' guitars are stellar, Jay was very verbal that many times his merch' had a date with his plek. The factory now uses one. No way to go wrong!
  4. Heritage has used 3 classifications for their woods, standard, premium and Ultra tops... Never really by 3A, 5A etc. Pete is a great guy, if you do a custom order he will hand select the woods... They will be nice. Send him a picture on what you like visually. Wood is wood, each piece will have its own characteristics regardless... By the way, Many of us here have unique, custom orders!
  5. I can't even attempt to put my brain through the strain of answering this topic!! So I will respond with the one that got away!
  6. I can totally relate to the song and the guitar!
  7. Plek is a tool, A guitar is made of wood... Take that instrument into a different climate and it adjusts. I believe a guitar should be used and worked with in its own environment for a few years... I have seen many Gibson Pleked guitars that have frets that need attention. My first preventative maintenance is to give a really good mineral oil to the fingerboards upon taking possession, I see a lot of dry fingerboards leaving manufacturing warehouses.
  8. Here are a couple unique Never listed inventory Heritages. A little eye candy for the masses
  9. Grover 502 series match the holes of the standard 102 series Grovers, no extra drilling... Just straight bolt on upgrade
  10. I know the prototypes are designated, also during the Plaza Era I remember certain guitars being built exclusively for that including the "passing the torch" guitar.
  11. I officially now know you are not deaf! I was selling and using Rio Grande Mini Texas and BBQ, Respectively 10K & 12K so they are an overwound medium/hot A5 set. Just presenting another option
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