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  1. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    1. I completely understand, in a Heritage business relationship pre Corp. there was a policy "We reserve the right to substitute..." of which I was not a fan, I firmly believe that disrespected dealer IS the key to making sure the guitar is what it is supposed to be even now. Even the biggest dealer had to work through these type of issues. One of the biggest things Plaza did aside from saving the Heritage company was the stocking of all necessary parts 2. Without ever having met you, I suspect we are both very discerning people with all of our equipment, some day we will meet and I look forward to it. 3. In full honesty, the guitar could have been ordered/delivered exactly as you required, but most likely you performed the Rockabilly custom shop treatment to a factory ordered guitar none of us could expect a 59 R.I. with basic wired/Shaller/Tonepros/ built guitars. But after a few mods.... WOW On a side note I have been having fun transforming NEW Gibsons from modular modern guitars to classic ol' school vibed guitars with much fanfare from the buyers
  2. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    "I Think" I am the yoho that coined that one... I can guaranty the connection to the factory is different for all, I know many like me have been very blessed and spoiled with close ties to the Golden Era guys. We have had intimate relationships over builds, shared special times with the actual people that built our guitars and many of us actually got to feel like part of the process. Some of us have had employees built us guitars, some employees have performed secret tasks on builds for excellent loyal people. The Golden Era included a ton of mojo in my eyes. To me its really cool looking at a guitar and saying Katie did this, Curly did that, Jack did this, Pete did this, Jim really took care of me with this, Arnie really got my neck profile... Heck I still laugh at just the thoughts of some of the stories those Golden Era guys shared with me! It does make me sad that those experiences have all but vanished and many good folks such as yourself completely missed out... I understand why you don't get it. I will always choose to support friends over corporations, and "my friend built" guitars are spectacular with at worst a full complete setup.
  3. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    The Eagle Classic is the only Jazzbox in the 2018 product line, no Ebony etc... Essentially making anything else a Custom at a premium. I f you have the money they will build you anything you desire including a 525 I am sure.
  4. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    To me it does...
  5. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Rig

    I think you need a taller mic stand! Getting a bit wobbly?
  6. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    I didn't just walk away, I RAN...
  7. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    Welcome to the new Carvin style distributor located on the world famous Edwards St. just around the corner from Parsons St. "Want a guitar, buy direct... Trust me because we now make perfect guitars!" Just ask your local Dealer... Wait! I am now on a timeout for bad behavior...
  8. Millennium Maestro

    Tube Swapping!

    Thanks for sharing that! I hope you have a wonderful first weekend in August.
  9. Millennium Maestro

    Seeking counsel: 535 factory neck replacement.

    Yeah, the good ol days. In Feb they let their Master repair guy go... Lots of changes have happened, I would not presume them to offer the same service without first talking to them and getting some sort of confirmation. I believe if Heritage were to outsource, Pete Moreno would be their ghost repair guy.
  10. Millennium Maestro

    Seeking counsel: 535 factory neck replacement.

    Try to find out he age/Era, may make a diff with tenon.
  11. Millennium Maestro

    Seeking counsel: 535 factory neck replacement.

    Jack French WAS their skilled repair guy, you can call Heritage... I believe Pete Moreno full capable and reasonable financially. Arnie is another option. Let me know if you need any #'s.
  12. Millennium Maestro

    H-535 first impressions

    The pickups in that guitar are top shelf!
  13. Millennium Maestro

    H-535 first impressions

    LOL, You guys are soooooo bad!
  14. Millennium Maestro

    H-535 first impressions

    GFiddler - I Cant see the Seths being a source of brightness, also both G. + H use similar 500K pots? but a 300K pot swap would change tone for sure.
  15. Millennium Maestro

    H-535 first impressions

    How bout a simple string change to a Pure Nickel set which are darken toned by nature.