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  1. String Gauges?

    Heavy bottom 10-52 slinky's! Yeah...
  2. Does my Heritage Prospect need a humidifier?

    That's a good plan. These fine instruments are wood and wood does interesting things in even the best climates and maintaining a correct humidity will not hurt. I have a very regimented maintenance of all my fingerboards too... Involves mineral oil. I too am always concerned especially with the naked wood inside the semi hollow guitars f holes and its vulnerability to climate.
  3. Anticipation

    You have a taste for 357s and Lance has 2?? Dunno, Lance usually holds on to his girls!
  4. Feedback with Standard prospect Seth lovers

    Musical Feedback!... I think a chat with our Yooper may be your best approach.That man makes guitars sing, very controlled singing too.
  5. Anticipation

    Congrats LL?
  6. 575 or 525 for live higher gain setting

    Just get your 574 back from Will! LOL
  7. TonePros and Faber

    Kuz, I 100% agree with you on the weight aspect along with a few other spec details. I would never say shaller is the end all. There are definitely several upgrade options with different vendors.
  8. TonePros and Faber

    Shaller is good stuff, my sentiments exactly
  9. YOU ROCK!  Glad to see you are back!

  10. Your "swiss army knife" Heritage

    I would not take her on the road like that... That one would kill me to have lost or stolen. You're nickname seems appropriate, maybe "Purple Reign" but she got named "The 1"
  11. Your "swiss army knife" Heritage

    This would be my first instinct... But then I would think... My 140 for the pop! Knowing myself, my trusty 147 walk out the door with me... This however would be 7lbs of fun...
  12. Heritage Factory Video Pete Farmer

    That was a great video takes me right back to an excellent PSP, The roar members gave Marv when he walked into the meeting room was so special... I got me meet him outside while Jim and myself were doing TV interviews. Corporate really opened the doors and graciously welcomed us into their new generation! ... I really miss the ol' plant in all of its charm.
  13. Heritage 157W limited ?

    Thanks for that Paul. Heritage has a very qualified staff building guitar, quality has never been better: - Most production process's are handled by trained builders - Pete and Jim would be considered Masterbuilders also with several LONG term builders in the shop - when a guitar needs special attention on the build Masterbuilders give more attention and supervision - The true Masters are busy folks, more and more is handled by their trusted lieutenants I would not demean anybody there by referring to them as just a same ol' regular guy. The lesser qualified manage everyday routine processes as they develop additional skills while being trained by highly skilled, experienced and trained luthiers.
  14. Heritage 157W limited ?

    The above flyer is for the "Limited Edition Black Beauty" the 157W series is limited to 25 each color.
  15. Bluesbucker vs Phat Cat P90's

    The Lollars