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  1. Why am I always the shortest Guy in HOC pictures?
  2. So I noticed it is no longer "The Heritage " Now... Just Heritage
  3. That looks like my 1st Brand new Heritage, It was Korina with gold hardware... Returned it due to a large finish flaw, that was back when my guitars needed to be perfect! LOL
  4. You know before Heritage sold to Plaza, Jim had a bunch of bass builds in the plans
  5. Here is my rescue,refinished,modded limited edition deluxe. #92. Seth lovers with rough cast a2 magnets, aluminum tail, locking bridge, kluson 19:1 revolutions, Pete Moreno refin, 50s rewire, stinger... Very yummy!
  6. I loved the sound of that one when I had her... The ol' Antiguities rocked, such a great guitar!
  7. Thanks Lyle... This was a failed attempt at your advise... Seems the only way is to download the imgur and drag and drop (May have to resize also)
  8. Lets see if this works! Meet Vader a custom order, Ebony board, Black Binding, Unmounted flames PG and Truss cover, Tonepros. IMGUR didn't work
  9. I don't know why my imgur links don't work anymore??? As per original poster personal request...
  10. The one that got away! Those are pretty cool, 14.4k bridge pup. I was playing one of my Korina 150s today... I won't even bother sharing mine everyone's already seen it.
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