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  1. In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    Fair enough. I too am a Duncan guy for a long time. That was a good move to move of standardizing Duncans in their models.
  2. Joyann Parker on an H-150

    You only took 2 down hits... (Not from me) LOL Your still a good guy!
  3. In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    I don't think this is anything new Jay, Thanks again for reiterating what you are seeing on your end. I think what is mostly being expressed here (due to our tight knit community with VERY close ties to the factory, employees and Golden Era and Plaza era owners/operations) is a mourning that things will never be the same and people we love have been terminate ruthlessly or simply walked. Wolfe guitars is also going through a major change within the new dictatorship distributorship under these new operations. Recently saw a really nice 2018 150 in the side banner advertising from Reverb from your shop Jay... Quick question, Why mislead by saying a stock guitar was special ordered with 59's when that is the only way 150s are build at the factory? You should be better than that, AND when I refer people your way I will inform them to watch out for misleading statements. I am however enjoying my return to playing and performing on my Gibsons AND cherishing my Golden Era guitars(There is nothing like knowing who did what on your guitar). PS. I puke in my mouth everytime when I think about Harmony moving into the True 225 Parsons St. (Original location)
  4. Tell me....

    They will not go out of business, They have a very financially affluent ownership with a Global plan... If what they are doing now fails to produce the profits they will make more changes. But the Heritage we all know is already dead, you just don't know it.
  5. Tell me....

    Here you go Spectrum....2018 LINEUP released to Dealers at NAMM H-137 in 2 colors H-150 in 4 colors H-535 in 4 colors H-530 in 3 colors H-575 in 2 colors Eagle Classic in ALSB Solid bodys get 59s, semi's get Seths, no substitutes, no Ebony, No Options... You get what Heritage ships!
  6. Joyann Parker on an H-150

    Kudos guys for throwing out some kudos. As a singer first I totally dig where she is coming from, TOTALLY! Add that she play guitar while singing is a major plus AND she is out there living it. There is not a single musician without a perceived weakness, trying to point that out is pointless and unnecessarily critical. I will say this, I see the beauty in what shes doing!
  7. Custom Creations From Heritage

    Oh Hell yeah, I have several and appear to be a severe hoarder...
  8. What does SM mean?

    Say What! You calling me a knob?
  9. What does SM mean?

    Here you go. Enjoy yours they are cool guitars. https://reverb.com/item/8371220-the-heritage-h-170cm-ssb-sunset-burst
  10. What does SM mean?

    I own a 150 with the same knob configuration in a VIP2 system, kinda cool having the toggle a simple flip away from the pinky. I also own a sister 170CMSM... You are welcome to reach out to me is you have any questions.
  11. What does SM mean?

    SM = Stag Mag duncans
  12. Hard To Believe....?

    There is NOT a sudden change in quality! You guys all need to quit dwelling on this incorrect statement. I am not wasting my time reiterating this... Call me I will happily make sense out of all the false and speculative information. In reality Heritage will build guitars, Wolfe will sell a bunch of them and There will never be a perfect guitar. They are playing better out of the box (a 3 year process, the Jan. acquisition of a plek has helped... the best they can do at the factory) Don't forget guitars change with several outside factors.
  13. Hard To Believe....?

    No but I am known to polish my helmets.
  14. Hard To Believe....?

    Key important factors... I suspect we share the same payability expectations. Being wood, that guitar will react to changes in seasons, temperatures, geography and especially humidity. I buy Gibsons and I end up doing fret work after hitting my local low humidity enviroment, especially since they don't oil their boards. The nut dusting is something I would never perform on a NEW guitar... It is simply not ethical in delivery of a new guitar.
  15. Hard To Believe....?

    Bandlab (Meng) Owns 49% of Heritage, 49% of Rolling Stones, Harmony, Tiesco, Mono, Cakewalk and I am sure many other products with more to come.