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  1. Ahhhh the one that got away, I was looking for a single Jazzbox, eyeing this at Jay's till it was gone to Cali! I still don't have a jazzbox
  2. I feel very fortunate to have Grand Master Jim D. Signature on it, I was very blessed to be shopping at NAMM with Heritages wood master. Wish I had done the build for my 49th before the Golden era ended... I had abalone inlays planned among several other cool things it turned out I couldn't afford a year later.
  3. From picking up the top at NAMM with Jim D. to Designing with Pete F. My #1 - My money pit.... LOL
  4. Still mourning the sale of my DC... Sometimes hard decisions have to be made! This is a Brand New 155M, Plaza Era I sold to Steiner... Maybe a PM to him for his thoughts, he is very much a purist!
  5. Oh forgot to mention, the Double cutaway models in my opinion are the most under rated model in the heritage lineup. Most that get them keep them and they are the ones least resold.
  6. There is no Millie 130, There are models that sport bookmatched front and backs, lower end one have ply tops and dots, Ultra is a designation showing wood upgrades and pickup, my favorite tone wise are the ones with mahogany backs, the top of line Millies are Eagles, then Limited Editions, Then Ultras. The SAE's are ply with piezo blend bridges.
  7. Can't do... She is all original, new with Seths and I have a few highly interested non trigger pullers. What a Steal @ $2995 + shipping
  8. Quite the loaded question. 535/335 has more neck access, the millenniums have typical solid boy neck mount and heel unless you are talking a DC. ES styled guitars are laminated woods and the Millenniums are solid woods. The Millenniums tend to be brighter and more resonant, 535s will catch feedback quicker. Three brand new Millies I have for sale.
  9. What pickups are you gonna stuff in her?
  10. The pots and wiring don't seem original, They look like CTS pots... Original have solid tops, caps look original... You have a nice guitar there I will try to get you a photo for reference.
  11. You did well! The Millennium DC is the model most have not played but those who do appreciate greatly and won't sell. Congrats
  12. The tuners are shaller and if the bridge and tailpiece are stamped "Germany" those are probably original.
  13. AD serial, Millie Pro! Golden Era, not Plaza era!
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