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  1. Millennium Maestro

    MM PSP Photo Bomb

    That's Hilarious... it looks like I am trying to hold in a wet fart! THANKS FOR SHARING!
  2. Millennium Maestro

    H150 Stop Bar

    First off.... This thread is silly, no one can evaluate a guitar from pictures! Also when you buy factory direct there is no outside QC a typical dealer would perform to ensure a quality instrument is being delivered! You saved money, spend some of that to have a PRO tech evaluate what was really delivered. At minimum I suspect the setup was totally turd quality! Nice piece of wood there...
  3. Millennium Maestro

    Pickups (again)

    I have to ask, are you into paying high dollar for boutique? I am all about practical and function and believe Duncans are the best value! For me, being they are going in a 1974... I am thinking the Duncan Antiquities are the winner, They have a very nice aged sound and have a aged look for a 44 year old guitar and they are under $300.
  4. Millennium Maestro

    Thinking of building my own Heritage guitar

    If anyone finds a Heritage woman... Send her my way!
  5. Millennium Maestro

    Leveled my frets, tried something different, it worked!

    Recently sold this and I loved the fretless feel.
  6. Millennium Maestro

    Leveled my frets, tried something different, it worked!

    Way to go, Experimentation leads to discovery! I actually like the lower fret, I can't over muscle the strings. Have fun!
  7. Millennium Maestro

    H575 control pots not working?

    if you have no sound from the bridge pickup, Think it a short first, a rogue ground will give the exact same symptom. Could be the hot lugs grounding on the pot(simple as a loose wire) or the connections at the toggle (Simple as the ground touching the red lead) or maybe a dead pickup. I would start by measuring the pickup at the toggle and make sure each connection is separated there.
  8. Millennium Maestro


    Sorry Boys... lets set it straight.
  9. Millennium Maestro


    Millennium Eagle's have carved backs, I usually see them with HRWs. Great snag!
  10. Well said. IMO new dealers have to move product and Create brand recognition in their local area... I would be very curious how the new dealers of the past few years are feeling about the product now and competing with the Factory Direct sales with just limited base model and no customizing with their clients. The Dealer goes through the expenses. riddled with product requirements and the factory wants to sell directly the end user the upgraded guitar.
  11. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    1. I completely understand, in a Heritage business relationship pre Corp. there was a policy "We reserve the right to substitute..." of which I was not a fan, I firmly believe that disrespected dealer IS the key to making sure the guitar is what it is supposed to be even now. Even the biggest dealer had to work through these type of issues. One of the biggest things Plaza did aside from saving the Heritage company was the stocking of all necessary parts 2. Without ever having met you, I suspect we are both very discerning people with all of our equipment, some day we will meet and I look forward to it. 3. In full honesty, the guitar could have been ordered/delivered exactly as you required, but most likely you performed the Rockabilly custom shop treatment to a factory ordered guitar none of us could expect a 59 R.I. with basic wired/Shaller/Tonepros/ built guitars. But after a few mods.... WOW On a side note I have been having fun transforming NEW Gibsons from modular modern guitars to classic ol' school vibed guitars with much fanfare from the buyers
  12. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    "I Think" I am the yoho that coined that one... I can guaranty the connection to the factory is different for all, I know many like me have been very blessed and spoiled with close ties to the Golden Era guys. We have had intimate relationships over builds, shared special times with the actual people that built our guitars and many of us actually got to feel like part of the process. Some of us have had employees built us guitars, some employees have performed secret tasks on builds for excellent loyal people. The Golden Era included a ton of mojo in my eyes. To me its really cool looking at a guitar and saying Katie did this, Curly did that, Jack did this, Pete did this, Jim really took care of me with this, Arnie really got my neck profile... Heck I still laugh at just the thoughts of some of the stories those Golden Era guys shared with me! It does make me sad that those experiences have all but vanished and many good folks such as yourself completely missed out... I understand why you don't get it. I will always choose to support friends over corporations, and "my friend built" guitars are spectacular with at worst a full complete setup.
  13. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    The Eagle Classic is the only Jazzbox in the 2018 product line, no Ebony etc... Essentially making anything else a Custom at a premium. I f you have the money they will build you anything you desire including a 525 I am sure.
  14. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Website

    To me it does...
  15. Millennium Maestro

    Heritage Rig

    I think you need a taller mic stand! Getting a bit wobbly?