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  1. Glad to hear you came through ok. To watch the news, the entire island was suffering the same fate as Atlantis! Oh yeah, I got the joke, too! 😁
  2. Man, for the price of tubes these days, the MFs could have at least sent you some new glass. Cool looking amp, tho!
  3. I remember when I was looking at the H-575 some years back. I had played 2 or 3 different ones over a few months. For some reason it just didn't flip my switch. When Lyle brought his 525 to PSP, it was just the opposite. I loved the sound, loved the feel, it was just ... right, like my 535. That's why I jumped on it when he decided to let it go. In the end you just need to play them and then decide which way to go.
  4. So the sun shines brightly on a dark rainy day??? Nice!
  5. Somehow it amazes me how a pedal based on an extremely simple circuit could be worth so much money. The original Dallas Rangemaster had about a dozen parts, including jacks and switches. For this much money you can get a 55-60" 4K smart TV! I can get several different laptop computers with decent specs.
  6. You've got an amazing guitar. I've got one of the "little brother" H-535s, and it's one of my "go to" guitars.
  7. Years ago, the other guitar player in our band had one of these. His YBA-1 was a beast, and sounded great. My poor little Guild Thunderbird was running wide open just to keep up. I have often thought about grabbing one. There's one available locally that has been recapped and had the power cord replaced. Only $900, but I have no clue where I would use it anymore!
  8. If it's a 2015, there's a good chance that the SD pickups were stock. Schaller quit making pickups around that time, so the odds of it being either a Schaller or HRW are slim. My 2003 157 has Shallers, and I have a pair of Seth Lovers that I had planned to install. Unfortunately I would have to route out the cavity to make them fit. Schallers have short legs, the Seth Lovers normally have long legs, and the extra length meant that I couldn't set them without bottoming out.
  9. Where else do you find so many people with their own personal amplifier makers? Steiner, you didn't bribe him with that bottle of Woodford on the shelf behind, did you?
  10. That's the right way to not waste a perfectly good truss rod cover! 😁
  11. When I got my 535, I had the same issue. Apparently, the previous owner was a smoker. It took a while for the wood on the inside to clear up, the outside was fine after a really good cleaning and shining. The case was another matter. As you said, Febreeze is your friend. I did take a damp rag and wipe everything down including the nap. That helped. I also put it where there was pretty good airflow. It took some time for it to clear up, but now it's fine. If you have one of those ozone air cleaners, that might help even more. Patience, Kitty. You need to have patience! 😉
  12. I'll let my MDV2 go for a paltry $2000... Get it while you can folks. In another year it will be twice that much!!!! 💰 I'm beginning to think that guitar players are borderline crazy!
  13. Bolero, it sounds like it's permanent as far as making pedals for normal sale. However, he seems to taking steps to insure that no one decides to profit off his work and good name. “I’m closing the Fulltone CA Shop because I will not start pumping my personal money into a business that no longer turns a profit… this four year climate makes 100 per cent made in the USA impossible,” the statement continued. The alleged letter seemed to indicate Fulltone’s intent of remaining a “valid corporation” and that founder Mike Fuller will continue to protect his “$3M worth of worldwide trademarks & patent” and will “build a few pedals here and there as I am vividly aware of what it takes to keep my brand from being stolen.”
  14. That's too bad. I have his MDV-2 Vibe pedal. There were great to to deal with then it developed a problem about a year or so in. Sent it back and the went through everything, found the bad opto sensor, and sent back free of charge. No hassles, no questions, just good service.
  15. Looks nice, PK. A bit of honest play wear, so it's been loved on a bit already. The DC Mille is a great design.
  16. Here's another vote for the wooden pickguards. They were classy, and since I tend to drag my ring and little finger on the pickguard, the plastic ones often generate static, which eventually shows up as noise. The wood ones NEVER did that. It's bad enough that I keep a drier sheet in the case of a couple of guitars that seem to be especially bad about the static generation.
  17. If the second page you listed is from the original listing you can see the serial number is Qxxxxx. Did SP tell you it was an AE serial?
  18. I'm thinking that they are limiting the amount of binding that needs to be done. The inlays wouldn't be any different to do, gold hardware is a minor premium (maybe $50?), ebony might be another $20 for the fretboard, and even the headstock inlay isn't much of an issue. However, the triple layer binding is more work, and you have to add binding to both the front and back, plus the headstock. The headstock binding is probably the most difficult part. All that adds time for the extra routing, gluing and wrapping. Still, I like the extra appointments. That's why my first Heritage was a 157. I sometimes kick myself for not grabbing a 555 as well, but my 535 does just fine.
  19. I'll bet those banjo bodies hit the bin when they moved to the back building.
  20. I agree that the H140 would be a great addition to the standard line, especially with the H137 not being in the standard line anymore. But they are the "low end" of the price range and maybe they can't command the pricing that Heritage wants. The Millennium, with or without F holes is a great instrument, and unique to Heritage. It also is on the upscale side price wise, so if they want to stay in the upper bracket, that fills the bill. It's comfortable, sounds great and if properly promoted, could be a good seller. Soundwise, it sits somewhere between the solid H150 and the semi H535, so it's great for people who want some of that semi vibe without the bigger body, or who want a 150 size without the heft.
  21. Nice. My 87 H140 has no checking. The fellow that had it before me used it as a gigging guitar. It's traveled around with me when I made trips for work over about a 10 year period and been to K'zoo at least 4 times. If you take care of them, they don't all crack up like shattered glass.
  22. You are right, of course. It will crank out a lot of sound before it even thinks of breaking up. You certainly don't want to attempt it a basement or bedroom setting! That's why they make 1253 different OD/fuzz/distortion pedals, for sale daily at Sweetwater. 😁 I brought mine to PSP some years ago. Since then it had resided in the basement, simply because hauling 65-70 lbs of amp up the steps, through the hall and kitchen and into the garage, then trying to lay it gently into a trunk was deemed to be hazardous to my back! I bought a nice '65 Princeton clone instead!
  23. Thanks guys. Bolero, while Billie's version is great, one of my favorites is by Eva Cassidy's. She had such a lovely voice. Of course, Diana Ross did a killer version in Lady Sings The Blues.
  24. Man, whatever you do, don't change it. There are scads of lemon bursts, and bourbon bursts, and almond bursts. There aren't many trans blacks that look that great!
  25. Thanks guys. DB, you've seen the 525 at PSP. I stole if from LK years ago. I'm sure he's glad that it's being used to play some of those fancy chords that he loves. 😁 The amp was my DSL401 on the clean channel, mic'd with a Sennheiser 935.
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