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  1. Hmmmm.... a bit like someone else that we know that plays a Heritage.
  2. I was turning 50 in 2003, and decided that my birthday present to myself was going to be a new guitar. The Heritage dealer here was an old school mate of mine, and I placed an order for an H-157 in Almond Sunburst, hoping to get it by my birthday. It came in a couple of months early, which was fine. I still have the guitar. Here it is next to my Guild S100 that I've had since the early 70s. It started me down the path to acquiring a total of 5 Heritages, all of which have made the trip back to K'zoo for at least a couple of PSPs each.
  3. Did you get rid of that nice gold top? That thing felt really good, an easy player.
  4. Yep, that's an issue that I faced with my 140. The neck pickup is pretty much bottomed out. It's also part of the reason that the 157 still has the Schallers. I had bought a pair of gold Seth Lovers to put in there, but they didn't fit, and I wasn't in the mood (or have the proper tools) to deepen the route. I thought of having a set made with short legs, but in the end, decided that the Schallers are ok to keep.
  5. I remember that mushroom, and the 18 wheeler mudflap cover. 😁
  6. The Schallers in my 87 H140 had an obvious problem. I tried changing pots and caps, but it remained. Sound was grossly out of whack. I changed them to AlnicoPro2s and all has been fine. I don't know if it had a short of what, but it didn't sound anything like either my 157 or 535 which both came with Schallers. I still have the Schallers in my H157. I changed out the ones in my 535, and all I can really say is that it's different. It has Sheptones in it now, they seem to be a bit more even from high to low, but as for a massive difference, nah... My Mille has Seth Lovers in it. Schallers aren't bad pickups, they are just different. To me, they seem to have that scooped midrange sound.. almost a "smile" on the EQ curve. That seems to make them a bit on the bottom heavy side. Of course I just tweak the amp setting to tame the bloom on the low strings.
  7. Unless there's a compelling reason to change (ie: you don't like the sound of the pickups or something isn't working correctly) I wouldn't change anything. Returning to the original Schallers won't increase the value due to being "original". From what I've seen over the years, about a third of the people with Schallers in their guitars swap them out for other pickups.
  8. I don't understand the need for the "poker chip". My H140 has one, but I have never paid attention to it. None of my other guitars (Heritage, Guild, Dearmond) has a poker chip. The only other guitar that had markings on the controls, other than T and V, was the Kent Videocaster that I got when I was 12 or 13. With 4 pickups and and the controls, it was useful the first few times you used it. About the only one that I have seen that was worth having was the "More Paul / Less Paul" that Brent had on a guitar.
  9. Yeah, she is a thoroughbred.... and she like her harness.
  10. Yeah, he should at least get the mug and a little plastic trophy!
  11. I checked the old switch that I pulled when I did a new harness, and it was just a generic 3 way switch. There's no manufacturer identification. The threaded area was 11/32" deep. It's a short one like yours. I replaced mine with one from M.Laval, they appear to have exited the market. Philadelphia Luthier supply has a short Switchcraft for $30, or a Japanese made for $10. The Switchcraft specifies 11/32 threaded area. The Japanese specs "almost 3/8" which would be 12/32. I can't say that one is better than the other. There's not a lot that can go bad with these switches, other than getting a bit of dirty or oxidized, unless you start trying to bend the leaves.
  12. It's a PedalTrain Classic 2. 24 x 12.5 inches. One thing that I like is that it came with a nice gig bag type case which holds everything with the pedals on it. The few times I've taken it out, like to PSP, that has been handy. It's gotten a bit pricier since I got mine years ago, just like everything else, I guess. I like the Holeyboard layout as well. It's modular, so you can buy the parts you want.
  13. I don't have an extensive pedal board, just a PedalTrain with a OneSpot attached underneath. There are a few pedals that are sitting on the sidelines, for various reasons. These are the ones that I like to have. There's a spot for a phase pedal if I ever grab one.
  14. I have a set of gold Seth Lovers that were supposed to be in that guitar, but the pickup routs were too shallow. I didn't want to go drilling on it myself, so I left the Schallers in there until I finally decide if I really wanted to change them. Then I can order some short legged ones. For now, they are doing just fine!
  15. Gold is always in good taste....
  16. Great story and outcome. Good to hear of young folks who have their heads on straight!
  17. Nice guitar Will. You can't go wrong with that. Now just get it on a stage!
  18. Good times for sure! I was hoping we could do it again this year.
  19. I don't think that Heritage was cutting the MOP inlays. Someplace like Custom Inlay was most likely supplying them.
  20. Funny that they used the headstock of Fred's Centurion as the model for the front of their building! 😄
  21. This is the best I can do.... .
  22. Did you get the 10 or the 12 inch version? I wonder how that one compares to my original. At one of the PSPs, I had this and we compared it to a Vintage47 version. They were like kissing cousins, if I remember correctly. You could tell the family resemblance , but not quite the same.
  23. I have Callaway clubs,,,, Wrong type of club?
  24. Yeah, it's budget by high end audio standards. 😏
  25. They have a few 12AX7s but the tone bank tubes are 6X8s and 6FH8s, so they aren't something that would be usable in a most guitar amps. The amp section uses 12AX7s and 7591s, similar to what's in the old Ampegs or my Guild Thunderbird.
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