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  1. Hearing how notoriously picky Eric Johnson is about his tone, I would think that says something about the Two Rock version of the ODS. Certainly it's not an "off the shelf" amp, but still, it must be pretty darn close to start with. I almost went for a Ceriatone clone that was on Craigslist locally about a year ago. I think he was selling it for $1300 which is a really good price, but in the end, I decided that another amp wasn't something that I needed. Besides, I would have needed another cabinet, which would set me back another chunk of change.
  2. I was in a little theater to see Robben Ford, but he didn't have his Dumble!!! He was using a Fender Super Reverb IIRC. ☹️ Then I went to see Eric Johnson, but he had quit bringing his Dumble!!! He had switched to a Two Rock with his Marshall. ☹️ I guess I'll never get to hear one live, since it seems everyone is ditching theirs.
  3. Those are my two favorite colors for a semihollow. That natural finish looks great!
  4. Very good playing. That song seems to be a tricky one to play.
  5. Have they started to burn in the Louisville Slugger logo yet? 😁
  6. My old bass playing friend came by this morning, and he brought his Carvin bass amp. I picked it up and it weighed about the same as my golf bag! Long gone is his old Traynor YBA3 head that weighed about 75 lbs by itself! I've taken my Princeton clone to the past several PSPs. Light, compact and easy to toss in the trunk.
  7. It's important that you look to see that you're putting your finger on the correct fret-thingy!
  8. To me, it looks more chestnut burst. My 157 is Almond Burst and it was more yellow/brown when I got it originally. When I had the finish redone after the water damage, it came back darker, but still mostly yellow and brown. The Millennium is Chestnut, and has the red.
  9. Back when I checked the weights on my guitars, I used the 8kg Mettler balances at work, checked to 0.1g. Postage scales that are accurate to 0.1 oz are available for $25-30 and hold 35-50lbs, That should be good enough.
  10. ..come off as a dick? Na, BIrd. I know you, and that's one of the last words I would associate with you. I agree that it has been really nice to know the owners personally, and had I been in the position to do another custom build, I would have probably have driven up there and sat down with the guys to pick and choose what I wanted. But I'm also a realist. I was surprised a couple years ago when I asked Jim if he was going to retire any time soon, since Bill was taking his leave. His comment was a resounding "no"! It told me that this has been a labor of love, not a job, or a means to make a buck. Eventually, you have to pass the baton. Heck, those guys had the business longer than that other fellow that had a guitar company there.... I think his name was Orville.
  11. I didn't even touch on any of the points DB made about working environment. Having spent a dozen years working with health and safety for a company handing, literally, hundreds of tons of flammable and explosive materials, I was VERY impressed with the way they put together the new dust collection and spray booth. It wasn't the quaint old booth, or the dusty pile of wood parts from the old days. Those are very real hazards, as anyone who has ever dealt with a nitrocel fire or dust explosions can tell you. It reminds me of the days when race cars were built in dirty, greasy garages by guys in t-shirts. Compare that with the way someone like Roger Penske ran his operation. If you looked in his places, you could eat off the floor, they were spotless! Everything was clean, neat and organized. It paid off in race wins and championships. He upped the game, and everyone else had to follow suit. Heritage's new management has upped the game on many fronts, keeping the old methods and tools, but making it a safer, cleaner place to work. That's not a good thing... its a GREAT thing.
  12. Actually, I wonder how much things have changed.. Price on the 2007 spec sheet: H150CM $2950 + Case 180 H535 $2970 + Case 180 From the website: buy today H150 (dirty lemon) with case $2499 H535 (Tran Red) with case $2799. Granted you were getting pretty significant discount at the dealers in the old days, but still, the list prices of the H150 is 80% of the list from 14 years ago. The H535 is 88% of the old price. You don't have the selection of models that you once had, but how many things have gone down in price in 14 years? The alternative was for Jim, Marv and Bill to say "we're retiring", and close the place up, sell the parts that they could and go sit on the beach for 10 or 15 years.
  13. I heard about this a few years back. I haven't seen or heard one in person. There was a lot of talk about it on TGP when it first came out. Of course like anything on TGP, some people really liked it, others just said it was a mediocre imitation. The price has jumped. When it was first introduced, it was $799. Now I see its up to $999. For a while, I was really curious about Dumble clones, especially the Ceriatones. While it might be really cool, I'm just not playing anywhere that I need more amp. I've got 5 different ones now, and can cover the bases from Fender clean to Marshall OD. The missing pieces are more in the fingers than the gear.
  14. Nice playing B, You make that Sweet 16 sing!
  15. I suspect they just pulled off a heist of a local music store! Such scoundrels need to be rounded up and stuck in a jailhouse with the Purple Gang!
  16. Delirium, she's a looker. I think you chose well.
  17. My oldest is a 74 Guild, and it's in excellent condition, in spite of the fact that I found it floating in its case in 18" of water some 12 years ago. The case was totally trashed, the guitar has a few minor cracks in the nitro. Maybe I'm just not hard enough on my guitars!
  18. I don't think you made a mistake going for a non-aged version. I would do the same, since I'm not a fan of artificial aging. I've got a number of guitars, and none of them have the type of aging you see these days. The oldest one is 45 years old. The ones with the satin necks are now smooth and shiny, a few have some bumps and bruises, but nothing that looks abusive.
  19. JRoot, As others said, sorry for your family's loss. Maudie did incredible work, a true artist! I would definitely take the guitar down to the factory on Parsons Street. Jim Deurloo and Ren Wall have been there since the Gibson days, Jim was one of the original owners, along with Marv Lamb and Bill Paige, who have both retired. If anyone could tell you the stories about those guitars, they would be the folks to talk with. They all worked together at Gibson, and certainly knew Maudie. You might give them a call before you go, to make sure that Jim and Ren are there. With the way things are these days, they may not be there every day.
  20. One good tip is to make a cardboard template to hold the pots, caps and ground line. Do your soldering on that, rather than inside the cavity of the guitar. Just line up the cardboard (a shoebox lid is fine), make circles that match up to the positions on the guitar, and punch them out. Mount the pots, and start soldering. It makes thing SO much easier.
  21. I just realized that of the 5 Heritages in my stable, only one model is still in production, the H535. What a shame!
  22. Both the 525 and 530 are laminate tops. The 575 is carved top. I actually like the laminate sound, which is one reason I ended up with the 525. I had played LK/Kuz's 525 at PSP and when LK decided to get his 150 (the blue one, I think) I jumped at the chance. It's a stellar guitar.
  23. I never thought they were the awful pickups, which is what one would conclude if you read comments on forums. They are just different, as are the 200 other pickups on the market! They are strong in the bottom register, which probably is bad for high gain, since it will make everything boomy and muddy. For clean playing, if the bottom is too strong a simple tweak of the bass knob on the amp will usually takes care of it for me. That said, I do like the Seth Lovers, as they don't seem to emphasize any particular register. If it was a wine, people would say it was flat and boring!
  24. I don't have a 530, but I have a 525 and a 535, and I've played the 530. The two are completely different animals in terms of playability. The 530 was the same as the 535 in terms of the way it felt. For me, they are extremely comfortable. The 525 is more difficult for me to play because it doesn't sit on the lap the same, which moves my left hand position. When standing it becomes more comfortable. My 525 is louder than the 530 I played. I tend to keep thicker strings on the 525, which means that I don't do bends the same way. Upper fret reach on the 525 is more limited. Of the three, the 535 is my favorite. That's probably because I play rock and blues more than jazz.
  25. Doing pickups in a 150 is an easy job. When you get to doing semi hollows, it's not for the faint of heart. If you have the 40 watt iron, it should do fine. You need to get the backof the pot hot enough so that things flow. Too weak of an iron and you can get cold solder joints. +1 on getting leaded solder. I've got two rolls, should last me forever.
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