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  1. Welcome Hotfordcoupe! Check the Heritage Classifieds. There's a gorgeous Super Eagle for sale that might get your attention.
  2. Welcome aboard, Scott, Dale and Shmokiebaby!! (Great name, by the way!) Scott, my '93 GE also has a floating p'up set up. I was too scared to work on the electronics since it was my first full size archtop. The mounting underneath your pickguard might need adjustment. If so, and you are careful, you might be able to adjust it. However, I always recommend folks take these fine instruments to a pro to have work done.
  3. Wow, lots of new blood here at the HOC! A big WELCOME to all of the newbies and to those lurking but not posting...yet. This is a friendly forum, so feel free to jump in and get something started about your favorite Heritage guitar or other topic.
  4. This thinline GE is one of my all time favorites here on the HOC. Beautiful instrument!
  5. Welcome to all of the HOC newbies!!! You are all now official members of the cult. Feel free to post pictures of your favorite Heritage gitfiddle as time permits. (Otherwise your membership is withdrawn and we don't refund your dues!)
  6. Caption: "Hmmm...Now which of these fine Ladies will I dance with?"
  7. Welcome to the HOC, Monica Punkitty. We need more ladies around here to keep us hairy legged dudes in check. Ha ha! Feel free to join in any of the threads that interest you. There are others looking for their first Heritage and enjoy the discussions. Millies are very special gitfiddles. If you get one you will love it.
  8. Hello Jay, and welcome to the HOC! Congratulations on scoring your 550. I don't know who told you that 550's were less desirable or whatever, but they were wrong. In my view those are very special guitars in the Heritage line-up. As you correctly compared it to Tal Farlow and ES175 Gibsons, all three are finely made laminate archtops. If this model had been made back in the 50's or 60's, I bet we would have heard it on many jazz recordings. The 550 is great for live performances due to its ability to sound huge, fat, warm, articulate with minimal feadback issues. Yes, you'll be able to get her to howl if you aren't careful with EQ and the position of your guitar and amp, but that tone is worth it. Maybe some folks view it as inferior to other fine solid wook archtops suc as the Golden Eagle, L5, etc., but that's all relative and dependant on one's use of the guitar. Also, because the 550 is laminate bodied, the cost is far less than its solid wood bretheren. The good news is that the quality is extremely high since it comes from Heritage. To me it is one of those incredible bang for buck guitars that is often undervalued for whatever reason. Contrary to H550's being any less desirable, I like to view them as the Golden Eagle that you can actually gig with. Play yours in good health and feel free to show n tell us more about your 'new' H550.
  9. Gitfiddler

    H575 & H550

    Perspective. I was closer to the smaller 575 at the time of the photo which distorts the actual size difference.
  10. Welcome aboard, Val. If you have anything to do with my sweet sounding Heritage Patriot, I could just hug ya! Well, maybe I should start with a hearty HELLO and a handshake.
  11. Don, back in '89 the only p'ups with a 4 screw adjustment set up were Schallers. They later could have been HRW's (modified by H.Rendal Wall aka HRW Schallers). I don't think that made it a Custom Shop guitar. It could have been a 'choice wood' upgrade, special color, specified neck carve, etc. Keep in mind that Heritage IS a custom shop. So anything goes. The main thing is to play and enjoy that gitfiddle until your face cramps up from smiling so much!
  12. Don, Welcome to the asylum. Heritage Custom Shop is on some of the labels of guitars that have upgrades or dealer options. And others seem to have it cuz that's what was on the lable table that day! There is not a set answer to your query due to the factory being so willing to customize almost any guitar they make. If someone else has more info on this mystery, please feel free to chime in.
  13. This was a totally custom order by the original owner. (I'm #2). With so many custom options, there is no way to show them all on the Heritage site...unless they attached our gallery!
  14. Hi Breadfreak. It is Chestnut Burst. Thanks for your comment.
  15. Hi Charles~ The label reads 'Heritage Custom Shop-Golden Amber'. Thanks for looking. TIm
  16. Whoa! Your first Heritage is a gorgous top of the line blonde Super! Well done and welcome to the HOC.
  17. Welcome to all of the latest batch of HOC newbies. From reading your praises about your Heritage guitars and your knowledge of guitars in general, your future posts should be a great addition around here!
  18. Gitfiddler

    Gitfiddler's Girls

    Heritage Gitfiddles (What else would I call it?!) :-)
  19. Gitfiddler

    Sunset Burst

    From the album: Gitfiddler's Girls

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2009)

  20. From the album: Gitfiddler's Girls

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2011)

  21. From the album: Gitfiddler's Girls

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2009)

  22. From the album: Gitfiddler's Girls

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2009)

  23. From the album: Gitfiddler's Girls

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2009)

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