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Heritage D'Angelico New Yorker completed


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This guitar was from the 1990s and was built by the original Heritage owners as a limited run of D'Angelicos.  This guitar is one of the last ones they built.  It came without a pickup, like the early D'Angelicos were made.

Rob Doolittle, a Kalamazoo luthier from Kalamazoo Guitar Company https://www.kalamazooguitarcompany.com/ installed a Dearmond 1100 pickup, which was made in a limited run for Guild about a decade ago.  This pickup was built as a true copy of the 1950s originals.  https://www.djangobooks.com/Item/dearmond-rhythm-chief-1100-gold  Pickups get a lot of hype, but this one really does sound great with that single coil sparkle and little hum.  The tone and volume pots are under the pickguard.

Gary Hines, who is a member of HOC and a superb luthier, got this pickup for me.  Rob Doolittle put in the end jack and installed the pickup.  I am indebted to both.


Here are the pre-installation pics.



51860173825_832ab214c0_c (1).jpg




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To be fair to the question, I have never played an original New Yorker.  If I had one, I doubt I'd ever play it for fear I'd harm it.

I grew up with Kalamazoo guitars- Gibsons and Heritages.  While my eyes may have wandered, they are good enough for me.


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