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  2. From the FB Owners Group credits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/9283773169/permalink/10156310325343170/ we all know DBII uses a H535, that was last May 16th 2019
  3. Thanks! It has a good neck, very resonant, and the pickups are mellow and very clear. Nobody at the shop could tell why it was a second, but I think I found the reason. There's a crack in the side on the treble side horn at the top near the back-side binding about 1-1.5 inches long. I am kinda concerned about it, although it sounds and feels like a great guitar. Pics of the crack to come...
  4. Like that color, speed knobs and crowbar. Very nice.
  5. Thant's a fine looking H-535! I'm wondering if what you see on the back of the headstock is a "2" - that would mean it's a second but much of the time you would have a hard time seeing what made it a second. Enjoy your new Heritage!
  6. I've been a lurker for a while and have had my eyes on a Heritage for several years now. Finally got one yesterday! It's an H-535 from 2004. It has a little '2' faintly stamped into the back of the headstock. I have no way to verify, but the previous owner said it belonged to a luthier at Heritage before him. Pics: https://imgur.com/a/8CSb3v7
  7. How true, how true T. I have very hand made boutique all tube amps but the first thing my guitar cable goes into is a computer effects pedal.
  8. Yep! And for many amplifiers with higher amounts of gain, they have a second rectifier on the tube filament heaters so that V1 and sometimes V2 get DC heater supplies to avoid hum. And the fancy switching setups? All based on solid state logic with a bunch of solid state relays of various types. I won't even touch the "i need an all tube amplifier to run my germanium diode fuzz pedal through" thing.
  9. Why ruin a perfectly good acoustic?
  10. What pickups are you gonna stuff in her?
  11. I have also done business with John. He's a 1st class individual.
  12. Last week
  13. likewise here. plus- after playing 12s for a while, those 10s feel soft as melting butter and you can smoke 'em.
  14. Pyramid Maximum Performance (10-46) or Throbak Vintage choice Nickel Wound (10-46) on my Gibson and Gretsch solid bodies, Thomastik Flatwounds on my Gibson ES-125 and Gretsch hollows (12-50), and because of the longer scale length, Ernie Ball Super Slinkys (9-42) on my Strat, G&L Legacy, Telecasters, and Zemaitis solid bodies. I went through a lot of brands of strings to find what works, and I'm done looking, these all work great for my needs! And while we're at it, for acoustic guitars, Elixir Phosphor Nanoweb lights (12-52) for my performance guitars, and Martin SP Phosphor lights (12-54) for recording. For resonator guitars John Pearce Jazz Medium nickel wound 12-52 set #2700
  15. You'll never convince me that, like a sentient being, instruments don't respond to attention like this! What you have here is the checklist for a basic setup. And I think that in doing this sort of thing, you're actually doing a setup on yourself, as the player of this piece, hence the result. The only difference in our approaches, JAM, is that for mine, a good single malt Scotch is on the list. And as a side-note, I have used .009's maybe three or four times in the last fifty years. Just last week I put a set on my Jack Dent, which has a long scale and has always been kind of "tight" to play. Wasn't expecting much.... I'll never put anything other than .009's on that guitar again.
  16. ...And don't forget about solid state rectification in most Boogies, all Rivera-era Fenders and many other amps. Bottom line, its the TONE that matters.
  17. Looking at the schematics for the Pubster 25, It has two IFN6449, which are "JFET N-Ch JFET -300V 10mA -15Vgs 800mW", in the preamp, probably as the input and boost driver. After that comes the two Triodes of V1, which make the overdrive, and then after that is the tone stack. So it's not "all-tube", and honestly who cares. My Carvin X-100B has tubes for the input drivers and for the overdrive, but the Rotary and Graphic EQ are all solid-state driven, as is the reverb, and the effects loop. This is not that different from the "modern" marshalls. Having all those features, but still being "all tube", simply isn't possible, and honestly many people are simply so "all-tube" obsessed. There's no way to make a Mesa Mark series amp without a significant amount of solid state tech running that Graphic EQ. It's still ALL ANALOG. The hi-fi community doesn't care about solid state tech as long as it's good. It's the END SOUND that matters. The same goes with the use of diodes in the preamps of some amplifiers for clipping. Preamp tube overdrive is actually quite harsh, especially when the "cold clipper" circuits are used, which essentially turn the tubes into clipping diodes.
  18. My choice for at least the last 30 years.
  19. Years ago I had Music Man 110 RD-50, which was great little amp in a similar sort of way. It had a solid state preamp (as did all Music Mans/Men), The "Limiter" channel had a 12AX7 tube for the overdrive. Small, loud and good-sounding. I sold it when I got a Boogie Mk IIB.
  20. At 5 Fenders, 2 Heritages, 2 Martins, an Epiphone, an Ovation and a Kala Uke, I am at D -1 Guitars ! And that says Nothing of my dozen Amps ! 'D' standing for Divorce, I'm afraid that my Guitar Buying days have come to an end !! In fact, it took the 'Perfect Storm' of a 65th B'day, a 20th Wedding Anniversary and Christmas for my Wife to buy me my New-to-Me 2009 H-150 ! So current Prices aren't much of a concern to me. The exception might be a '401k Guitar', the 'Right' Vintage Axe that I could reasonably expect to out-pace my 401k in the coming years. I've personally known a well-respected Vintage Guitar Trader for many years who would be happy to fix me up if I choose, in fact, he's keeping an eye out for me. While I've seen/played many current Gibsons, of varying price points, they seem to lack a certain je ne sais quoi as compared to Heritage equivalents. Hopefully, there are enough enlightened Buyers/Players out there to keep the Blood Pumping at 225 Parsons Street ! cheers!
  21. OK... Should have realized that I was asking the proverbial 'Motor Oil' question - Ask 10 People... But, there was a consensus on gauge - 9ppl for 10s and only 2ppl for 9s. Thank You ALL for replying !! Went to my local go-to Store - Willies American Guitars (one of the Finest Guitar Stores in the Country, 1 mile away). Nate, the owner (aka Willie), who owns an H-575 said: "D'Addario XL 10s !" Known Nate for 20 yrs. and have neither the Chops or the Cajones to argue with him, so I bagged a set of D'Addario XL 10s and D'Addario XL 9s (maybe for future). Nate said buy 2 and he'd throw-in a Willies Hat - :) . Armed with fresh strings, a bottle of Naptha, a tube of Flitz, Virtuoso Cleaner & Polish, Gerlitz 'Guitar Honey', 0000 Steel Wool, Blue Masking Tape, my StewMac Straight-Edge, Feeler Gauges and String Action Gauge, copious diaper-quality cotton and micro-fibre cloths, Plus a bottle of revel Reposado Mezcal and a chaser of Sangrita, I dug in. Pulled the Pickguard and brace, masked the PUs, polished them (brace, not PG) all w/ Flitz (like mirrors), cleaned the PG, Truss Rod cvr. and rear Cavity Covers w/ Denatured Alcohol, set aside. Both Marv and Ren signed the build tag ! Masked the PUs and used the Steel Wool to polish the Frets - barely played but DIRTY - vacuumed up debris. Used small amount Guitar Honey to condition Fingerboard - FILTHY ! Naptha'd, Cleaned & Polished Front/Back, really highlited the wood !! Tightened (rather 'snugged') Tuners, Pots, Output and added new strings. Then, following the Joe Walsh Method, I set the Strings, String Height, Intonation, Neck Relief (which remained at 0.011) & PU Height. 4 hours and $50 worth of Mezcal later (Wife is in Vegas w/ girls to see Celine), this thing sang like an ANGEL... I was NEVER expecting the improvement achieved. Plus, I'm confident that it would compete in any Beauty Contest in the Country. Thanks to you ALL for being a Part of it... !! cheers ! JAM
  22. I picked up John Covach's Cherry Burst H-150. Pics are still up on the Heritage goods for sale tab. It is the second guitar I have gotten from John. It is easy to do bizness with him. In the future if he is offering something, he is to be trusted. I love the guitar even though at this point I do not yet have pickups in it.
  23. That is one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever seen! NEVER EVER sell it!
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