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  2. Most likely. The price is discounted, not sure it's discounted enough. I'm trying to decide if I take the chance on this, or spend about 2X+ $$$ on a new CS-356.
  3. I will be the guitar has been stored improperly for most of it's life. My 2003 535 has no finish flaws.
  4. I can't count the number of good decent people I first met inside these walls.
  5. If you ever get down that way look her up at the factory. People talk about southern hospitality but I can tell you hospitality is just as strong in Michigan. Here is one of my photos from 2008.
  6. Speaking of.....I found this today. $89! https://www.thomannmusic.com/harley_benton_custom_line_thunder_99.htm
  7. sorry I never got to see the before times at 225. I feel like I've been there though - thanks to you all.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Looks dirty, dusty... Nice shootin' text
  10. Front door from inside. You can see the wooden door and mandolin window.
  11. So here is what remains of the factory floor we all used to be so familiar with....
  12. https://www.mlive.com/galleries/AZF2MFJS2RDRDPOOQJVK2RB7I4/ Katie Flamm rest the neck of a H535 Heritage guitar on her head as she applies wood filler before sanding on Oct. 29, 2007. Flamm has worked for Heritage Guitar for three years and follows a family tradition. Her father Claude Dean finished guitars for Gibbons and Heritage at 225 Parsons Street in Kalamazoo. At home in the evening, Flamm has also been teaching her 15-year-old daughter Kaleigh to sand wooden peg head veneers and pick guards. (Kalamazoo Gazette archive photo)
  13. Thank you, I really love this guitar and respect JP moats. Now I ask Heritage company that Is there a possibility JP made my guitar but there is no answer yet, Hahaha
  14. yep. they are usually a little bright for my taste, but since that's how this SKB was spec'd, I suspect they sound great.
  15. I’ve got to say, I cannot find anything to complain about my 137. It’s amazing.
  16. Whatever her reason for leaving, I'm glad you guys got one of your friends back at the shop! I remember saying that if Heritage kept an eye on quality they would do better, especially the fret and nut work. And from what I've seen of the new models, they look great! And the cleanliness of the shop appeals to me! The kind of place I would like to work at!
  17. Looks like it has HRW's. Mr. Burrell digs em'
  18. Looking at these pictures....I felt movement down there.... That is one gorgeous guitar!
  19. LOL - will post more when it gets here, but here are some from the seller.
  20. Didn't know we had other returnees. That is awesome!
  21. That is very important. A handful of the previous employees have returned, not just Katie. Production numbers are up, sales are up, and everyone is very busy at Heritage.
  22. But we and they moved on and that is all that counts. Along with Heritage currently building the greatest guitars since their inception!
  23. Several were given their walking papers, then a few that were very pissed about that decided it was their time to leave also. This is my recollection of events.
  24. She got a great job paying quite well that she could not refuse. Nobody is getting rich working at Heritage
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