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  2. My Vintage Sound 20 is configured so that it can run either 6v6 or 6L6 power tubes. I love the 5881 version of 6L6 in my Mesa Boogie Express 5:50+ and I've been wanting to see how they would do in the VS20. Months have gone by, but I finally got around to it. @Gitterman asked me to report back when I did, and I said I would, so here it is. I've been getting my tubes direct from Mesa Boogie with good success, and these were from my latest restock, a matched pair of MB 5881/6L6. The swap required a re-bias. The VS20 is super user-friendly, with bias points on the back panel and the bias pot very accessible, right between and behind the power tubes. The VS 20 manual says that using 6L6s might result in the amp sounding more sterile, and that was about right. The 5881s were definitely louder and cleaner, but made the amp sound boxy, like it needed a bigger cabinet and maybe a 2x12 or 2x10 configuration to handle the extra oomph. It wasn't bad at all, and maybe if I had played with the bias to warm it up it might have been better, but I didn't really care for it as much as I like the sound of 6v6s in this amp. With 6v6s it has a profile like a Princeton with more clean headroom and a bigger, sweeter sound. There you have it. Promise kept.
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  4. Thanks for the reminder of what a really terrific musician Alex is, Tim!
  5. Thanks Detroitblues... just wonder who can i contact for a piece of it?
  6. Yes they are, they will be available for a couple more months. See the original posting in the PSP XIII* for the specs and pricing.
  7. Wow.... sorry been off for awhile... just asking if this exclusive run still available for grabs?
  8. Here's the pedal layout in order: Voodoo Labs Micro-Vibe MXR Phase 90 JHS Bonsai (using the Ibanez Metal Screamer from the 80's) JHS PG-14 Calalainbread Calisto Chorus Supro Analog Delay Catalainbread Topanga Spring Reverb JSH Prestige Boost
  9. Sweetwater has a few posted already.
  10. There will be 5 colors available on all their models.
  11. I think the Harmony's are Harmony Rebels that will get a Flame Maple veneer in natural finish... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/RebelFMVN--harmony-rebel-flame-maple-electric-guitar-vintage-natural
  12. These Heritages are staving for attention. They keep photo bombing the Harmonys. 🤪
  13. Josh Scott from JHS pedals did a pedal board interview with Paul Gibert several months ago.... While Paul's board wasn't over the top, it was very well thought out. The tones he produced using that board was amazing, none of the pedals were overly expensive for mere mortals. I think the total cost was under $1,000 if I was to recreate it buying as many of these pedals used. I did some research into the pedals and I can recreate his board but I know I'll never sound as good as him. Just amazing what he can do.
  14. I love the fact I can see the wood grain under the finish. Pete should be finishing up the fretwork and get the hardware/electronics done sometime this week or next. They still plan on being done on 7/31 for the first 5 orders.
  15. Hi everybody, after a long period of silence, I'm back here to ask some informations about faber bridge. I recently sold my heritage h 150 for a wonderful h 535 (1990) and next Sunday I'll take another h 150 (2001)... yes, two Heritage is better than one! 🙂 I would like to change the schaller bridge with a Faber one on the h 150, I've read different topics but I didn't found which converter is the right one: there are 2 solutions from the official website: iNsert-ING Faber iNsert = Nashville to '59 ABR converter studs, 7mm/6-32inch, Steel, nickel plated, glossy iNsert-MNG Faber iNsert = Nashville to '59 ABR converter studs, 7mm/4mm, Steel, nickel plated, glossy Can you suggest me which one I have to buy? Thank you so much, have a nice day! Roberto
  16. yeah that's what I thought too, thx for clarifying!
  17. looks great!! what is all the stuff underneath? aside from PS? I need to get my PS underside, too, make some room up top
  18. Yesterday
  19. Haha! I'm done with anything 'Harmony'. My first, second and third electric guitars as a teen were poor quality 60's Stratotones and an H72. I'm sure the new stuff is far better but I am done with that brand. Fast forward to the present...I am very excited about these HOC H-137's.
  20. Now all they need to do is slap a Heritage logo on the headstock and I'd undoubtedly buy one!
  21. They have flame top maple tops available for order now. 🔥🔥
  22. My money is on that one being a Heritage custom shop version of the Harmony Silhouette done up in ALSB
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