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  1. From blah to stunning! Beautiful
  2. Considering one of these pedals. Whatcha think?
  3. You don’t keep guitar boxes? I do!
  4. Very good! Glad your happy! Now let’s start negotiating a buy back…..🙀
  5. Oohh oohh that smell, cantcha smell that smell…
  6. Nor does he ever run out of temptation Mark!
  7. You should ask Chad if there was dust or rust…….
  8. Thanks Chad. The experience was nothing less than amazing. I needed this to go to a good home. For all practical purposes it IS a one owner guitar because Brent doesn’t really buy guitars, he just transfers ownership!!! 🤣😁
  9. Ya think DB? Like all my guitars!!!
  10. Ha ha you bet. When I got hold of it, was less than a year old!
  11. I’m looking forward to seeing Brent on the cover of Vintage Guitar soon!
  12. Big Bob wouldn’t know anything about Korina 137’s 🤣
  13. I don’t see a price. A price is mandatory Brently you should know this by now…..😂
  14. Both in my prayers and thanks for sharing. You are related to Bill ‘Zoo?
  15. Another educator/author that is frequently seen with a Heritage Barney Kessel model is Wolf Marshall. He’s a heck of a player too!
  16. Where did you see this.
  17. Oh yes. I so like it a lot. I would highly recommend it!!
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