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  1. So there are drab greens and elegant greens. We know greens are good for you. Look, we have a new administration in the White House. This is my Green New Deal.
  2. So I bought this HJS. I'll figure out what to do with it later. Here is the army issue L-5 along with another Heritage "archtop" in green. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nHRBnMGv7U&feature=emb_logo
  3. Here's the guitar in action with Vince Lewis.
  4. I can confirm that, not that Steiner needs confirmation. I was thrown off by assuming my H-576 would have the same headstock dimensions as the H-575. It doesn't. The H-576 is broader and matches the GE.
  5. This should be in the eBay area, I know. But forget the sales part of this for a moment. What's up with green here? The HJS is a traditional archtop. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Heritage-Johhny-Smith-Archtop-Electric-Guitar/363262176870 I have to admit that the color does grow on me as time passes. Here are some other unusual finishes in the same model.
  6. They've had the narrow (snake head) and larger ones, the latter being for hollowbodies. Maybe they have had some tweens in there.
  7. There are clear similarities in the shape. Note the string course in the Core is more angled and the headstock mass is greater. I did not intend my post to be another thread complaining about the appearance of the headstock. My point was that the original headstock was designed mostly for function, which the original owners clearly lost sales over. Now it is more stylish IMO. Something is lost and something is gained.
  8. Hey did you ever get the 576 set up with regular hardware. if so, I  would like to see some pics, I'm interested.



    1. MartyGrass


      Hi Daniel,

      I did.  I will post them.  The new hardware improves the appearance.

      Thanks for mentioning this.  It slipped my mind.

      BTW, I have always enjoyed your thoughtful comments.



    2. MartyGrass
    3. rockabilly69


      Thanks, I'll take a look:)


  9. I don't think I mean to be unsettling, but maybe I do. There is a dark side to the Core headstock design. Let me explain. Decades ago the Heritage factory owners decided on a headstock. There were a few features they believed to be important that others have taken contest with. The first was to make it relatively light to minimize the forces favoring neck dive. The second was the 17 degree angle for string security in the nut slots. The third was the straighter string course from the nut slots to the tuning pegs. That favored a return to pitch after string bending. Heritage wa
  10. I would like to see this design promoted more. It's a very comfortable 16" by 3". It weighs around 7 lbs. It can't cost much more than a 530 to make if done in volume. The high fret access is good. But Heritage probably would opt to only have the 530 for financial reasons. One strange thing about this guitar is the controls more toward the midline. Heritage has placed the pots toward the rim previously. The guitar pictured about has a 24.75" scale with 22 frets. There was a limited run of these with two humbuckers, six in total as I recall. I got one and passed it on to a fri
  11. That's a lacquer check. Don't worry about it. Someday you will see its cousins if you keep the guitar long enough. They're almost inevitable. I don't even see them as a flaw anymore. If I could save some money over a few lacquer checks, I wouldn't hesitate a second.
  12. I think you're right. The Groovemaster is gone as well, as is the H-550.
  13. I've done that before to get a larger string spread.
  14. To be fair, Rodney has played many instruments. I didn't know until now he toured with a H-535 and a H-555. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ9J6E2KNXE
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