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  1. I think the high price point is because this is the third owner. It's the classic story of "the-more-times-it gets-sold-the-more-it's-worth". Totally legit.🤣
  2. I have had a grand total of zero issues with the Heritage tuners on my CC. Maybe this is do to the fact that they are not aged? Not really sure, but they have seemed to do their job for me. For the record, mine weighs 8 pounds, 1/2 ounce.
  3. I was lucky enough to grab my CC last Christmas when the Fiend had them for $3k. At that price point, it was definitely worth the $500 upgrade, even though it already was covered in Brent's DNA. 🤡 I upgraded my Standard, and have about the same amount in that. Would I pay $4100 for one? Probably not. But if you compare the value of what you are getting as opposed to an R9, it's a no-brainer. It's ultimately up to the purchaser to decide whether the CC is right for them or not. I figure that if nothing else, I could always resell it for what I paid for it, but that thought has never crossed my mind. (I did end up selling both of my LPs to the same guy, though.)
  4. This conversation needs opinions from the world's premier wah expert. Where is Kirk Hammett when we need him???
  5. I have whittled my collection down. All I have left for guitar amps is my Supro Black Magick Reverb with the matching 2x12 cabinet. It does everything I want my amp to do. Such a great all-around amp.
  6. That is dirt cheap. I would pay the $50 gladly.
  7. Jeebus! Do you live in Appalachia or something???🤣
  8. Sounds like fun to me! (Well, except the puking part.😜)
  9. Another MF fail. What a bunch of Fuch-heads. But sounds like it may be a keeper, anyway. I have always wanted to try one out.
  10. I can dig it. I keep rolling amps, but I found what I consider to be "the one". My days of amp rolling may be over. Finally. Congrats on everybody else passing up a beauty.
  11. I have never been to Germany, but it is pretty high on my bucket list. I need to go to Oktoberfest.
  12. I just scored six NOS/very strong used 6973 tubes for my Black Magick Reverb. (3 of each, $150.) The dude threw in an extra pair of strong ones for nothing. That is my last guitar amp I have, and I have enough power tubes to last me for about 100 years, probably more since I have been focused on drums much more lately. I still keep my eyes out for NOS 12AX7s, though. I only have two sets left.
  13. Looks like junk. Ship it to me and I will dispose of it properly for you. No charge to you, of course...🤡
  14. Legend has it that this area was the origin of my family. Guess I never realized we were so fancy. We have been beer drinkers for as long as I can trace.
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