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  1. FOUNDED VS INCORPORATED …terminology is everything
  2. Then why are there A code (1984) Heritage guitars?
  3. There’s some guy on Facebook arguing with me that Heritage was founded in 1985, because Wycopedia says so!!! OMG!!!!! I know I’m getting old and I know my memory is getting bad. Just looking for some validation here.
  4. It comes down to structural integrity and fretwear
  5. I think they actually use razor blades
  6. Yeahhhhh….I’m not exactly the poster child for responsible guitar buying practices
  7. Thanks Scott! Do you have a Custom Core yet?
  8. I took out the Heritage pick ups this morning. Installed a set of Lollar Imperials! Huge improvement!
  9. The one thing I like, about a new, high-end guitar, that is aged, you can take it to a gig and bump into the drums with it, or something or bump into a microphone stand with it that puts a little mark on it, it just goes with the theme! You do that with a brand new custom core that is mint with a nice gloss finish on it, all the sudden you’ve just lost $1000.
  10. Well, it arrived today!! Holy S**tballs!!! What an incredible instrument!!! I’ve rambled on before about how I feel about these custom cores!!! I’m gonna spare you all the speech….
  11. I’m doing my part….lol
  12. I have a feeling that that will probably be coming next year, no, I do not have an inside track, it’s just a guess
  13. I have a set for sale if anyone wants them
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