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  1. The thought has crossed my mind. The guy works at a guitar shop in London, so I think he knows how to pack a guitar.
  2. I pulled the trigger a 20th Anniversary H150 today! No. 008 It’s in London, England. Lol Factory stock. These are pics from the seller…will have better pics and a full report once it arrives.
  3. That turned out great Paul! Dave is working on a special Heritage project for me now as well. He does great work!!
  4. Oh. No. I said that wrong. Geezz. I’m sorry
  5. This guitar is making me all fuzzy and warm feeling inside. Seriously, It’s top shelf. Doesn’t hold a candle to my Gibson custom shop.
  6. Believe it or not, these tuners work really good. They are cheap tuners though.
  7. I had made up my mind yesterday that I was going to put traditional buckers in this guitar. So, this morning I fired up the soldering iron and got at it! I had a perfect set of pickups just waiting. A Duncan Antiquity neck and a Duncan Seth bridge. While i was in there, I decided to swap caps...I've had this pair of bumblebees just waiting for the right guitar, and I thought this was the right one!!! It sounds absolutely amazing now!!! BEFORE.... AFTER....
  8. I’m gonna pull the staples. If anyone is interested please send me a message
  9. So I'm chilling in my Laz-y-boy this morning, enjoying my coffee...I hop onto Guitar Center's website to see if they are running any deals. I do a search for Heritage Guitars and I filter through the new stuff and the first used piece that follows is a 2022 Custom Core H150, Artisian Aged (sells new for $4699 plus tax) and it's at a GC 2 hours from me!!! They have it listed for $2995 and it has some aftermarket pickups in it. The pickguard is missing...then I'm thinking, "is it worth the drive to check out?" Its early Saturday...ok lets do it! I brought a couple guitars for trade bait, but that was a waste of time...lol. So I get there, and they had the Heritage and case behind the counter for me. I take the Heritage and go into their Platinum room and plug into a 5150 half stack. I play it for a while and I go check to see what they are gonna give me on trade. I open the case and look in the storage compartment...I find the original pickups, the pickguard, COA, the box and receipt for the pickups in the guitar (Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Alnico Staple Phat Cats $500 pups!!!!) Of course, they didn't want to give me squat for my trades...so I asked them if they could cover the sales tax on the Heritage, and they did!!!! So I get it home and put fresh strings on it and do a setup on it. It's just like every other custom core I've played....STELLAR!!! I'm not impressed with the pickups..they will probably come out for humbuckers. It's only 8.5 lbs. Full 50s neck. Plays like butter! The ageing is sooooo friggin cool!!! They do such a great job with these!!! More great guitars from Kalamazoo!!!
  10. Those damm Jengas were falling all night and they were really loud!!! Scared me every time they fell.
  11. Thanks Josh!!! I’ve had that HRW tip for a long time. I just put it on sometimes for nostalgic reasons Lol
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