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  1. Great point! Another difference that should be addressed is value. Back in the day the Heritage guitars were a great value, cost vs quality. Heritage guitars were an affordable entry into craftsmanship. Now the cost is on par with small build boutique, or gibby custom. Apples and oranges
  2. Not a 530 but same Idea. Full hollow prospect.
  3. Removed the wraparound and covered the holes with a floater!
  4. Fred and I were hanging out in paint .
  5. Dose anybody have the infamous pic?
  6. Have you ever seen us together?
  7. Most were done by Aaron Cowles of Aaron’s music service!
  8. I would totally rock that
  9. Gotta love a small board for easy traveling.
  10. Supercharger GTO its a tone machine.
  11. Big board and small board are now both complete.
  12. Looks just like my uncle W.C., he always told me there was one borrn every minute.
  13. can we change our user name?

  14. OMG That sucker is sweet...
  15. what is your address .. for cigars

  16. who was that masked man?

    1. Jared


      Hi Bob, I recently signed up on the forum but for some reason I am not allowed to post any comments or start and any threads. Is there a problem with my account?

      Thanks, Jared Purdy


  17. From the album: big bob

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