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  1. All the custom guitars Heritage made for me have spruce blocks, not maple, so the guitars would be as light as possible. I like your food scale, it was rated the best on America's Test Kitchen.
  2. This would be a Marv Burst because he did this as a custom burst for this guitar. Marv also rolled the neck for this one, I know because he called me to come up to Kalamazoo to try the neck in the raw. I'm not sure he knew it would be a 400 mile round trip for me. I had a Fab time.
  3. We used those for practice. Fender Twin Reverbs were for performances. When I saw Johnny Winter he was playing through 2 Fender Twin Reverbs (with JBL speakers) stacked upon each other in a small venue. Ahhh that was the sound of Rock and Roll.
  4. I like the optional tone control.
  5. Many, many, many decades ago I saw a transparent green Gibbons L5c with gold fittings. It looked Fab.
  6. I asked for the middle size headstock for my SuperLight Millie. I thought the narrow headstock looked too thin and the wide headstock looked too large. Just like Goldie Locks I wanted the headstock to be jussst right. No Bears were harmed in the creation of the SuperLight Millie.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.musicradar.com/amp/news/Gibbons-acquires-mesaboogie-amps
  8. Try to get Heritage to make the double arrow inlays go all the way to the bottom, I think it looks Fab.
  9. F-1 oil. Just wipe the fretboard down with it and then buff with a clean cloth. Don't let it sit and soak in. I treat my fretboard to a F-1 oil wipe down everytime I change strings which is about once a year. My fretboards are mostly Ebony even my Telecaster.
  10. Old guys at Heritage not dead yet. J.P. Moats, one of the founders, has passed away. Marv Lamb and Bill Page are retired. Ren Wall who worked for decades at 225 Parsons st., while not an owner, still works at Heritage and is a treasure trove of Gibbons's and Heritage knowledge.
  11. Nice piece of Maple about to go on that H150, it's marked "Ultra".
  12. Retired, ha. In the art business everyday is a new day. I also have a 2011 27" imac. Hmmm partition the hard drive, very interesting.
  13. It's a little more complicated for me. Updating to a new computer would make my graphics software inoperable. I have several thousand dollars invested in Adobe products. Also the countries I work with are not even up to date with the programs I run so I have to save things backwards for them to access (save an image I created in Adobe Photoshop 5.5 back to Adobe Photoshop 3). I might have to get a new laptop just for the internet and use my old workstation for business.
  14. I'm using my old Mac. Little by little it can't log onto websites that have updated software. I can view and comment on this site but not post BB code linked images. I can no longer get on the Illinois State Police web site.
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