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  1. First there was a lot of laughter then I was rejected when I asked to x-ray a Heritage Prospect. Your experience may vary.
  2. Mark Bair at Victoria Amps in Naperville used to do amp repairs, you'll have to call first for directions. All this assumes you are repairing a tube amp. If you are trying to repair a solid state amp it's a much easier fix. A. Pick amp up. B. Throw it in a dumpster. C. Go buy a real amp. D. Problem solved.
  3. Minstral Music. 8041 N. Milwaukee Ave. Niles Illinois 60714. 847-965-2550. minstrelmusic@sbcglobal.net They also carry D'andrea guitar picks.
  4. That's not what I'm saying. I've had guitars built by Marv, Jim, JP and Pete and none of them were sole author. Marv built guitars but mainly necks, paint and tap tuning JP built bodies. Jim did a little of everything. Pete is Heritages master builder. He does design, wood selection, assembly, mentors the new builders, consults on the phone and over sees all Heritage production. A custom Heritage guitar doesn't get built without Pete's involvement. I probably am simplifing but that's why it's a guitar factory, a lot of people do a lot of things, binding, buffing, finishing, wiring and final assembly. Things may have changed at Heritage but its still the same.
  5. My Spruce Prospect, pre Plaza Corp., and my SuperLight Millie, post Plaza Corp., are both Fab guitars and both were made by Pete Farmer at Heritage. I like Heritage guitars!
  6. Heritage only worked a 4 day week, they were closed on Fridays. Also it was hard to get a hold of someone the first week of Deer season.
  7. Post Plaza-Corp are still hand made. No CNC, but they are set-up with pLek assistance.
  8. Did you get a new "Hot Rod" car to go with the "Hot Rod" guitar Lyle? I'm loving both.
  9. You gots to have the dots baby. For the absolute bestest tone and Fab playability I specify 4mm pearl dots for ebony fingerboard markers. More wood less shell!
  10. Sounds like a bunch of age shaming to me.
  11. What's not to love? The 13.25" lower bout fits real well for practice while seated; something´╗┐ I tend´╗┐ to do more now that I've attained the 39.5 yr old benchmark´╗┐... Hey we've got something in common, I like Millie's and I'm 39 1/2 too.
  12. I also saw Zappa on that tour but in Chicago, so you and I must be pretty much the same age, 39 1/2.
  13. I had a Victoria Deluxe it never had enough treble and the volume control was useless. Bought a Victoria Ivy League (10" speaker) and love it. Useful controls, sounds Fab and a great light weight traveling amp.
  14. Congrats. Just when you thought you'd seen everything from Heritage this pops up. Is it too soon to start ugly headstock comments? Good times.
  15. At one of the PSPs a guy brought in two 16" Heritage Johnny Smiths. Heritage made a lot of custom stuff.
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