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  1. pressure

    Time to start a flame war!

    Nice and tight on this 1990 Heritage Johnny Smith.
  2. pressure

    Time to start a flame war!

    We got some flame going on in this custom Millennium from 2011. Back. And the raw wood. With you know who's hands holding it. Thanks Marv.
  3. pressure

    Time to start a flame war!

    How about a 2014 H170. I know you all have seen it before but why not post it again.
  4. pressure

    A test of PATIENCE! Rewiring the H535.

    Here's the link to the best input jacks. https://puretonetechnologies.com
  5. pressure

    A test of PATIENCE! Rewiring the H535.

    As long as your in there maybe get one of those new double contact input jacks Heritage is putting in all their guitars.
  6. pressure

    Guess What Amp you Play - Quiz on Reverb

    Say what now! They recommended a HiWatt for me.
  7. pressure

    Joyann Parker on an H-150

    Please do not stop posting honest opnions John!
  8. My take on this JeffB... Blah, blah, blah, CHANGE OF UNDER PANTS! And you call yourself a guitar player indeed.
  9. pressure

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Don't worry about not being worthy. If i was worried about not being worthy I never would have; Gotten married, had children, bought a house, become a world class graphic artist, helped my best friend (since grammar school) through therapy after his leg was amputated, played guitar... Don't worry, be happy and just DO IT! PS. I also am grateful to Mr. Vince Lewis, he has been a great member here.
  10. pressure

    Tell me....

    Thanks for that Facebook link Rich. Heritage has also been posting on Instagram.
  11. pressure

    NAD Victoria Ivy League

    Fab amp Vanschoyck. Does it have a 10" or 12" speaker?
  12. pressure

    It's going well again....

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Love reading your blog. Good luck with the band.
  13. Fab jazz box Bob. It's impressive how many forum members love those old timey guitars. I'm one of them.
  14. pressure

    Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    I have also had this problem. It led to a bad intermittent tube. Very hard to track down. I also had an expensive cable (Klotz) with a break adding to the noise.
  15. pressure

    Rhino Media Heritage video

    Fab video Fred, thanks for that.