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  1. How true, how true T. I have very hand made boutique all tube amps but the first thing my guitar cable goes into is a computer effects pedal.
  2. First you have a scoop of ice cream but that's not enough so why not put hot fudge on that scoop. Pretty good but wouldn't it be better with pecans on top? Yes...yes it would but why stop there, how about covering that scoop with whipped cream. MMM yummy. But wait this is the HOC and that dessert needs more...a cherry on top! That's the ticket. More guitars. More amps. More pedals.
  3. And there's those crazy Canadians plus a sizable group from out West. Then there's those Easterners and quite a few from down South. Gee that map was nice.
  4. I think Gio is still in Puerto Rico.
  5. Without the map there is no way to gauge where the members are. I liked the map.
  6. I posted this in the wrong thread an hour ago. https://www.stringsbymail.com/jacktight-output-jack-repair-tool-for-guitars-basses-and-more-7033.html
  7. I don't know anything about leftover bodies but when I toured Heritage in 1990 they had bins with hundreds of unfinished Gibsons necks on the second floor.
  8. It's possible that one is tap tuned. The natural finished guitars sometimes had premium woods and were given special care.
  9. This thread is useless without pictures.
  10. Default. The Millie is no longer a production model. I'm just guessing but Heritage probably felt they didn't need to make and stock hard cases for it.
  11. My newest Millie SuperLight (January 15th 2019) came in a MONO gig bag.
  12. BandLab also owns Mono guitar cases.
  13. Thanks for that Slate, there's nothing normal about any of this.
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