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  1. Here is my first Heritage. Johnny Smith Sunburst - G07502 - October 17th 1990, a Wednesday. It was the 2nd guitar built that day. I found this one at a small guitar shop in Island Lake Illinois, Island Music, around 1991. They had 2 Johnny Smiths and 2 Gary Moore H150s. The other Johnny Smith had a natural finish and had already been sold. I had wanted a Johnny Smith since Gibsons came out with their version in 1961. I found the natural finish Johnny Smith at a guitar dealer in Boston in May 2014 and bought it. Johnny Smith Natural - G07706 - October 15th 1990, a Monday. It was the 6th guitar built that day. Two Johnny Smiths built within days of each other, both for sale at Island Music in 1991 convinced me the Natural Johnny Smith must have been the same one I saw at Island Music 23 years earlier.
  2. The Mesa KingSnake is 65 lbs. I rate my amps by weight not watts, it makes life easier. Good times.
  3. Faber sounds brighter to me but both sound good.
  4. Big congrats to Evan and his parents, it's not easy bringing up kids. Say What!!! No more Gold Tops!
  5. I just went to Heritages website because I was wondering what else I may have missed but it still says H150 uses Mother-of-Pearl inlays. H-150 | Solid Body Guitar Our iconic H-150 features a solid carved figured maple top and mahogany back, with mother of pearl trapezoid inlays adorning the mahogany neck. Seymour Duncan '59s provide the rich, warm tone that today's guitarists are familiar with. I'm not sure what to think.
  6. Thanks for that update. Just one more reason to buy an older Heritage.
  7. Heritage H150s have had long neck tenons since at least 2017. Heritage H150s have real Mother-of-Pearl fretboard inlays. Custom Cores have plastic fretboard inlays.
  8. Well, well, well isn't this a small world. I looked up "Skip Town and the Greyhounds" and watched a video of them. The singer was wearing a "Porters Oyster Bar" t-shirt. Porters, which has closed, was right down the block from me. It looks like they play all around the Chicago area.
  9. That Fab guitar has some serious mojo. Good times.
  10. I have plain G strings on my Heritage Johnny Smith's with the original wooden bridges. It's hard to bend a wound G string and I always bend strings.
  11. I have a Prospect, an H170, 2 Millenniums and 2 Johnny Smiths. All discontinued and all good.
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