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  1. I tap tubes with a chopstick. Chopsticks are very useful Grasshopper.
  2. If your new H160v has the serial number, C 08603 which means it was built October 6th 1986, I used to own it. It has been refetted and PleKed to perfection. That's a Fab guitar. Good times.
  3. The only person I new of that did inlays for Heritage was Maudie Moore. I was at the factory in 1990 and they we're loading up a station wagon with guitars going to Maudie's house for inlays.
  4. Would that family member be Maudie Moore?
  5. TBP get a set of Glendale saddles for that Tele, they are the cats pajamas. Glendale saddles come in a variety of metals that you can mix or match.
  6. I second the recommendation of John. He is one of the original guitar and amp guys in Chicago (he knows everybody and everybody knows him). And while your there just go up the street and get a steak sandwich at "Booby's".
  7. I saw Argent (Rod Argent) perform this at the Arogon ballroom in Chicago. 1968, 69, 70 maybe 71. I'm not really sure what year it was but I was having a Fab time
  8. pressure

    Pressures Guitars

    My Johnny Smith, H-150P All Gold and Mille DC
  9. pressure

    Pressures Guitars

    I just saw your post. The floating pickups are Kenny Rambo pickups. Johnny Smiths have a unique scale of 25". I don't recall what the nut width is exactly but about 1 5/8" or 1 11/16".
  10. pressure

    The year ends....

    Fab blog Mark. Great to hear things are good. Merry Christmas.
  11. Wowsers! Great story about a Fab guitar.
  12. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love reading your blog. Good luck with the band.
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