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  1. I have had a power tube and rectifier tube go out together. I think one tube took out the other but I don't know which one went first.
  2. Love 5-piece necks. I've never seen a 5-piece neck cracked at the headstock.
  3. Mahogany is great for furniture and table legs. Spruce, Maple and Ebony are musical instrument woods. As for fingerboards, more wood less shell.
  4. I've been looking for titanium strap buttons and screws for my SuperLight Millie to keep the weight down. I can find titanium screws but not buttons. The SuperLight Millie does not have a neck strap button because I feel regular metal buttons, including aluminum, are too heavy. I'm enjoying your lightweight build PK.
  5. That was Fab. Mr. Vince Lewis on guitar with tbonesullivan on bass and NoNameBand on drums. Good times.
  6. Sometimes they limit how much they will take from a card. Maybe it depends on the price of the car. The last car was a whopper and I had to add cash.
  7. I bought my last 4 cars with a credit card and paid the card off each time without paying any interest. Somehow I got $2400 off the extended warranty with a Costco card on my last car. I almost forgot I bought a motorcycle on a credit card as well. Credit cards can be handy.
  8. I have that O-So-Heavy KingSnake which you refer to. It sits in a corner in a very small room, not moving an inch. But it sounds Fab when I fire it up (or as Captain Kirk would say "energize"), with all 4 tubes blazing, giving it the full 100 watts it wants, it deserves, no it demands damnit!
  9. Tone schmone, vibe schmibe, hand wired, circuit board, NOS tubes, transistors, British speakers, American speakers, boutique build, giant corporation, none of it matters, they all sound Fab but...weight. Ahhh that's what's most important to me. Yeppers. Light weight amps are the cats pajamas. After all tone is in the fingers right. No roadies we're harmed in the writing of this post.
  10. Thanks for that. Great playing and recording. That 18" Heritage Johnny Smith is FAB! Heritage has made sooo many unique guitars. I met a man at one of the PSPs that had two 16" Johnny Smith's.
  11. I had to check Rich. 2 Heritage Johnny Smith's, 2 Heritage Millennium's, a Heritage H170 and an H150. Yep 6 Heritages and only one, the H150 (thanks Kuz) still in production.
  12. Sommelier, isn't that French word? Why not just say he's a connoisseur of guitars. Wait, that's French too. Can't we explain anything without using a foreign language? Sacrebleu !!!
  13. A gold top H150 with P90s. It just doesn't get any better than that.
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