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  1. Everytime I log in from my computer I get an email saying the HOC hasn't seen this device before. This is the same computer with the same browser I've been using since 2011. Just letting you know.
  2. Early H170s had a different and distinctive neck joint.
  3. The finger tailpiece has always been used on the Heritage Johnny Smith model (now discontinued) because that's what Johnny wanted.
  4. My H170 is just as thick as an H150 and would weigh about the same if the body weren't made out of spruce. It is still not a light weight. Think of the latter H170s as doublecut H150s.
  5. Fender CustomShop Team built guitars might start at $3,000 but a MasterBuilt Fender CustomShop Tele is much closer to $6,500. A good musical instrument is not cheap. I think Heritage guitars are worth the cost.
  6. Anybody ever see a 5-piece neck with a headstock break? Enquiring minds want to know.
  7. pressure

    New 535

    I Pleked every Heritage, Fender CustomShop and Hamer that I had, they needed it. The newest Heritage (Millie SuperLight) that I just got in January, was perfect.
  8. Neither were they. The flat top was my solution to getting a Prospect made with Spruce. It also has a Spruce center block. That's what can be done on a custom Heritage build.
  9. True story. I would invite anybody to try this out but I've been told it's now a forbidden planet.
  10. Zowiee! Turned all the amps and the guitar up to 10 then hit the infamous Hendrix chord. Bang... i went flying through some kind of a tunnel in outer space for what seemed like seconds and landed in a desolate area on Altair IV. I could see in the distance something traveling at a great rate of speed, kicking up a rooster tail of dust, and in seconds it stopped right in front of me. It was some kind of car driven by a ROBOT. The Robot had me get in and we drove off to a modern house quite a distance away. The Robot introduced me to Dr. Morbious who, after I explained what happened, told me I never should have hooked up the third amp. That third amp was bad JuJu, it was something the Krell told him to avoid at all costs. Krill right, ancient alien technology, who knew. He made a device to return me to Earth using that Krell tech. It took about seven years Earth time to make that machine but was only an instant on Earth and I'm back Good times.
  11. I looked on the back of the Mesa and it has an effects loop. So I line out from the Bartel into the guitar input of the Mesa then I could send an effects loop from the Mesa to another amp, and I do have another combo sitting around doing nothing. Tone King Metropolitan (40 watts). So now were talking about 12, +100, +40! Sounds like a party. Hopefully I don't create some kind of space/time continuum warp, at least not before PSP12.
  12. It needs electricity G. Do you have that where you live?
  13. Mr. Brently, 12 years old, seems about right.
  14. I finally read the manual for my Bartel Sugerland (12 watt) amplifier. Hmmm cable into another amp? Say what now. I just happened to have another amp sitting around doing nothing to try this out. A Mesa KingSnake (100 watts). It worked! The dogs began to howl all over the neighborhood. I still can't hear anything and the police haven't shown up...yet. Good Times.
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