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  1. Was I ahead of the curve? In 1970 I bought a Kustom K200 with 2 speaker columns each filled with 3 15" Altec Lansing speakers. Extremely loud!!! I bought the Kustom after constantly being drowned out playing my Les Paul SG through a Fender blackface Baseman with 2 12" speakers. That Fender sucked. It was ok up to about 5 then all squishy after that, no power. Never had a problem being heard with the Kustom.
  2. Lyle I've been using ThroBak strings ever since they came out with them. Yes they will wake up the guitar but after 10 months butchers twine would be an upgrade. Tone and volume controls are under the pick-guard. They stickout on the bottom edge. I got nothing going for 2020.
  3. I received this guitar January 15th 2019 and it has had the original Heritage factory strings since then. Today it finally gets new strings and it really needs them, in fact it has needed new strings for at least a month. Yay!!!
  4. I don't know if the low end is less muddy, less muddy than what? Every guitar is different, every install is different and every finished guitar winds up different. You never know what the final result will be until your custom guitar is finished and then the guitar has to settle in for about 2 years. I have different pickups in every Heritage guitar I am taking care of and they all sound Fab. The only notable exception is the ThroBak bridge pickup on the H150 Gold Top I bought from Kuz. That pickup is exceptionally sweet.
  5. I ordered a set of Doyles Coils back in 2014 for a custom Heritage Prospect which was finished in 2015. They sound good.
  6. I remember back in the 20th century (1964), ground meat tacos were ¢15 each, steak tacos were ¢25 each, crazy money for a taco right. Who would buy those? But people did buy them because they were worth it.
  7. They still make custom builds at the same address by some of the same people. Pete Farmer was making custom builds at Heritage long before the company was sold, he still is. My opinion, I think Heritage guitars are better than ever.
  8. Well your right Rich, Fuzz was used as I said selectively and rarely. When I saw Jeff Beck with the Yardbirds, The Jimi Hendricks Experience, The Rolling Stones in fact every band I saw live, No Fuzz, no effects of any kind. Just answering Ts original statement that nobody back then (60s) was a fan of Fuzz. The 70s, I'm not responsible for that. And just for the record I did have a Maestro Fuzz box, bought in I think 1964. The first one anybody had ever seen, maybe Chicago was a test market? Played it at band rehearsal once and when everybody stopped laughing I put it back in the box. I still don't know who that Norman guy is.
  9. Eric Claptons brown sound. Clapton worked his amps by pushing them to their limits. In John Mayall & the Blues Breakers, he was using a Marshall Bluesbreaker — a JTM-45 combo amp. ... The distortion you hear on the “Beano” record and Clapton's other 1960s recordings is from the amp being cranked.
  10. I saw Beck, Richards, Jimi, Townsend, Winter, Blue Cheer, Ten Years After and many more live, No fuzz boxes, just lots of very loud amps. At some point some of them may have selectively used effects (Keith Richards, Satisfaction) but it was not their "sound". I have no idea who Norman Greenbaum is. The only Fuzz box available then was the Maestro built by Gibsons.
  11. Just for the record we were not, I say not really big fans of horrible fuzz. We were listening to cranked Fender twins (Johnny Winter played through 2 Twins, one stacked on top of the other, that's 170 tube watts thru 4 JBL D120s) Marshall stacks and walls of Sunn amps (the great Jimi Hendricks). No transistor fuzz boxes just gobs of tubes... cranked.
  12. Once again greatness behind the curtain! Thanks.
  13. Early H170s also have that extended neck joint.
  14. First there was a lot of laughter then I was rejected when I asked to x-ray a Heritage Prospect. Your experience may vary.
  15. Mark Bair at Victoria Amps in Naperville used to do amp repairs, you'll have to call first for directions. All this assumes you are repairing a tube amp. If you are trying to repair a solid state amp it's a much easier fix. A. Pick amp up. B. Throw it in a dumpster. C. Go buy a real amp. D. Problem solved.
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