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  1. I had to check Rich. 2 Heritage Johnny Smith's, 2 Heritage Millennium's, a Heritage H170 and an H150. Yep 6 Heritages and only one, the H150 (thanks Kuz) still in production.
  2. Sommelier, isn't that French word? Why not just say he's a connoisseur of guitars. Wait, that's French too. Can't we explain anything without using a foreign language? Sacrebleu !!!
  3. A gold top H150 with P90s. It just doesn't get any better than that.
  4. Watch Ampire: The Sound of Music on Tubi: https://link.tubi.tv/XLh7T5IzHib Just watched this, it was fun. I used the "Tubi" app on my phone to access the movie then cast it onto my TV.
  5. Completely agree Mr. Grass, all guitars are different and you never know if you'll the guitar before you try it in person. But if you have a guitar custom made you can't try it until it's finished. I had a Telecaster made in the Fender Master Build shop and it is fabulous but the neck shape is nothing like what I had specified. I could have sent the guitar back to have the neck remade but everything else about the guitar is great. I was worried if I had the neck changed it would affect the guitar in a possibly bad way so I left the neck the way it was.
  6. Nice graphic Tim. My Heritages with strap buttons use position #4. The SuperLight Millie doesn't have a neck strap button, I thought it would add too much weight.
  7. I have not heard the new 225 pickups but when Heritage made the SuperLight Milienum for me in 2019, they fitted it with a new pickup made by Heritage. It sounds Fab.
  8. You don't have "Betty Davis eyes" either Rich. Your fine just the way you are.
  9. Fab playing and video. Thanks for that.
  10. Hmmm... a custom Heritage Guitar, now that's something I never thought of Rich. Fab advice.
  11. It's amazing to see all the custom Heritage Guitars that keep showing up. At one of the PSP events a player had a 16" Heritage Johnny Smith guitar. When I remarked I had never known Heritage to make a small body Heritage Johnny Smith he told me it was one of a set and the other one was outside in his car!
  12. The images are not showing up for me.
  13. There is truth to that rumor, he lives just Southwest of me (a few miles) and was an active musician, well known by Mr. Lamb. I bought an H160v from him at a guitar show. He is the leader of the C.J. Stanley Band.
  14. Some of the Heritage Johnny Smiths were tap tuned by Mr. Marv Lamb.
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