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  1. I have found my Mesa KingSnake doesn't sound as good when on the 10 or 25 watt setting. No matter where the volume is set (yes you can turn it down when it's set for 100 watts) it sounds better with all 4 power tubes engaged.
  2. I don't know what is better, the amp repair or the wright up. Well done!
  3. TBP get a set of Glendale saddles for that Tele, they are the cats pajamas. Glendale saddles come in a variety of metals that you can mix or match.
  4. I second the recommendation of John. He is one of the original guitar and amp guys in Chicago (he knows everybody and everybody knows him). And while your there just go up the street and get a steak sandwich at "Booby's".
  5. I saw Argent (Rod Argent) perform this at the Arogon ballroom in Chicago. 1968, 69, 70 maybe 71. I'm not really sure what year it was but I was having a Fab time
  6. You can get ABM tailpieces from American retailers online. I needed a tailpiece that wasn't made as a stock item. Peter at ABM was able to make what I needed as a custom piece.
  7. ABM are the people that make the finger tailpieces used on Heritage Jazz guitars. I had them make a custom short, nickel plated tailpiece for my SuperLight Millie. Talk to Peter at ABM if you need something special from them.
  8. Thanks for asking that question Lyle, I was wondering the same thing. Sometimes when calling Heritage about a custom build I would be talking to Bill for information.
  9. Easier to play and bend with light strings. There is a volume loss when it's played acoustic only but the ease of playing is worth it. Less pressure on the arched top helps the guitar as well.
  10. The day of the week isn't vital. You'll see on the new string package I've streamlined the date. Onward into the future. I forget how quickly time passes when your having a Fab time.
  11. My Heritage Johnny Smith has been getting harder and harder to tune, a sure sign of old strings. The final straw was that I couldn't get the high E string to tune to pitch... then it snapped and flew off the guitar. I have never had a string break while tuning up, so I thought, probably time to change all 6 strings. After changing the strings I looked into the neck pocket of the JS guitar case and found the string packet from the last string change. Yea it was time definitely to change the strings.
  12. Here is an image I poster 2 years ago. This is the oil I use (F-One Oil) with a good quality cloth. That 2 fluid ounce bottle is probably enough for 100 years of fretboards no mater how many guitars you have (thats right I'm talking about you Mr. Brentley). Like Mr. Miyagi says "wipe on, wipe off".
  13. You'll have a Fab time building a guitar with Heritage.
  14. I'm glad you agree with me, we wouldn't want anyone to ruin their fretboard by over oiling it. Yes, "composed of" is the correct form. The phrase "comprised of" is never correct to usage purists despite its regular appearance in writing. If you want to be correct in the eyes of discriminating readers, use "composed of." If you like the look and sound of comprise, you can still use it correctly.Jan 12, 2015 Business Writing Blog › 2015/01 "Comprised of" vs. "Composed of": A Test - Business Writing.
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