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  1. Short Clip of My Honey Lemon Millie

    Sounds real good LL.
  2. 2017 H150 vs 2005 H150

    When I want to get a particular artists guitar tone I just put on their record and listen to them, always sounds very close. But what I want to hear from my Guitar/Amp is is for it to sound like me and i'm never dissapointed.
  3. Time for a Change... Again!

    Thanks for the tip Lyle. Imagur changed where that button is located and it took me awhile to find it.
  4. My 535!

    I think Heritage calls that a H550 style pickguard.
  5. The search has ended! NGD!

    Fab H555 Will, congratulations.
  6. Time for a Change... Again!

    Soooo.... many new buttons to push.
  7. Time for a Change... Again!

    Mabey this will work.
  8. Time for a Change... Again!

    I tried but could not figure out how to put a visible image here from Imgur.
  9. Bought strings from Jon at ThroBak and just in time. The old strings wouldn't hold tune and the low E sounded dull. First look at the old H170 with the new beige plastic (old plastic was all black), I like it.
  10. NGD - Cat's Out of the Bag

    What a Fab H150. Just the way they were supposed to be. p90s and the only real Les Paul color, Gold Top. Try and hold onto that very special Heritage guitar.
  11. H-555 incoming!

    I have Throbak p90s in a Heritage H170 and they are Fab. Good times.
  12. New H555

    A Heritage H555 is a custom shop product!
  13. NGD: 2012 Millennium Standard Ultra/Pro

    And yet another Fab Millie. Along with all the other great appointments it has the very desirable stinger. Congratulations.
  14. Heritage H540… what is it?

    When I asked for an Eagle inlay, without the branch, for the Spruce Prospect Marv told me he thought he had a few left over from a run of guitars made for Japan. This catalogue confirms it.
  15. Buzzy's Potato Chips

    Wowsers, Fab guitars!