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  1. AC30 Heads

    Try this link for Fender Dual and Single Showman specs. http://ampwares.com/amplifiers/fender-blackface-showman/
  2. I met and talked with Heritages Ron Howard at PSP10 and found him to be an enthusiastic and honest person. Another Fab Heritage resource.
  3. It appears Rolling Stone magazine is history. http://fortune.com/2017/09/18/rolling-stone-magazine-jann-wenner-up-for-sale/
  4. Doing the ol' two-step

    Thanks PK but I was referring to the random Gallery images at the top of the main page not the Gallery itself.
  5. Doing the ol' two-step

    Like the new site very much but It's missing the scrolling images from the gallery at the top.
  6. Doing the ol' two-step

    That was you in the mobius infinity of the universe!!?
  7. I must have missed where it said Rolling Stone purchased anything.
  8. Doing the ol' two-step

    Not that I'm complaining but white type on a black background...really.
  9. 100 Year Celebration

    Fab pictures Paul. Thanks for that.
  10. I'm not convinced about the cause and effect of stars guitars promoting sales. When I bought my 61 SG Les Paul Gibson's promotional stars were guys like Tal Farlow.
  11. Marv and his 30th Anniversary Guitar

    That was Fab. Thanks for that Paul.
  12. Custom H155M has arrived

    Another Fab Millie. Congrats.
  13. Guitar Player Magazine

    Email sent.
  14. Guitar Player Magazine

    To add further fuel to the fire, and of course what is a fire without fuel, the October 2017 Special Collectors Edition of Guitar Player magazine features a running timeline of all things significant to the guitar world from 1967 to 2017. The only thing listed for 1985 is a new company called Paul Reed Smith Guitars!
  15. Still working on it....

    Glad to hear things are settling down Mark. Say Hi to Peter for me.