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  1. Seems like just yesterday! Time flys when you're having fun!

    Thanks for that. I just want to hug all those guitars. Good times.
  2. Does he know how to build a Millie? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. NAD Bartel Sugerland

    I admit it was pricy but money ain't what it used to be. In 2011 I bought a Fender Custom Shop Telecaster (built for me by Dennis Galuszka) for $4,500, today that same Telecaster would be about $8,000. I suggest getting a used Tone King Metropolitan, early ones were hand built by Mark Bartel, they sound Fab and are 40 watts, channel switching with reverb. Good Times.
  4. Spruce Millie String Change

    The 3 1/2 month old totally dull and shot Pyramids sounded just like flat wounds.
  5. Spruce Millie String Change

    This is the second guitar I have put ThroBak strings and I like them. Hope they last longer than the Pyramids.
  6. NAD Bartel Sugerland

    Found a Fab Video from Premier Guitar at 2018 NAMM interviewing Mark Bartel describing his new amps.
  7. Its that time again and much too soon. The Pyramid strings lost clarity, especially the bass strings and all the strings wouldn't hold tune. Strings Fretboard And just because I can, an image of the Fab Spruce top created March 2011.
  8. Maple fingerboards

    Well played Mr. Winking.
  9. Great to hear from you Gio! I hope everything is getting better down there.
  10. Finally Qualified to Be a Real Member

    Over 50! I thought I was a qualified member of this forum but maybe not because as everyone knows I'm only 39 1/2.
  11. Fun game: spot the errors in this listing!

    Pickups, pick-guard, poker chip, stop tail, bridge and hopefully strings.
  12. Heritage Guitar at NAMM

    Fab videos. Thanks for posting those Paul.
  13. My plastic buttons also stripped out and I think I posted it years (2012?) ago. Replaced the plastic with metal buttons and haven't had a problem since. Every string change I check everything to make sure it's tight.
  14. If you ever have any questions about Sperzels just call them up, they are very accommodating.
  15. My favorite local guitar store, The Music Gallery, has also dropped Gibson and now features Heritage Guitars.