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  1. I could have put the Custom Core on a regular credit card, but I already racked that up because I just bought a PRS Gary Grainger 5-string bass to keep my Carvin 5-string bass company, a 5-piece set of Paiste 2002 Big Beats cymbals and some extra stands (because I still have the Sabian AAX Freq cymbal set installed on the same drum set), a limited edition Heritage H155, a BLAZE BBQ grill for grilling on the deck and an Original Pakmule for my truck. So the credit card is full.
  2. I guess not. I don't know why there is a slotted nut with a round thing in the middle of that same slot on the bridge height adjustment post. Also, that new Gibson guy who came over to Heritage in the Custom Core video said that the stoptail piece should be sitting flat onto the body of the guitar. So is your stoptail messed up so that it won't screw down all the way? Or, if you do screw it down all the way, will the strings hit the back of the bridge? (Which is not supposed to happen.)
  3. Big metal cans that peel open like a sardine can. About 800 rounds i each can.
  4. Maybe I can sell my AK, accessories and recently banned Russian ammo to go with it and maybe THEN I could just buy that guitar outright.
  5. I almost bought a Custom Core tonight but my Sweetwater card got deactivated because I went years without using it, reapplied tonight and got denied. Probably has something to do with that $30,000.00 finance loan i was just approved for last week for my new John Deere tractor.
  6. Yes, I've been studying the Sweetwater offerings a lot lately but... maybe I don't like the Maple tops of any that they have in stock. They aren't going to order any more unless someone buys what they already have, so I thought maybe if the factory was selling them direct, that I could tell them that I want to buy one but I want a VERY nice Maple top on it. Besides, of all the times i have ever ordered something from Sweetwater for almost 2 decades now, the ONLY TIME I ever asked for a discount, I did get one, BUT that was also the only time I did NOT get any candy in the box with my purchase. (No, I never eat the candy, it's just the principle of it all.)
  7. Does anyone know if Heritage is selling brand new guitars directly from the factory? Their web site looks like you can initiate the purchase of a guitar on their web site, but what I'm not clear about is whether they will refer you to a dealer for the actual order details and payment processing or perhaps some other arrangement.
  8. I can't tell you how much time I spent this week (it was a lot) looking intensely at the new Custom Core models they had available at Sweetwater. Those and the Slash model Les Pauls they had in the USA line. VERY close to pulling the trigger, but not yet.
  9. That is a real thing that a lot of PRS owners go through. They find themselves owning a really expensive guitar that looks so good that you'd think it should go into a museum, and then they are overwealmed with a shyness toward actually playing the guitar because they don't want to risk scratching such a magnificent looking thing. That's happened to me too. But now I try to overcome that by remembering a few things. 1.) PRS guitars are made to be played. 2.) Paul Smith himself gigs his expensive PRS guitars in high quality gig bags and literally tosses them into the back of his vehicle when he gets on the road. 3.) PRS headstocks are virtually unbreakable as compared to the classic design of a traditional Les Paul style guitar. 4.) Scratches happen; just play the damn thing. I bought and sold a lot of PRS guitars until I finally found the models I liked the best. So now I do the same thing with my PRS guitars. If I go anywhere, I put $4000.00+ PRS guitars in a high quality gig bag and literally toss them into the back seat of my truck. I still don't have a scratch on any of them... yet. My Heritage and Gibson guitars, I handle a LOT more gently.
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