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  1. That's fantastic! Where the hell was I when that went up for sale? hahaha
  2. What is going on at Heritage? Quality went up. Price went up. Selection went down.
  3. If Heritage still made Parson Street models, I'm pretty sure I would have bought one by now. But I think my guitar buying days are gone.
  4. Yes, I agree with what PunkKitty said. The H-150 and H-535 are very good guitars. Perhaps you would like to get one of each as they are both very worthy instruments. Otherwise, you will need to choose whether you prefer the sound of a semi-hollow body guitar or a solid body guitar. It is a very difficult task to have to choose one of the other because each is very good in their own unique way.
  5. I'm quite certain that I'll NEVER get rid of my Carvin bass amp setup. MB210 combo with a vintage 1x18 extension cabinet.
  6. That H150P that I got from Paul a long time ago had Gibson pickups and they sounded great! Kinda wish now I hadn't let that guitar go, but oh well. Still got those pickups but not the guitar.
  7. Found this on the Web. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tapatalksupport/end-user-tutorial-user-preferences-and-settings-t41435.html
  8. Yep, what Mr. Seacup said. Cookies are used whenever you want a web site to remember who you are. Most commonly when you are loading up an online shopping cart and the web site needs to remember everything you have in your shopping cart until you are ready to go to the checkout sequence. All of the different web browsers (ie Firefox , Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) have ways to make changes to how cookies are handled. If cookies are set to be blocked 100% or deleted upon closing the web browser, certain web site functionality will be lost. You can also tell the browser to always remember specific web sites (pretty sure Firefox allows you to do that in the settings). There are also a lot of third party applications (programs/software) which go to town on wrecking cookies. Overall, cookies are very useful but they have gotten a bad reputation. Go through all your security settings in your web browsers and any third party security software you may be using to make sure that your computer does what you want it to do. Above all, remember this... "C" is for cookie, and that's good enough for me.
  9. Foxe's in Falls Church VA had a bunch of Korina guitars made with P-90 pickups. This was a while ago. They couldn't give them away. Well, I should say that I presume they didn't sell because because they were listed above MSRP and they wouldn't budge on the price. I can't tell you how many Heritage guitars I've owned which never even had a label at all.
  10. HANGAR18

    New 535

    Yea, what he said.
  11. HANGAR18

    New 535

    I'm with you on this... It seems that a funny thing happens around here sometimes which goes something like this... Someone presents factually correct information or an unbiased critical analysis of the fit & finish of the nuts and frets of a lot of Heritage guitars (even to include video documentation of the before & after PLEK scans for example) showing them to be consistently "out of tolerance" and then someone else gets all bent out of shape because they interpret it as a personal attack against the people who made the guitar, the brand, and the white marble pedestal that their mind has placed the brand name upon. They then lash out at you by saying "Hey man, you can't say that about <insert names here> because I drank beer and ate BBQ with them and they are nice people!" [Sidetrack... Now that I think about it, it seems this illogical practice is also rampant in the real world too. People get way too wrapped up about whether someone is a nice person or not instead of thinking "is this person doing a good job or not". What do the stats say or what does their record show? On the job, I don't care if someone is an a-hole or not so much as I care about whether they can get the job done or not. There is this one dentist for example I keep going back to for root canals. He comes off as an asshole but he does the best work, so I keep going back. And now back to the subject] I think that during this new direction of Heritage guitars, their greatest improvement is in how they are using a PLEK machine and fixing what used to be the Achilles Heel of Heritage guitars. There may be other things that the new company is doing which I'm not crazy about, but to me, perfecting the nut and frets problem is HUGE and I say WELL DONE!!!
  12. I'm under the impression that all of the various industries for products where people would routinely buy said products online are now being forced by the manufacturers to sell these items at whatever fixed price the manufacturer sets. This is essentially the manufacturer's solution to the problem of brick & mortar stores complaining that they cannot compete with other stores in other markets who are selling the same products online for less money (and tax free). Manufacturer price fixing levels the playing field as far as the selling price goes but dealers will then have to compete using something else like a small free add-on of some sort. I've recently found this to be the case where in places like GC where I used to buy a lot of gear far below the sticker price through expert haggling or at the Big Screen Store where I just got a 75" new TV, or at the camera store where I just bought some new video gear. These places will not haggle anymore. Sticker prices are firmly set by the manufacturer.
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