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  1. Ask the captain if he can store it in a closet or bunk for you during the trip.
  2. Welcome to the club! That H-140 is a GREAT find! I like aluminum tailpieces.
  3. https://robrobinette.com/Tube_Guitar_Amp_Troubleshooting.htm
  4. [Danny mumbles under his breath that Capitalism has nothing to do with the current spike in guitar prices.]
  5. I like a clean work environment. I think that surrounding yourself with chaos produces more chaos.
  6. I just gave my minister's kid my Roland Micro Cube. He's learning how to play guitar and needed some amplification assistance.
  7. Oh crap... that's like asking which child/dog/cat you like best. At the moment, I'm going though a thing where of all the amps I still own after the covid BS, my current favorite is actually a pair of Blistertone amps. One was hand made by Doug Sewell himself in his Texas garage before he became the head of the amp division at PRS, and the other one is the result of Doug Sewell and Paul Smith himself tweaking the model and then releasing it under the PRS brand name. I would characterize them as "We don't need to stinkeeen clean tones!" face melters. So that would put my MESA Duo-Rectifier in second place and my MESA Mark 5:25 in third place.
  8. Hell, even Brent's guitars get online and buy more guitars when he's not looking.
  9. Oh, my wife "CHRISTINE16" would LOVE that! So Purpleburst is definitely a possibility (as long as it is a teardrop purpleburst).
  10. My baby sister actually bought a Les Paul recently. Historically she has always favored the Japaneese ESP/E-II/LTD guitars with the 25.5" scale length so this is a big move in a different direction for her. She knows I like Heritage but for the time being it seems that Gibson is the stronger brand name and they had a Burgundy color she really liked. I think it was the Les Paul "Modern" Les Paul model she bought.
  11. If I had ever owned it, I would have had Pete refinish it.
  12. There was this one day that I had two H-150's in my hands and I went to hang them up on the wall (back then I had all of my guitars hanging on the wall 24/7) when at the very moment I reached forward with both arms at the same time (one on one hook and one on the other hook) did the nerves in my lower back provide me a mini-jolt to remind me of the time they once laid me out in a bed, unable to move for about a week. I then immediately sold both H-150's to Brent and swore off heavy guitars forever. (sort of...)
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