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  1. I keep my acoustic instruments in a small, separate room, hanging on a wall, where I use a tall (sits on the floor) room humidifier during the dry months. The humidifier comes with a remote control and 4 different levels of humidity which I can choose from. It holds at least a couple of gallons of water at a time.
  2. Looks like he's also got a Millie on a stand back there too.
  3. Around 2008, I bought a mint condition solid black H-157 for a thousand dollars. What's kinda freaking me out is that I currently seem to have absolutely no memory as to who I sold that guitar to. Usually I remember each guitar, where I got it and where it went. But that one, no clue and that kinda freaks me out because I usually remember stuff like that. (insert old geezer joke here.)
  4. Want to see some cool old Heritage guitars which I used to own? Look at my photo gallery. Hangar18-guitars-past-or-present
  5. What's the story about the different generations of those amps? @Jaguarguy Something about the original owner selling the company and amps being made overseas and not having the same quality or something like that. A guitar buddy of mine was trying to tell me this lengthy history lesson but it was too much for my brain to retain. Maybe I'm getting this brand confused with Egnater.
  6. I even sold this one below and it has been through two owners since and is int he market for a fourth owner. Why? Reason #1. Discovered that I don't like middle pickups. https://reverb.com/item/26027253-paul-reed-smith-swamp-ash-studio-2011-natural
  7. Impressive! I doubt I'll ever look at antique woodworking items the same as I'll probably start asking myself if I think a guitar amp will fit into it.
  8. PRS also has a couple of colors that I really can't stand. I dislike these colors so much that I would refuse to buy the guitar on that detail alone. 1. Trampas Green (I call it Tramp Ass Green) 2. Faded Whale Blue
  9. It has been my experience that Sweetwater will place an order for you for anything "custom" that you might want. But, especially in the case of Heritage, I would also expect the price to almost double for anything outside of their normal lineup. So, maybe you'd rather buy something Sweetwater has in stock right now (look for the white brick backgrounds in the photos and a specific serial number in the listing) for only $2400.00 instead of a special order for $4400.00. For that kind of money, I'd rather buy a different brand (which I won't mention, but it does have three letters in the name).
  10. POST COUNTS: Distant Relation 0 Offspring 25 Descendant 100 Successor 500 Heir Apparent 1000 Needs To Get Out More 2500 Has Skewed Priorities 5000
  11. Here are some of my unsafe guitar finishes for the used resale market. Violet Purple isn't very safe either. I also have a Natural finish (which is a finish I'm not crazy about) but it sounds fantastic!
  12. One rule of thumb I've heard of and tend to agree with is that the colors Blue and Green are the colors to avoid if you are in the guitar selling business because they are the slowest selling, least popular colors to choose from. According to this same rule, the safest colors for resale are traditional colors like Black, White, Natural & Tobacco Sunburst. Refinishing is typically not a good option as it can be difficult, expensive (as in more than what the guitar is worth) and you cannot guarantee the results will turn out how you like. Red is also on the unsafe list to a certain degree but not at the top of the unsafe list. Me personally, I am not shy around blue or green guitars and whenever I see a Natural finish, I think to myself that the builders just got lazy and didn't want to finish building the guitar. I own a lot of "unsafe colors", but i have what I like and I'm not trying to impress anyone else.
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