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  1. Described to me as a slightly hot-rodded JCM 800 straight from the factory.
  2. I may never achieve that. At today's prices, I wouldn't be able to repurchase my own collection.
  3. 100w Marshall JCM 25/50 Model 2555 Silver Jubilee Yes, it sounds AMAZING! I'd been in a mood to buy an amp for a while now but eventually lost interest. Then, my birthday was yesterday and Paul said I should buy a new guitar. Great! So I used that as an excuse to seek out another guitar. I found a really nifty Gibson Slash model Goldtop and remembered that I never did buy myself a Goldtop when I turned 50, so I thought that's what I would do. But then I remembered how it said in the Danny's Book of Rules... Thou shalt not buy a guitar just because you like the color. So then I gave up on buying the Slash model guitar. That reminded me that there was a PRS "Paul's Amp" (formerly called a MDT) I knew about which had remained unsold for a long time. It was the same price as the Goldtop, so I went across town to see it. Perhaps I would add it to the rare/discontinued PRS amps which I currently own. Who knows? But as it turned out, I wound up trying it out first, only to discover that it didn't have a pleasing tube breakup/distortion tone. It did "cleans" great but the dirty was more muddy than the kind of dirty that I like. As I was telling the salesguy why I was leaning away from buying the PRS amp, this lead to a "Hey, what is this here?" moment. I spotted the Marshall and asked the sales guy if I could try that one out. New rule in Danny's Book of Rules. If you want Marshall tone, BUY A MARSHALL! This time the sales guy plugged in the Les Paul that I had selected in order to perform the tone testing and he launched straight into some serious Slash/GnR tone that just roared out of the Marshall 4x12 cabinet we were using. I loved the tone, the price was a good bit cheaper than the PRS amp, it was compatible with the cabinets which I already had at home... SOLD. Here it is... Good news... I can plug both of my Marshall model 1936 cabinets into this amp at the the same time. One cabinet has V30's and the other has the normal Celestions. Now both of my Blistertone amps will need to share the back seat for a little while.
  4. I don;t know the years but there were to models that used Poplar. One was a H150P which had an all Poplar body... The other was an H150 Special which had a Poplar body and a Maple cap like a normal H150. In both cases (I'm pretty sure), the bodies were a little bit thinner and not the usual 2" inch rim thickness of a regular H150.
  5. I'll try and explain my point of view better. * I don't consider my purchase of a Custom Core to be an "investment". What I have a problem with is when someone takes a bone stock guitar, makes a significant number of expensive modifications, calls them "upgrades" and then factors that into the asking price (jacking up the price) of the now USED guitar that they are trying to sell me. In most cases I consider these "upgrades" to be undesirable modifications which diminish the value of the guitar and I'm NOT paying for those upgrades. We have a similar thing in the used Harley-Davidson market where the saying goes something like... "You bought all that chrome for YOU, not me. I'm not paying you more for that bike because you spent $10,000.00 adding extra chrome to the bike." * Repairs: I have no problem with repairing something if it is broken. Any components that are broken, fix them or replace them with something as good or better. No arguments from me. But I'm reminded of the Angus Young policy governing such things. "Replace nothing unless it breaks and is unusable. Otherwise, leave everything original." * The perfect guitar: If I had only one guitar, I already know what my favorite pickups and bridges and nuts and all that are. So If I wanted my perfect guitar, I would buy something plain and relatively inexpensive and then add all the expensive stuff to it that I want in order to achieve my perfect guitar. For me, I consider $4000.00 to be ridiculously expensive amount of money for a guitar, and if I ever pay THAT much for a guitar, I had BETTER like everything about it just the way that it is because I sure as hell ain't gonna modify it. Not when I paid that much for it. * Clones? I have a LOT of guitars (not as many as you, but a lot none the less.) Shall I make all the same exact modifications to all of my guitars with all my favorite stuff so that they are all clones of each other? Nope. I've got so many guitars that I want them to sound different; I want each guitar to be it's own unique thing. Clearly I had a very different experience when I bought my Custom Core. I jammed with it on my own and also jammed with it when I had some buddies over to the house. I didn't find anything about it to be undesirable at all. But I also have a lot of other guitars which feel and sound very different and I like those too.
  6. My Heritage guitar collection over the past 14 years has been a bumpy roller coaster ride. At the moment, I only have TWO Heritage guitars. An H-155 Custom Shop Limited and a H-150 Custom Core.
  7. I didn't spend $4000.00 on a brand new Custom Core guitar so that I could "upgrade" it to a $1200.00 guitar by fiddling with it.
  8. I'm in the middle of researching a brand of pickups from England called Bare Knuckles.
  9. If I had known they were making Goldtops, I would have ordered one already.
  10. Do they offer factory tours there like they used to do in Memphis? (Or is that NOT the factory but rather just a big retail store?) I've never been there.
  11. This guitar wants to be a blue sparkle.
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