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  1. Well, time moves on. Currently, this IS my Heritage family photo as I only have one Heritage guitar left. But, feel free to visit my profile page and navigate your way to my photos folder to see all of the many different Heritage guitars I have owned over the years. There are a number of them which I wish I would have never parted with, but that's how it goes I guess. I have since changed the gold top hat knobs over to black speed knobs and I'm surprised that I can't find any current photos of this guitar like that. Well, I did use this guitar to make a video on YouTube on how to perform an annual fingerboard service and change the strings once not too long ago. I do however own a couple of Kalamazoo cousins (as I call them) which are not pictured. They are a pair of Gibson Flying V's since Heritage won't make Flying V's.
  2. The OP is supposed to enter the word sold in an entry when the item sells. Under the old board software, I used to periodically do some housecleaning and make the sold items disappear. But using the new board software, I have personally experienced some technical difficulties performing that action. However, I'll give it another try and see if I have better luck this time.
  3. I just found an old Anderton's video I'd never seen before where Rob Chapman had hair just like I once did.
  4. I'm trying to remember what I paid for the Carvin MB210 combo new. Anyone remember what they used to cost new? I'm trying to figure out a reasonable used asking price.
  5. Beer is in fact good! PM me your contact info and I'll get you on the backyard BBQ invite list.
  6. So this happened today... My guitar collection is one lighter and I wound up using it to do a deal at my local Ma'&Pa' guitar shop, Thus, I came home with a brand new Mesa Subway D800 bass guitar amp and a pre-owned Mesa 2x12 bass cabinet to pair with it. https://www.mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/bass/subway-series/subway-d800/index.html This also means that since I don't need any more than one bass guitar amp, my Carvin MB210 and the 1x18 vintage Carvin extension cab are going on Craigslist very soon. Nothing technically wrong with the Carvin rig, and I know there are Carvin enthusiasts among us here, so you might ask why the change? After all, if it ain't broke, why fix it? Well, at the top of the list of advantages, I'll be getting 400 watts out of this Mesa setup as opposed to the maximum of 250 watts I get from the Carvin, the Mesa rig will be easier to move as the amp head is a featherweight compared to the MB210 combo and the cabinet comes with its own wheels. Not only that but I have the brand stability of Mesa/Boogie which, unlike Carvin, is still in business. No need to mention any tone comparison between the two because I think that between both the the extremely versatile bass guitars that I own and the very versatile abilities of either of these bass rigs, I feel that either one can deliver a perfectly acceptable tone according to whatever anyone may be looking for. That being said, I'm also pretty confident that if these two rigs ever had to go up against each other in a mass appeal popularity contest, that the Mesa would win just for the credibility of the brand name alone. I also seriously doubt that anyone on this planet would ever hear one of these Mesa Subway amps and have anything bad to say about the tone.
  7. I've been looking at that new tweed amp too. A little too hard. I don't think I need one, but... you know...
  8. Chappers says the cleans are "amazing".
  9. I love the hell out of mine but I'm not sure how to describe the cleans specifically. The Mark Five:25 has the Lonestar circuit in it for cleans which many regard to be an outstanding clean channel. (I own that one too.) I'll see if I can research what circuit they are using in the Recvoverb 25.
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