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  1. HANGAR18

    Read the Manual!

    Excellent! Keep up the good work!
  2. HANGAR18

    H535 solid wood/millennium DC?

    If you have to ask, you can't afford it.
  3. HANGAR18

    Gibson Factory

    The Gibson factory building in Memphis is right next to my favorite hotel there (The Westin) and right on the other side of that hotel is the FedEx Forum sports arena. So in a way it kinda makes sense they'd move their HQ offices there. That in turn ought to make more room for them at their massive shipping depot they have located elsewhere in Memphis.
  4. HANGAR18

    Talking about the Factory....

  5. HANGAR18

    525, I’m obsessed, don’t have one though

  6. HANGAR18

    New Heritage Pricing vs. New Gibson Pricing

    At first glance, Plaza/Bandlab looks like Pizza/Bandaid.
  7. HANGAR18

    New Heritage Pricing vs. New Gibson Pricing

    Agreed. Let's say that Gibson and Heritage both accomplish putting out guitars that are identical in materials and craftsmanship... wouldn't it be better to buy a Gibson just for the better known brand name and potential future value if you are buying one as an investment? A much safer investment.
  8. HANGAR18


    I joke a lot about playing really loud but all my years of drumming I always wore hearing protection while playing and I only crank the guitar amps up really loud for very short duration until my ears start ringing. Even riding on my Harley I will sometimes wear hearing protection. It's been a few years since I entered my 50's and I can still hear really well. Like REALLY well. I can hear the cricket chirp ringer app that only kids are supposed to be able to hear (the notification sound kids use so their parents can't hear when they get called or pinged by a friend on their smart phones). Back in the 70's I was always able to hear closed circuit security camera systems walking into the big department stores and I can still hear stuff like that now. I think all those years of wearing hearing protection has helped me a lot these days. I have long been an advocate for hearing protection. It's my eyes that are starting to give me trouble. Nobody told me that when I got past 50 I was going to need reading glasses to see things up close.
  9. I can't speak for Heritage but any manufacturer is going to have to enter into a relationship with the suppliers of the parts they want to use in building their product. There needs to be a two way agreement between the supplier and the manufacturer and there are details to consider in each agreement. For example, what if I were to start making guitars and I wanted to put SD pickups in my guitars. But what if SD didn't want to sell me their pickups at a wholesale price unless I agreed to buy 1 million units per year? In the case of Heritage, I suspect that it would have been something like 1. They sound decent. 2. They are cheap. 3. There were probably no minimum order requirements.
  10. HANGAR18

    Finish codes

    CSB Chestnut Sunburst aka CNSB ASB Almond Sunburst VSB Vintage Sunburst It used to be on their web site a long time ago.
  11. Yea, it would be really hard to do that with the Gibson Custom Shop making guitars in there. hahahaha
  12. When has Heritage ever kept their web site up to date? hahahahaha
  13. It's called marketing. Ever seen where your food comes from? Try getting to know a politician for how they are in real life as compared to how the LOOK on TV. People buy into concepts as much as they buy the product itself. Are you suggesting that the guitar industry shows everyone the sweaty locals in a decimated rain forest that hacked down a Mahogany tree with a dull axe in order to try and sell it to a big time guitar manufacturer for $75.00? Wait for it... You want the TRUTH? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! hahahaha
  14. HANGAR18

    New owner

    Nothing to worry about. I've got a 2014 right here...