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  1. HANGAR18

    What do you think of buying a Reliced Heritage H150

    Play it? Sure. But would you pay $4000.00 for one that was all f'd up like that?
  2. HANGAR18

    What do you think of buying a Reliced Heritage H150

    I think the seller is going to be stuck with that guitar for a long time.
  3. HANGAR18

    What do you think of buying a Reliced Heritage H150

    I would have no problem buying a guitar like that. But I wouldn't go over $800.00 for it.
  4. HANGAR18

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    Well done, and welcome!
  5. HANGAR18

    Looking for a speaker cabinet

    Yes, the a-cabinet has V30's and the b-cabinet has the standard speakers. They would sound even better if I were to separate them sideways... one in each corner, but part of the appeal here is the ominous visual appearance. Even Kerry King (whose signature model head that is) doesn't stack them like that either. Basically I just dropped this photo in here for the effect. Exactly opposite of what the OP is trying to accomplish. This is clearly what NOT to do. If I had to travel, or even jam in my living room, either one of my two smallest Mesa amps (mentioned above) would be well suited to the task and very practical.
  6. HANGAR18

    Looking for a speaker cabinet

    I just bought another 4x12 speaker cabinet because I'm insane. Well, at least now I can reach the knobs without bending over. Actually, now that I think about it, this is the first time in my life I have ever had a Marshall stack in the classic sense of the phrase. I'm not counting that much smaller solid state version I used to own. This thing isn't going anywhere. Ever.
  7. HANGAR18

    From Wicker to Walnut

    Yes, and the one thing about all this is that I can always undo what was done by simply ordering a replacement front panel from Mesa Boogie.
  8. HANGAR18

    From Wicker to Walnut

    Weird... I'm not watching that one.
  9. HANGAR18

    From Wicker to Walnut

    Okay, I'll look into it. But on mine, wouldn't black metal look better than shiny stainless steel?
  10. HANGAR18

    From Wicker to Walnut

    Correct. It was a solid piece of wood which provided no air flow. I showed the pictures to Mesa via Facebook and they said " Next time, try installing the screws from the rear so you won't have those screw holes detracting from the look they way they do. " So, yea that makes sense but I was trying to reproduce what was already done. If that idea had occurred to me, my next thought would have probably been something like "Hell no I ain't sticking a metal screwdriver through the body of an amplifier".
  11. HANGAR18

    From Wicker to Walnut

    What I wound up doing was to order a piece of Walnut from the Internet. Cut, sanded, recycled the piping and badging and boom... done! The original Mesa piece of wood was a crappy piece of particle board with some textured, flat black paint sprayed on it. My new piece of Walnut was sanded until it started to reflect light and a little bit of 3D effect became visible in the wood surrounding this swirly portion of the grain which I wanted to highlight. Here are some additional photos. (I type slow Daniel.) The stain is a Minwax Sedona Red.
  12. Once upon a time I bought a Mesa Boogie JP-2C amplifier head, pre-owned, in mint condition and at a very good price. (I think I saved about a thousand dollars from what they were new. Ballpark.) But the amp head came with a Wicker front cover. I never liked the wicker, but the guys on the HOC said that wicker was a classic Mesa Boogie sort of a thing. So I thought I would give it a try; I imagined the song Wicker Man from Iron Maiden in order to have positive mental associations with the wicker covering. I even tried ignoring my wife's relentless mocking of the wicker cover... "Is that your Grandmother's amp?". Brutal. Eventually, I could no longer deal with the wicker front cover. I priced a new one from my local Mesa dealer. The most basic plain replacement front cover was at least $100.00 and I definitely balked at that price. I searched for alternatives and even tried to trade some guy on Facebook cover for cover who also had one of these amps. Eventually, I decided to make one myself as anything would be better than wicker! (See next post.)
  13. HANGAR18

    Looking for a speaker cabinet

    I have a MARK FIVE: 25 which sits on a 1x12 Recto Cabinet.