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  1. Not fair! How come you always get all the orange guitars! hahaha That's really nice!
  2. THAT IS OUT F***ING STANDING! Carry on!
  3. Maybe talk to BrentRocks or Millennium Maestro too and see if they know a previous employee who might be able to assist with the repair.
  4. One time I got up close to a Heritage Briton to listen to a shop owner demonstrate its tone. That's the one which came with those Celestion blue alnico speakers. I'm at a loss to describe just how amazing the clean tone which came out of that amp was. Incredible! I own a number of amps with really great cleans but that Briton was over the top! Never heard anything (clean) that good since. It seems to me that now I know why those speakers are really expensive.
  5. I kinda feel it worth mentioning that I'm not from Michigan and presume that no one at the Heritage factory even knows my name. I simply have no hometown ties to the company at all. If I were in the market today for a semi-hollow body guitar of vintage American style, I would buy a Heritage H-535 instead of a Gibson ES-335. Period. The only reason I'm not in the market for one of those is because I've already got one.
  6. The Mesa Express models as others have mentioned are also quite fantastic. The motivation behind my amp suggestions is based on the idea of one amp which is versatile enough to do anything you would ever want it to do, now and in the future and I do own two of those amps I suggested. But I also I own a Marshall JCM 800, knowing that it is essentially a one trick pony. All it does is sound like classic hard rock. So if all you want it a one trick pony, a JCM sounds like the 70's & 80's, or a JCM 900 sounds like the 90's, or a JDM 2000 DSL which sounds like the 2000's, then get a Marshall. Just know that a Marshall can only sound like a Marshall. But, the Mesa Rectoverb-25 or the PRS Sonzera for example, are extremely versatile. (Of those I recommended, I personally like the USA made amps which are "repairable" if anything should go wrong with them. The Sonzera is affordable but it is made in China, so that is basically the only reason why I don't own one. )
  7. Affordable versatility, a PRS Sonzera. If you can afford more than that, a Mesa Mark Five: 25 or a Rectoverb-25 are one of those "last amp you will ever need" kind of amps.
  8. Okay, I can accept that. But I did ask Gibson about their use of the Plek machines since this thread got me thinking about it. Yes, they are using them for all their guitars now days.
  9. I am hard pressed to believe that Gibson does not plek their custom shop guitars. I'm under the impression that they plek all of their guitars at the factory. It wouldn't make sense to me that they only plek their least expensive models.
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