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  1. Here is Marv taking me up to see Guit's guitar. I was so mean to the Guit, I only sent the photos of the head stock at first. It is a stunning guitar. Where else could you have done this on a factory tour?
  2. Guit, did either of these companies do the small blocks on your custom? I drove to Kalamazoo to get that factory photo of your guitar. ;^)
  3. I had this one made at some place in Kentucky who were doing Heritage's special inlays.
  4. Don't worry Guy. You may not be as tall but you are just as big around as those other dudes.
  5. Katy told me Roy was at the factory having a guitar worked on and Roy heard it was her grandmother's birthday. He called her up and played and sang a few songs for her.
  6. Yes, the only one... the only first one any way.
  7. He is right on the mark with his comments. Most guitars, no matter what year, came out of 225 Parsons in playable condition. I never had that type of nut problem but I tweak most guitars after I get them. I would buy any year Heritage and not be worried about it. The older ones are just as good as the new ones. My first Heritage was a black H-150. I think it was a '89. It had the older cut away. I ordered the guitar and they had it in stock. They told my dealer they had built two of these guitars because Roy Clark wanted one and they gave him two to choose from. I got the other
  8. If you have another Heritage Guitar you could scan the card and create a new one. I wouldn't worry about not having the card because it doesn't give you anything the guitar doesn't already have. If I were buying it I wouldn't even worry about that card.
  9. The one on the top sure looks familiar.
  10. Marv told me they were hard to make. He said if the neck broke the guitar was ruined. He warned me about the fragility of the design but I chose to go ahead and get one. I asked that the neck be as thin as structurally possible. It was a collectors type guitar. Mine had an ebony fret board. It was a great guitar but for an older man, carrying it in the huge case was killer. I am the guy with the nice socks. The hippie is my man Eljay.
  11. Marv grew up at the north end of Huntsville, AL. When I went to Kalamazoo for PSP1 I took a small jar of red Alabama dirt and gave it to Marv. I had a friend. He told me he grew up across the road from the Chase depot. A few days after I got the guitar I took it up there and took the photo in front of the old depot. You can bet I sent him a large print. I sold the guitar because I was afraid to play it. When ever I took it out people would ask me to play it. I didn't trust most of them but what can you do. I managed to get rid of it before some fool could do something stupid. It
  12. Here is my 1996 H-535. I didn't ask for a wooden pick guard but it came with one.
  13. I used to like Ted but later found out he was a draft dodger. When his career was in the tanks he became America's patriotic hero. I never suspected he had any shame. I still doubt he does. That said, boy did he put on a show at the local military base one time. The base newspaper had a bunch of letters from the higher officer's wives about how he would never play there again. They asked for Ted Pungent and they got him. I wouldn't want anything he has touched.
  14. A buddy bought a '99 535 just like this. The photo below shows the 3 535s three of us own. It is a great, very pretty guitar. I would tell you that he got it for a song but I have heard him sing.
  15. I hear there is a chiseler in South Lyon, MI that may have one. Rumor is he is trying to sneak it past his wife into his house. Best to buy now. https://www.facebook.com/GreenOakGuitar/
  16. Guit, you need to read the plan above we were talking about.
  17. I remember we bought he and his wife tickets to Kzoo and paid for their lodging. We dove out there and his brother was working in his house and came at us with a wrench.
  18. That was the one we thought about stealing from the Guit as we drove to Kzoo isn't it? You called it the, "Triple Lunger." What elaborate plans we came up with...
  19. Stay off the Interstates the next few days Kenny. My people are coming to town.
  20. I bought a used 535 from Steiner that had HRWs in it. I ended up replacing them with Phat Cats. The HRWs were very clean with just an amp and a small Dallas/Arbitor boost pedal. They didn't have much flavor or color to me. I sold them to Guy with the switch tip included. The HRWs sounded to me like louder, cleaner Schallers. I can see where folks like Guit would like them for Jazz. I guess if you play with a bunch of stomp boxes they could sound good for Rock too. I just don't hear a blues tone coming out of them like the cheaper pickups.
  21. What about an H-550? Wouldn't that do the trick?
  22. It reminds me of Joe's 150. I think his was an '05 or '06.
  23. Double clutching! This guitar will love you long time.
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