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  1. It is always fun. Word on the street is that there is another of our HOC members in town as I type this.
  2. It is a fine guitar. This is marked as a second... probably an employee build because they used to "second them," for their employees. I had Marv and Jim look at it and they couldn't find a flaw with it. It has a deeper sound than does a lot of guitars but I like it. It is a shame you live so far away I would let you borrow it. https://ronwarren.com/475/index.htm
  3. Good times in north Alabama. L-R Me, Jim, Lance, and Bill.
  4. I like Schaller pups. They are clean but not too powerful, plus they have a nice, "flavor." They let my amp do what it was made to do. I have noticed a big difference in their winds. Some are more powerful than others. At one time they were sold for a rather low price and made a good pup for the money.
  5. I never bonded with the HRWs that came in my 535. When I sold them to MM the switch tip went with them.
  6. You got it. Actually it is a dress form my used to own. The base was weighted and there were pillows all over the floor.
  7. That is correct. It had 59's in it here but we replaced them with Schallers. Those opened up the tone on that beautiful wood.
  8. Well, maybe not new... or a custom core, but it is a great guitar that is every bit as nice as any that has come off the dock of 225 Parsons. I think it is a 2006 or 2007. New people to the Heritage brand -you can get some fantastic guitars for a very good price these days.
  9. I suspect you will love it and forget about the aged guitars within a few hours.
  10. That thing is going to be sold before we know it. When they come into Brent's hangar for repair it doesn't take long...
  11. This happened to a buddy but he caught the guitar before it cracked the neck. I use extra large strap locks with a washer and just leave the strap on all the time.
  12. Does the, "2," mean it was an employee build?
  13. Now how cool is that? I love K-zoo and it's people... well most of them. 😉 If there was a Heritage museum this would be a nice piece for the exhibit.
  14. Probably not. When I got it the front sight was off to one side by 1/4 of an inch. I replaced the sight but it still can't hit squat.
  15. This is very good advice. Also remember you can refresh the tip of your iron by wiping it on a wet piece of old cloth or sponge. Then add a little solder to the tip of the iron to get it ready for the next move. It will only help to draw out you plans. Remember you are building this the reverse of what the top looks like when you play it.
  16. When you get older you get, well older, and smarter. Don't give up on your passion but give up some of the abandon. I am glad to hear you are feeling well again. You took a lick.
  17. I got out of the industry right before surface mount became big. One night I too a toroid core home to wind a transformer for the next morning. This one had several different circuits. We would often wind strands of small wire instead of one strand of large wire because it was more efficient. I was getting tired and having trouble keeping count of the wires turns around the core. 18, 19, 20... then Sports Center came on. "Big night in the NBA! Charles Barkley -34 points, 18 rebounds..." I lost it! I had to unwind the wire and start it over. Suck!
  18. I had a solder sucker that would operate off of an air tank. Man, was I spoiled. The tip assembly fit in the end of a 50 watt iron and it would suck the solder into a glass tube. It worked so much better than one of the Pace suckers. An Aloe plant near by is a nice thing to have too. 😉
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