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Interesting item here, and no relation to me. 


Does anybody have a story on this?  I'm thinking it's maybe built for an employee...  Special serial number of the USS Enterprise, the extra signatures on the label.  I was weary about the Brazilian rosewood "leftover from the Gibbons days", but then the other items make it pretty clear there was a lot of special input from the factory.  


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Gee, only twice the price.

There's too much hyperbole.

Cool SN

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I noticed the pickguard too.  Don't see that on these guitars very often. 

I'm still interested who this was made for?  The seller is in Woodland Hills, California  (20 miles outside Hollywood) so another link to TV?  The answer may only be $1900 away.    

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Looks nearly identical to the HOC LE 137.  Only difference is no stinger, standard Grover tuners, and possibly the neck profile.

(By the way, the starting bid on is the price of a new 137 HOC LE)

But that serial number!  LOVE IT!  As a Trekkie, I have to admire such a request.  

As for the pickguard, looks really familiar...




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22 hours ago, DetroitBlues said:

I just confirmed the eBay listing was an employee guitar...

Thanks for that!  I notice the "J.E." on the cavity sticker in the serial, and i'm going to assume that's the employee's initials  Plausible anyway. 

I love back stories... I almost bought a custom strat that was made for Rue McClanahan's (Golden Girls, etc.) son.  Not just because it was made for him  -- it was a beautiful guitar priced right.  But the backstory is just something else to talk about  when showing off your guitars.

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