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  1. Hi Geoff and Welcome to the HOC. Looking forward to seeing your 555.
  2. Welcome to the HOC Ryan. Sounds like you have a plan !
  3. Welcome to the HOC Craig. Before someone else mentions it, pics are good
  4. Welcome to the HOC Proton, good luck with your search
  5. Nice one ! A "J " serial number is indeed a '93 guitar, have a '96 535 myself and it's fantastic.
  6. Excellent ! Sounds like you have been officially bitten by the bug Congrats. .
  7. When you receive it you can verify the finish by removing the control cavity cover, the finish is sometimes written on the label The label pictured is from a 157 Classic in OSB, old style burst, and fitted with '59s ( Duncan '59s) The V09003 is the serial #
  8. Very nice. The finish is VSB btw .... vintage sunburst .
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