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  3. My favorite of them all, wraptail sound with perfect intonation (or as good as you can get anyway).
  4. MY H-137 had a pigtail compensated bridge. It worked great.
  5. Au contraire, I pre- ordered mine from Sweetwater, then e-mailed Heritage and asked it they could fill the order for Sweetwater. Heritage folks were great to deal with and I had my guitar in about 3 weeks. I probably should add that I do spend a lot of money with Sweetwater so that could make a difference.
  6. Probably not. When I got it the front sight was off to one side by 1/4 of an inch. I replaced the sight but it still can't hit squat.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I do the Sweetwater card because zero interest in a win.
  9. I top-wrap mine, after I add a TonePros bridge and tailpiece. I prefer the slinkiness and the tailpiece is slammed against the body.
  10. I could have put the Custom Core on a regular credit card, but I already racked that up because I just bought a PRS Gary Grainger 5-string bass to keep my Carvin 5-string bass company, a 5-piece set of Paiste 2002 Big Beats cymbals and some extra stands (because I still have the Sabian AAX Freq cymbal set installed on the same drum set), a limited edition Heritage H155, a BLAZE BBQ grill for grilling on the deck and an Original Pakmule for my truck. So the credit card is full.
  11. I guess not. I don't know why there is a slotted nut with a round thing in the middle of that same slot on the bridge height adjustment post. Also, that new Gibson guy who came over to Heritage in the Custom Core video said that the stoptail piece should be sitting flat onto the body of the guitar. So is your stoptail messed up so that it won't screw down all the way? Or, if you do screw it down all the way, will the strings hit the back of the bridge? (Which is not supposed to happen.)
  12. That should have been caught by Heritage QC. Good news is that it’s an easy fix.
  13. For that kind of money, it should be ready to rock. I don't blame you one iota. I would do the same thing. Hands down.
  14. I had just paid mine off. Then I saw that core demo….but it’s going back. Easy come, easy go.
  15. And the 24-48 month interest free payments don't hurt, either. But I try to keep my balance low. Credit rating crap. (It doesn't always work)
  16. Sweetwater’s my go to place for new gear. The customer service is second to none.
  17. Big metal cans that peel open like a sardine can. About 800 rounds i each can.
  18. You have an AK for sale? Where do you live? I may be able to help.i do have a few (thousand) rounds of ammo for it...
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