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  2. Yet another beaut. Here's to hoping it has a safe journey.
  3. The thought has crossed my mind. The guy works at a guitar shop in London, so I think he knows how to pack a guitar.
  4. I’ll keep my fingers crossed in hopes that it makes the journey across the pond intact. Looks sweet!
  5. I pulled the trigger a 20th Anniversary H150 today! No. 008 It’s in London, England. Lol Factory stock. These are pics from the seller…will have better pics and a full report once it arrives.
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  7. Yup, I do believe that’s what I had heard as well.
  8. I remember Marv telling me they think they got a bad batch of Nitro around this timeline. Last I heard there was a rep coming out to check it out, no pun intended. They didn't have any issues after that time period.
  9. My recently acquired 22’ H535 has some very light checking lines on the face of the headstock. But then again I did purchase it as an unofficial “2nd” from Dave’s Guitar Shop.
  10. I've only got 5 Heritages, ranging from 1987 to 2006. None of them have any checking. You'll probably have little to no chance of determining if there was a "formulation change". From the visits we've made to the factory, the cans of lacquer were Behlen/Mohawk, if I memory serves me. It's been quite a few years and I don't see any photos of the cans in my gallery.
  11. Well I'll be... Looks like Heritage is still in the running for me. At this point I was mostly looking at Eastman and Maybach, but if I'm honest I have a soft spot for Heritage and I'm not sure there is *any* guitar company, on any continent, that can pull off a lemon burst like Heritage does, especially with vintagey non-bookmatched tops.
  12. I probably just added a few hundred dollars resale value to non-artisan aged owner's 150s for all the fools like me.
  13. Holy smokes, I stand corrected. This is after two hours in the freezer. Didn’t even need a hair dryer. I’m still wiping it down to get the moisture off, so don’t y’all worry about that The headstock area is really hard to see. Gibbys were much easier to see checking there, maybe their nitro is thicker?
  14. Thanks folks, really helpful feedback here. Sounds like if I'm looking for some really subtle textural checking, Heritage is unlikely to be the ticket. Seems it's more one extreme or the other.
  15. I had the same question here and I even wrote the factory. This is their response: "Thanks for writing in. The guitar has a nitrocellulose lacquer finish which will settle into the woodgrain over time. It may or may not have checking as it ages. It is dependent on temperature and humidity. As it stands, we have not had any reports of any Custom Core checking since their release a couple of years ago." My CC is over a year old and hasn't shown any signs of checking. I've had good results checking other instruments (even Gibson reissues) but not sure if this one is going to check or not. I'll cycle this thing a few more times just to be sure, but I'd wager there's too much stablizers/plasticizers for these things to check the way we've grown accustomed to seeing (which I'd add is done more with razor blades than anything else). I'd wouldn't mind seeing a CC Artisan Aged in person, but I think they are a little gratuitous with the schmutz they put in the cracks to make them stand out.
  16. My 2016 H535 show no sign of checking. It hangs in my basement on an exterior wall. Other than an occasional truss rod turn, it has been stable. My 2020 137 is supposed to ship back to me any week now, no idea if the cold shipping methods will impact it or not. I've had several Heritages from the 80's, 90's, and 2000's, I have not experienced checking on any of them. It will happen, but its rare I believe.
  17. Thanks for the insight! Do you mean 2015/2016 guitars were more prone to checking? Arrived from factory with more checking? As I understand it that time period was a bit of a dip in quality control across the board.
  18. I’m only aware of some checking “issues” around 2015/16. Beyond that I’m not sure about any finish formulation changes, although I would suspect that there have been some. I’ve owned many Heritage guitars ranging from 87’-22’. I’ve had some checked ones, but then again I buy used. I’ve seen many checked “H” guitars over the years though.
  19. Last week
  20. I've had multiple Heritage guitars for many years, two 1999's and a 1997 and all living non-pampered lives in the Northeast, and I've always noticed that compared so some of my other guitars the finishes on these have never checked aside from some very minor checking on one of the 1999's. I've read that Heritage has changed their formula at various points, and being a big fan of the subtle texture of natural checking (as opposed to exaggerated artificial aging) I've been thinking about picking up another Heritage that has a more checking-prone finish. Curious about any and all experience here.
  21. Well, if it sounds as good as it looks, should be a winner! Interesting setup on the cab with being able to run as single or pair.
  22. I've enjoyed my DG30 custom so much I was looking for another of Doug Sewell's masterpieces . The Blue Sierra was one of the initial models from PRS Custom Amp Dept . This is the model Derek Trucks plays . 50w hand wired EL 34 ( can run 6L6's) with a 2x12 that has seperate jacks (custom) so you can run it as a single 12 /share the cab with another amp or run both .. Just love the Paisley ...
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