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  2. Hi y'all - long time no see. I am looking to replace the black speed knobs on my 2009 535 with some vintage style Amber top hats. Seems simple enough - but Stew Mac is asking me if I have coarse-knurled pot shafts - or - fine-knurled pot shafts. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers
  3. I'm hoping this gives a better sense of what she sounds like playing some blues.
  4. Short Clip of My Honey Lemon Millie

    Squeeze that Lemon...
  5. Alvin Lee On h535

    That was a great version of "I'm Going Home". He sounded truly inspired!
  6. Unnatural Acts With The Elusive H-170

    +1 !!
  7. Unnatural Acts With The Elusive H-170

    Wow! That is nice. More pics of that beauty. The Maestro
  8. @joanwalsh All the more reason she shouldn’t have been taken advantage of

  9. Unnatural Acts With The Elusive H-170

    This is Natural acts... Can't have a 170 thread without this hottie...LOL Checkout the one piece top! I was told she was the last.
  10. Unnatural Acts With The Elusive H-170

    An A2 magnet, built like a strat single but doubled in humbucker configuration... all with staggered fixed rod poles. Just a different pickup https://www.seymourduncan.com/pickup/stag-mag
  11. Last week
  12. Unnatural Acts With The Elusive H-170

    dream on.......
  13. Unnatural Acts With The Elusive H-170

    Hi Guy! I understand. But pups without adjustable pole pieces are a non-starter for me. Maybe someday a pickup maker will figure out a way to make a balanced pickup where the G and B strings aren't so much louder than the high E string. 'til then I have to be able to adjust each string individually.
  14. Unnatural Acts With The Elusive H-170

    Stag mags wire parallel... Boy are they hot with standard wiring. Pickups can easily be swapped... By me or someone else. Those are the original pups. Remember our conversation about DC millies?? Same story about h-170s... You know how to get a hold of me.
  15. What about the back ones ?

    Here's my 555 with a Roy Clark neck.. I just realized I haven't taken any new pictures since the day she followed me home.
  16. What about the back ones ?

    they're Pearly Gates I picked up from Millennium Maestro. That axe has some bite to it.
  17. BLOG

    Great blog. 5stars. Would read again.
  18. Three of my favorite words. My new Axe Fx II XL+ is in the back of a UPS truck as I type and will be here some time today. Needless to say I'm very anxious.
  19. What about the back ones ?

    did you say black 535? photo credit BSchuneman Studios.... Actually, I believe the consensus was that this is actually a 545 (535 neck/555body)
  20. Unnatural Acts With The Elusive H-170

    That’s the one alright!
  21. What about the back ones ?

    I’ve had 3 Black Heritage Guitars. An H-170 an H-157 LE and an H-150 w/P90s (really miss that one). I’m planning to do a Custom order for a Black H-535 real soon! Black guitars are ‘da bomb!
  22. Unnatural Acts With The Elusive H-170

    I am expecting to stumble upon a 170 in a Florida pawn shop one day. And since they will have no idea what it is, I will steal that baby!
  23. Hi, Watt?

    This is my 1971 DR504 modded to DR104. I installed the EIC inlet, though I do have the original power cable. Note the 4 EL34 tubes. And a glimpse of Dave Reeves wiring artistry. MASSIVELY LOUD. Just waiting for Mr. Gilmour or Mr. Townsend to visit.
  24. Hi, Watt?

    allright....we need some pics in here! here is one of my old amps, c/o Mark Huss' Hiwatt website. whoops I guess it was a DR505 lots of good info at Marks' site....a great resource! link: http://hiwatt.org/
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