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  3. Nope. I said that if Heritage was forcing Custom Shop prices for a 137 that for that amount of money I (personally) would consider a similarly priced Collings 290. This was based on the increased price of a CS Heritage 137. I said it was a bad decision for Heritage to force Cust Shop prices for the 137 model. I never said one was better than the other, even though I have played both models (where I doubt most here have). -I never said a "Collings 290 is "hands down got to be a better guitar". Josh said; "You'd love it John. While I cannot compare it to a Collins, it is really well made and sounds fantastic." So I don't know why the daggers are getting thrown at Collings Guitars and me. I have done nothing but been excited about this build for those that bought one. I even mentioned that I wished I had $1800 to buy one but didn't have the money right now. So GREG please show me where I started a comparison of Collings Guitars & Heritage Guitars other than the CS-priced 137 & Collings 290 will be priced similarly now.
  4. I heard you start the comparison John. Go back and read your posts.
  5. I'm sure it sounds amazing Josh. But why all the comparisons to Collings or any other company? Why can't it just be great all on it's own without subjective comparisons? I certainly never said anything to insist that my Collings are better than any other Heritage guitar, but now the Collings haters are coming out. I am going to leave this thread, enjoy your amazing 137!
  6. Thanks man. I cannot believe how amazing it plays. First Heritage and it blows me away. Why did I wait this long to jump on board? People clearly don't know what they're missing out on. My fingers just glide on this fingerboard almost as if it were fretless. So happy with this purchase. @Millennium Maestro nice collection! I really dig the one with no f holes. Also, the top on the red DC is sick. And that shade of purple!
  7. Now same as new but every time I look the used slab collings P90 models get cheaper and cheaper around here, a few under 2k. I guess they aren't moving to fast. Either way I'd rather have the Heritage as it doesn't come with it's own built in smugometer.
  8. I know I’d never makes a comparison when I have zero experience, I can only assume Collins is a spectacular guitar, but for the price point they cannot be compared regardless.
  9. Your BS meter just went off again, Will. When did you play my Collings City Limits P-90 or ANY Collings CL or 290 to compare it to a Heritage 137 you just got? I would never claim one guitar is better than another without comparing them side by side. My guess is you have spent maybe too much time isolated at the gate....
  10. Unfortunately I'm not, that solder job is not right.
  11. You spec'd some really wild guitars out Paul!
  12. And another thing, the finish is spectacular. Another guitar company (and they are beautiful guitars) aspires to a dipped in glass look, well this one also fits that description.
  13. Man I'm glad you went there instead of where I would have gone 😄
  14. Congratulations Will! Make some noise.
  15. OP that is a beautiful guitar! That was a spectacular run of Millies a few years ago.
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  17. There was five started pending sales, but there are 2 new orders as of last Friday.
  18. ElNumero


    You are missing the pickup selector switch for the one on the right!!!
  19. And that's it, the HOC run of 5 is complete and no more orders (unless you pay the custom shop price now), isn't that correct Josh?
  20. Mine (number 5) arrived today! But I am at work at the beach club and the box is sitting in my hallway! At least Fedex delivered it before I left for work; I didn't want that baby sitting on my porch!
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