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  2. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    That's a great grab'n'go Boogie. Mesa's don't need to be big to kick it out. I'd at least try it out.
  3. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    I would trade it for a Jet City amp in a heartbeat. Those Subways are some great amps.
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  5. Change at Heritage Guitar

    +1 was amazing to hear you play at the barn, that one year. fantastic!! hope things are well
  6. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    I wouldn't let reverb pricing determine the trade. When I bought my 1964 J45 they totally got the price wrong, which ended up in my favor since I used that to negotiate. Look at Reverb's wild rises and falls in valuation on the J45.... https://reverb.com/price-guide/guide/179-gibson-j-45-1964-cherry-sunburst Besides that the Jet City, is a Chinese made amp with a high history of repair problems vs a USA made Mesa amp with a pretty good track record of reliability. Let tone be your guide!
  7. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    I’ll probably pass on it for the reaso. It’s value per Reverb is rather low...
  8. Change at Heritage Guitar

    And a treat to meet you and listen to you play, Vince (you used my amp one of those years)! That was a highlight of the eight or so I've attended. Hope you and your charming wife are well and enjoying good health! Best wishes! Rob
  9. Change at Heritage Guitar

    loved being there in 2010 and 2011
  10. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    I like the little Subway Rockets, and they definately react well to speaker changes. When you back up the mids they sound blackface fenderesque and as you turn them up in the mids they get a nice lead voice (a little thicker)
  11. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    A bit of history behind the Mesa Subway amps... They were named after a small, quirky music shop in Berkeley California, called “Subway Music”. They’re still open, and still run by the even more quirky Fat Dawg. Great place to find oddball guitars of all kinds. Be prepared to spend hours sampling stuff, and chatting with Mr. Dawg and his staff.
  12. The Golden Eagle of Paisley Park

    I had one of those years ago and that bridge confounded me, but I liked the pickups, and yes it played great. I wish I would have kept it, as these days I'm getting better at wrangling some good tone out of low output pickups. I sold in in the 1981!
  13. Custom Creations From Heritage

    Photos part 2:
  14. Custom Creations From Heritage

    It used to be that all Heritage guitars were "custom" because they would build them any way you wanted them built. But even this guitar would have been a stretch because it has a combination of different models in the same guitar. So I just call it my H-150 Custom Quilt. The bound head stock would be a feature you would see in a Deluxe, but because the binding is "singly ply", that is more typical of a standard model of H150. The quilt top is a huge upgrade. The Ebony fingerboard you see here is what you would find on a H157, not an H150. It's a mix of different cool features you don't normally see combined on the same guitar, so that's why I call it a "custom". As soon as it went up for sale, I made sure to buy it before that poor guy realized how stupid he was for letting it go. (hahahah just kidding Brent) (Photos part 1)
  15. Yes, I've tried a Boss Acoustic simulator and it's ok but the Digitech Mosaic (if it can be called that, lol!) it's the real thing. Honest.
  16. The Golden Eagle of Paisley Park

    Look at that! Front and center. (The black guitar.) That, ladies & gentlemen is an Ovation Breadwiner. Back in the 1980's age of high school garage bands, I used to jam with a guy who had one of those Ovation guitars. As usual I'd ask each of my guitar player buddies if I could try playing their guitar. That guitar had the best, lowest, most effortless action of any guitar I had ever played. To this day, in the back of my head, I basically compare the action of any of my guitars to that one guitar. But, the main reason I don't own one of those guitars today is that I would never accept such a crappy bridge, pickups or electronics these days. But a cool look and a great action for for playing Heavy Metal.
  17. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    A friend has a Subway Rocket. 20w. Its definitely a Mesa. I borrowed it for a couple of gigs about 6yrs ago. It could get angrier than I thought it would, which was okay in the context I was using it in. I like the Express's more. Can you play it before you trade?
  18. Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    Heavy - Check! Small (ish) - Check Dog - Trade for JC - Maybe
  19. Anyone or play these? I was offered one in trade, but Mesa Boogie always strikes me as small but very heavy. Plus I know there are some amps they’ve made that are dogs. is a trade for my Jet City worth it?
  20. Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    Pretty sure it's the Top Boost channel. However, in the Bogner designed (think it was Bogner) ACXXCC line they didn't use an EF86. Still gets that Vox self-induced OD, tho'. It's magic! Well, it was until it went south. I can't find 2 prong adapters (sensing a pattern here). If I find them today I'll try that.
  21. I don't know what those are like, I'm happy enough with what the mosaic sounds like.
  22. Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    12ax7 and the ef86 would be more pron than power tubes me thinks...
  23. Custom Creations From Heritage

    Oh Hell yeah, I have several and appear to be a severe hoarder...
  24. Last week
  25. Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    Did you float the ground to see if that had any effect? (3 prong to 2 prong). And did you unplug the TV, computers, and router, and try the same test? In my opinion that is not a microphonic tube issue, it's sounds like something coming up the ground, or a faulty cable (power or guitar cord).
  26. Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    Well, I've about exhausted my patience and what little knowledge I have about tubes and amps. Found my quartet of EL84s. Did the one-at-a-time swappers. Each time it seemed like that would be the one and ......... then .......... argh!! I've swapped cables again. Think I already mentioned doing that. And the other amp sitting right next to it doesn't buzz a peep. Guess the next stop is the repair guy. Dang it!
  27. Custom Creations From Heritage

    I was just talking about that one that got away. Misssing.........
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