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  2. There were a lot of small mom and pop shop dealers I used to seek out to try a new Heritage. Most either didn't have any i stock or had floor models that hung around for years covered in dust and with dead, rusty strings. Not a good impression. One of the biggest problems Heritage had was zero advertising. No one outside some small circles knew about Heritage guitars. You'll read story after story of newcomers here that never heard of Heritage until they ran across it one day, usually at a second hand store for cheap. When they finally stumble upon the Heritage Owners Club or one
  3. Sorry...but just snorted some coffee.
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  5. I'd rather have a pickguard that matches the top in color and in grain. I know that's near impossible, but it has been done at least for matching color.
  6. H-140 models were great guitars. What I liked is instead of an arguably sustain sucking weight relief, Heritage just made the body thinner. Less weight but more sustain. (I can't say that is true or false, just how some feel about weight relief) A nice feature upgrade on the 2nd Gen 140 was a bound neck. I thought the 1st Gen's looked off with a bound body but unbound neck. Only think I prefer on the 1st Gen was the sharp cutaway versus the rounded, H150 style cutaway. And Bolero is right! Pics or it didn't happen!
  7. hey great post, thx for sharing! would be nice to see a couple pics :D
  8. No kidding!!!! Geezzzz. If it weren’t for Bill, Heritage would have never seen the year 2000 But yet they can showcase the pre-Madonna, Farmer.....(insert facepalm)
  9. I agree! Bill deserved to be recognized!
  10. I have been using straps with a suede lining to help mitigate neck dive on all my semi hollows, Dot, 339, 335 and 535.
  11. According to the NAMM oral history, Jim, Marv and JP actually started the company and when it was incorporated in 85, Bill and Mike Korpak joined as owners. While Mike left shortly thereafter, Bill stayed on until just over a year ago, when he finally retired. He definitely should have been included in the "members of note" at the very least. https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/bill-paige Maybe we should just drop CME a line and say that Bill need to be added to the article.
  12. Thank you, I appreciate your offer and of course your kindness. I keep telling people that the people on the HOF are the greatest and will help with anything. Thank you again and I am sure you will be hearing from me. Sincerely, Jeff
  13. Someone with good woodworking skills should be able to make them. Some black stain and a can of lacquer should do the trick. The toughest part would be adding the binding, I would think. That not really necessary except if you have something like the 157 with multiply binding already.
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  15. I noticed that too. I wasn't pleased.
  16. Leaving Bill Paige out of the Heritage Story is a huge oversight.
  17. It's good to be back! I stopped playing for a few years. I stayed in the music industry running a small record label selling techno in Europe and doing AR work. It was an amazing experience. My job mainly consisted of sourcing out talented artist in electronic music and licensing remixes and working with the artist to create tracks to the labels taste. We released amazing sounds from an unknown German artist who was 18 years old. We also haggled with some of the bigger dogs making music for Ibiza clubs and scored a few solid releases that charted on the techno and deep house char
  18. Wish we could still get the wooden pickguards. The plain, single ply pickguard that came with my 535 looks so cheap against the beauty of the 535, I would never install it
  19. Very cool article. Even mentioned PSP. Some of the words used though makes me wonder who the word-smith was that answered some of those questions...
  20. I like having a guard. I tend to drag my fingers on the top, and it scratches the finish. I can see it on the finish of my Millennium and my Dean acoustic and my Melancon's guard. For the 137, the plastic guard is fine, but on the 157 and 535, I like having the wooden guard the best.
  21. Once again, no mention whatsoever of Bill Paige. He must have really pissed somebody off.
  22. Chicago Music Exchange has a very thorough and interesting overview of Heritage Guitars. https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/blogs/news/inside-heritage-guitars
  23. I agree, the guitars that have a fretboard that go past the neck seem to do that ski jump thing. Played an old Gibbons ES-125 that was really bad.
  24. bolero: the older versions of the 357 might have had thinner necks, from the original production run 198x-199x ( not 100% sure on years they were made ) post 2004 or so, the "Marv Birds" all seem pretty chunky. Thanks for this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, very useful info when on safari.
  25. The castings are, and they cast for Gretsch and Fender too.
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  27. To be perfectly honest, I had all intentions of converting this over to a Hardtail. But I wanted to give the Kayler a good shot. I got it all strung up and set up and the Kahler performs extremely well. I was very surprised.
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