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  3. I'll endorse the Lollar Imperial idea. I have Imperial low-winds on my 550 and they are great for that 50s-60s jazz sound that can also sustain and sing with the right settings.
  4. A buddy has a 550 much like this one. Give it some time. You may like it as it is.
  5. I really like the Seth Lovers. Great pickups.
  6. Thanks to everyone, I will try the Seth Lovers. I know how to change pickups by myself, If I don't like the sound I'll sell it and put back the Schallers.
  7. I had Seths in an LP for quite a few years and found them to be an extremely balanced pickup, the only reason I swapped them out was because I wanted to try a Pure Handwound (wound by hand, not guided on a machine by hand) custom humbucker made by David Plummer of Zhangbucker. The newer humbuckers were marginally better than the Seths. As for Schallers, I've never heard a set that did it for me. But with pickups, like anything else, they need to line up with the guitar that they are in!
  8. Been playing for fifty years, plus or minus. Have owned a pile of guitars dating from '52 on.... Gigged my 535 a lot. I haven't swapped out the p'ups in it. Mine came with Lovers. I couldn't imagine a better pickup in that guitar. Could. Not.
  9. Welcome to the forum. It's really hard to beat the Seth Lover pickups. If you want the sound of original PAF pickups, they're where it's at. They go very well with styles of music you've described. I've never really cared for the Schaller pickups myself. Over the years I've had quite a few different Heritage guitars, and I always wound up swapping pickups. To me, at best the Schallers are just okay.
  10. Hi, everyone, I'm new in this Forum. I have a Heritage H535 and H550 with Schaller pickups but I'm tempted to change the pickups to Seth Lover like the new ones. I play mostly jazz, blues and fusion with light overdrive. I want to know if anyone made this change and liked the sound better. I saw a video of Rich Severson comparing both pickups and liked the Schallers over the Seth Lover in a H575. Someone commented that he installed Seth Lover and changed back to Schallers for retaining the sound of the wood better. Someone that had the same experience? Thanks.
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  12. Well, it would have to be a Nashville TOM or an ABR conversion that sits on Nashville spaced posts. I think more people complain about the schaller tailpiece than the bridge. Personally, I wouldn't change the Schaller bridge on this guitar. If you play fingerstyle the Schaller bridge is great because you can adjust the string spacing very easy. As far as the pickups, many jazzers really like schaller pickups because they are darker sounding which is perfect for jazz. My advice.... play it for a couple months and then maybe consider a pickup swap based on what tone you are after (again, it maybe perfect as is) and search for pickups that make a tonal difference if needed, don't just switch to another brand just to switch.
  13. Hello all, I just acquired a 1995 H550 and it's freaking awesome!! I have a Gibbons L5 ces and Super 400 ces and wanted a 25 1/2 laminate workhorse. Like some folks, I'm not too excited about the Schaller roller bridge and pickups Can anyone provide insights on the tonal impacts of converting to an ABR bridge? I was thinking of going ABR with Nylon saddles, as i have em on my L5 and love the combo. Im thinking of putting in some Gibbons 57's or Lollar Imperials. -Would this be a big improvement from the stock Schallers? I know this is all subjective, but thanks in advance!
  14. That's exactly why Pete selected those boards... He absolutely loves Brazilian Rosewood and those two boards look very close to that wood species.
  15. I haven't torn my Colonial apart or tried to figure out what they are. My guess (and only a guess) is that they are for 230V supply - given that your friend's is set up for EU voltage. My heart goes out to you knowing what it feels like to have a new, great amp that cannot be played. Get on epay or amazon and find a stepdown transformer. It shouldn't cost more than US$30. The patent for your amplifier can be found at: https://patents.justia.com/patent/7417502
  16. Fashionable DB, what all the stylish pedal pushers will be wearing!
  17. If you can get a number off the transformer (you said it was a Mercury Mag unit) I would contact them to see if they have a spec sheet for it. That said, PaulC should know what he put in those amps. And, yes, I know how nicely they are put together. I"ve got a Patriot. The workmanship is fabulous. Its not out of the realm of possibility that they sourced 240v transformers for the overseas market. I think I would opt for the stepdown transformer. You can get them for under $100. Otherwise you are risking burning out the unit. It would be a shame for all that lovely work to go up in smoke!
  18. Thank you for your quick response! Do you know anything about these two loose cables coming out of the transformer and being clamped together above it?
  19. Here's what I do know. Many boutique, American amps are capable of running on 230V supply; they need to be configured to do so. Obviously, your friend's Colonial is and is so labeled. The transformer in the Colonial is so revolutionary that Mr. Cochrane received a US patent. Instead of running two different preamps and calling them "Marshall" and "Fender" he used different taps from the transformer to mimic the differences between Fender and Marshall transformers. His design is the only one to do this and does the very best job of producing both brands in one amplifier. You have a few options: Either procure a step-down transformer because you know your amp was configured for US standard voltage. Put your amp next to your friends and see if you can identify the different leads. Be careful, there may be caps and resisters elsewhere that are specific to the EU voltage. My Favorite: Find a competent repair shop and have them test the leads to see if your transformer is capable of running on 230V. Bring Mr. Cochrane's phone number and have the tech call if necessary.
  20. Hello again to the Heritage Colonial Owners Club 🙂 As I mentioned before I am the lucky buyer of Brent's Colonial amp. As Steiner suggested I contacted Paul through his mail and I was very surprised and even more pleased that he did answer in deed. The only thing I did not like was the content of his reply. He told me that I would need a step down transformer to be able to use here in Germany (230V). Actually I still can not really believe this. Here is my reasoning: 1) A Friend of mine bought the Colonial Amp used from someone who bought it used from someone ... He is running his Colonial Amp without a step down transformer for more than a year and does not have any problems with it. His Amp has 230V EU ... something written on the chassis ... please look at the attached picture. 2) Has anybody opened his Colonial Amp to see the beautiful work of art to the circuit? If so, you might have noticed that there are two loose wires clamped above the transformer ... please have a look at the second and third attached picture ... Does anybody know what these are for? Could it be, that depending of what voltage you are using different wires of the transformers have to be connected to the Power supply? If so, does anybody know further details about this? ... PLEASE help if you have any information for me. Is there anybody with the circuit diagram. Or is there somebody who knows more about the magic of these special "Mercury Magnetics HERITAGE 50 0" transformers. I am still hoping that I will just have to solder two other ends to of the transformer to the power supply and then it will work with the German 230 voltage. I am really appreciating any hint on this. Thank you in advance! Greetings from Berlin Matthias
  21. Those two top pieces resemble some Brazilian Rosewood boards I've seen. Obviously that's not the case, but it shows the quality Heritage is after.
  22. Really nice looking fretboards! Can't wait to see the finished products!
  23. First batch of fretboards has been selected! Can’t wait to see them progress!
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