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  2. Harmony guitars?

    Hmmmmm... I wonder if that was factory stock? Maybe a bit of custom shop?
  3. Seems like just yesterday! Time flys when you're having fun!

    Selfishly I have to admit my favorite part is when they guy is showing a guitar to Brent and he say "Have you seen the top on Guys guitar" Its at the 12min mark! Kind of reminded me of the line in Croc Dundee... "That's not a knife, here's a knife!"
  4. Seems like just yesterday! Time flys when you're having fun!

  5. Harmony guitars?

    JJ Cales Harmony. He wrote recorded and performed some pretty good tunes with this. Pulled some cool tones out of it as well.
  6. Harmony guitars?

    Very cool! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Harmony guitars?

    Very first guitar was a harmony acoustic. 'Twas a total POS with action higher than a kite; all laminate/plywood body. Years later, my first electric was a Fenderish harmony with a harmony solid state amp. The combo sounded so bad that I quit guitar for the next couple years and stashed it in the back of the closet.
  8. Harmony guitars?

    ah, thanks for the info Rich; I thought it was Plaza Corp
  9. Going overseas?

    no relation to Kuz....
  10. Seems like just yesterday! Time flys when you're having fun!

    I haven't seen that in a while... nice to re-experience that tour. I loved seeing the new paint booth and seeing everyone working with such attention to detail. The finished products at the end are wonderful examples of their craftsmanship.
  11. NGD, Please Help with Name (and Enjoy the PICS)

    I like it 'SecondHand', SonsBurstDay is kinda cool, 'Day After Tomorrow', it does have a james bond ring to it
  12. HB1 Bass wiring

    Can you post a better picture of the bass so I can see what options it has? Thanks.
  13. Harmony guitars?

    Never owned a Harmony acoustic, but a used Harmony Stratotone was my first electric as a 13 year old kid. Still have it...but over the years its been modded up and barely recognizable as a Harmony. My first NEW electric was a '67 Harmony H52 w/Bigsby. $199 out the door w/case. I played that thing for many years in every kind of venue known and unknown to man. If that old p.o.s. gitfiddle could talk!
  14. Heritage H-158 Millenneum

    I have an H-158 "classic" with a Bigsby. Great sounding guitar. They have laminate arched tops and backs I believe, so there is no rear access for wiring.
  15. HB1 Bass wiring

    Ren Wall at Heritage could probably answer this one easily. You might try dropping him an email, or giving him a call. PHONE:+1 (269) 385-5721 E-MAIL: support@heritageguitars.com
  16. Going overseas?

    http://www.heritageownersclub.com/forums/profile/25792-meng/ He works for Heritage.
  17. Seems like just yesterday! Time flys when you're having fun!

    I'm looking forward to this year. That just primed the pump a bit.
  18. Harmony guitars?

    A bit of clarification, It isn't that Heritage bought the name. Bandlabs bought both the Harmony and Teisco names with the goal of relaunching both brands. They are partners with Heritage. In any case, it looks like there are major marketing efforts afoot. As for Harmony guitars, I never had one. They were never on my radar.
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  20. Harmony guitars?

    Thanks. The archtop is in unplayed condition, the guy that sold it to me called a couple of months later asking if I wanted to sell it back.. ha. The acoustic is the model that Jimmy Page used in early to mid Led Zeppelin.. it is the model used on Stairway to Heaven.... ( Does anyone remember laughter? )
  21. Going overseas?

  22. Heritage H-158 Millenneum

    Its a stunning guitar, absolutely love it, enjoy it and play it in good health!
  23. Harmony guitars?

    those are nice!!
  24. Heritage H-158 Millenneum

    Thanks all! I appreciate being able to share with people that appreciate Heritage guitars! My 10th Heritage - and I think this is the one I have been searching for.
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