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  2. What I like about an aged instrument is less fear of a chip, scratch, pick swirl, etc. You can take it out, play it, and not worry about the battle scars. There are many who love to keep their guitars as if they were closet queens. I prefer to play them, wipe them down occasionally, and take them everywhere. I’ll add my own mojo in no time.
  3. Big board and small board are now both complete.
  4. Here's my "vintage" Heritage - a 1986 H140.
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  6. Also, any Heritage guitar made prior to 2016 would now be vintage. Right? I strongly agree with 2016. As our parlementarian, may I suggest we hold a pole among HOC members and a super majority of 67% shall be ratified if not vetoed by the moderator.
  7. Vintage 2008 H-150 with ThroBak SLE 100s. Vintage 2015 H-535 with ThroBak ER Customs.
  8. The oldest Heritage I have is a G model 1990. 31 years old. I consider it Vintage. It's a H-537 and has that vintage feel and still has that smoky odor. Discontinued model a long time ago. One of the best sounding guitars I have. I never could figure out what pickups are in it and don't care. Tone is awesome
  9. Recently there have been a few nice old Heritage guitars shown here, either for sale or questions about them by their owners. The question about the 'B' serial numbers really struck me since those guitars, made around 1985 would now be 36 years old! In the guitar world, an instrument becomes 'vintage' after about 30 years. https://reverb.com/page/vintage-guitar-faq Considering Heritage likely sold everything they built since 1985, there should be a ton of vintage Heritage guitars out there in the wild. Also, any Heritage guitar made prior to 2016 would now be vintage. Right?
  10. I've been into vintage instruments since the late 70's. It always was a treat when someone would pull out an instrument that had some years and miles on it. Particularly those fine guitars from Kalamazoo. But the vintage guitar market has taken many of these to astronomical prices, particularly those sweet old Les Paul models that I love. So the Artisan Aged Heritages really appeal to me. They are not beat up or fake looking.. just aged to give the feel of a guitar that wasn't just made yesterday. And by adding the knowledge and expertise of Edwin Wilson , they've really taken Heri
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  12. Cool Rob. Hey, I tried to message you on here and it said you cannot receive messages so I sent you an email!
  13. You are correct, the "old" website began with B serial numbers for 1985. This has always confused me when counting years with my fingers because my inclination was to start with A as in the alphabet!
  14. Nobody can afford a Gibbons '59 silly boy!
  15. Ron's painfully slow teaser photos of bits and pieces of my under construction 525 drove me up the wall! To quote the great Muhammad Ali..."He's a BADDD Man!"
  16. Good luck with your purchase. P90s are cool. Taking a screwdriver to a perfectly good Brand New guitar = Not cool.
  17. I always post a picture of the H150GT on these relicing threads. I have been hard at the relic project for a bit of time now but it’s on hold until gigs start back up.
  18. Life would be easier if people were good OR bad

  19. When I bought a Heritage, the chorus chanted you don't look at the headstock when you are playing the guitar maybe it is more than marketing . . . could be that looking at a beat up guitar while playing it inspires a more authentic guitar face
  20. That first pic looks like he's getting the guitar out of a mausoleum. The finish is a masterpiece.
  21. Here is Marv taking me up to see Guit's guitar. I was so mean to the Guit, I only sent the photos of the head stock at first. It is a stunning guitar. Where else could you have done this on a factory tour?
  22. Pffft. I read the thread title, not the OP, no ones got time for that. Just had to get the outrage out while it was still fresh and before I forgot what triggered me.
  23. I'm guessing that only a few people on here really know what goes into the Artisan Aging process. Its only been available for just over a year, and with last year's PSP being cancelled, we didn't have the opportunity to see the process. Looking at the Heritage website, it has the Artisan Aged line listed, but under each of the 4 colors available is Discontinued. I'm guessing they were testing the market, and any new aged guitars would be custom shop models, with the added price tag. It probably also means that means anyone wanting to get an aged model better grab one while t
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  25. Recalling a very special visit from HOC'ers, Spectrum (Dan) and NickNickHall, once you started playing the H525, you refused to share it with Nick or me, clutching it to your bosom, making a (loud) joyful noise. It is almost as loud as an H575! Here's a close-up of a couple of the pearl mini-blocks done by Custom Inlay. (And yes, I use flatwounds on this git).
  26. This thread cracks me up. My core question was simply if anyone had any knowledge as to why there is no price difference between the relic finish and the normal finish. Only one person offered up any info on that question but the rest of it is all opinion on relic finishes. No worries, it just shows how strongly folks who hate relicing REALLY hate relicing FWIW, my 30 year old Warmoth Strat has real world battle scars and I think I'd feel a bit foolish buying a new relic finish. Still, I am going to own a H-530 sometime soon. Peace!
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