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  2. Thats a fine looking 535.
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  5. I bought my H535 back in 2009 - the then UK distributor was about 15 miles from Nottingham. The first 535 I tried had SD59s and while it was good it didn't really say "take me, I'm yours". I then tried one with HRWs (also and Almond Sunburst) and I was smitten. A fine instrument!
  6. Yeah I didn’t own it yet. And the GT in the photo is gone.
  7. Totally agree. My prospect had ThoBaks. They were very nice also.
  8. I like the HRWs. I find them to be way better than the current SD 59s they seem to outfit everything with these days. I recently picked up a 2022 H535 with the 59s and swapped them out immediately. Ended up putting a set of alnico III Custombuckers in it and it’s like a blanket has been lifted off. Such a better tone now.
  9. I just got a 2011 Almond Sunburst 535 with HRW pickups. Wow. This is a great guitar and these pickups? Fantastic. my last Heritage was a cool Prospect but I didn’t bond with that one. Any other fans of the HRWs?
  10. Thanks for chiming in !! You made a good point here... yet what do you guys Heritage owners whom presently owning a 2023 H150 vs the older model ie year 2019 or 2018 H150 which plays feels and sound better? Has the quality improved with the 2023 new owner? I did found the older models have a thinner neck thickness profile and width is narrower, it has probably a smaller dome shape heel,has beautiful pearl inlays, and a shorter neck tenon, comes with grover tuners.... As of 2023... thicker neck profile 1st fret @ 0.88~, has probably a bigger dome heel, a so so looking celluloid plastic inlays (mine came with some scratches when inspected deep in enough, will try buff out) a long deep tenon ala gibson Reissues, comes with Heritage grover type tuners.... For owners of both eras if you happen to own a 2019 H150 vs current H150 non Custom core... Which actually has an overall better quality and tone ? Feels , weights , Plays and sounds quality ? Thank you....
  11. Guess I should have known because red is a difficult color to get the wood grain to pop like that.
  12. My 1st heritage guitar loved it sounds great !
  13. Depending on who you believe, it either a. is better b. is worse c. makes no difference. Seriously, unless you were to take a guitar with a thick neck, record it, then shave the neck down and compare it, you can't just make a blanket statement about that. BTW, Jimmy Page's #1 was a 59, but the neck was shaved down. Does that one have "tone"? There is a fellow on Youtube who took a Strat and recorded the guitar, then started cutting off chunks of the body. If there was a change in the sound, it was minuscule. I've read luthiers who say it makes a HUGE difference, and others who say it make almost no difference (we're talking solid body guitars here, not acoustics). I think there are other factors that will have larger impact. Pickups are #1 on my list, scale length is #2. Pickup placement makes a huge difference. BTW, Heritage necks are hand rolled, so no two are exactly the same. There were thick necks in the early days, and thin necks. They have templates that are used to check the shape.
  14. The whole guitar was refinished. Stated earlier in the thread. Dave provided the pickguard for me. He picked a nice one. The flame pattern works well with the guitar.
  15. Hi peeps.. I was just thinking the older H150 with a thinner neck profile of 0.83 vs a beefier closer to the R9 specd 0.88... Does have any impact on the tone ? If any heritage collectors here would wanna chime in ?
  16. You need an updated photo.... Where's the 137 LE?
  17. Was the whole guitar refinished or just the back? My 140 was in a clownburst, I changed to amber (much to the disgust of many here years ago). But the back is still red, however, I think it works now. Where did you get the pickguard? 140's usually didn't come with them.
  18. Yes it was completely stripped. It did have a stinger on it originally.
  19. First, I'm glad you are working with Gary. He's the best. Second, I haven't found much difference practically from no inserts, dot inserts, and blocks. I do wear contacts though.
  20. Stunning! I suppose you're still on the lookout for the red Centurian. Did you redo the stinger? I agree, the red back never rang my bell.
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