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  2. Who knows what makes something "collectible". I think that first, it needs to be desirable. I didn't think the Circle H was very good looking. If it was a great playing guitar at a steal of a price, I would probably get one, but give a choice between two identicals, I would take the traditional or the custom core styles. I don't think that the size was different, however.
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  4. Not sure since I don't own one. Here are a couple of other examples.
  5. Is it a fact it’s a different size or is it just an angle on a picture giving the impression?
  6. Quick question for the masses... Will the ubiquitous 'Circle H' headstock become a collector's item or shamed down the road?
  7. I have a full rack of Harbor Freight clamps. When it came to dovetails, I went with the big boy Bessy clamps. We use a piece of wax paper across the dovetails with a clamping board, side to side in your photo, to keep the joints flush. We also use Harbor Freight clamps, top to bottom in your photo, to tighten up the joint fit. If you need longer open time, Tite Bond makes a hyde glue with just that. If you get a rectangular box (4 right angles) and flat across the open face, you've alleviated the largest aw-shits first time out! Nice Job!
  8. Today I learned about, clamps, glue, and router speed and force. Dont buy cheap clamps. Glue wont wait for cheap clamps. I dont think glue and wood dust will hide torn out bits of wood satisfactorily. Just a proto type made out of laminated Hevea, rubberwood. Cheap. I bit off more than I could handle with the clamps I had available and the glue set and beat me before I could get the joints set properly. I did all the joints at once instead of taking smaller bites and doing one or two. The joints were always going to be tight but with glue in them as well it just ramped up the ti
  9. Hi,

    I’m wondering if you’d consider selling your Parsons St. guitar? I’m a Heritage collector and would love to own it, if you’d be willing to part with it?

  10. Sorry, but that Olive L5 just looks .... drab! I don't think I would even play it unless it was in a dark room. The 555, on the other hand, is welcome to stay at my place anytime it wants. Its exactly what I said before, Green, gold accents, nice binding. Heck, its even in my high school colors... green and gold! It makes me feel 17 again. Maybe I can play it at the sock hop.
  11. So there are drab greens and elegant greens. We know greens are good for you. Look, we have a new administration in the White House. This is my Green New Deal.
  12. So I bought this HJS. I'll figure out what to do with it later. Here is the army issue L-5 along with another Heritage "archtop" in green. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nHRBnMGv7U&feature=emb_logo
  13. And while you're at it throw out all photos of that "Fugly" headstock. 😉
  14. It works great. I auditioned many pedals before I put that grouping together, and only the good ones made the cut. I wasn't looking for pristine clean style repeats. I mostly use the delay for dirty style repeats with the Fab Suisse Overdrive. I control how hard I hit the delay with the compressor in front of it. And I smooth the tails with the JHS Spring Tank.
  15. Vince is a great guy; met him at one or two of the PSPs back in the day. During the Barn Era, IIRC. I will give him a pass on playing a green guitar because, well, he's Vince Lewis.
  16. Last week
  17. very nice and interesting I wonder how that Rubberneck works with it (one of my favs analog pedals)
  18. Here's the guitar in action with Vince Lewis.
  19. You'd best be careful, lest the all powerful ADMIN fellow puts you on the naughty list!
  20. thx for the pics! have never seen underneath the reso before, interesting!
  21. Fred beat me to it: in the 2000's the H150 headstock got wider not a big deal, as far as I'm concerned I like the CC headstock, but I won't be selling my '94 H150 any time soon
  22. Green and blue. And clown puke. And that ugly maraschino red. Wait, we might also want to include black on archtops in the ban.
  23. You could always ban green guitars from this forum forever!
  24. Blue isn't always bad. Green, on the other hand, should be limited to peas and leprechaun hats.
  25. While the headstocks on Heritage archtops are noticeably different from the solid body models, the dimensions varied over the years even on the same model. These are both H-150 headstocks from ones I've owned... The left one is a 1988, the right a 2000.
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