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  2. H-140 new pickups

    yep +1
  3. Rebuilding Relationships

    My opinion.... you originally sold it for a reason.... There are very few, if any of my guitars I sold that I would buy back. Only one actually comes to mind. We learn what we like and what we don't we sell. Just my.02
  4. H-140 new pickups

    I put throbak kz-115 with long a2 magnets in my 157. My wife plays a 535 with what at the time was Seth lovers in it. The seths did not have the tone, clarity or articulation of the throbak. The 535 went out for throbak pg-102 with out a flipped magnet and long a5 magnets. They are tone monsters. I believe in these throbak. You get what you pay for. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. H-140 new pickups

    For vintage tone, try Seth Lovers. I used to play a Lester that had a Seth in the neck and a Pearly Gates in the bridge. Nice Zeppelin and Reverend Gibbons tone for sure...
  6. Rebuilding Relationships

    I say go with the tried and true.... pure masonite. It was good enough for Jimmy Page and all those other hot cats in the 60s. OK, so maybe I'm kidding. Does Warmoth make a body with the proper neck pocket? It may not be standard. If you really like the neck (I'm guessing its somewhere between Louisville Slugger and a redwood in girth), find a good Strat body and do a Partscaster.
  7. H-140 new pickups

    You might want to try the Jimmy page wiring. As for pickups, PK's 4 conductor Dimarzio 36th PAFs will work very well for what you are looking for. Also Seymour Duncan SH-18 Whole lotta humbucker. But if you have the cash I would go with ThroBak EdA-Custom . I have a set in a H150 , and I love them. If you need any help PM me.
  8. Rebuilding Relationships

    Ive been down this road. It was interesting, for me. What I thought would be a quick strip and paint, refret and rewire turned into a guitar building class and small and temporary cottage industry. Ultimately I didnt end up with the guitar, after all those years I just didnt like it all that much. A lot of effort for nothing. As I got close to completion I remembered the guitar was never ideal for me to start with. I ended up building 8necks and 9 bodies. I sold them all to fans of Steve Stevens, Glen Tipton and Andy Summers in the US and UK That funded my own project and gave me some spare cash. I learned a lot about guitars and had fun hanging around and using some cool machinery. I still have the templates and files from the scans. Ithink I have. I hope I have. If your guitar was as cool as you think it was go with a replica. If you remember its flaws maybe have a go at recreating it as you think you might like it to be.
  9. H-140 new pickups

    I have a set of Lollar Imperials in my H137 custom. I really like them. The SD Phat Cats sound good in my 535.
  10. Rolling Stone purchases 49% of Heritage Inc and releases major plans.

    You need to stop spanking your monkey.
  11. Check out this new Heritage Model. WOW

    LaFond, LaFlamme, Flamm. I am confussed...
  12. ...;and it's not what you think.... My first guitar was a 1991 Aria Pro II JS Series- HSS Strat style with a reverse pointed headstock. Many years ago, I parted that guitar out and I only have the truss rod cover today.... but I know who has the neck and I'm getting it back. However, what should l do? Make it another HSS Strat Style guitar? Or should I make something different? Maybe a V or Explorer guitar? The original body was smaller than a regular Strat, rear loaded, all black. Body material was not even plywood, it was like particle board. Very cheap stuff. I built my love of Guitar on that worn out fretboard. I want to rebuild that early relationship. But be true to the original? or try something new?
  13. Check out this new Heritage Model. WOW

    ooh yeah....that is NICE I always preferred the switch up there, too. Glad the Milleninum Pro has it
  14. well, I guess technically, it's an APE " ooh, hoo hoo....I wanna be like you, hoo hoo..."
  15. that's funny....this is a howling Gibbon monkey he kinda reminds me of Henry J, for some reason. Proof there is indeed some kind of Jung happenstance in the universe
  16. H-140 new pickups

  17. H-140 new pickups

    If it currently has a Duncan 59 in it, the pickup cavities are likely big enough for any humbucker. There are a lot of options. I like Duncan Seth Lovers. I also like Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAFs. I have a set of 4 conductor Dimarzio 36th PAFs that I'm not using. I'd be happy to sell them. PM me if you are interested.
  18. H-140 new pickups

    My H150 has Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbuckers in it right now and I love the sound. You'll have to get a phase switch installed as well to get that quack and the WLH are voiced great for that. Otherwise, think about a few PAF clones. Get four conductor wires though for the phase switch. Also think about a nice wiring harness... good quality balanced pots wired 50's style are just as important to the sound, especially if you're using a tube amp. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  19. H-140 new pickups

    I put Alnico Pro IIs in my H140 and it sounds great. You might also consider changing the magnets in the Custom 5. An alnico 2 might tame the top end a bit, although it won't kill the output a lot. The custom 5 has a pretty high output. You could also flip the polarity to give it some of the Peter Green vibe.
  20. H-140 new pickups

    Hi, new poster here but not a new Heritage owner I'm looking to swap out the pickups in my H-140 as while it sounds great, I'd like something more vintage sounding for the bridge pickup. I plan to swap out both pickups into another guitar so I'm looking for a full set. It's a 2nd edition made in 2012/13 (can't exactly remember) with a Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck and custom 5 in the bridge. The bridge is just too modern and bright for what I want, which is more vintage, warmer and fatter, a classic Les Paul tone. My favourite Les Paul players are Peter Green, Jimmy Page, Mick Taylor and Billy Gibbons. I was considering a set of Peter Green style pickups but I think they might be a bit thin and bright. Though I don't want a set that sounds too fat, I do like the quacky kind of Green/Page sound. Doesn't have to be anything obscure, if a set of seymours or dimarzios fit the bill I'd be just fine with that. I did however read an old thread here saying the pickup cavities are smaller than usual and thus most pickups won't fit. Is this something that applies to 2nd edition H-140s as well? Any input appreciated, thanks
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  22. Check out this new Heritage Model. WOW

    If they ever give me a signature model (the lafond model). This would be it. Here is the rest. Millie Ultra STD, no F holes, HRWs, pickup selector on top.
  23. RT @RedTRaccoon: RETWEET TO TELL THE GOP TO STAND BEHIND SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN He had the bravery to stand up for us. It's time for you to…

  24. Doing the ol' two-step

    Not that it matters much but why to the Avatars now look blurrier? Or maybe I need new lenses?
  25. We used to refer to that other company as Gibbons here... That way it didn't come up in searches.
  26. Auto correct here is weird.
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