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  2. Hearing how notoriously picky Eric Johnson is about his tone, I would think that says something about the Two Rock version of the ODS. Certainly it's not an "off the shelf" amp, but still, it must be pretty darn close to start with. I almost went for a Ceriatone clone that was on Craigslist locally about a year ago. I think he was selling it for $1300 which is a really good price, but in the end, I decided that another amp wasn't something that I needed. Besides, I would have needed another cabinet, which would set me back another chunk of change.
  3. Actually I think that's what most people are doing
  4. True, but aren't most owners bound by a contract to only sell it back to Dumble himself? Though I'm not sure if he can make those kinds of demands on the super famous and rich people. That said, IF I had a Dumble, I'd probably only use it in the studio, not take it on tour.
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  6. A work of art and full contact. Nicely crafted.
  7. I've seen Robben Ford a few times, both with and without the Dumble. I think when he's touring in the UK/Europe without the Dumble these days his amp of choice is a Super Reverb, with the Zendrive or similar for the lead tones. Given how valuable his Dumble is, it makes sense to keep it at home. Having said that, in 2013 he played the Holmfirth Picturedrome (a converted cinema in a little Yorkshire town in Mark555's part of the world) and after the gig a few of us gear nerds were hanging round the front of the stage taking photos of hs pedalboard, and his guitar tech was kind enough to bring the amp over for us to photograph. We were not worthy... 😁 His guitar for most of the time was the Epiphone Riviera. A few years ago I saw Larry Carlton at the Birmingham Glee Club, and he was using a Bludotone setup. I was able to speak to him afterwards and he said has one kept over here for when he's touring in Europe/UK. A very nice guy.
  8. Well for what they are selling for. I wouldn't doubt that many people are ditching them for the cash grab!
  9. I was in a little theater to see Robben Ford, but he didn't have his Dumble!!! He was using a Fender Super Reverb IIRC. ☹️ Then I went to see Eric Johnson, but he had quit bringing his Dumble!!! He had switched to a Two Rock with his Marshall. ☹️ I guess I'll never get to hear one live, since it seems everyone is ditching theirs.
  10. That looks like a beautifully carved bridge.
  11. Last week
  12. Here is a cool bridge I put on this Golden Eagle made by our own Guitarcarver from HOC. The base is fitted very well. It is stylish and perfectly functional. Gary at hinesarchtop@aol.com makes these beauties and is a super craftsman. He is OCD enough to make sure it's superb.
  13. The only "Dumble style" amp I am familiar with, and would consider buying, would be a Fuchs ODS. I have also heard of Bludotone, which definitely seems much more of a "clone" than the Fuchs, at least based on the controls and FET/NORM inputs.
  14. I just saw that Sweetwater put it on sale AND had a demo model, so after looking at them for months, I finally got one. Just is such a great way to have a ton of great pedal sounds in one enclosure.
  15. 1989 Catalogue https://jedistar.com/images/april17/Heritage_Guitars_Catalog_1989.pdf
  16. While I like flatwounds, sometimes I prefer something brighter but without squeaks. The best value in round core flatwounds is Pyramids. The king of the string is TI, but by a narrow margin. Labella is the queen of thunk. Chromes are not disappointing. For a brighter sound I use either GHS Brite Flats or D'Addario Half Rounds. These both are round wounds with the wrapping smoothed some. To make them smoother I take it a step further. I rub the wound strings with fine steel wool. It only takes five to ten pull through a wad of steel wool held in your hand. Once on the guitar I slide a StewMac plastic fret protector under the strings and use more steel wool on the top of the strings to reduce squeaks further. Again, 5-10 strokes will do it. The result is a brighter sound with no squeaks. The last step I mentioned came from Johnny Smith. He would loosely string the guitar and put a coke bottle under the strings. He then sanded the tops of the strings.
  17. What was the model name of that Heritage combo amplifier which had a STUNNING clean tone and was equipped with those blue painted speakers?
  18. Hey DB, have you ever been in the same room as a real Dumble? Or are you basing your opinion on internet clips? I stood in front of David Lindley's Dumble twice, for a few hours each time, and I can tell you that I've never heard an internet clip that was even close to that sound. It was glorious, whether was playing guitar or lap steel! I also stood in front of Stevie Ray Vaughn's and his was killer too!
  19. Another unique feature of 535's is the solid (not laminate) rims. Plus they put the input jack on the rim, vs. in the top. I've always hated the location of 335 input jacks. The founders must have had a reason for these changes/upgrades, and put them into effect right from the beginning of production back in the day.
  20. So, ElNumero will need the strings that tarnish the least and collect as little dust as possible...
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