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  2. My first The Heritage guitar(Italy) H535 ALSB Custom
  3. Hi All, cool thread 🙂 My First The Heritage Guitar was a 2013-2014 Custom Order H535. Custom Specs: - Golden HW - Ebony fretboard - Push-Pull Tone pots for coil splitting - 1.75" Nut width I asked to leave all the rest as was reported on the glorious website of back then but somebody decided to use barrel knobs that I honestly do not appreciate much. Given the request of the wider Nut Width, they tried a first make but they weren't happy and I received a communication that the owners (back then the Original Owners) were not happy with it and decided to rebuild it (that's why writing 2013-2014). Good times. I received a great cool H535, the fretboard and neck profile just work great with me. Nice tone and play-ability. Please note the nice pick-guard. Finish: Almond Sunburst. Dealer: Wolfe Guitars. The picture has been taken from a friend's house in Italy, the tree is a maple.
  4. Here is my first Heritage. Johnny Smith Sunburst - G07502 - October 17th 1990, a Wednesday. It was the 2nd guitar built that day. I found this one at a small guitar shop in Island Lake Illinois, Island Music, around 1991. They had 2 Johnny Smiths and 2 Gary Moore H150s. The other Johnny Smith had a natural finish and had already been sold. I had wanted a Johnny Smith since Gibsons came out with their version in 1961. I found the natural finish Johnny Smith at a guitar dealer in Boston in May 2014 and bought it. Johnny Smith Natural - G07706 - October 15th 1990, a Monday. It was the 6th guitar built that day. Two Johnny Smiths built within days of each other, both for sale at Island Music in 1991 convinced me the Natural Johnny Smith must have been the same one I saw at Island Music 23 years earlier.
  5. Shell pink would be rather interesting, especially if you're playing through a matching guitar...
  6. 🤞 Decided it's going to be something along the lines of a spitfire, but just for fun, going to stuff it into a 5E3 package. Let my daughter pick out tolex and grill cloth, which was a risk... LOL... but thankfully she went for wine taurus over pink sparkle.
  7. With the resurgence of KBP810 amplification, maybe we'll see a return of PSP... Its a good omen!!!
  8. My and my daughter's first Heritage. '88 150 & a '93 137. The jacket I wore was found in my dumpster. I didn't keep it long.
  9. A 2001 custom Sweet 16. Years later I replaced it with a custom H575 which is great with its shorter scale, but the St 16 was shmancier.
  10. A sweet 2007 150 Classic in dark almond sunburst, bound headstock and a MOP inlaid logo that I picked up used off of eBay (before it went to #%!*). Regrettably, I sold it in pursuit of something shiny, etc. etc. The 150 popped up at GC years later and someone else scooped it up while I was mulling it over. You never forget your first!
  11. Rick Allen is a great guy. Didn't know him terribly well, personally, but I did spend a lot of time and money in his shop. He had a Hamer TLE in there one time, very reasonably priced. I had no idea what it was, so I joined and posted a question on the Hamer forum. Got really good information from them; learned the Hamer Sustainblock bridge was desirable. Went back to buy it the next day and Rick says, "Oh, sorry. Kind of weird but someone from out of state called this morning and bought it."
  12. Yesterday
  13. He's Baaaaack... Happy days are here again.
  14. I bought this at Mid Michigan Music in Midland Michigan, my wife’s hometown. It was around 1997. @Dick Seacup probably knew that shop well. They would have a 50% off sale once a year. I scored that green H157 for $900 out the door. It was brand new. I was just getting back into playing guitar. I could barely play 7 chords. I have tried to get it back but I haven’t seen it anywhere in 20 years or so.
  15. If anyone can make something out of a pile of amp parts, it would be you! Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  16. My first Heritage was a first-run H-137. The TRC is engraved wtih "Hornet" for some reason. I used to make up stories about it to amuse my sons. Still have it, hasn't been out of the case in years. Bought it just before joining the HOC.
  17. Yes, I worked for Biggs-Gilmore Communications on that corner in the Spearflex building for quite a few years.
  18. Came across a few spare parts during some spring cleaning; handful of Sozo blue caps (.01's and .022's), some F&T filter caps, a few random resistors, and a fairly hefty Pacific Transformer OT (5.5k primary). I also have a few recently acquired spare 6P14-EV's on hand (EL84 equivalent).. Was just thinking maybe I should put this stuff to use?
  19. Came from Texas wrapped in an old quilt bought at Goodwill packed inside the case. A nurse sold it to me and it may have been her husband's at one point. His loss, my gain.
  20. I remember talking to you. I also met you at work at a later date and can't remember why. You worked at the building at Pitcher and Kalamazoo I thought.
  21. Must have been it. Thought it was on a Friday. But my memory isn’t what it used to be.
  22. Its one of those unique styles that cannot be taught.
  23. Hmmmm.... a bit like someone else that we know that plays a Heritage.
  24. I was turning 50 in 2003, and decided that my birthday present to myself was going to be a new guitar. The Heritage dealer here was an old school mate of mine, and I placed an order for an H-157 in Almond Sunburst, hoping to get it by my birthday. It came in a couple of months early, which was fine. I still have the guitar. Here it is next to my Guild S100 that I've had since the early 70s. It started me down the path to acquiring a total of 5 Heritages, all of which have made the trip back to K'zoo for at least a couple of PSPs each.
  25. Been to a bunch of Fretboard Festivals, but never played at one... I did play at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts a few times though.
  26. I've seen that one in action. You made it sound real good at one of the Kalamazoo Fretboard Festivals!
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