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  2. Thanks guys. Bolero, while Billie's version is great, one of my favorites is by Eva Cassidy's. She had such a lovely voice. Of course, Diana Ross did a killer version in Lady Sings The Blues.
  3. Martygrass, that looks fantastic! Sub-lime, good pun posted above :)
  4. That was awesome! I've never heard the original version of that tune. There's a local jazz group that plays it a lot though.
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  6. Thank you, I recorded that track right after I put a Titanium Tru-Arc bridge on the Gretsch. With the power chords in the middle, I was trying to emulate what I liked about the way Pete Townsend played. I don't have a Tweed Fender Bandmaster like he does so I used an Amplitube Fender II amp sim. It was close enough for rock and roll
  7. Gorgeous!! and voice is wonderful too!
  8. this is what it sounds like, it starts clean, but as I get into the song I crank it up!
  9. Last week
  10. Well I hope you hear the same thing in A3 pickups that I do. I fought with neck pickups to get clarity and it wasn’t until I tried A3s that the problem went away. Now I use the neck pickups much more in those guitars.
  11. That's partly why I bought them - your enthusiasm made me think they would be worth investigating! I wasn't in a hurry to get new pickups, but when they turn up at the right price... 🙂
  12. They look great and I am a big fan of low wind A3 pickups, that's what's in my main Les Paul R7, and my favorite Zemaitis. I especially love the neck positions on those guitars. I also have Seymour Duncan Custom Shop pickups in my Heritage H150. They are Peter Green models, but I didn't have them reverse the phase for the typical Peter Green sound, I just wanted them because of the low wind and they are unpotted. They sound great. Better than any off the shelf Duncan pickup that I've tried. I'm typically not a fan of exposed coil pickups, but yours look great with your dark sunburst! Congrats, I'm glad you found some cool pickups!
  13. Looks very nice Bob,congratulations.
  14. That look just works in your guitar. I'm glad you are happy with the sound. I've ordered a few Custom Shop pickups from SD. Happy with all of them. My favorite is the Joe Bonamassa set they did in a limited run. Their Custom Shop people are very easy to work with.
  15. The email arrived from PMT (Professional Music Technology) listing the items in their summer sale. I applied the filter for the Nottingham store, and one thing piqued my interest, a set of Seymour Duncan Custom Shop pickups, specifically the Eric Steckel 'Candy' model. I'd never heard of Eric, but it seems he played a 1960 Les Paul known as 'Candy' and was smitten by the sound. Some reverse engineering later and the SD Custom Shop came up with a recreation of Candy's pickups. Now, I didn't need a new set of PAF-style pickups, but these have Alnico III magnets and a DC resistance of around 7.7k, and more importantly had been reduced from £313 to £212. Someone had ordered them but hadn't collected them. I went along to the store and promptly bought them... I've replaced the SD 59s in my H150 ASB, and on first listen they sound very nice both clean and overdriven. There's a clarity which I like. Anyway, here's a few pics.
  16. My grandsons love my H535 so much I built them clones in their favorite colors , for their birthdays (6 and 11)
  17. What a work of art! Congrats, and thanks for saving me from buying it. (I may end up with it when you sell it in a couple weeks )🤣
  18. For those who are interested: The neck pu on my H-530 sounded dull when turning down the volume just a bit. A common problem on many guitars. After some research I installed a treble bleed on the front pot. I tried several resistor combinations, all in parallel (also called the Duncan variation): Just the .001uf cap – very little difference cap + 100k resistor – still very little difference cap + 150k resistor – a bit better cap + 220k resistor – I liked this one the best. I had done this on my telecaster years ago but wasn't aware that there are so many possibilities. Check online and you'll find a ton of combinations and comments. For those who have basic soldering skills, this is a cheap way to take care of this problem. Online the parts were less than $10 incl. shipping.
  19. The battery in my phone went dead staring at this beauty. Did this come from Mark Goetting in Portage?
  20. FWIW heritage said they don’t sell them and I should contact either mojoaxe or Wd music products which I did. Thanks for the suggestions.
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