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  2. I have found that an H 157 pickguard works fine (white binding) on the Millie. I also had one custom made. I don't think it detracts from the value if done properly.
  3. My '81 LPC might have had Shaws, but the '76 :LPC probably didn't. 'Course, I was a young guy back then and not particularly knowledgeable or picky.
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  5. That's real imitation Motehr of Pealr Seriously though, can the Gotoh buttons be substituted?
  6. Could be worse. Could be Motehr of Pealr.
  7. Wolfe Guitars owner, Jay Wolfe, is a long standing HOC member. He posted a while ago that he has a few pickguards that should fit your Millie. Give him a call. https://www.wolfeguitars.com/
  8. Cool. Thanks a lot. Stew Mac had replacements for schallers but not Grover’s. I do like that these are listed as “Motehr” of pearl......
  9. My 2008 antique natural was ordered with a black maple pickguard so yes they did.
  10. I recently bought my first Heritage; a 2006 Millie. Did these guitars ever come with pick guards? Any suggestions about locating a quality pick guard? Will the installation of an aftermarket pick guard affect value negatively. Thanks
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Grover-Full-Size-Replacement-Imitation-Motehr-Of-Pearl-Button-Set-of-6-1360D/323856793906?hash=item4b675e8132:g:SRoAAOSwsqdcQNEN
  12. I was able to answer part of this already. The H-150s use the large size buttons. I have a Heritage Prospect twelve string and it has the smaller buttons for sure. srill wonddering if I can use the Gotoh or Schallers on a Grover...
  13. I'm wanting to put some pearloid tuner buttons on my H-150s. Both have grovers and I was wondering if Gotohs or Schallers will fit on them as Grover doesn't seem to have replacement buttons.? Also do I order the large ones for an H-150? I am not wanting to replace the tuners, just the buttons. thanks
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  15. Were those the Tim Shaw Pups? They are supposed to be a desired Pup from that Era.
  16. I've never heard of ANY Mahogany top being tap tuned! That Eagle Custom is truly a one-off archtop hot rod Heritage. Also, that is an amazing back story about the possible previous owner, true or not.
  17. It is a one off. I have seen several all mahogany Eagles but none with the same appointments as mine. I haven't run it through a 100W full stack but have run it through a '68 100W RMS Fender Super Bassman and a '68 Super Reverb. It's a tough beast to control feedback wise with that much power. I usually pair it with my Kenny Burrell or a Roland Cube 80XL.
  18. Truly a one of a kind! Are you aware of any other mahogany top Eagles? Have you run this hot rod through a 100W full stack?
  19. Why would you want to when there are so many better pickups available? Gibson pickups are over priced and don't particularly sound very good. My 2 cents...
  20. Solid mahogany. Aron Cowles told me he remembered tap tuning it when he worked at Heritage and Pete Farmer remembered doing the headstock inlay.
  21. Is it spruce or mahogany top? A good looking beauty!
  22. It's a custom made Eagle from 1990 with some really neat appointments. It's kind of like a mahogany Johnny Smith.The rumor is that it was originally made for producer/engineer/musician Bryce Roberts. He had a studio not far from 225 Parson St for many years and also worked for Chess and Motown. I can't confirm his ownership but dot markers and unbound "f" hole looks/sounds like his style. I first met him around 1970 and knew of him up until the early-mid 90's when he skipped town (Kalamazoo) with another mans wife. He was quite a character and one of the best damn jazz guitar players I've had the pleasure of meeting. He's been dead for quite some time now. I mentioned his name to Ren once, Ren gave me a long hard look with a wry smile while nodding his head and said nothing. The guitar has a lot of mojo and when I first touched it I knew it was meant for me. It's a grave guitar. My son the jazz guitar player will inherit it.
  23. The veneer and bridge suggest it is a Golden eagle. I've never seen one with dot markers...?
  24. One of those guitars where I let it get away from me. Installed active SD Blackouts with gold covers and hid the battery under the rear control cover when I installed the required VOL and TONE controls.
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