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  2. Oh well, the one I have been watching and resisting for a while sold today. It was on the NJ CL (and Reverb I believe) for months at $3,600, then the price went down from there a few times until it was listed for $3,100 and he would have gone a few hundred less for a local deal. I called the seller this weekend but he was in LA. I was going to look at it early next week but it sold today on Reverb. My GAS has been terminated.
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  4. As mentioned in the Johnny Smith debate I have 103 which appears to be acoustic but actually has a piezo pickup fitted to the underside of the top and the jack socket being into the rear strap button.I have no idea whether this was factory fitted but the dealer I bought it off had no idea that it had a pickup! The guitar cost me £1500 (a reduced price since I bought a Super Eagle off them at the same time.I think I like the Golden Eagle the better of the two).
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Gitfiddler, that is beautiful, I'm glad to hear they have a good acoustic voice. I thought Steiner had #326, looking at that other thread his is #826. And Rhoades, good point about the floating pickup in general. My experience with those is exactly 0. But I'm looking at it as a free extra option to a good acoustic arch top if that makes sense. I have other guitars with set pickups. I played a Sweet 16 once unamplified and it was beautiful, that may be the extent of my acoustic arch top acoustic experience. If the acoustic voice on these are anything like that (I expect it will be "more"..louder, bigger etc) I'll be happy. Thanks again for the replies.
  6. That was a stock VoxAC15, the cheaper circuit board one, not the hardwired.
  7. Super excited for you. This is a bucket list item of mine. Please keep us updated on your progress.
  8. I have a 59 335 black beauty,a 69 es330, the 555 is a superior instrument, I bought mine used and put a lot of time and money in it,but that's another story,bottom line is,set up right,in a real players hands it can do anything...
  9. Hfan, Golden Eagles are big, loud and beautiful archtops. Mine came with a Heritage jazz floating pickup, but I swapped it out for a handmade Kent Armstrong 12 pole PAF floater. They typically are 3" body depth making them slightly thinner than a comparable L5CES, and a lighter build than their Gibson counterpart. If you get one, be sure to check for tail rise at the end of the fretboard. I've read about a few of them with this issue, but not aware of it being a typical issue. My 1993 fretboard is arrow straight. Overall they are great values for a full size, full hollow archtop. I love my old girl! Here's a collage photo taken after I first bought #363 from HOC'er, DC Ron:
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  11. I have a golden eagle however, it has a mounted pickup and parallel bracing (most have X bracing). I had a sweet 16 with a floater and ended up mounting the pickup (single neck humbucker). If you keep the floater, you might want to consider a handmade Kent Armstrong pickup to replace the Heritage pickup. It makes a world of difference. Not a fan of their floating pickup. I like the electric sound of a mounted pickup better and practice at a volume level half acoustic half electric. Some will disagree but I don't think I gave up much regarding the acoustic properties by going with a mounted pickup when I had Pete Moreno perform that mod on the Sweet 16. The Golden Eagle still sounds great acoustically and often times its enough for a good practice session. Either way, you can't go wrong with a Golden Eagle for what you can get them for on the used market. For me, it scratches that itch for a Gibson L5 (for now anyway)
  12. Found the pickguard on ebay. Originally bought it for another guitar but it was too wide. Ran about 65 shipped (don't recall the seller though). It was a one off and he was going to start building bound pick guards. I will look around and see if I can find the transaction. It really sets off the wood stained back and sides.
  13. Metalheart - cool new Hertiage! By the way - it's my understanding that Gibson opened the Nashville plant in 1974, and most Les Paul production moved there - so it's possible that your Les Paul Custom was built in Nashville.
  14. ^^ Thanks for the specs. I'm considering an older one, pre "H" tailpiece. I've heard that they can be very nice unplugged too. An acoustic archtop is one of the few guitar types I haven't owned yet.
  15. Here is a screen shot from specs.
  16. Not at all. One the best sounding H150s I have has Burstbuckers in it and it sounds really good.
  17. Can we have a tone and playability report please?
  18. The recent thread here on the Johnny Smith model got a bit of a hijack with the Golden Eagle mentions and I'm considering one so I thought I'd start a new topic. Regarding the reg numbers discussed in the other thread, on the back inlay, supposedly they only went up to the 1st 1000 examples. Steiner I believe if memory serves, has # 363 on his 1994 . I spotted # 463 on a 1995 and just today, coincidentally on the Northern NJ CL there is a 2005 (V s/n = 2005) Golden Eagle that is reg# 917 complete with "TRW" pickups and a Bigsby. Interesting set up but not what I'm after. I'm aspiring to play more jazz and have always wanted a fully acoustic arch top and I've been considering a used Golden Eagle with a floater. I have a few short scale, set pick up arch tops that cover those bases well but have always wanted to try an acoustic arch top and obviously the Heritage builders knew what they were doing with these. Used prices seem to be coming down on these as well, maybe a good entry point, not cheap for sure but anything comparable from other builders could be much more expensive. So tell me about this model if so inclined. Thanks.
  19. Not sacrilegious but your mojo may be adversely effected. There is an exorcism ceremony I'm sure ha ha. Really the companies are kissing cousins so what's the harm? BTY, when was Gibson using the Custombuckers in their CS stuff?
  20. Excellent, I was going to advise to make that long trip and bring home what spoke to you. I was leaning towards the H 150 if you had to choose one and all else was equal. Big congrats. BTY, the new Heritage cases are nice.
  21. Excellent again, just saw that on the Jazz forum. Spending a day off not getting chores done ha ha. Beautiful gold top. Congrats. I'm interested in the pickguard too, where you sourced it from. It is a perfect match for the sides for sure. I have an H 150 that screams out for a nice wood guard. Cool head stock too!
  22. Interesting video about the Amp from Throbak. 12,500USD for one of the 50 limited edition amps, sold out.
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