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    Jim and Alicia were passing through town so they stopped for a visit at the Jam House. After a meal of ribs and German tater salad we jammed for a little while. Not often do you see two 535s in the same joint.
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    Once the drooling starts it's only a matter of time.
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    I don't know if this qualifies as an anniversary model, it's more of a commemorative model ... but, as the certificate says.... "This instrument, #P00804, is the only copy of this design ever built, and it is the very last instrument built at 225 Parsons Street in the 20th century. " " The Heritage Eagle Centurion is a fitting tribute to the history and influence that this location represents, and a marvelous example of the Heritage commitment to quality."
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    Maybe its an incomplete "0" It looks too short compared to the other letters and numbers. I might just be seeing things though.
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    Well hey there, Bob! Glad you found us here. BSMAN and I know each other from Mark Wein's guitar forum. He's a good guy. I directed him here to learn more about the brand.
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    Agreed! The base guitar (Prospect, right?) with Bigsy is right up my alley, but then add on the bound board, inlays, bowtie(?) and it becomes amazing to me. Enjoy it for a long time!
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    Just came across this on Sweetwater's site. Nice to see some other colors coming out, and I've had a thing for black translucent for years. Almost picked up one of the original Ernie Ball/MusicMan EVH guitars in trans black (very few made) a number of years ago. Some guy from England apparently came in and scooped it up the same week I was going in...which just made me want it more. 🙂 Interesting they're still not putting black binding on these, or maybe cream is the correct artistic choice here?
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    John E. Lawrence is a Great Player and even Greater Man. He was head of the Music Department at Washtenaw Community College for years. He retired from there a few years ago and is having great fun with his music now. I try to go see him when ever he plays out. Not many opportunities this year but I'll get back at it after Covid is over. He has a lot of guitars and a lot of Heritage's. At one time he was a Heritage Artist but they are not doing any of that now. http://johnelawrence.net/
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    John Lawrence playing his Blue Heritage's at the Blue LLama Jazz Club in Ann Arbor.
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    Doesn't have to be a custom order. We have new colors.
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    Thanks Yooper.She has had one shoulder and one hip replacement,and is waiting for the other shoulder other hip and both shoulders.She's been waiting now for 18 months for the next op.What hurts most though is the inability to play guitar any more because of the arthritis in her hands (imagine this with a household full of generally good guitars !) Add into this Hiatus hernia and Meniers disease and she has some hard days. The guitars she wont part with are a 1978 Martin HD28 and a 1972 Martin 00-18C.As for the Harmony we have a matching pair of H75's.When I started playing in the early 1960's my teacher had one (after sending back a strat which he said wasnt good enough !!) and always wanted one of my own.As soon as I got one Laine looked at it and said "Gosh,I want one"
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    Here I opt out of the argument.Although Laine and I have been together for about 37 years and have 2 daughters aged 30 and 29 somehow we never got round to the getting married bit ! To be fair we have both been married (to other people). Currently trying to aquire guitar number 65,a 1965 Burns Bison,but not sure whether the deal is going to work. Storage does become a problem.
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    Yep. Your Gibbons LP "Junior Special" with P90s has a totally different range of tones than the H-530. I have a Heritage H-137 with P-90s which is probably similar to your LP. I also have a vintage Epiphone Casino which is basically what the H-530 is. These are completely different guitars. The Casino, like the H-530 is hollow and will feed back in a beautifully controlled way where as the LP or H-137 will not. The P-90s on the Epi or H-130 give it a cool kind of "twang" without being a country sound. I have had to stop myself from buying a 530 since I have that tone covered. The H-530s are totally cool.
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    It's a correction that happens on this forum.
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    Welcome to the HOC. That's a good price for a 530, and Gryphon is a quality shop. They might work with you on the price, but their after sales service is top notch.
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    530s’ are fantastic guitars. That’s a pretty good price on that one, especially if it’s in clean condition.
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    I like those cloud inlays (and those p90s) and totally prefer a special inlay like that to any inlay with a number in it.
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    Hot DAMN, Bob!! What a sexy gitfiddle!
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    On one of the tours , I remember Jim Deurloo pointing out a 23rd Anniversary model with a bit of pride. It represented the rebirth of Heritage, I believe. As they moved past challenges and kept the Heritage of Kalamazoo going.. I'm a big fan of the hollow trap inlays and the signature inlays on the other anniversary models.
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    In my opinion the 10th, 20th and 30th anniversary models are the best and stand out with their special inlays and appointments.
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    To me comparing guitar brands is a waste of time. I've owned a few super high quality guitars as well as more than a few low quality ones. At the end of the day (or gig, session or jam in my music room), it all comes down to that ubiquitous "FEEL" and tone. How does the instrument feel and sound? How does it make me feel as I play it and listen to it? Price is obviously a major factor (since I ain't rich), but that only limits accessibility in my view. Low-to-medium priced guitars are accessible. High prices act as a deterrent...most of the time. My Heritage gits make me feel great. They look amazing, and have something special. Maybe its knowing the company's history, their story, the owners, and builders. Whatever it is, I find myself drawn to playing Heritage guitars more than any others. Yes, I've been seduced by boutique builders as well as Collings, but that's what's great about capitalism...choices. One of my most toneful gits to date is an absolutely perfect, Chinese made PRS SE Hollowbody II. It is as good as any uber-expensive boutique guitar I've ever played. But last night I held my own version of "Guitar Death Match" involving the PRS, a hand made Roger Giffin Standard and Heritage Millenium Eagle. Based on my blue ribbon panel of judges (me!)...he winner was the Heritage. The Heritage made me smile just a bit more than the other two perfectly made instruments. Somehow it made me feel more connected to it. As such, I could not put it down until last night's 9pm curfew time. So comparing guitars is fun. But personally, I don't take it too seriously online or in hand. It's just an enjoyable activity where no one gets hurt.
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    Much better deal on Reverb, but with that "tooled leather" tolex I'd say she looks more like a corn queen ? yeehaw!
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