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  1. +1...eggfugginzackly. Seller misrepresented.
  2. It's been a while, have a decent collection of vintage old stock tubes from eBay, you will never find me using new production tubes in my amps, FWIW. Old stuff is a night and day difference. I know a couple great sellers on eBay. Not planning on selling any of mine for a few more years. Stocked up well for el34, 6l6 variant 6bg6ga, 6550, 6v6, 5751, 12at7, and especially 12ax7.
  3. Exciting to hear, you wascally wabbits! Here's to finding new ah, dark holes! Nothing like a getting on a bit of strange! Hahahaha!
  4. What KBP 810 most eloquently said...and speaking from the standpoint of the guy that was the first to pen the phrase, over and over again... Boutique amps for boutique guitars, Boutique guitars for boutique amps!
  5. The deviations from the schematic often present in these Gibby amps could be a bit problematic for the casual hobbyist. If you know a tech that is familiar with how Gibson did their stuff this design has some great tone potential. The lack of printed circuit boards (Yay!!!) makes this one easily repairable and also tweakable. As the tech explained, in the video, a lot of signal gets thrown to ground, that can be changed to less loss by a good tech. The 10 inch speaker and small output transformer might provide less bottom end than what one might want, but since IMHO this is not a sacred amp platform and not hugely expensive to purchase now or in the future, it could be turned into a customized grab and go little tone monster to have and hold onto. There are a lot more good sounding 10 inch speakers being produced today with greatly varying price points. The fact that it has a pair of speaker jacks allows some real flexibility in cabinet choices. While the demo was playing my conure parrots were screaming and dancing, they liked it a lot. There is great harmonic content. the reverb and trem sound great. This vintage cheese amp design is begging to be taken to the next level of awesomeness. Compared to a modern Chinese printed circuit board design , this is way more flexible to allow the great things to happen and could be done for a reasonable dollar outlay. Could definitely become a werewolf in sheep's clothing with the right love. YMMV...
  6. Great! Niiiiiiiiice snaaaaaaaaaatch! I was surprised to see a Gibby L5 in the pic, then I noticed that it was you, Dan! That means I get to hear it in person! Woooooooeeeeee! You might have to ditch the acoustic rig for one of those Saturdays at The Corner Store!
  7. Right NOW there is a Patriot 2/12 combo and a matching 2/12 Heritage cab together on eBay for $2,499 plus a couple Benjamins for shipping. If you have a stiffy for one of this, this one is a porn queen.
  8. I have one of these 2000's in Almond, anyone know how many were made? This one's really gorgeous!
  9. Thanks FredZepp, Have never posted a pic on a forum before. Am ignant on that one. The Frank-en-champ is a buttload of fun! Appreciate the welcome...very much. Wheaties
  10. First post here, name is Gary, my friends call me "Wheaties." Not a full time professional musician, but play as a hobbyist. Have been a ski instructor for 35 years, currently in my 29th consecutive winter at Deer Valley, Utah. I have a few very special hand wired boutique amps. Also a couple of pcb designs, a personally voiced Hughes & Kettner Tube 20 , also a Mesa Boogie 2/12 Maverick without a single Mesa tube or speaker in it. Just got a Weber MASS 100 watt attenuator, wish I had gotten it sooner, WOW! Have collected a few hundred vintage tubes, mainly 12ax7, 5751, and 12at7 types. Love the smell of solder fumes when tinkering with project amps as well, have gotten some amazing results with what started out as a silverface Fender Champ that only has the cab, the metal chassis, and the pots remaining as original parts. When running it through the 2/12 or 2/15 semi closed back cabs I have filled with JBL g125/g135's even with a full band present I have to turn down on stage to less than half volume with only a single 6v6 for power tube. Enough gain and volume is present for "sustain for days" and controlled feedback kinda thang. It is wired to take el34's. Most of the time it has a vintage TS 5881 in it. Have two Heritage guitars, one is a 555, antique natural with special woods package, Seth Lovers. Am one of those strange persons that names their guitars. Simply gorgeously stunning in appearance and sonics, her name is Miss D. Buttercups. I play out with this guitar. The other is a Milennium Limited Edition Ultra 2000 in Almond, has Lindy Fralin 8k/9k HB's. Her name is Miz' Uber, as in Uber-guitar. She's more lively sounding than any Les Paul type that I have heard. Not exactly fair to compare, because of the different construction in the Milennium series. I play that one mainly at home, she's pretty minty in appearance and from what I have learned is at least semi rare as far as production numbers go. The tones out of both of these instruments are to die for, and the looks on stage are truly spectacular, performing on stage for others is where Heritage guitars belong IMHO. Peace.
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