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  1. Sky Dog, Did I miss something? Who made those nice TRCs? They are cool!
  2. So thalia has some truss rod covers and some are pretty nice. I remember that they were going to try and do some specific to Heritage guitars but I guess they did not. Anyway, does anyone know if they will fit on a Heritage? They have some Gibson covers that don't say Gibson but are really purty.
  3. Steiner, That sounds like something Beavis and Butthead would say.
  4. Both the bass and the 535 are very curvaceous.
  5. Brent, you. Are talking about that nice Heritage guitar, right?
  6. I would definitely play one with pride.
  7. Fortunately a cordovox player would never play enough gigs to wear out all of those tubes.
  8. Now why didn't I see this coming and invest in tubes six months ago?
  9. Luckily I have enough spare tubes to last me a couple of years so I am not concerned. My real concern is toilet paper.......we had all better stock up. Remember what happened a couple of years ago?
  10. Even though I am a tube freak, I am grateful for my line 6 Helix rack. I never use the amp models(although some of them are quite amazing) and only use the FX. However, if I run into tubes issues I have an acceptable backup.
  11. Cool mic! What is it? I was thinking of Cascade Audio but I don't think so.
  12. Don’t know if this has ever been posted here. I wish that I could sit with him for a few hours just to absorb his sound feel and touch. I love watching his hands effortlessly move. Maybe the powers that be at Heritage could have a contest and the winner gets to hang with Rich for a day?
  13. A couple of things about that video....unless it was just meant as a generic shot of the speaker, the Greenback was 16 ohms and the Creamback was 8 ohms. I prefer the Creamback overall. However, the Greenback had its moments. I guess the lesson here is what style are you going to use the speaker for?
  14. No kidding on that one! A new speaker will sound completely different once it is broken in. BTW, I have an old twin with EV SRO's from the fifties with the coffee can sized magnets. There is nothing like that sound! However, being a twin by itself, it is too heavy to carry around anymore. But adding those speakers makes it almost impossible to lift. Is anyone cloning those SROs or is it too expensive to make them? I actually have an IR for a pair of those and it's as close as you can get, but nothing like the real thing unfortunately.
  15. And some folks on this forum wonder why we come down on Gibson? I am for going back to the Gibbons substitution after finding out that they are still pursuing this.
  16. Is it my imagination or didn't we some some stuff on here about Gibson suing Heritage? Whatever came of that? It seems that Heritage is still in business.....
  17. You heard about my war injury then?
  18. When I fly I also carry a headless Carvin Holdsworth. Man, that sucker fits just about anywhere and actually sounds great. however, I hate it when chicks point at me and say look at that guitar players little guitar. It is so cure!
  19. Wow! I noticed he played all of those solos on the neck pick up. Those P-90s are cool for sure. I got a gig tonight and am tempted after that to pull my 137 out. For me the high point of that band is Bill Payne. I get to play with him some and he is mind blowing. He does all of that cool McCoy Tyner quartal harmony stuff over funk and R&R but makes it not sound weird at all. He also goes out with the Doobie Brothers. He is something like 73 and still nailing it.
  20. Maybe we need a tinnitus story thread. My favorite was when I first started going out with my wife, a dental hygienist for year, was telling me about how she was backpacking and all of a sudden she started hearing the tinnitus sounds. It really spun her out and still does. I asked her to describe it and I replied "I have never known a time when I didn't hear that." I was relating this to a friend and he is a musician. He said "Oh, so there is a word for that sound?" I don't mean to be cavalier about it. I know that it is present and if I focus on it I could probably get spun out by it too. I have blue eyes. I am six feet tall. I have tinnitus. Oh, and I love amps as much as guitars.
  21. All I use anymore is the Randall/Egnater/Synergy stuff.......One amp with interchangeable tube pre amps that slide in and out.....currently using a Dumble clone and an AC30, a Synergy Friedman Dirty Shirley(built by Bruce himself....) and Steve Vai's signature preamp. For a smaller C&W gig, a tweed bassman and a twin or for a jazz thing, a Gibson GA50 that pairs nicely with my H-576. What could be better than taking four amps to a gig in one amp? And no GOD Damn models....tube heaven...the real thing!
  22. I am blown away by what the used Heritage's are going for. I buy to play, not to sell. Ten years ago on this forum you could get anything for a good price. Not so much now. . I have a bumper sticker on my car that says "Capitalism Bums Me Out." Oh well, when I kick the bucket my wife and or daughter will benefit but I ain't selling yet. I will have a letter to each of them in the cases to not let shady guitar guys take advantage of dead guys' families. The old ones are great. My main two gigging guitars are both old Heritages. The new ones that I've played are also great. However, you can't get the H170 or H-162s or cool guitars like that new.
  23. I am on a mac and last time there were some problems that seemed to be fairly common. Whatever the bug, they must have fixed it as it went smoothly in minutes this time. I have a question for you or anyone else with the Plethora. I s it true that I can only use TonePrints for the FX I have on the Plethora? I noticed that they have a new TonePrint sustainer pedal and was wondering if that is available for the Plethora or we wait and see? It is a cool pedal and it would be great to have. Maybe I mentioned this in the past, but I have a shit ton of Line 6 stuff and am generally really happy with their FX. However their reverbs leave a lot to be desired. Putting the plethora in the loop will make a big difference! Thanks for the heads up about the sale last month, Bob. I am not regretting getting one at all. rick
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