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  1. I like how it's cut for a Tele pup, rather whats shown in the catalog. That is one super find!! Definitely got that Heritage Fatbottom Look, on it, too. Yeah, baby!!
  2. tulk1


    Interesting you would post that. I downloaded the demo of the PRS amps. Much better stuff than I have. Could get a decent sound from the plug-in. Then went looking thru the Waves stuff. And they had their GTR3 Bundle on sale. Demo'd those. And ... wow!! Don't need the PRS stuff with this plugin. The DAW (Samplitude Pro X3) saw them right away. And now, its off to the races. Well, as soon as I get some inspiration for a song, and someone with talent to play it. But, oh yeah, good stuff!! And thanks. Had not even considered Waves stuff. Generally too expensive for hobbyists.
  3. tulk1


    I'm a light weight Quilter user, myself. Pedalboard to 27lb 1x12 amp. Easy on the back. Pretty much dumped all my over 50lb amps for nearly the same reason. And ... dumped my 15lb banjo when I injured myself just picking it up. But, thats another story. Mike, I think JohnBoy Kuziak either has, or has had a Kemper. Bet he'd be willing to tell you all about it.
  4. Mine came out a Guitar Amp.
  5. tulk1

    Super Eagle workout

    Isn't this the band that did so well in the blues challenges? Even making it to Beale Street for the blues-offs? Just stellar!
  6. tulk1

    Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    ^^^^^ Agreed! Rock and Roll!!
  7. tulk1

    Tasty Amps,

    Tasty amp? Never tasted one before. I did, however, have the business end of a speaker cable come flying across the room and take out a chunk of a tooth, once. Tasted that. Amps gone that shouldn't? Some may argue, but a '74 Twin Reverb. And it's big brother a '74 Dual Showman with JBL D130-15 speakers. Other than that .... ?
  8. tulk1

    Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    Well, I'm leaning towards selling. I really like Vox, but kinda like Fender, too. Thinking a PRRI, or DRRI. Something I can actually lift and carry without popping an arm out it's joint. Not that this is my gigging amp. But lordy, it weighs a ton. Thinking of moving the old Lone Star 1x12 now, too. Same thing ... just too darned heavy! When other amps sound as good. Thinking .....
  9. tulk1

    Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    Interesting development. The tech (a guy I trust) called and told me it was the blah blah blah some tech stuff I completely don't understand. $200 to fix, including time, parts, material, it being a VOX and his arms hurting from trying to lift it. Or ... he'd buy it from me for $450 because he's always wanted one. And fix it in his own time. What would you do?
  10. I can guarantee you, give me that guitar, that amp and his talent .... and I could get .......... nowhere near that tone or feeling. What a great vid! And Robbo's R7 GT? ... who needs a $25k old worn out Gibs, when you can get a new one that looks just as old and worn out? And sounds every bit as good! That was (is) a killer gitter, right there.
  11. tulk1

    Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    I'm not that big a fan of the Princeton, myself. A bit under powered (yeah I know, 12w); breaks too soon; and for me it's not that pleasant of a breakup; too flabby in the lows; and if it's a '68 PRRI, it'll be darker than the original; if it's a '65 PRRI it'll be just the opposite; and if it's an original PR you'll pay out the wazzoo for it. My take, anyway. Unless it's the weight driving the want, I'd go for a DRRI. Which only weighs about 10lbs more.
  12. tulk1

    Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    I think I said that wrong, Josh. Maybe the intent was there. I'd take the Mesa for the Jet. Then when you get the funds for the Princeton, the Mesa will be worth more in a trade. The Jet's are good. But they don't have that wide of an appeal as the Mesa.
  13. tulk1

    Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    A Princeton for your Jet? I'd trade for that Mesa and run. And if you end up not liking it, it'll probably be worth more in a trade towards a Princeton. IMO.
  14. tulk1

    Mesa Boogie Subway Series... opinions?

    Heavy - Check! Small (ish) - Check Dog - Trade for JC - Maybe
  15. tulk1

    Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    Pretty sure it's the Top Boost channel. However, in the Bogner designed (think it was Bogner) ACXXCC line they didn't use an EF86. Still gets that Vox self-induced OD, tho'. It's magic! Well, it was until it went south. I can't find 2 prong adapters (sensing a pattern here). If I find them today I'll try that.