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  1. Seems like they're trying to create a Sweetwater - Michigan Edition. Which, actually, is fine by me. ........... and I know they were waiting to hear what I had to say about it.
  2. Wait a minute!! Are you saying Opie has an interest in Heritage? ............
  3. Doing the ol' two-step

    What? .............. Ah, there it is. Hidden in plain sight. Thank you, Mr. Administer. I'm really liking this iteration of the software.
  4. Doing the ol' two-step

    Where's the "Preview" button on Posts/Replies? I used that a lot. Is it just hidden somewhere? Or in plain site where I can't find it? Hard to be a good grammar cop when you can't review and find your own mispellin's before posting.
  5. H535

    That top looks like its melting. Nice!!
  6. Just musing and thinking as I type. Seems to me, neither the article nor the vid actually said anything about partnered ownership. Only "partnering". That could have several iterations, wouldn't you think? Partnered where they own a part of the biz. Partnered where they get portions of the profit for distribution, etc. I'm hoping its the distribution angle. But, whatever .... it's their company to do with as they please, now. Much as it was with Marv, Bill, Jim and Co.
  7. Doing the ol' two-step

    Well, this is certainly a new look.
  8. 2 + 1 =

    Orphans in Waiting.
  9. 100 Year Celebration

    What's the dealio on the acoustic?
  10. AC30 Heads

    Didn't know there were AC30 heads, not that I've actually looked. I do recall that early 2k abomination AC (50?). All I see around here are combos. My practice room amp is a Vox AC30 CC1. Everything sounds good thru that amp. P90s included.
  11. H535

    Stunning!That's not a straight TransBlack, is it?
  12. NBRD

    Well, #, that certainly looks like a Peavey, no doubt. Have fun moving that beast around. I'm too old for that old school stuff anymore. Altho', I bet it sounds pretty danged good.
  13. Mesa Transatlantic 15 head.

    Bummer that TA is having issues. My TA15 has been a workhorse. Absolutely no issues whatsoever. That said, my Lone Star (Classic) has had it's share of issues. It sits in the music room now. Well, the 90+lbs probably has more to do with that, to be honest. But, it is quirky. My Quilter Aviator, on the other hand, has been rock solid. It's the gigger amp now. Probably will be for a very long time to come. The Quilters take a bit of tweaking, and getting over the "I need it sound like XXX" paradigm. But once you get used to dialing them in they are very solid performers.