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  1. That ones a hybrid. Not a true SS Amp. Sounds pretty darned decent. Especially for a NAMM recording. Good player helps. 😎
  2. Not surprising. Seems in the olden day, SS amps would sound great on their own. Put 'em in a band situation and they tended to disappear. Been there, had it happen. But recently, something has changed. Tech most likely. Not familiar with the Orange SS amps. But overall, not surprised it sounded good.
  3. Always happy to see pics of the Centurion. What a stellar piece of workmanship.
  4. 😂 Uh, yeah. No doubt!! Guess that just shows no one pays any attention to ME on stage. 😕
  5. Bird, going to disagree with you. Not on the chicken shit, of course. But I gig a lot. And even my tube snob friends, and my band mates, didn't know my amp was SS. Until I told them.
  6. tulk1

    NGD - H-140

    @ScottL Welcome to the HoC. Nice way to "buy in". That's a looker, for sure. And an '01? Nice!! 😎
  7. Hmmm, possibly Josh. But if the Mustangs and G-Decs and what not are any example ... well, hopefully they aren't following those paradigms. To be honest, tho', I have not heard any of the new Tone Master amps. However, we all know, whatever science can invent, science can copy.
  8. Just to pile in here, altho' I may be a bit late to the game. No real need to mention all the tube amps I've played over the years. But recently I dumped them all for a Quilter Aviator. Got to admit it took a week or so of playing to get used to it. Not unlike my many other amps, or even guitars. Before that, I had used a Mesa TA-15 (oops, mentioned an amp!). I played probably 6 gigs with the Aviator before Tracy (singer, boss) even noticed. And what she noticed was the combo amp as opposed to head/cabinet. Honestly, she has been VERY vocal about the amps I've used thru the years, and this one passed muster with flying colors. The Quilter Aviator 112 weighs a whopping 26lbs!! Not sure what fairy dust Pat Quilter is using, but he knows how to use it. Don't miss those other amps at all. Except as maybe a nostalgia thang.
  9. Good stuff. Clark was on my short list back when I was on a 5E3 kick.
  10. Beauty, for sure. Looks like Sunset Burst to me, rather than Old Style Burst. Still a gorgeous instrument.
  11. OSB. My absolute!! favorite color for an H150. Or, Millie. Or H535. Or ............ yeah, my fav. And to pile on, pics when you can. Congrats!!
  12. Yeah, baby!! Beautiful. Heavy, but gorgeous. And I have to echo The Number's question. How can you tell?
  13. If you do get that neck off, will you post pics? Maybe describe how and what you found? Could be helpful in the future.
  14. I have H-40 ASB, as well. Would love to see pics of yours. And, coincidentally, mine needs a neck reset, as well. Altho', honestly, I don't intend to have it done anytime soon. Plays very well as is. And sounds fantastic. Definitely from Gibs parts. And yes, Aaron Cowells built them for Heritage from left over parts. You have something sort of rare in the Heritage world. Welcome to a somewhat exclusive club! ....... 😉
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