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  1. NPD ! Fulltone Fulldrive2 !

    I want one!! oh ..... wait...............
  2. 2017 H150 vs 2005 H150

    Gary Moore, Live at Montreux playing his Heritage Signature H150. My drummer used to complain that I didn't play LPs. He once brought up this very vid to show me the tone I needed to go after. I politely pointed out Gary was playing a Heritage H150. 'nuf said!
  3. SAE Millenium- can any one tell me...

    More pics of a Millie SAE
  4. SAE Millenium- can any one tell me...

    The original Millie SAE was a completely different beast that most of whats been posted. I had one. A couple more have come up, but not very often. The archtop (and back) Millie was an experiment on creating the Millennium guitar. It was a laminate hollow body with a piezo bridge. Could have been been LRBaggs, maybe Graphtec, maybe even Schaller which was Heritage's hardware of choice at the time. Basically a Millie with acoustic capability. Altho' I would venture to say it wasn't that good of an acoustic tone. Not even thru an acoustic amp or direct to PA. The guitar itself tho', was an awesome example of Heritage innovation. A smaller hollow body that fit SO well. Much like the Prospect is to the 535. Eventually this idea was dropped in favor of the current body style, as in carved top, flat back. Really, not even the same guitar just the same name. If you can find an original Millie SAE I'd say get it. And don't be stupid (like the someone writing this post) and let it go. They are rare and quite the instrument.
  5. NGD - Cat's Out of the Bag

    It's very gold.
  6. I left the 250k pots in. Sounds pretty darned good to me. Zexcoil recommends 500k, of course. But ....... yeah, sounds pretty good to my ears.
  7. Years Production Quility

    Except for maybe some extremely high end guitars, my thought is to expect to have it set up when you get it home. Doesn't matter who makes it. And most guitars with a proper set up can play quite nicely. It's mostly the fingerboard radius, neck radius, string gauge that will cause issues with playability. I started to add scale length, too. But for me, that has never really been an issue. Guess it could for some, tho'.
  8. I ended up with a Zexcoil Z-Series Bucker. So far, I like it. But to fully disclose, it's only been a couple of days. It sounds like a humbucker when overdriven, sounds like a Strat-like thing in Pos 2. Even sounds good in Pos 3 - on mine Pos 3 is Bridge + Neck in, I don't know, either series or parallel. Gotta be one of the two. But the mid-pickup is never on by itself. Strange set up, but works.
  9. Why am I doing this?

    Completely understand the dilemma. I love dark burst guitars. Period. No matter the manufacturer. And I want to buy everyone I see. Especially any in the H150 type body design. OR 535 style. Or that iconic double cut style. Or flat top single cut style. Or . or . or. Fortunately, I have no money for deposits or a way to pay them off on credit. And that keeps me from being in guitar debt to the point of being an addiction. Oh, and this extends to other musical instruments, particularly those in the mandolini family. Yep, completely understand.
  10. Has participation here fallen off

    Software is better than it's been for a while, in my opinion. It got a bit qwerky there for a bit. All praise to the ADMIN that has blessed us with improved speed and loading times. As for participation - compared to when we started this is a veritable mecca of repartee`. Compared to the years of growth and the resulting fall out from a couple of years ago it's like a hollow hall. But as a forum dedicated to a somewhat obscure, yet intensely loved guitar manufacturer .... seems okay to me.
  11. Marv and his 30th Anniversary Guitar

    Wouldn't be a Heritage today if not for those 3 guys staying with it all these years. Proud to be able to say I actually know those guys. And what a gorgeous! guitar.
  12. 4 On The Wall

    Alrighty, then! That's more like it.
  13. 4 On The Wall

    Yeah, I don't see a Prospect up there. What gives? ................
  14. Heritage H540… what is it?

    Maybe they were named differently for export? Or perhaps it's a hollow 535.
  15. Uh, Josh, it has 1 Vol, 1 Tone. Oh that's right ... you can't hear. ... JOSH!!! IT HAS ONE VOL & ONE TONE CONTROL ONLY!!! That's some mighty passable playing right there Tully Jeff. Sounds good with the 250s, that's encouraging. Is that the one Strat you kept?