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  1. Aha!! There you are. Just went over to TGP to see if you'd replied. Glad you made it over. When you get time, post a link to your vids in the Heritage room. Those are dandy, especially that last one. And again, nice guitar!!
  2. tulk1

    Tulk1's Guitars

    '09 Heritage Prospect Custom '99 Heritage Prospect Standard '10 PSPIII 555C White w/HRW's Coil Tap
  3. Another Prospect owner! Welcome. I had a '99 Prospect. Now in possession of a custom ordered '10 Prospect. Love that guitar. My absolute favorite of. How long have you had the '93?
  4. Hey Ben. Welcome aboard. Tell Alison we post her clips here from time to time. Glad to see you're making the leap, yourself. Good to have you here. BTW, pics are darned near mandatory. So, get with it!!
  5. Ron, I see you made it to the HoC!! Excellent. Did I forget to mention you'd need to post pics or you'll get razzed for not doing so? Got to see Kara Adara if you're going to mention her. You could post a pic of that sweet bass you were playing Saturday, as well. Welcome, and hope you stick around. I think you'll find us to be a rather fun bunch ... most of the time. .... Ken
  6. Gotta admit, the Toad sure got some beautiful woods on his Blues Deluxe's. What a gorgeous guitar.
  7. What a beautiful shot of a gorgeous guitar.
  8. tulk1

    '05 H157 OSB

    You can't see it very well in this picture, but that back is actually a dark maroon color. Really set off the front OSB. All in all this is a very beautiful example of Heritage guitars. Last seen in the possession of HoC'er cosmikdebris.
  9. There's a big LOVE on the HoC for the Prospects and the Blues Deluxe version. Maybe not so much for ER. But def for the Prospect and the Blues Deluxe. That's a pretty one you got there, too. Welcome.
  10. tulk1

    H157 - Labels

    This access plate is from an H157 OSB. It's the one I purchased from Doug at Doug's Tubes. Last seen it was in the UK, owned by Cosmikdebris. It was my first Heritage guitar.
  11. tulk1

    '05 H157 OSB

    I purchased this guitar from Doug's Tubes in 2007. It was Doug's personal guitar. Color is Old Style Burst. It is incredibly rich in color and flame, and absolutely beautiful. It has a Custom Shop Sticker showing SD '59s as the pickups. Last seen it was sold to member Cosmikdebris, residing in the UK. Weight - nearly 10lbs. Neck - very typical Heritage residing somewhere between '60s slim and 50's fat. Back of the guitar is deep maroon. No stinger.
  12. tulk1

    '00 Millennium SAE

    Just wanted to comment that this a relatively "rare" Heritage Millennium. It has a ply top and back, where most Millies are solid carved tops. Also, this particular guitar is one a few that are arched both top and back with no access plate, ala the 535, etc. It has that wonderful open woody tone you would expect from a semi-hollow (semi-solid). Yet can get down and hang right with a solid body. The body does have that unique semi vibration thang going on when pushed, which shows it's true semi nature. It's a wonderful example of the craftsmanship at Heritage Guitar.
  13. FW, welcome to the HoC! You may be ... just may ... be the first member here with an actual SAE. And what a beauty! There's not a great deal in our database (that I know of) about the strictly SAE guitar. Short lived, I know that. The SAE was incorporated later into the Millennium guitars - as I have a Millennium SAE. Much like your guitar except it does have a selector switch and a slightly different body style. You could always call the guys at Heritage (yes, call them, you'll be surprised by their accessibility) and ask Ren about your guitar. 269-385-5721. My guess is your controls are Vol-neck, Vol-bridge, Vol-piezeo, Tone. Interesting that there is no selector switch. Still, congrats on such a beautiful and somewhat rare Heritage guitar.
  14. tulk1

    '00 Millennium SAE

    That pic really shows the 3 layers of laminate quite well. BTW, that SAE is arched top and back. Not many were made like that.
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