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  1. Good stuff. Clark was on my short list back when I was on a 5E3 kick.
  2. Beauty, for sure. Looks like Sunset Burst to me, rather than Old Style Burst. Still a gorgeous instrument.
  3. OSB. My absolute!! favorite color for an H150. Or, Millie. Or H535. Or ............ yeah, my fav. And to pile on, pics when you can. Congrats!!
  4. Yeah, baby!! Beautiful. Heavy, but gorgeous. And I have to echo The Number's question. How can you tell?
  5. If you do get that neck off, will you post pics? Maybe describe how and what you found? Could be helpful in the future.
  6. I have H-40 ASB, as well. Would love to see pics of yours. And, coincidentally, mine needs a neck reset, as well. Altho', honestly, I don't intend to have it done anytime soon. Plays very well as is. And sounds fantastic. Definitely from Gibs parts. And yes, Aaron Cowells built them for Heritage from left over parts. You have something sort of rare in the Heritage world. Welcome to a somewhat exclusive club! ....... 😉
  7. Well, to pile on and give my $0.02USD worth of worthless opinion - I switched to Quilter Amps a few years back. No regrets whatsoever.And my back loves me all the more for it. My Aviator 112 weighs a whopping 27lbs. Every guitar player that hears it comments on how great it sounds. Not on how good I sound (grrr), but on the amp. I played that amp at 6 gigs before Tracy noticed it wasn't the Mesa TransAtlantic that she loves so much. In the rock band, my bass player now uses a Quilter Bass Block. And my other guitar player (well, he IS my brother) uses a Quilter Interblock 45, albeit into a 212 Mesa Cab 😎. Don't discount them because they're SS. Pat Quilter has been at this a very long time. Hmmm, that may have only been about $0.01USD worth.
  8. We've seen Heritage cases that weren't marked with the logo. That's a nice case that the Bird linked. You have a not inexpensive guitar. Don't cheap out on the case.
  9. I've recently become a big fan of these. For all my guitars.
  10. @chico Dude!! Nice of you to drop in. @BBKeef Stunning Millie DC.
  11. Aha!! There you are. Just went over to TGP to see if you'd replied. Glad you made it over. When you get time, post a link to your vids in the Heritage room. Those are dandy, especially that last one. And again, nice guitar!!
  12. tulk1

    Tulk1's Guitars

    '09 Heritage Prospect Custom '99 Heritage Prospect Standard '10 PSPIII 555C White w/HRW's Coil Tap
  13. Another Prospect owner! Welcome. I had a '99 Prospect. Now in possession of a custom ordered '10 Prospect. Love that guitar. My absolute favorite of. How long have you had the '93?
  14. Hey Ben. Welcome aboard. Tell Alison we post her clips here from time to time. Glad to see you're making the leap, yourself. Good to have you here. BTW, pics are darned near mandatory. So, get with it!!
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