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  1. Heritage H-158 Millenneum

    I had one. Loved it. Still not sure why I moved it on. Mine had the piezo bridge, which designated it as an SAE, but it was still a 158. The laminate means nothing. Especially Heritage laminates. What you have coming is basically a small semi-hollow guitar. I think Pete was wrong in that they made a lot of them. Mr. Marv told me at PSPI that they made very few of them, as it was an experiment before they decided on the current Millie builds. Either way, it's a rather "rare" Heritage as yeah, few come up for sale. Here's a couple of the one I had.
  2. 1997 H-535 pups question

    Either one of those 2 535s would have been great to own. But, yeah, there's nothing quite like the smell of a brand new guitar! Even one as red as that one. .... And, you get to put all the dings on it. Play it like it was built to be ......... played!!
  3. One of my all time favorite songs. As kids we played the grooves smooth on Dad's Santo & Johnny album.
  4. They don't have enough coat racks in the plant, as is? ...................
  5. Bluesbucker vs Phat Cat P90's

    Them Vegas Guy(s). Dang it!!!
  6. I finally own a Heritage guitar

    Dig the mineral streaks!!
  7. A WTF Moment

    Uh ..... what?
  8. Finally Qualified to Be a Real Member

    Way to go!! And they DO look like nearly a matched set. On the qualifying to be a member - if owning a Heritage was the first requirement, we'd have to deduct about 10k posts from Josh (Detroit Blues) ...........
  9. A WTF Moment

    Well, what was a link to their shopping cart when clicking "Guitars" is gone and they've replaced that with: 2018 line up Our new line of guitars is on its way, and will be available soon on the website. Please, subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know.
  10. A WTF Moment

    Huh, takes you to the shopify cart. Must be a redirect while they redesign. You know, to be honest, they've never quite gotten the hang of a real website for their guitars. Even the new guys, not yet. Maybe the next new one will be something.
  11. Ooooh, I like the top on that one. Very understated. So, why gold? Nickle lasts longer, looks better longer.
  12. NPGD

    I prefer the original.
  13. I have a Honeywell hang on the furnace whole house humidifier. Got to admit, it's not all that. I have humidifier "bags" in each of the acoustics. But those require replacement as they dry out. May look into that Essick floor model. They look nice. Agreed on the electrics maybe not needing quite as much humidifying. But my Eastman Octave will drink as much moisture as you can give it. Not sure why it dries out so quickly.
  14. String Gauges?

    Long long time ago a good buddy suggested I give Dean Markley 1974's (10 -46) a shot. They've become my string of choice for the Bakersfield. DM has since dropped the 1974 nom and now just calls them 2503, but it's the same string, feels quite groovy on the Tele-ish guitar. On the Lancaster (3 single coil) git I've been using GHS David Gilmore Blue label (10 - 48). Very low tension, almost TOO low tension. I've considered stepping up to the DG Reds, which are just a tad bit heavier. The DG Blue work quite well on the PRS CE24. A bit off topic, but will come back on - I've been on a long search for low tension acoustic strings. Tried the GHS Silk and Bronze, Silk and Steel, but neither of them are all that low tension. I have Dean Markley Sig Series Vintage Wind that I haven't tried yet. But I think the current reasoning for calling most acoustic strings "low tension" is that they're 11's, not necessarily low tension by design. The Martin Marquis Silk definitely ARE low tension, and sound pretty dandy. But my acoustics are set up for 12's. Enter - Optima Strings. At NAMM this year they are introducing they own line of low tension acoustic strings (total tension around 130lbs), in 12's. Hmmm. I contacted the West Coast distributor and he is sending me 2 sets pre-NAMM to try out, provide feedback. Should be here tonite. Now, back on electrics. For grins he's sending me a set of the Optima Maxiflex 24k Gold 10's, as well. Just to try and evaluate. Gold plated guitar strings .... wha????? Should be an interesting weekend for new guitar strings here in the Pec.
  15. So where are all the H110s?

    I didn't like that body style when they came out with it. Marv was pushing it hard when I ordered my custom Millie. As time passes, I'm warming up to it quite a bit. That blue one is stellar!!