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  1. Really dig the Mesa Atlantics. Used this guys baby brother (TA15) for years!! Like the mix of the speakers you got in this one, too. Nice score.
  2. Don't recall seeing Heritage branded covers, before. Kinda cool. Is that a roller bridge on a wooden base?
  3. Thats a beauty right there, Chuck. Checks and all. Enjoy.
  4. Dig the white surrounds and finger rest. And the OSB(?).
  5. It's in excellent shape. And a darn fine player. I don't have any pics of it, but it now sports a custom wound mandolin pickup. Making it Hot Hot Hot!!!
  6. Love the plain top, in stark contrast to that back!! Nice.
  7. I had always intended my next Heritage to be an H140 2nd Ed. Sadly, never got around to it. Congrats on having such a special guitar. But I will have to echo DB's take --- where're the pics?
  8. Which, as it strangely turns out, is very very close to what I told the instructor. Still got my Masters Cert, but whew, it was close. 😇 I still have very fond memories of the "old" Custom Shop. But then, I'm old(er) and a bit nostalgic.
  9. This reads a bit too much like Risk Management. Known known; known unknown; unknown known; unknown unknown. Which to me = known headache, unknown headache, etc., etc., etc.
  10. Aha!! There you are. Just went over to TGP to see if you'd replied. Glad you made it over. When you get time, post a link to your vids in the Heritage room. Those are dandy, especially that last one. And again, nice guitar!!
  11. tulk1

    Tulk1's Guitars

    '09 Heritage Prospect Custom '99 Heritage Prospect Standard '10 PSPIII 555C White w/HRW's Coil Tap
  12. Another Prospect owner! Welcome. I had a '99 Prospect. Now in possession of a custom ordered '10 Prospect. Love that guitar. My absolute favorite of. How long have you had the '93?
  13. Hey Ben. Welcome aboard. Tell Alison we post her clips here from time to time. Glad to see you're making the leap, yourself. Good to have you here. BTW, pics are darned near mandatory. So, get with it!!
  14. Ron, I see you made it to the HoC!! Excellent. Did I forget to mention you'd need to post pics or you'll get razzed for not doing so? Got to see Kara Adara if you're going to mention her. You could post a pic of that sweet bass you were playing Saturday, as well. Welcome, and hope you stick around. I think you'll find us to be a rather fun bunch ... most of the time. .... Ken
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