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    I’m really enjoying it so far
  2. NGD - Cat's Out of the Bag

    LOVE IT!!!!
  3. I played the T-REX version of this pedal about a year ago at a buddys house. I was very impressed...and have been searching for one ever since! They are hard to find!!! I found this one on Reverb...its a V1...pre-T-rex. A very versatile pedal. I'm really digging it!!! [MEDIA=youtube]VyCLbE1actk[/MEDIA]
  4. Just in time for hockey season...

  5. Just in time for hockey season...

    I was very happy for the easy hardware transition too!!! If had been the second generation Kahler, it would have been the screw down to the body unit and I would have been stuck with the tone sucker. This Guitar has magnificent tone!!! It's super light too.
  6. Another odd duck Heritage finds its way to Paw Paw! A 1985 H 140 with an HOCKEY STICK headstock! This H140 was built very early in Heritage's history. They were doing a lot of experimenting to see what the market would take. This guitar could have been a special order, or it could have been one of those things where they had this neck sitting there...and that body...and somebody said, "F**k it, put em together" This bad boy came from the factory with a Kahler 3200 locking trem. Luckily it was the old style that sits on the posts for a standard LP bridge/tailpiece configuration. I decided to s**t can the Kahler and put a Nashville style bridge and tailpice on the guitar. It came with locking Grovers, which was a big plus. It has a monster flame maple top. One piece mahogany body and neck and a beautiful rosewood board. I gutted the electronics. Installed 4 new CTS pots with NOS Russian PIO caps and a set of Custom wound Alnico II humbuckers wound by Connor Baldacci This guitar has seen some action in its life....headstock repair, dings, dents scratches, etc. But I gotta tell ya, this thing SCREAMS TONE!!!!! Nice, low action...medium/slim neck. And its very light!!
  7. 2 + 1 =

  8. 2 + 1 =

  9. Getting rid of smoke odor

    i have also heard that a good way to get rid of smoke smell is to stop smoking..... just sayin....
  10. H535

  11. Custom H155M has arrived

  12. H150s for every taste...

    Yeah is chestnut
  13. H150s for every taste...

    I have become extreemly smitten with these 2 H150s over the past couple weeks. On the left is a 2010 150 LW... RS 50s harness Alnico II humbuckers Rosewood board Tone Pros hardware Locking Grovers On the right is a 2006 150 with P-90s... RS 50s harness Lollar pickups Rosewood board Locking Grovers Absoloute stellar H150 samples....in tone and playability!!!
  14. Some questions about my '89 Heritage H147

    Beautiful guitar!