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  1. Welcome to the HOC!! and welcome to the Custom Core Club! You got a beauty there!!
  2. Really? Did the lock come off the strap or guitar?
  3. 2015 Heritage “PLAIN TOP” H535 I believe this was a model introduced by Jay Wolfe. It’s stamped #2. It has a Seth lover in the bridge and a 59 in the neck, factory. A nice n beefy 50s neck. Beautiful almond sunburst. I picked this up locally last night. The previous owner had an unfortunate accident with his strap…ALWAYS INSTALL STRAP LOCKS CHILDREN!! Resulted in yanking the cord and jack, breaking the rim. Im going to install a Les Paul style jack plate over it to bring stability back to the input jack. I figure by the time I pay someone to fix it, I’ll have more into the guitar than it’s worth. I didn’t really NEED another 535, but the price was too good to walk away from!!! Especially with a heritage case included.
  4. That’s a can of worms that need not be opened here.
  5. I know a lot of people think its blasphemy to put G parts on a Heritage....I think its a way to help revive the H150s true roots
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