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  1. I like both Heritage headstocks, but I prefer the Core. I also like the G&L headstock point and all.
  2. My favorite club for many years was Studio Caliber 22+ with a Black Shadow. I lived on the clean channel of the amp and I loved the Black Shadow in it.
  3. That looks like a proper noise maker:) I really like the Black Shadow speakers! Nice score.
  4. Yeah Gibbons almost ruined Cakewalk but Bandlab saved then at least. But if the latest offerings of the Gibbons/Epiphone company are any indication of how Gibbons is doing maybe their association with Mesa will be a good thing!
  5. fantastic, thanks for posting that!
  6. Yeah I doubt that's a wood crack, and nitro/lacquer cracks easy. I don't know if finish cracks are covered in the warranty, but me, personally, I would just enjoy it if it's a good sounding and playing guitar. I guess it just depends on how good of a deal you got on it on whether you want to keep it or not.
  7. That is a GREAT sounding guitar, with a great player wringing the best out of it!
  8. Great sound and playing on those clips.
  9. I heard the connection to Sean Costello's voice, but I prefer Marcus King's, for two reasons, I think he has better vocal tone and much better control of his voice. The soul singer vocal phrasing that he did with those harmony singers was pretty tight, and as I listened to it, I thought that performance could have easily been used on a live album! And I like a more rocking blues guitar style better, although the slap back echo on the Tonight Show clip kind kind of obscured the melody in that solo. As Kuz said though, it's all subjective. Neither one of these guys would make my top ten, so I pr
  10. Just listen to the Beatles for some serious ES330
  11. The neck angle typically 'causes it. If it gets above 4 degrees up goes the tail. Early 50's Les Pauls had the lower angle, when you tried to put an ABR on them and you had to slam the bridge and tail piece down to get them to work right. But, if it plays good and sounds good, it is good:) I'd top wrap it if it were mine.
  12. looks like a butt and miter joint on top, but I couldn't see that well even blowing them up.
  13. wow that tailpiece is up high and yet the strings just barely clear the back of the bridge, or is that an optical illusion on my part?
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