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  1. I can't figure out how they're installing crooked tailpiece studs? The holes surely must be drilled correctly: presumably the gtr is laid flat & a vertical drill press, and template are used. So as someone mentioned, maybe tapping the studs/posts in is where the problem occurs? You'd have to be a total hack to screw that up though?
  2. I have the MF-104Z, it works well & doesn't have that problem. Strange, most of their stuff is well designed. Actually I do have the minifooger drive pedal, it's good. Always wondered about the delay though!
  3. That's bizarre! I thought they used a jig to drill those holes. And/or a drill press.
  4. Is the post tilted, or is the carve of the top just further in on the treble side? I'd be surprised if the posts aren't drilled properly. But who knows. Good luck!
  5. That's a great Roger Mayer story! Congrats on the autograph too. I wonder if the fooger has a trim pot inside you could adjust?
  6. The immaculate conception of Heritage Guitars
  7. I use high stoptails as an excuse to topwrap the strings
  8. Hey what do you think of that Moog delay? I've never had a chance to try one of the minifoogers. And is that black thing a Roger Mayer pedal? I want one just because they look cool!
  9. Those all sounded fab. If I'd never heard the others, any one of them would do. I'd do the rhythm & lead on different amps though!
  10. Lots of good H535 in here Congratulations!
  11. Haha, true enough! But after a few bumps it's irrelevant I was checking out ( pun ) a brand new, relic'd guitar & the sales guy was taking great pains to avoid putting any marks on it. After a few moments we just looked at each other & started laughing: it was ridiculous
  12. That's really nice. Not a fan of the aging though, but whatever rocks yer boat!
  13. Agree TKL makes great cases
  14. This is good info, thx. For now I have a Gotoh ABR-1 on the existing studs, which works well. But someday I'll get around to trying this out.
  15. Hey that's pretty neat! Good idea with the variac, too!
  16. For some reason I thought those had tele pickups in them? Maybe I saw pics of a different model: it was years ago
  17. Yeah! that's a pretty F'n nice guitar!! And good tip on the Faber inserts. I'll have to try them out someday.
  18. Guitar players are crazy!
  19. Wow, I've heard of that, very cool! Looks good in red. I guess you could say: you drew first blood? Groan....I'll see myself out
  20. What on earth would they change on the 535? I get the enthusiast demand for a 1959 LP, but a 535 too? It's already a better guitar
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