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  1. Orville got ousted by his investors pretty quickly, didn't he? Like within 5 years? Although he was apparently acting very eccentric
  2. This is a public message.

  3. If I had the dosh, I'd buy a new Heritage in a heartbeat. The new instruments look fantastic. But times are tough & there are other priorities.
  4. That's an art gallery, right there! Hinesarchtop, I was there with everyone else at HOC when Pete did his speech & presentation of those two guitars. Outstanding wood selection, and Pete was ( rightly so ) quite proud of the builds!! Great guitars, all around. And congrats to the owners
  5. Good to hear!! No pun intended
  6. Unbelievable!! Fantastic gtr!! And great playing + tunes!!
  7. Douchebags anonymous!! Congrats
  8. Drool!! Beautiful H150! Digging the Limba too
  9. Ah!! So he's gone fishin' I was trying to get a rise/laugh out of him :)
  10. Hmm where's mavguy? I hope he's not convulsing doing the 120v boogie, with his fingers jammed inside an amp chassis, unable to post any updates...
  11. The custom shop would have charged $$ to authentically break a new guitar, to look like that!
  12. I actually wasn't aware of the artisan differences, so this was a good subject to bring up.
  13. IMO just play the **** out of it! It will thus acquire natural aging & wear over time
  14. Neil Young does that too! I'd use a metal jack plate on that repair, the plastic ones aren't very strong. Did you glue the wood back together too? Looks good though!
  15. Excellent pics, thanks for posting!
  16. Looks great!! I'd probably pull the pickguard off & display more of that top! Congrats
  17. Wow!! Amazing to see pictures of these guitars and Maudie's work, posted! Thanks for taking the time to share And Condolences
  18. Good to know! I have a Harmony 306A So you just changed the tone caps, & put a new output transformer + speaker in?
  19. Also lead-free solder is a beotch to get used to, compared to leaded. Leaded would be much easier to start with.
  20. Yeah! Practice on some old junk electronic parts first, then it'll be easy once you're comfortable wielding the iron
  21. Short answer: yes, a standard H150 is a solid gtr that will serve anyone well, who is looking for that type of instrument Long answer: There's lots of variables in those questions, most of which come down to personal preference & musical style. If you are into traditional bluesy stuff, you might want unpotted pickups. If you're into modern higher gain stuff, potted pickups would probably be better. Another difference is the shorter scale of the neck, which feels different than a Fender. It's probably best to just get your hands on one & try it out, see if it works for you? Angled headstocks are more fragile than flat Fender style. Neck stability is otherwise about the same, in my experience.
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