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  1. Whichever one doesn't ruffle my golden underwear!
  2. A lot of recorded gtr sounds aren't as distorted as people think. And live, you generally need volume to avoid sounding rinky dink. IMO. Although all the amp modellers etc are putting some of that to rest.
  3. I have the Behringer clone of that original Boss pedal. Works well & was inexpensive. Actually I bought 2x of them, they were so cheap. I want to solder a cap in to shave the high end off the repeats though.
  4. I loosen the strings if it's going into the case for a while. Especially during seasonal changes, where the wood expands/shrinks due to humidity. Or like DB says, if I'm travelling somewhere with it
  5. Well, how cool is that?!! Congratulations! on the guitar, the scholarship, and the kid!
  6. Never swapped saddles out, but that is a great looking gtr!! Congrats! I have an old Gibson EB-0 with nylon saddles though, and it sounds dull so you might be onto something. Although I think it's mostly due to the pickups
  7. Congratulations PK! My #1 H150 is a '93
  8. To be honest, I haven't used them in ages! I liked them both though. Especially how they interacted with a cranked amp & gtr volume manipulation
  9. Neat! I have an old Si fuzz face, and a Throbak germanium fuzz. And a Fulltone ultimate octave, which includes a fuzz. Plus some NOS germanium transistors in a bag somewhere, if I ever get around to building a clone
  10. Well if the custom core is emulating a '59 LP, those had plastic inlays. So it probably appeals to that market segment.
  11. Well that's cool! Congratulations. Re: the loose tube, maybe you shouldn't have shook it down so hard
  12. That was a good article, thanks for posting. “Hot Rubber Monkey” Lol
  13. This is the first topic
  14. This is my feed

     Hello world

  15. Crazy!! Looks like someone also installed Jazz Bass pickups in there. And a Jazz Bass control plate! And Jazz Bass bridge. And strings!!
  16. Well that's good news: I hope they mfr high quality stuff!
  17. Oh man....sad news. That guy was legendary RIP Lord Valve
  18. Congrats, but I don't follow your logic? where did you get $250 from?
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