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  1. Truly a one of a kind! Are you aware of any other mahogany top Eagles? Have you run this hot rod through a 100W full stack?
  2. Is it spruce or mahogany top? A good looking beauty!
  3. The veneer and bridge suggest it is a Golden eagle. I've never seen one with dot markers...?
  4. I was going to mention that Spectrum13 one-upped the game with his build; he included features on his custom build that I wish I had considered. Water under the bridge and 20/20 hindsight doesn't sway my feelings for the guitar; I'm Still in love after all these years. That said, perhaps we can get Spectrum13 to post his hot rod. If we're lucky, It'll be his Custom H-575M Custom
  5. My first (real) electric was an L4CES. I sold it and ordered this custom build - how lucky we were to have that custom opportunity. Once I learned the gibson was veneered plywood back and sides, while the Heritage was solid wood, It became necessary. The untouched photo above was taken at PSP by the stellar Mrs. KBP810. The two shots below are the new conifer top and buttery aged top. This guitar has consistently produced a grin when placed in close proximity to 4x12 cabs fueled by high-gain amps. That's why she's my Heritage Hot Rod!
  6. When I want to get my hot rod Soldano/Metropoulos/Marshall on, I whip out the H-575M Custom
  7. Whoa fella. While that is BY FAR the BEST H-150 I've ever seen (custom and otherwise), I'm inclined toward hollow guitars. That said, your quilted maple H-575 is the beauty queen in my book.
  8. If these are the guitars you put in my hands, they truly deserve the unicorn distinction!
  9. And, Sir, haven't you a few beauties to show???
  10. NICE naked board! I much prefer naked to dots. IIRC-FWIW
  11. Sweet! Let's hope she sounds half as good as she looks; you'll have a real winner on your hands! Congrats and welcome!!!
  12. You don't see many of these. It has all the right sauce - go for it!
  13. What's not to love? The 13.25" lower bout fits real well for practice while seated; something I tend to do more now that I've attained the 39.5 yr old benchmark... I had a Beautiful 535 that sounded glorious. The 16" lower bout and 1.5" rim felt awkward for noodling so I gave her up. The 155M is a cold, dead hands instrument. Not only is she beautiful, she's fully functional! If you're considering a Mille, I'll echo StephenK's words: " I love my Millie. If you are considering a purchase, MM is the man to buy one from. He only ordered Millie's with special upgrades and he is a first class member and person "
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