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  1. Still building the beta practice model, then playing, then recording. After that, I build generation 1 models.
  2. You can't refinish memories like that. It's illegal.
  3. My bad. Don't know the player (Shawn Tubbs) but he's spanking sounds I LOVE!
  4. Perhaps a tad too metal for my tastes, but this is the best example I've encountered for the sound variations. I could never develop this sound on my own. Now I don't have to...
  5. Replacing pickups in any hollowbody is a labor of love. Everything has to come out and go in through 1 pickup hole. Not a simple task, search utube for how-tos.
  6. Legitimate road wear is just that; legitimate. Personally, I'd never pay extra for, nor buy a factory "reliced" guitar. I show real road wear as a badge of honor.
  7. Ah! The impetus for Pressure's trans stinger. Beauty, eh? I bet she puts a smile on your lips.
  8. Perhaps It's best to be prepared.
  9. I'm working on that. I have cables on order and am trying to design an experiment to expose the power of the OX. I'm also trying to get my arms around the fundamental capabilities. The best part? The whole time, I'm smiling.
  10. Each and every amp now has dozens of tasty sounds to explore. Multiply that by the number of guitars and I'm now good, for life Why didn't I get this 20 years ago!?
  11. That was you! Man, it's charging when you finally hear the sound in your head, isn't it?
  12. WAZA the matter with youse guys? WAZA Tube Amp Expander https://www.boss.info/global/products/waza_tube_amp_expander/
  13. I’ve experimented for years with only guitar -> cable -> amp. I mixed up guitars, pickups and amps believing volume and the TMB would get me there. Sure, a screaming amp has tremendous degrees of fun but there’s still that wall I never got past. Now I get it. Those sweet luscious sounds come from more than just the amp. I never realized how a little compression, reverb, delay and simple EQ can wake up an amp – and how deep the sound is impregnated into rock & Roll. Having spent the past couple days with the OX, I’d venture to say this feels like training wheels on a Harley. Most of the presets are marvelous. In as much, the unit also functions as an autonomous driver. It’s fun to change preset and have another wonderous sound – in that way, it keeps you in the fast lane. I’m still a blind dog, searching for a bone. Now that I’ve discovered some, my fervor has drastically increased. Thus far, I’ve stuck with the factory presets – most are glorious. Soon I’ll begin altering settings in order to learn how to control them. Who knows, I may even invest in pedals. Who knew? I have to mention the Boss WAZA. On Saturday I was visited by two well stocked musicians who graciously provided me my first look at the WAZA. Being complete nubes, DBlues and I, didn’t have the understanding to put it through all its paces. Boss put a lot of thought and features in the WAZA. It has an input for pedalboard and midi capability allowing for augmentation and/or switching of WAZA presets, amp channels/effects plus an effects loop in either parallel or series; the OX doesn’t. The feature that I’m most impressed with is that the WAZA will output its effects to a speaker cab; the OX doesn’t. For the OX, it’s only front of house (FOH) or headphones - no effects make it to the cab. The WAZA is also an amp so, if you’re inclined, you can boost the output level of smaller amps to the speaker cab and keep up with a heavy fisted drummer. Where do I go? There’s still a LOT to learn on the OX. It makes the amps sound better than ever - like they should. I’m still considering either a Fryette PS-100 or WAZA. The primary difference being SS (WAZA) vs tube (Fryette) re-amping. Honestly, in this case, I’m leaning toward the WAZA, assuming the SS re-amping may be more neutral. It’ll depend on which has better effects and re-amping. I know the OX is here to stay!
  14. Strange is good! and this is good strange
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