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  1. I'll bring a drool bucket! 8 daze and counting...
  2. I have the same experience as you Bolero. At high volume, the lower hollowbody's strings resonate with more energy than the highs. I get the opposing resonance with the solids.
  3. Because you don't know ANYBODY that can fix amps...
  4. You're showing models I've never seen nor heard of in my life! This is going to be very interesting.
  5. Is that a Z-Lux tucked adjacent to a Z-Wreck? I'd adore a chance to try them! Wild horses...
  6. The Mesa is a touch more valuable than your JC asking price. If you're looking for a change of pace, I'd say yes!
  7. Hey Jaguarguy, I'm in! Dr. Z has been on my radar for some time. With so many models, I find it difficult to hone in on a particular model. Your festival is just the ticket I've been looking for to test drive and find the right one! Yours is a very generous offer; thank you for this opportunity.
  8. That is an H575 Mahogany Custom. Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and parallel bracing. An EXTREMELY nice, rare heritage. A new one would cost $4300 - $4800, potentially more because you'd have to go through the custom shop. Yours is the most expensive in the 575 line. Most of the plain 575s list around $2300. I saw an H575 custom listed at $2800. I'd list it $3500 and depending on how fast you wish to unload it, perhaps settle around $3000.
  9. Remember, the back of the neck too. That will assist in determining value.
  10. I'll help; if you post a photo of the back, sides and back of the neck. You have a rather expensive model in your grasp.
  11. I would start at the shop from whence it was purchased. Else, call CME. You could bring it this way, there's KBP810 and another expert I used irregularly...
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