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  1. Not at all. A classic example of cause and effect.
  2. Part of the value is it's the very last to leave Parson's in 1999. Let alone the woods...
  3. That's a COOL guitar! Happy Birthday beautiful.
  4. Say, EllenGtrGrl, welcome to the HOC. Yours is precisely the model and finish that turned me on to the Heritage brand. I too appreciate the high-gain, timbre of a hollow body guitar cranked. With that, I'm issuing a stern warning. Heritage guitars are just so good that nobody stops with just one. You're going to need a bigger home! Especially with the level of enablers here. It's good to have you on-board. You have chosen well!
  5. Still building the beta practice model, then playing, then recording. After that, I build generation 1 models.
  6. You can't refinish memories like that. It's illegal.
  7. My bad. Don't know the player (Shawn Tubbs) but he's spanking sounds I LOVE!
  8. Perhaps a tad too metal for my tastes, but this is the best example I've encountered for the sound variations. I could never develop this sound on my own. Now I don't have to...
  9. Replacing pickups in any hollowbody is a labor of love. Everything has to come out and go in through 1 pickup hole. Not a simple task, search utube for how-tos.
  10. Legitimate road wear is just that; legitimate. Personally, I'd never pay extra for, nor buy a factory "reliced" guitar. I show real road wear as a badge of honor.
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