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  1. Bravo KBP810! Or, shall we call you Dr. TransTint? Something I wanted to experiment with but haven't an eye for the color wheel. I love the color you settled upon. Kudos for the conservative approach in design. A good woodworker pre-calculates dimensions based on materials rather than design. Impressive! The larger cab volume should augment the bass frequencies to tame the timbre of the 6P14p tubes; kudos!
  2. Nice tint! Not only does it bring out the curl, it accentuates the end grain. Bravo!!!
  3. Cabs are the #1 item in the amp's BOM cost. I can see you're going there in style. Mighty-fine finger joints. That was very brave of you to go with so many! It's a LOT of work and anxiety verifying everything is optimum before each cut; it just takes one aw$hit to destroy the entire project. You've made it this far, Kudos!
  4. Whoa... How does one get in the queue?
  5. Nice snatch! Marshall always concerned me with so many models, who knows which to get? I've always wanted a plexi and (1962?) Bluesbreaker but even those have so many variants and reissues that I never delved. Now that you've found "that sound" I congratulate you! May you play in good health!
  6. He's Baaaaack... Happy days are here again.
  7. It's fun taking every step toward that sound in your head! congrats.
  8. Where better a place to find company without having to share?
  9. That looks like a great afternoon!
  10. Wow! I need a Dad like you. Are you accepting applications for a slightly decrepit, "advanced" age, second childhood, wanna-be players? Congrats DB offspring! Nice snatch!!!
  11. On the contrary. The same set-up has helped many happy NADs here for years!
  12. Tubes are like gasoline. You'll find you need them at the strangest times. I buy extras for every amp here. I purchased a Bogner XTC that came with a peculiar brand so I got another quad; last time I looked (last year) they were selling for $1000/quad. The price of tubes is going nowhere but up. Buy early, buy often.
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