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  1. You created some fine customs; it's only logical to ask.
  2. Tasty piece Skydog52! Looks like koa. Yours?
  3. I can introduce you to my luthier. He's quite good. Sorry to see your facedive.
  4. JB Weld and/or Bondo. I can't help you with the press' platen if you go THAT deep!
  5. All you need is a good drill press and a forestner bit.
  6. Success is a meal best served warm, with high gain. Congrats!
  7. Nice snatch! Your highness...
  8. Looks like a 150 sized, ebony board 137 for just twice the price! Golly.
  9. 137s Rock! Congratulations gents!
  10. I haven't torn my Colonial apart or tried to figure out what they are. My guess (and only a guess) is that they are for 230V supply - given that your friend's is set up for EU voltage. My heart goes out to you knowing what it feels like to have a new, great amp that cannot be played. Get on epay or amazon and find a stepdown transformer. It shouldn't cost more than US$30. The patent for your amplifier can be found at: https://patents.justia.com/patent/7417502
  11. Here's what I do know. Many boutique, American amps are capable of running on 230V supply; they need to be configured to do so. Obviously, your friend's Colonial is and is so labeled. The transformer in the Colonial is so revolutionary that Mr. Cochrane received a US patent. Instead of running two different preamps and calling them "Marshall" and "Fender" he used different taps from the transformer to mimic the differences between Fender and Marshall transformers. His design is the only one to do this and does the very best job of producing both brands in one amplifier. You have a few options: Either procure a step-down transformer because you know your amp was configured for US standard voltage. Put your amp next to your friends and see if you can identify the different leads. Be careful, there may be caps and resisters elsewhere that are specific to the EU voltage. My Favorite: Find a competent repair shop and have them test the leads to see if your transformer is capable of running on 230V. Bring Mr. Cochrane's phone number and have the tech call if necessary.
  12. Hi Matthias - Congrats on a superior amp! The power input isn't labeled 120v so there is a possibility. I'd tr to get in touch with Paul Cochran (of Timmy pedal fame) and ask him. His contact paulcochrane@comcast.net 615-896-8555 also myspace.com/paulcaudio also PaulC on TGP.net - is documented in his pedal instruction sheet (Courtesy of @rjsanders here on the HOC) Please let us know what you discover. ENJOY!
  13. The old palace looks good with new paint! It's cool you're introducing the next generation to Heritage! Great work DB. @Yooper: Friend, you are on fire! Touche'
  14. Guitar safaris are the best!
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