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  1. Hey, Blind Melon Chitlon! Nice work!
  2. That's 1/4 of what I pay. Worth every penny too.
  3. I have read your recommendations through the years and found a vast majority to be true. Thank you for that.
  4. Over, above and beyond the new element you discovered (aluminium ), did you mean to say "bridge" in the last sentence?
  5. Congrats on the new NADs. Everything about Heritage amps is top notch, right down to the Mather cabs. Play in good health
  6. OUCH! The routering should be the same as any HB guitar. Best of luck.
  7. I've been thinking about this very concept. I came off dismissive about SS amplification. I remain in that camp. SS amplification does nothing for me; it's stale and lacks the dynamics that only tubes can give. No SS amp can do what tubes do. Perhaps, someday, when super-computing power fits within a head cab and artificial intelligence is applied to tube dynamics. Then we'll be chasing the upgrades just like the personal computers we all use. Will good tone devolve into how well you can program? What will MS59.1 (Marshall Sound) have improved beyond the earlier release? However, I enjoy effects which are mostly digital. I'm split on analog VS digital reverb. I enjoy digital delay and compression (never owned tube). As long as the foundation rests in the saturated tube realm I find the results generally pleasing. Not always pleasing ( I had a Crate, once - just once) but given a good circuit, I'm generally in lust! You ask if your sound is digital. No. You're augmenting analog amplification with digital effects.
  8. I thought the background photo guitars were his too. One thing I know about Gitfiddler is he has a stunning bevy of guitars!
  9. +1 Wait, your button has been erased...
  10. You'll soon see, we are porn-centric here. Those shots of your ax are the pure Swedish variety. We should be called the Pictures Or It Never Happened forum. I coppied the web address of your shots from your photo site and pasted them here. Simple.
  11. Guitars are strung, fixtured then measured. If necessary the trussrod is adjusted and the process begins anew. Then the guitar is unstrung, refixtured and measured. From that point the computer program makes inferences on how to alter the frets and machining begins. If done correctly, the guitar is restrung, refixtured and remeasured - That takes time and effort. It additionally indicates the errors in fixturing and the machining process...
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