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  1. That one will put a smile on your face. Play her in good health! Congrats.
  2. A personal favorite. That one's done right!
  3. In the early days of amps, long before wave soldering came to the industry, components were hand assembled on a circuit board. The amps were simple and sounded lovely! As electrical engineers entered the fray, circuits became more complex and economics entered the mass produced market. I get the sense that circuit boards entered the market right about the same time as cheaper components. I've read but never aligned with the hand-wired V circuit board difference. Case in point Soldano's SLO; a legendary sound that is circuit board based. At the same time, KBP810b has created many tasty hand-wired masterpieces. The difference, I believe, are the individual components. The less cost, generally, means higher tolerances allowing the sound to escape. I believe in big transformers for many reasons. Empirically, every sweet amp I've played has big iron. I've had bad amps with big iron so it's not a sure-fire test. KBP810 nailed the speaker factor. One might add the cab size too. I've seen but never calculated amp wattage. There is a formula that takes into account the power in the circuit. I believe that is where the # of amps associated with a circuit originates. You can get a flavor of how many amperes from the power tube type. 6V6 ~ 7W, EL-84 ~ 9W, 6L6/5881 ~ 25W etc. There's only a 3db difference between a 50W and 100W amp. Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the...
  4. The break was well documented on the HOC. @smurph1was crestfallen. His guitar did a faceplant into the stage from a stand. Probably in '08 or '09. Congrats on reuniting DetroitBlues!
  5. Townshend!!! Never owned one, always wanted one. Like Marshall, there are too many flavors out there.
  6. I had a 2210 back in the day. You're spot on - big bottles ARE fun! The cream AlNiCo are superb at getting that classic sound out. Happy NADs!
  7. I found this guy yesterday. He has a few other "Where Does The Tone Come From..." videos. I need to listen to this one again through headphones. My crapp computer speakers don't show any difference. It's entertaining if nothing else.
  8. Because that's where you keep your yoko.
  9. Succinct and comprehensive; thank you!
  10. Love, infatuation, lust... What's the difference? Ask her if she has a friend.
  11. Thar she blows! Offend away! I promise not to contact Jay. Is there a drool emoji? I need one here.
  12. So, what the Fuchs? Are Happy NADs in order or not? I'm confused, do you have the willpower to send it back in the same package or is the Dumblesque to haunting that you cannot release the source??? Please creator KBP810, do keep us abreast!
  13. Keep the Neptune, sell that old, yellowed natural maple Gitfiddler.
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