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  1. I don't use it in controls. They're supposed to have enough lube to last a lifetime. Deoxit is good to clean tube contacts.
  2. Steiner


    Had trouble following the blog. Now that I see it rhymes with frog, I'm good.
  3. Let us not forget the veneered, plywood guitars...
  4. Wow! I'd be willing to go as high as 13 if you weren't a newbie.
  5. Isn't ASB Antique Sunburst? I thought Almond Sunburst was ALSB. I don't own one any longer so this is just conjecture and speculation... Regardless, you've got a fine guitar there!
  6. I rather enjoy your stories. Details always help. With 3-D effects, sometimes it takes a few extra words. I feel your pain. The first electric I bought had a loose speed knob so the tech glued it back on the pot! At the time I had no idea that the shaft is split and all you have to do is stick a screwdriver in the split...
  7. Nice snatch! That's a Rocker! Congrats.
  8. 16 Ohm will use the full windings of the transformer. That's generally a fuller sound; it depends on how the amp was voiced.
  9. The 80s H-140 here has Grovers. Yours may be special order.
  10. I set an ABR-1 bridge on a 575. The sound was reminiscent of a squirrel with a spoon tied to his tail running in a ring of pans. I couldn't take it off too soon!
  11. Gregg,

      Just cleaned and restrung my 575 from flat wound Ti Swings to round Ti BeBops 12.

    Pickups are ThroBak SLE 101MXV 

    Now I get the ghost hum/buzz only through the amp (changed cables/changed amps/change guitars) so it is only from this guitar. It's not a grounding issue or mechanical issue. Could be the same issue you had so I ask..

    If you had to do this over...  assume it is a potting issue... how would you proceed.

    Have not gone to my tech guy.  


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