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  1. Stunning! I suppose you're still on the lookout for the red Centurian. Did you redo the stinger? I agree, the red back never rang my bell.
  2. Because you've already owned every model from the old guard, I'd wager it's the long lost red Centurian .
  3. The only thing better than an H-575 is TWO H-575s! Beautiful!
  4. I went through Faber's website for 6 months before emailing to find what I wanted. I was immediately bothered by the $15 fee for unslotted bridges. The reply was a web address to a bridge. Not entirely what I inquired about but I could make it work. When I got the piece it wasn't what I wanted, not even close so, I returned it. I've subsequently purchased a Callaham bridge and love everything it does except they don't come in gold. I'll keep the Callaham but am looking at KMS for a gold one. These bridges, though expen$ive, go a long way to cutting down the ghost notes. Are there other brand bridges out there that are precision machined?
  5. What if you pull the preamp's tubes?
  6. It works if you have a parallel effects loop with level control.
  7. That's a mighty-fine looking slab of mahogany lying naked on a soft pillow. Warm weather is on its way!
  8. You have a guitar with mini humbuckers? It must be nice to experience the good life, you lucky dog! I'm very happy to hear that what you hear is happy. Congrats!
  9. Hey fellow old guy. That's a mighty smart looking 16 you got there. You'll find we folks here enjoy the type of guitar porn you've provided. We don't get too many Sweet 16s showing up here. Yours is quite stunning. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Automatically manual. It required input (manual) to output glory (automatically). Isn't it beautiful how these things work?
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