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  1. IIRC, that's a dark rosewood FB. It does look like ebony. Looks awesome DBlues!
  2. Goofy commentator but fun video. Heritage tour begins at 2:30. https://utrmichigan.com/videos/#uael-video-gallery-cd7de52-8
  3. I totally concur with Green Oak guitars. The proprietor is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about Heritage and is great to buy from. Don't forget about Private Stock Guitars; the dealer where I purchased my most recent new Heritage; yet, another stellar dealer.
  4. Beautiful guitar! Nice Snatch - congrats.
  5. The older book you saw was possibly Ashman Pitman's. There's a good one about amps by Dave Hunter. Gerald Webber has 3 or 4 out there primarily about Fender amp repair. You can get close to many boutique builders through forums and/or fakebook.
  6. This is an interest here too. I'd enjoy hearing your take once you get into it.
  7. Not anything organized after ~14-15yrs old. You? I took John E.'s class in college.
  8. I took a Jazz guitar course from John E. some 40 years ago. To this day, I remember him instructing us to tell a story with leads. Give ups and downs along the way and finish with a big crescendo. I have absolutely NO idea why he passed me...
  9. Looks dirty, dusty... Nice shootin' text
  10. Gibbonss always have much work to do...
  11. It's a good life! I'm waiting on DBlues' report on the gibbon vs Mojotones. I like what I'm reading. Congrats
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