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  1. I should know who Mark Slaughter is but... Guessing a hair band..dude had nice hair for sure.
  2. Late to the thread. $1.5k for a mint 555 is CHEAP. Wish there was a picture. Long gone I assume. Thing is, if you buy it hating the color, chances are you won't come around. Asthetics do count. I have gotten to like several colors I was luke warm to. Currently fighting the GAS for the one I posted on Bay Watch at $1,999 on Reverb which is the cheapest price I have seen lately. And it's beautiful. GAS arghhhhh.
  3. Lucky to have that resource. You've always seemed to have cool places to play and hang out in your neck of the woods. I may consider some NOS or used old stock at some point. If memory serves I've used Doug's in the past. Thanks for the tips guys.
  4. Like the soap box trick bt cheaper, I would put a damp sponge in a plastic baggie with some holes punched in it in the case pocket. II had a few top techs say that was an ok method. had a whole house humidifier installed on my furnace last year but still may add a small damp sponge to my hollow bodies and acoustics.
  5. I haven't bought tubes in years I'm probably due for some new production tubes. Anyone recommend a good dealer or two and what brands for your typical power and pre-amp tubes?
  6. Nice to hear from you!. And, coincidentally, the excellent Reverb Deluxe you made for me back in 2012 or so is one reason I'm even thinking about a "non tube" amp. It was making some funny noises, and I was swapping out V1 and V2 I assumed that one of those would cause odd noises ..only using one channel etc.. worked for a while .. eventually I found it was the pre amp tube right next to the pwr tubes. I'm probably due for a new crop of spares.
  7. After hearing about the new Fenders I did a search. A month ago there was a thread on TGP of over 100 pages..if anyone is really bored. I skimmed a few pages. It seems some love them, others say they are a one trick pony and other brand options may be as good with more versatility.
  8. Good one. I'll get out my Twin this week and give it a go, it's been a while. You jogged my memory, I had an Acoustic 4 x 12 / 200 w beast back in the early 70's. It was loud, not sure I was aware of other subtleties back then. And I had a LP SG back then as well. I've been kicking around the idea of getting an acoustic amp as I have one electric acoustic guitar that does not sound great with my tube amps. Maybe one of these new crop of amps can do double duty. Thanks, great info.
  9. Back in the day when I started out they were crap. I've been noticing rave reviews lately for the new Fender Tone Masters. The clips I have heard of others (Quilters etc) sound great. Light weight too. And...NO TUBES! The more I shop for and swap out tubes the older it all gets for me. Hanging out on the Jazz Guitar forum I see there are many converts there and not just for jazz. I have 5 or so tube amps but one day maybe...
  10. I never saw one with a trapeze tail (like the one above with the P90s) , I bet that adds a little to the equation. I have a Gibson 335 and an H535 both are excellent. The 535 is a little thinner in width. Someone mentioned not having a local Heritage dealer, remember GC used gear, get one delivered to your local store and try it out for 45 days (assuming it is less than 25 yrs old..then it's "Vintage" with a 3 day window) , no stress returns. I'd say the 535 is up there with Heritage's best models.
  11. I swapped the Schallers in my H157 for Seths and loved the change. Maybe it was the magnets..who knows? +1 on the Antiquities, they are so sweet in my 535.. actually a 535 Special from Wolfe's. A special run they did around 2006 I believe. The Schallers, especially the modded HRW's may really shine in a jazz box..there are youtubes of Henry Johnson playing his 550 that sound great. BTY, the youtubes are great free lessons as well, picked up some new ideas.
  12. For sure I'd use a good local guy. Good luck.
  13. Wow thanks for sharing that. Best of luck and much love to REN. And thanks for the wonderful guitars.
  14. Nice. Cool custom inlays. Brent I see an old? Traynor. Nice amps.
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