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On 6/26/2022 at 3:42 PM, kbp810 said:


This such a beautiful shot of the cab.  I admire how you centered the knot it the top center; very bold and admirable use of material. 

As I look about your photo I can't miss the unusual ax in the background.  Is that a Cupid's Bow I see?  And the three mini-buckers...?  It almost looks familiar.

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12 hours ago, kbp810 said:

Hmm, a perplexing mystery…. 

Perhaps if I were to zoom in on the area in question 



Either show the headstock (and other cool images) of that gitfiddle...or we'll assume it's a Chinese Harley Benton. :D

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If that is in-fact, the guitar in question, appears to have been modified.  Memory serves, it was originally with mini-humbucker/Firebird pickups in gold.  Those look almost like cream soapbar P90's.

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3 hours ago, kbp810 said:

Still gold mini-humbuckers, just an illusion from being in the blurred back ground



3 mini-buckers, a cupid's bow and a top deep enough to go swimming!  It's been a LONG time since we saw her.  I've been waiting for her to hit the market; just so I could buy her and hold on for you, of course.

Good, clean living has its perks.  Congrats!  Nice snatch!

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