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H150 CC and H535 with minor customizations and MojoAxe pickguards


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Was looking for a more traditional look on my 2021 CC H150 and 2022 H535.

On the 535 I swapped out the toggle switch, knobs, added knob pointers.

On the H150 added a pickup washer poker chip, knob pointers, and keystone buttons.


On both asked Dan from MojoAxe to make more traditional pickguards. They turned out really well.

Reasonable price, high quality, and fast service.



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Posted (edited)

I like how you think. Great appointments!

Great classic Guitars.

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Love the guard on the 535.  Never had one installed on mine because it was a transition year when the pickguard was a rough cut single ply plastic in the shape of the original design.  


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