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2 years ago, I sold my beloved 535 due to finances. Hated to let it go. Regretted it.

I just managed to track down the current owner after inquiring at the store I sold it to. I was able to buy it back at a slightly higher price than I sold it for. But it included a new hardshell case. 2001 Almond Burst. I love it. Very happy to have it back! 😎

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Consider the money you received when you sold the H535 a loan. You have repaid the loan and received the guitar out of hock.🤔

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Once heard from some old blues guitarists... A guitar can't play the blues unless its spent a night in the pawn shop...

Congratulations on bringing her back home!

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Great story, thanks for sharing.  I believe finding a beloved guitar you sold years ago and being able to buy it back is a one in a million chance, congratulations and enjoy.

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Thanks all.

Just love the guitar. It wont be leaving again.

Thinking about putting some Lindy Fralin pups and upgraded bridge on it.

I had a 72 Gibson es335 and I believe the Heritage is a better guitar.

Thanks again for replies and well wishes!



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