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Alvin Lee H535


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1993 Heritage ALVIN LEE H535

1 of 24 made.   One of the rarest Heritage Artists guitars ever produced in history of the Heritage Guitar Company!

Someone swapped out the original Schaller humbuckers for a set of Gibson 57 classics.  (Definitely an upgrade) They sound wonderful in this guitar!!

Original Schaller bridge and tailpiece swapped out for Gibson style hardware.  

Original frets are in great shape.   There is some residue from stickers on the top, where the stickers reacted with the nitro.  It’s not terrible.  It’s been play, but played with care.  

It sets up with a nice low action.  The neck is a medium C carve, not super thin.  

A very light and toneful guitar !!!


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31 minutes ago, Spectrum13 said:

Wow, first sighting on the forum.

That an ebony board and the fifths pot is what? master volume or middle pickup.


Please do not replace the TRC.

You are correct about the fifth knob

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The middle pickup looks like a Duncan quarter pounder --not sure what maker/model pickup was on the originals, but, a logical replacement choice to better match output, although perhaps at the expense of some contrast in high end.  (I played a strat with one of these pickups in the neck position for a long time).

Always curious about these guitars --pretty much exactly what I thought would be ideal for most gigs when I was playing out, since I mostly played a semi but ended up feeling I needed a  strat or tele on stage for a single coil sound on certain tunes.    Not to mention I've always had a weakness for ebony boards.  

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