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  1. I still have my 1980'ish Tube Screamer and I maybe use it every ten years or so.
  2. Seems like the effect loops came in back when everybody had to have racks. Then the racks went away and everybody has pedal boards but the loops are still here. What's up with that?
  3. Yep, that's me with Alice Cooper and Robert Zimmerman.
  4. Party on Wayne, and thanks! I guess I can see that, but if I was all three of those guys I'd be kinda lumpy.
  5. Thank you Rob, and thanks for checking it out. Steve was actually the instigator of the vid, he wanted it to post somewhere. He's a ringer for sure, makes me sound better than I am. He wants to do a second song but he's a busy pro (he even has some gigs going on now) so I'll just have to see what happens.
  6. Sure, but when it all comes back I could be the warm up for a puppet show. I've been thinking about getting a ventriloquist dummy and working it in to what I do.
  7. I'm going to quote you on my resumé. Thanks Daniel!
  8. Thank you so much! Thanks Gitman! I probably deserved that . . . 😂 Thanks Koula, yes, good ear. Three 3rds at at the high part of the line, starts with a dim 5, then a 4th. And it ends up with a minor 2, which is why bands won't have me. (I almost flunked music theory.)
  9. Five years on I still really love playing this guitar.
  10. I would think even with a bag over your head (no comment implied) you could tell that the Collings has the strap button in the wrong place.
  11. Yes, a Millie will give you lots of options to choose from (f hole or no, single or double cut.) I've never played one but I hear they are wonderful.
  12. Hi Ed, So, I grew up in the Chicago area (Villa Park and Lombard); left in 1969. What model of Heritage are you looking to get?
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