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  1. I would think even with a bag over your head (no comment implied) you could tell that the Collings has the strap button in the wrong place.
  2. Amplified Parts. I just placed another order and found their price was better than the tube store for what I was getting. Just bought a pair of Tung-sol 6v6 and an RCA 5y3. There's a surprising number of places on line to buy tubes. https://www.amplifiedparts.com/
  3. I like mine too. Gonna play it right now.
  4. From the ad: "Bronco Bob’s H-575 features a custom Dakota Red and Olympic White motif. I love guitars..this H 575 with Bigsby has loads of character..custom painted with white pinstripes ...never played out..never..it is a work of art..feels terrific.. Includes Hard Shell case Note: I did not like the head stock that Heritage uses..so I had Dan Shinn of Lay's Guitar shop in Akron Ohio modify a Gibson Super 400 head-stock...I prefer the look of the Gibson head stock...the Heritage head stock was not damaged..I just preferred the Gibson style....ask all question..and purchase with confidence//Bob I have cancer and am selling my collections..visit (your device must have adobe flash) once there you can view my collections of guitars & basses & hot rod cars & trucks & motorcycles & listen to my 8 cd recordings" I hate these stories.
  5. I for sure use a case humidifier for my 575. I like the Musicnomad one, it's easy, velcro attaches it to the case interior anywhere you want. Since this picture I've moved it into where the cutaway is to concentrate more moisture into that part of the case. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MN303--musicnomad-the-humitar-instrument-case-humidifier-with-case-holster Just for fun I monitor it with one of these: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Humiditrak--daddario-planet-waves-humiditrak-bluetooth-hygrometer-with-humidity-temperature-sensor Kind of useless I suppose, but I can look on my phone and see what the "weather" is in my guitar case.
  6. Which ever model of guitar it is, you really should try some different string sets to find out what you like. All the brands suggested here are good but they all feel a little different and string gauge is going to make a lot of difference. It will cost more in the short run and you'll be changing strings quite a bit for a while, but worth it when you find what works and then you can worry about getting your money's worth out of every set you put on. To answer the question, I use D'Addario 11's, EXL 115 or 116, on my 535 and 12's, EJ21 on my arch tops, which is what I would probably put on a 525 if I had one. And I wouldn't mind having one at all.
  7. I really didn't know. All the 5e3 demos I've heard feature the cranked sound; everybody wants to hear the fuzz, and they sound great but I wondered if I might be able to use one with my arch tops at a low setting. I experimented recently with a Swart STR Tremelo and you know even at the lowest possible volume the bass notes just don't hold together. So thank you for making a clean one. I'm beginning to think that I need the fixed bias type amp to get a little head room at the bottom and I love my Ivy League - just need to get handy at biasing it myself without getting fried, or learn to live without it when it has to go in the shop . . . or . . . maybe I should buy a second one!
  8. I'd love to hear that, especially how it holds up on the bass notes. Don't go to any trouble, I figured you might record it at some point anyway!
  9. Their H-575 page says "laminate" in a couple of places describing the construction. Huh?? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/H575SAN--heritage-guitar-inc-standard-h-575-antique-natural
  10. Really nice! I'm thinking about getting a second 575 myself for a backup - I really like mine and you'll undoubtedly like yours too.
  11. Yes, pictures at last; well done! I hope you enjoy making some great music with that fine looking guitar.
  12. A very nice review, one where you can hear the sound of the guitar. So many demos go right for the OD.
  13. Nice snagging one that had the specs you like when it came up. The inlay on the headstock makes such a difference I think.
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