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  1. The Guitar Amp Handbook, yes, and thanks for pointing me in that direction. It's a great read and lots of info for those that don't own soldering irons. (I think I have one somewhere but I don't want to know where). For those that do like to solder there's some of that too, but it doesn't dominate. It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for so thanks again Mr.Steiner! This one is by the same author, and yes, what is with that price? Out of print? I'll keep my eye on that one and see if I can get one somebody actually wants to sell!
  2. Thanks for the leads guys. The book I read recently was by G Weber, and while I did learn a few interesting bits, half of the book is schematics which do nothing for me. I'll start with your three recommendations and see where that leads me.
  3. Has anyone read any good books about amplifiers lately? I read one a couple of months ago, pretty good and I learned a few things, but half of the book was schematics which don't help me at all. And I still feel a great need for a better Gestalt. So I'm hoping for some recommendations.
  4. Brilliant! I hope it's everything you need it to be.
  5. I wonder why? They post pics every day on their Facie-tweet page.
  6. Thanks Bolero! I'm getting hungry thinking about what you might cook up in those new cazuela dishes.
  7. I appreciate the that you took the trouble to emoji in Español. (Or is that Portuguese?). Muchas gracias Señor Gitfiddler!
  8. I had hoped Sergio Mendez would pick up the tune and do it right. Life presents difficult choices, and in that mode I present the original studio version of the tune, absent my dazzling visual presence but with a living, breathing percussionist, recorded a life time ago it seems.
  9. I would think even with a bag over your head (no comment implied) you could tell that the Collings has the strap button in the wrong place.
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