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  1. Really nice! I'm thinking about getting a second 575 myself for a backup - I really like mine and you'll undoubtedly like yours too.
  2. Yes, pictures at last; well done! I hope you enjoy making some great music with that fine looking guitar.
  3. A very nice review, one where you can hear the sound of the guitar. So many demos go right for the OD.
  4. Nice snagging one that had the specs you like when it came up. The inlay on the headstock makes such a difference I think.
  5. Part of the fun is figuring out what it is, and why it is. Congratulations! Enjoy it.
  6. Spruce top H575. I don't know if it's a "hot rod" or not but it's fast enough for my purposes. Inlaid headstock logo, but other than that no frilly bits, just business. I can see a little "relic" effect on the pickup cover, and where my arm rests, and the guard is taking a little bit of a beating And there might even be a drip of coffee lurking somewhere that I failed to get cleaned off entirely. I play this guitar pretty much every day.
  7. They've updated their web site with some example photos. It's pretty subtle I'd say, more like a VOS treatment. Count me neutral on the thing. I was hoping for a new arch top model, specifically a single pickup H575! That would open up my bank.
  8. https://bandlabtechnologies.com/press/9050-heritage-guitars-launches-the-artisan-aged-collection/
  9. Not too bad . . . not as long a wait as when you custom order a build.
  10. Could well be. As a fan of the brand, I'm kind of disappointed that this is their focus.
  11. Thank you Mr Scholar! Much appreciated.
  12. Yep. I got the Ivy League. Plenty clean and still has that "tweed" voicing.
  13. Thank you Rob for all that! As far as arrangements go, all I do there is ad lib. The problem with arranging is a) you have to do it and b) you have to remember it and I just don't wanna. A lot of the songs we do I've never even heard. True, if Darl does a particular song often enough I fall into habit but as soon as I realize that's happening I throw the whole thing out and start again. Lots of "wrong" notes but those need love too. All of that's in the rider attached to my contract. (oops, forgot to quote your post. its getting late - past my bedtime)
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