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  1. Not too bad . . . not as long a wait as when you custom order a build.
  2. Could well be. As a fan of the brand, I'm kind of disappointed that this is their focus.
  3. Thank you Mr Scholar! Much appreciated.
  4. Yep. I got the Ivy League. Plenty clean and still has that "tweed" voicing.
  5. Thank you Rob for all that! As far as arrangements go, all I do there is ad lib. The problem with arranging is a) you have to do it and b) you have to remember it and I just don't wanna. A lot of the songs we do I've never even heard. True, if Darl does a particular song often enough I fall into habit but as soon as I realize that's happening I throw the whole thing out and start again. Lots of "wrong" notes but those need love too. All of that's in the rider attached to my contract. (oops, forgot to quote your post. its getting late - past my bedtime)
  6. Well, I have to caveat here and make a correction. I just watched one of the other video's that Darl posted from that day and it showed the amplifier. It's not my 5F10 which I use every week - it was in the shop that weekend getting biased for new power tubes. The original ones had begun to make an unholy noise (stupid tubes!). So I'm actually playing my older amp which is an Evans AE200 which I've had for about twenty years and now keep as a backup. I still don't have a good recording of the Victoria.
  7. Thanks bolero. Thanks Daniel. I do like the plugs. When I started this gig four years ago I was getting a little howl on low notes so I started using them but I've changed amp and guitar since then, so who knows? I use them more or less out of habit, easier than getting into the middle of something and then realizing I need 'em.
  8. Thanks so much Hfan. That would be the Almond SB finish. Seems like that color was done differently over the years. Mine seems to barely have any "burst" to it at all.
  9. Here's some old guy trying to play this thing.
  10. I've seen ads like that where guitar photos are re-touched to obscure the serial #. Maybe someone knows why. But that's what I think that is.
  11. Definitely no mouse - that is a relaxed cat. Beautiful guitar.
  12. Maybe. The flip side is that by pricing yourself cheaper you signal that you don't think your product is as good. As always it will be fun to see how it works.
  13. Nice guitar and quite a looker too. I'm glad that worked out for you.
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