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  1. Vanschoyck

    WTF is up with this?

    Sounds like a lyric from a 70's disco hit.
  2. Vanschoyck

    New terms

    Kinda like, maybe, pre CBS to Fender or pre Norlin to Gibson. Probably will be some more colorful responses shortly.
  3. Vanschoyck

    Another 535 track...because it's a 535....

    I believe I'd like to hear that. How about it Rob?
  4. Vanschoyck

    Another 535 track...because it's a 535....

    Love it! You sound great on it.
  5. Vanschoyck

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Yep. In 65 I took my first lessons and it was all about the red ES335 (I ended up with a red hollow Silvertone.) By 69 my palate had matured, I was all of 14, and it was the sunburst that I longed for. After all of the years and all of the guitars, damn if I never got that guitar! Since getting my 535 I just don't seem to want one any where near as bad. I wish the new Heritage well and hope they figure it out one way or the other and make some good guitars.
  6. Vanschoyck

    Finally got the 535 on a record!

    My favorite was always, "Hey, I really love what you guys think you're trying to do!"
  7. Vanschoyck

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    I received a promo email from Heritage recently (first one I think; I signed up for the mailing list as soon as they put that up.) It said they were taking custom orders. Anyone else get that?
  8. Vanschoyck

    Fraud with a Heritage H575 (in Germany)

    Good job spotting the scam. I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone who frequents here does in fact recognize the guitar.
  9. Vanschoyck

    Finally got the 535 on a record!

    OK, not only is this fabulously great, but I have to award many extra points for the difficulty factor; that song is not easy to pull off and you guys did it fantastically. Standing applause and a loud "DAMN!"
  10. Vanschoyck

    NGD, sorta

    Very upscale; nice color, really nice guitar. Congratulations!
  11. Vanschoyck

    H575 replacement pickups

    Lovely guitar. Seths with nickel covers would sound great. I've been using them for years and haven't had any desire to change them. Seeing how you're going to be putting new ones in though you might as well consider all the options. I'm sure someone will get around to suggesting you look into ThroBak.
  12. That sounds very positive to me. I'd like to get a chance to try one at some point.
  13. Vanschoyck


    Nice one! A Millennium from the millennium.
  14. Vanschoyck

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    As a "boomer" let me just say, that ain't funny man!
  15. Vanschoyck

    Heritage Guitar Values...Now and Future?

    I know this isn't what you mean, and I apologize for that, but I know I value my Heritages more now than before knowing that I can't just order replacements. There have been so many great custom builds show up on this forum, and some cooky ones too. As far as prices go, if Heritage succeeds in making some meaningful improvements and also brings back some more models along with some customization, that would probably have an impact on all of that. Right now if I wanted to replace my spruce top 575 or Sweet 16 it could turn into quite a hunt.