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  1. Here is a screen shot from specs.
  2. Here is our very own Brent with a tone demo.
  3. Nice get. Does it have a belly cut?
  4. Thanks Tim. Sometimes when I'm talking to Marv on the phone he gets a little confused I think. Not listening or he can't hear me. His daughter has told me he doesn't always put that hearing aid in. Hell to get old. Glad we got it straightened out. I haven't been to the shop in awhile and look forward to visiting. The last time I was there I didn't recognize anyone there. Ren was out to lunch and I missed him. Great guy and fun to talk to. He has so many stories from his time with Gibson and Heritage.
  5. Well after hearing all this, I wondered about the misinformation I may have received. I reached out to Ren at the shop and asked him. He sent me this text. This sounds more like it: "Registration stopped at 1000 units. We kept them in production but they where not registered. Approx., maybe another 500 made with no Registration MOP engraved back plate on back of HD Veneer were made. I will also ask JD when he gets back from Hawaii, next week. If I am wrong I will let you know, if more or less. Good to hear from you. Stay well, and come and visit. It's been awhile and the shop has really changed." Ren Hope this helps. I will visiting the shop maybe Friday. Report to follow.
  6. Especially older humans. They where both guessing at it. I can see the around 50 Johnny Smiths. Around 100 Golden Eagles I don't know. We all know that book keeping wasn't one their best skills. Making Great Guitars was though.
  7. Yes. This is according to Marv Lamb and Bill Paige.
  8. Makes sense to me. That model has to have a lot of man hours in it and turns into a long build. Beautiful models!
  9. I talked to Marv yesterday and asked him how many Johnny Smith models they made. He didn't really know. He called me back today after talking to Bill and he thought it was a little less than 50. Not exactly a concrete answer but a good guesstimate, if that's a word. Marv said they made a little over 100 Golden Eagle's. They where concentrating on that model a lot.
  10. Which is a terrible business model for a guitar store. The reason for many closures!
  11. You own a very nice H-150! Congrats and welcome aboard.
  12. You can order anything if you want to pay the money through their Custom Shop.
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