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  1. Good score Monica. That one has been on my radar for awhile. Enjoy!
  2. Welcome aboard! You have a couple very rare Heritage Models. Congratulations
  3. Thanks Kenny. I've seen this, it's a good one! Definitely easy on the eyes.
  4. M-Live Kalamazoo. Local article. https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2020/03/heritage-guitars-takes-Gibbons-to-court-over-trademark-issues.html
  5. Shame, shame, shame. I'm glad you got it up and running great. A new tune up is required maintenance at least yearly and sometimes seasonally. Throw a pic up. Just to remind us.
  6. Yes I live in Michigan and our Governor just announced the stay at home order. I think it's a good move but is going to cause a lot of hardships. It will save lives and and lessen the load on our Health Systems. Stay Safe out there.
  7. Here is a couple on Reverb. https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=heritage little one Some sold ones. https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=heritage little one&show_only_sold=true
  8. I am sure there are many causes that cause checking. Wide temperature swings being the majority of the causes. I had a few new orders that checked and had to be redone. Marv once told me they got a bad batch of nitro and had problems. The Old Heritage "spray booth" was not climate controlled especially as humidity was concerned so depending on the time of year that played a role in it. However they are doing it some people are buying them and liking it. It's not for me.
  9. I have to believe there is some Pete Farmer the mad scientist going on. Maybe liquid nitrogen?
  10. Mine is 0.84 at the first fret and 0.93 at the ninth fret. Measurement at the 12th is kind of impossible. See pic. Hope this helps.
  11. This should be interesting. Thanks Chico. IMHO nothing will come of this. Unfortunately once again the only people making money on this is the Lawyers.
  12. Great Post. Thank You! In the last few years I have learned so much more about Ren and his Family. He is just salt of the earth. Someone should help him write a book about his life. He is a Wealth if information and has led a amazing life. I am so happy he came through his recent health challenges.
  13. Jim never changes. Always has those noise protectors around his neck. Great Guy!
  14. Nice touch and Beautiful Guitar!
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