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  1. Good to hear from you Mark. I think Covid has slowed us all down. I'm sorry and not sorry for you're leaving the band. There is no better reason than to spend more time with your family. I've followed your blog and it certainly was a wild roller coaster ride. Good time to get out. I've never played in a band so I enjoyed your stories on band life. I never got good enough to play in one or had the desire I guess. I play to relax and if I can hit a right note every now and again I'm happy. Cheers
  2. Has a Spruce Top so I have to show the back and sides.
  3. There was another thread started on this subject earlier this week. Good explanation on the legalese in the thread. Gibson/Heritage lawsuit revisited - Heritage Guitars - Heritage Owners Club
  4. Also my understanding is Gibson cancelled their contract with SweeLee which is under the same umbrella of Ming’s companies. I’m sure that was a big hit on sales.
  5. I like how you think. Great appointments! Great classic Guitars.
  6. I remember talking to you. I also met you at work at a later date and can't remember why. You worked at the building at Pitcher and Kalamazoo I thought.
  7. Must have been it. Thought it was on a Friday. But my memory isn’t what it used to be.
  8. I've seen that one in action. You made it sound real good at one of the Kalamazoo Fretboard Festivals!
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