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  1. In praise of the H535

    Coco always plays with strings backwards. I've seen him a few times. Always a great show!
  2. In praise of the H535

    My personal favorite.
  3. Maybach

    Looks like decent pricing on their Lester model.
  4. In praise of the H535

    Yes indeed that is DBII. You are right. They should land him.
  5. So where are all the H110s?

    I'm a dealer. Definitely an underrated model. I have sold 4 of them and every customer loves them. Lightweight and balanced tone on them. Here is one I have up now. https://www.gbase.com/gear/heritage-h-110-2017-blue-translucent Here is JR Clark playing his.
  6. Prospect floating block

    I would say it is a semi-hollow. Especially because since Heritage calls it a semi-hollow. Semi-solid is new to me. Probably a discussion for another thread. Now this one is off subject.
  7. Prospect floating block

    Here is a picture of what they do. The middle part of the "sandwich".
  8. Special Invitation To New Members

    Welcome aboard! You certainly picked a real jewel of a Heritage guitar to start with. Enjoy.
  9. 2001 Heritage Catalog

    Eight if you include the H-158 which I don't see pictured. Found some specs on it. http://web.archive.org/web/20040804171940/www.heritageguitar.com/models/MilH158ssb.htm
  10. 2001 Heritage Catalog

    Oh My Gawd is right! Flameout
  11. 2001 Heritage Catalog

    I ordered my first Heritage from that catalog. I can still remember how excited I was....... and I was hooked! Here it is:
  12. New Heritage Day

    I was only 328 off and - 2 on the pickups. Congratulations on a Rare Find. Beautiful Acoustic Heritage!
  13. New Heritage Day

    So far some very fine wood! 2 pickups
  14. New Heritage Day