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  1. Thanks for the tip. Just ordered one. Brings back memories of parties back in the late 60s.
  2. Still trying to figure it out. Whoever did it did an excellent job on it. Finish is nice. I've used the brightest light I have on it to try and see through the finish. No luck. I did compare the large headstock on my Sweet 16 and the lower end is identical size. My guess is they added to it. The era correct tuners are nice but a little stiff and the tailpiece I am going to replace. String alignment bothers me.
  3. I have been looking for a Golden Eagle for awhile and this came along. A local guitar shop that I get my acoustics from called me about a rare one he took in. The back story is the woman that brought it in to him was the daughter of the owner of this guitar. He had passed away and she was trying to move it on. Her father was a player and loved Epiphone guitars. From what I have pieced together, he had this Golden Eagle and converted the headstock to the Epiphone you see. I reached out to Ren and Jim and they said it indeed was a Golden Eagle but they don't remember doing the conversion, the only thing Ren commented on was there was a bunch of those Epiphone headstock overlays left when Gibson left. In one of the pictures is what I found in the storage compartment of the Heritage hard shell case. All of the parts point to what was originally a Golden Eagle. I will continue to investigate and will take it to Heritage on my next visit. The guitar is great sounding easy to play instrument and a keeper. It is in excellent to near mint condition. I feel fortunate!
  4. Congratulations Jeremy and Bob! Bob, do you want to adopt me?
  5. Welcome aboard. You ended up with a classic H-150. Enjoy!
  6. What a beauty! I've used scotch brite on mine. Works well. Have fun.
  7. Congratulations! What a Beauty.
  8. Can't wait to see them and tone report. Nice scores!
  9. I visited Heritage recently and some takeaways from my visit. Ren Wall is such a Great Person. He gave me a tour through the factory. A lot of activity in the shop. CNC machined is in place making bodies for Harmony only. The shop is expanding with a room for buffing and a room for metal machining to make parts for their machines. Pete Farmer has over a dozen special Custom builds going on. Pete's enthusiasm is contagious and genuine. Jim Deurloo is still working in the shop doing his thing. If fact the first time I saw him I went to shake his hand and held me up, he had just nicked himself and was headed to get a bandage. Nothing major. Ren shared stories of delivering Lucille to BB King, playing in a golf tournament on Roy Clark's team and other gems. I told Ren he should write a book on all his experiences. He said at one point he almost did, he and the writer didn't see eye to eye. Ren has been through hell and back this year with health issues. He is on the mend and looks good. Say a prayer for him to continue to heal. I felt good on the ride back about Heritage. Production is steady and they are producing a great product. I put my hands on a few Harmony guitars and was impressed. Nice fit and finish. All in all a Great Visit!
  10. I went down to the shop Friday and Ren gave me the tour. CNC machine is in place turning out quite a few Harmony bodies. I put my hands on a couple Harmony guitars. Nice fit and finish. The shop looks good and is expanding with a lot of activity everywhere.
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