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  1. Front door from inside. You can see the wooden door and mandolin window.
  2. Check it out at 33:10. John is talking about the Kenny Burrell model, good story.
  3. Yes Jim came up with the bass design about the same time as the Marvbird.
  4. Welcome aboard Dawg. Sounds like you have a Great One. You don't see too many Heritage Bass examples here. Enjoy the sight, good People.
  5. Wow is right! Congratulations on that Beauty.
  6. Are you looking for a particular finish color?
  7. Has anyone tried any of these pedal board amps out there? Thoughts? Thanks
  8. I assumed he was talking about the finish color.
  9. John E. Lawrence is a Great Player and even Greater Man. He was head of the Music Department at Washtenaw Community College for years. He retired from there a few years ago and is having great fun with his music now. I try to go see him when ever he plays out. Not many opportunities this year but I'll get back at it after Covid is over. He has a lot of guitars and a lot of Heritage's. At one time he was a Heritage Artist but they are not doing any of that now. http://johnelawrence.net/
  10. Doesn't have to be a custom order. We have new colors.
  11. John Lawrence playing his Blue Heritage's at the Blue LLama Jazz Club in Ann Arbor.
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