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  1. H-357 Love Frankie Ballard

    I'm sure this has been here before but worth a revisit. Good story
  2. Custom Creations From Heritage

    I remember that crazy great grain on that top. Nice!
  3. Heritage Nitro Finish Question

    These are the stories I will miss! I have a bunch of them.
  4. Custom Creations From Heritage

    A Jim Duerloo Creation when he built a few of his basses late in the game.
  5. Just a show of hands. Curious to hear opinions on experience.
  6. NPUD, 30th Anniversary

    You’re a very lucky man on all counts! Congratulations twice.
  7. A Few Changes to My H150 and H535

    Great looking guitars with some nice appointments! The two flagships of 225 Parsons St.
  8. Custom Creations From Heritage

    I've been waiting for this!
  9. Custom Creations From Heritage

    Custom Millennium. Seth Lovers. Western Maple Hand Picked and supplied.
  10. Custom Creations From Heritage

    What a Beautiful Wood Package. Well played!
  11. Custom Creations From Heritage

    H-535 Custom Seth Lovers Academy Custom. Thro-Bak MXV. Marv wouldn't put a cavity plate on it so I told him to put the f-holes in the back for access.
  12. Custom Creations From Heritage

    Thanks Guy. That is actually a double cut Millennium Pro.
  13. With all this talk that Customs will be, won't be available. Let's see some of yours. I'll start.
  14. Stars, no, Gods!