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  1. skydog52

    Time to start a flame war!

    Flame On.
  2. skydog52

    Wud have I got? Scarce Heritage-127 Custom

    Nicely done. Closet classic for sure in amazing shape! Enjoy.
  3. skydog52

    535 and Good Pal Content

    That was a fun ride. All very tasty solos! And all different tones. My Dad always told me variety is the Spice of Life. Daniel brings out the best in the HRWs.
  4. skydog52

    Fun & Confusion

    I have received a dozen Prospects and Academy's in the last 5-6 years and they all came in Heritage cases. The lore of 225 Parsons St.
  5. skydog52

    In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    Back on thread. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Jay I'm glad you are enjoying success with the new Heritage. Selling 12 guitars in one week is easy to look at through rose colored glasses. For most of the smaller dealers we where cast aside like we didn't exist. I have long threads of e-mails where I couldn't even get a return reply on orders already place with down payments in place and questions I wanted answered before I made an informed decision before I committed to them. Just another view to consider.
  6. skydog52

    Tell me....

    And we thought communication was bad with original company. I’d love those days back!
  7. Nice get Bob! Even a H tailpiece. Enjoy
  8. skydog52

    Super Eagle workout

    Enjoyed that ride. Tasty solo and I wanted it to go on but as usual Rob you reigned it in and was perfect for the ride!
  9. skydog52

    Custom Creations From Heritage

    I was just talking about that one that got away. Misssing.........
  10. skydog52

    Sentimental Feelings

    Way back in 2002 I fell in love with Heritage Guitars. My first one. It didn't have the DVIP originally. They hooked me up after I took delivery from Elderly's. That's when I started meeting all the fine folks at Heritage.
  11. skydog52

    Sentimental Feelings

    One build I was fortunate to receive at one of the PSPs. That's the desk of the old shipping department.
  12. skydog52

    Sentimental Feelings

    A lot of us have been lucky to get to know these people. Feeling sentimental on a Friday night. I miss the old shop but nothing goes on forever and I am glad Jim, Marv and JPs family got something out of it.
  13. skydog52

    Finally Qualified to Be a Real Member

    Welcome "officially". You certainly started with a bang. Beautiful set! Vintage Wine Burst is one of my favorite colors. Enjoy.
  14. skydog52

    H-357 Love Frankie Ballard

    I'm sure this has been here before but worth a revisit. Good story