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  1. I have a few Heritage's but I always end up with this one for my Hot Rodded model. Custom Academy with Thro-Bak MXV Plus pickups and RS Guitarworks control package. Bound headstock with extra MOP accents, multiple bound front, nice figuring and solid maple block keeping it under control. This one has some Mojo and just fits me as one of the most comfortable to play. She seems to handle any noise I produce. I love all my Heritage's but this one is a special Lady!
  2. Thanks Mark. These are good articles and stories. I share your concern on where the Archtop builds are going to go. I think the market has shrunk quite a bit and I don't know if it was that big compared to solid body rockers all the "kids" want to play. Personally I've always preferred the sound of a semi hollow/semi solid. Now I have to rename all my semi hollows to semi solids.
  3. This is true until recently. They are using CNCs on their new Custom Core models. I saw one in person the other day. I'm excited about them!
  4. Here is a couple old listings of a Deluxe. https://reverb.com/item/1771328-heritage-h-150-deluxe-1997?show_sold=true https://reverb.com/item/34600572-1996-heritage-h-150-deluxe-lp-electric-guitar-almond-sunburst-alm-sb-kalamazoo-usa-w-case?show_sold=true
  5. Take a look inside the cavity cover. There might be some information in there. Looks like maybe a Deluxe. The 3 digit number is just number 129 of the run.
  6. I've been married 37 years. She said she doesn't care. Just leave it alone!
  7. I had this one made back in the day. Don't know if it was a one off. I called it a Supreme. Thundersteel ended up with it in a convoluted way. I think he sold it. Constructed like a Millie
  8. Welcome aboard. You have a classic one there. Congratulations! What year is that beauty?
  9. Can't answer that. I will be at the factory soon and ask Ren and see if he knows. Picture courtesy of FredZepp
  10. Wow Daniel you have that Brothers tone dialed in. Thanks! Unfortunately my talent level would be wasted on that. Maybe someday.
  11. Their Custom Core model. Can't wait. I have a few coming in soon.
  12. Yes I wish they did a little more to make them special. Something permanent like special inlays etc. 25th Anniversary is a big milestone I think.
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