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  1. Since we are dreaming. I would go with their best seller. Tricked up H-535 All the H-555 appointments with Thro-Bak KZ-115 pickups.
  2. Here is the label from the H-530 I received. 😂 To err is human.................... Heritage is sending me a new label.
  3. If this is directed at me I said including me! Also not everyone on this Forum has had the opportunity to do that.
  4. Wow that is Special and rare. Congrats!
  5. Great Video! Thanks for sharing. Is that you singing and playing?
  6. Congratulations Fred. Can’t wait to hear some Led Zep riffs on that one!
  7. Back to the original OP. Back door deals are done every minute of every day. Companies do it for all kinds of reasons. Before we get on the new Heritage we can’t be so naive in thinking that the old Heritage didn’t do the same thing. The new Heritage just did it in a big and what turned out public way. I know of HOC members that brokered deals without going through “Dealers” including me. I fell in love with Heritage Guitar 25 years ago and will be a supporter until they close the doors. I’m from Michigan and I am proud of the Kalamazoo story. My 2 cents
  8. Yes. If you use a photo editing program you have and reduce the file size that should work.
  9. Welcome aboard! That is a killer top on that beauty. Enjoy
  10. CME is still making money on them. So did Heritage just not as much when you blow them out the door by both of them.
  11. Side view of it on the stand lower right. Looks to be a full size box.
  12. After seeing Jason Lollar holding that Hollowbody and Pete pointing to the dog ears those are Lollartrons in that one.
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