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  1. I have played both and owned both. Although I love them both I prefer playing the H-525 more. It just fits me better if that makes sense. I recently scored a H-525 and can't put it down. My other guitars are getting jealous. I'm in the queue at Heritage on a Custom Build H-525. Hopefully soon.
  2. If you have the guitar loosen those strings and pull one. Yooper is correct, probably Schallers. What is the letter at the beginning of the serial number?
  3. Haaaaaaaa. Did you notice I used beautiful instead of nice? It's been used to death. 😁
  4. MartyGrass is a sommelier of guitars! Just a few of his beautiful collection.
  5. Wow and Wow! Congratulations that is a true Custom Shop Beauty.
  6. They still had that model in the 2005 catalogue. I think is around 2009-2010 they went to the 2nd edition model.
  7. On my bucket list. An ode to what was and is possible!
  8. I have seen many examples of both era's and in between. They have all had their little problems but for the most part they have produced some wonderful instruments! I am especially proud of so many instruments produced in Kalamazoo MI USA. I'm born and raised in Michigan. This one is Special!
  9. Marv made this and I received it at one of the PSPs. They called it a Millennium Pro. Also a double cut I still have.
  10. Nice one Hanger! I've been lusting after that one for awhile. Love all the custom features on it. Look forward to a tone report. Hard Rock On!
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