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  1. Buy it!! ... The familiar mantra ringing in all guitar players ears. Hope that helps.
  2. Superb Heritage Connor!
  3. The deluxe H-150 CM models had a matching wood pickguard and headstock. Most of those had an additional number on the back of the headstock.
  4. If the label matches the serial number then I would say the top of the guitar has been refinished. Back in that era Jay Wolfe sold many H-150's in a finish he called Black & Tan and that would seem to be the finish here. Jay added his business label to the Heritage label and I don't think he would have missed that error.
  5. Sounds great Brent! I still love my Tom Short humbuckers and P-90's. That's another guy I wish was still in business.
  6. Welcome to the HOC triple G. A couple of fine lookin' axes you have! Thanks for the videos Paul. I don't think I had seen either of those. They were great!
  7. Nice one Brent! I've never seen that color on a Heritage before, but it's a winner! Enjoy!
  8. Nice pair of Heritage's there Randy ... Enjoy! A great thing to be doing while we try to dodge the polar express.
  9. Those constabulary guys have no sense of humor. They always show up uninvited just as the party is getting good. Seems like they showed up to a PSP once upon a time as well. No sense of humor at all.
  10. Cool lookin' rig! And still loud enough to wake up the neighbors.
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