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  1. That's a tough one. Could be an "H"? which would be 1991 - Remove the rear cavity cover and look on the back side of it. There is usually a sticker there with the model and serial number.
  2. Tight band, and great music. Thanks for posting!
  3. That's a drool worthy collection!
  4. That's some cool looking play wear on your Goldtop, and done the old fashioned way!
  5. It's going to be rainy today and cold, snowy for Easter Sunday in my location as well. Good weather for staying in and spanking the ebony H-157 P-90. Enjoyed your jam session!
  6. Welcome to the club! You'll love your Heritage.
  7. After all the gloom and doom on the news I needed that ... A smile and a laugh for us all. Thanks Brent!
  8. I'm diggin' the vibe on that guitar ... way to go Brent!
  9. Is that a full size cutout of Orville Gibson? Hope the Gibson Lawyers aren't in town.
  10. No! A thousand times no. Leave it as is and enjoy...nice guitar!
  11. I was so poor that I couldn't buy half interest in a free lunch.
  12. golferwave

    Moving forward

    Ah, to have harmony again within the ranks makes for a pleasant mental state. Congrats on the lighting to upgrade the show, well done!
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