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  1. Welcome to the HOC! Glad you found the Heritage of your dreams and the lemonburst is a really cool finish. Do you know the model year of your guitar?
  2. The "confusion" argument is the same as Gibson claimed against the PRS singlecut in a lawsuit years ago. They lost then and they will lose again this time.
  3. That is a beautiful guitar. Enjoy!
  4. Thant's a fine looking H-535! I'm wondering if what you see on the back of the headstock is a "2" - that would mean it's a second but much of the time you would have a hard time seeing what made it a second. Enjoy your new Heritage!
  5. I have also done business with John. He's a 1st class individual.
  6. Beautiful Kalamazoo wood you have there! Congrats on the ThroBaks, fantastic pickups!
  7. Congrats on the repair! That's a beautiful instrument!
  8. golferwave

    Moving forward

    Ah, to have harmony again within the ranks makes for a pleasant mental state. Congrats on the lighting to upgrade the show, well done!
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