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  1. I like the new headstock and I liked the old one as well. The headstock binding on either one gives it class.
  2. Very nice! Your talent shines through loud and clear. Thanks for posting!
  3. An inside joke that goes back a ways. A Bigsby trem was referred to as a "Tone Sucker" by one of our HOC members and it keeps coming up from time to time.
  4. Beautiful guitar! Great flame, color, and the stinger. Made for Vince, what a great guy and a great player!
  5. Wow! Terrific looking H-157, and I'll bet she sounds as good as she looks! Enjoy!
  6. Hooray!! A big thank you to our wise administrator who resides not behind a curtain, but near a large body of water in the great North. Long live Forgiveness Day!!
  7. That was great! Ren is such an incredible person. The history he has seen and been a part of at Gibbons and Heritage would fill several encyclopedia volumes. Thanks for posting the link to your interview!
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