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  1. I always suspected they chained them to a pickup truck and ran them up and down Parsons St. Railroad tracks included...
  2. The true mark of a craftsman. Everything in the workshop is available; it just takes a minute to clear some space and get set up... Thanks for the photos!
  3. Uh oh... I can't tell if that's a spade or psilocybin. @skydog52 are you there?
  4. You said it Hangar18! I really appreciate blinged guitars. If you, jroot22, search here you'll find this forum has tremendous respect for Maudie Moore (RIP). The 575/Sweet 16 decked out like the Heritage American Eagle Sold for a premium in short order - why no NGD here?! I am interested in curating any guitar that comes from her collection even at a premium price.
  5. Uh oh... The cat's out of the bag! Hide it Hanger18
  6. That's butter yellow to you! Rock it DB!!!
  7. Ask a simple question, get a professional answer. Nice work kbp810! +1
  8. Exactly. One needs to view from the same angle to see the color change in the curl (flame).
  9. He has too many flavors to pursue. The thought's there; what's the difference between owning a Dumble or a Tesla? Both can be very fun; the Dumble will appreciate in value. I'd rather be tearing up a fretboard than the roads. Howard has very good ears and couples them with the ability to tune a circuit. I'm impressed with designers who are not afraid to go down a rabbit hole to get subtle nuances. So impressed, I'll throw money at them :O Life's too short.
  10. The first consideration is the builder. It takes a skilled mind to create an advanced circuit - multiple channels, etc. Second is the amount of iron; the bigger the trannies, the better the sound - most of my amps are 100w. Third are the type of power tubes, they all have a distinct sound. Then there's the sound itself. I don't want a lemon. I don't use pedals so you might consider how well the amp accepts your collection, some effects loops are better than others. Try it with your guitar - it too is part of the circuit. Last is price. It has to have an unforgettable sound. the longer that good feeling lasts, the more it's worth to me. The last amp I bought I thought was a tad pricey. Once I got it home and put it to work all I could think is that they didn't charge enough! That's the mark of a great amp.
  11. That's the spirit! Play it like you own it. I never understood those who not only anticipate but expect every last detail to be perfect. Woodworking is mostly shifting to plan "B". If it plays like a guitar, it IS a guitar. well, unless it's roadworn from the factory. But, hey, what a great place to put the plan "B"s that don't work out!
  12. Nice snatch! The Florentine horn is beautiful as is that naked ebony fretboard. She looks like she'll rock your socks off. Plug her in and enjoy the ride! PS - Don't let @Conneazoosee that black binding!!!
  13. The distance between the pots on a 575 is larger than a standard H-150. Reaching through the pickup holes is a PITA unless you have relatively small hands. I use strong thread through the holes to pull the harness in position. That said, have fun. Updating Heritage pots and caps is one of the best upgrades I've done for sound. The epay seller appears reasonably priced. Though a time consuming process, it's worth it. Beautiful guitars!
  14. Just over 10oz on average for Grover 102, respectfully.
  15. I dropped a boxed amplifier off at Fed Ex recently. The counter girl looked at me deadpan and asked if it could take a 10' fall No.
  16. By flex, do you mean torque? I love your idea of removing the tuners. Removing them significantly reduces the Ground Potential Energy when dropped. One still needs a little give at the headstock, not vice it rigidly to the case; especially when the body shifts, the headstock should be able to move and keep the steady-state of the guitar's geometry consistent. We should derive an easy way to fill the headstock case pocket with the spray foam in a bag. Given the proper durometer, this could be circumvented.
  17. The break looks like virgin wood. It's a shame to see botched repairs.
  18. Marv did it. 'Tis an undoctored, real-life, fun to hold, dyed in the wool H-555. I got the sense that Marv wanted to build one 555 with all the bling. Fortunately for him, so did @cobra48168
  19. You can bet on that! And saw to it that you'd have an unholey ass. 😏
  20. It seems that the cryogenics fad has come and gone. It fizzled faster than alchemy. To properly conduct experiments and derive a capable manufacturing process would require controlling soo many factors. Good luck keeping the plastic (or wood) bobbin from shattering. Initial temp and ambient humidity, the rate that one lowers into the nitrogen, how long the soak lasts, which parameters are controlled as the unit returns to room temp... I remember the hi-fi industry ads where cryogenically "improved" tubes were for sale. I didn't buy it then, I'll not buy it now.
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