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  1. The very same. Unfortunately, our best laid plans were thwarted once we realized he could palm both our heads with one hand!
  2. +1 for the tres-tone hombre!
  3. I wonder if we can repel down the smokestack...
  4. Spring force is linear; it's modeled as F=kX; with k= spring force. Zero is well outside the linear range of bathroom scales for many reasons. That's why they aren't accurate for guitars or infants. They work better with heavy loads meaning they're adequate for adult masses. As you mentioned before, the balance scales (think doctor's office scale) are far more reliable across a much larger range. The problem with them is that the balance point is a function of X squared. The accuracy of the weights and location of notches on the scale get expensive as the accuracy improves.
  5. My scale is calibrated WAY off! It says I gained 20 lbs last year; doesn't matter, the person + guitar trick is still accurate. Isn't mathematics fun when it works?
  6. The only person with the formula is Ren Wall. He's never let it out.
  7. @Gitfiddler: Anything is possible. Given one hits the top's resonate frequency at sufficient magnitude, absolutely - akin to the Memorex glass. Given the bracing on the top, I think my ears may bleed first. Wood is tremendously resilient. I've cut, hammered, drilled, steamed & bent, etc. The darn stuff is remarkable. But, wouldn't it be fun!???
  8. I know, right? At least I came to my senses before they sold. Oh! They feedback horrifically! In an entertainingly fun way. It gets to the point that one must be more concerned about reducing string energy than inducing the same. The comparison was conducted through an OX so in this case i was using cans to compare. It's a more intimate setting and helped the HRWs shine. If you're into recording, you need a pair. Of pickups, that is...
  9. I went through a phase where HRWs were replaced with throbaks. As new and better high gain amps were introduced here, it appeared the HRWs are better pickups (subjectively) so I'm regressing back. Perhaps I'll throw the throwbacks in the Duncan equipped guitars. The change is a 180 degrees from recent intent. Also, the point of reference is a 90's Golden Eagle with HRWs hooked to a high gain monster. The HRWs produced all the deffenition and clarity desired. Everybody looks for different nuances from their guitars so nobody can guaranty they are exactly what you want. The beauty is, if
  10. I didn't go there because Uncle Sam charges a premium for precious metal. They are precise when it comes to gold and silver...
  11. I was considering how to effectively calibrate a scale in the 5 to 20lb range. The only thing I could think of were coins. As (realitively) inexpensive as they are, you can probably order new ones from the bank. I haven't the foggiest how many quarters it would take to measure 20lbs. Bottom line is coins are extremely consistent and you'll never loose your investment...
  12. Careful gents. All measurement instruments have a useful range. When you go outside that range, things become random. I remember a laboratory scale that had sliding doors to kill air movement across the scale so air currents didn't influence the results - you could sign your name in pencil and get the lead weight. Pretty cool. The same factory had a scale to measure the weight of rolled steel. Both are very expensive, neither is worth a cow pie when weighing a guitar. When you leave the useful range, calibration flies out the window. Surprisingly, a decent bathroom scale will give
  13. Welcome to the wonderful world of woodworking! In the states, the hardware (corners) are made for a 1/4" (6mm?) radius roundover.
  14. We'll require a full report on that beauty through the CAZ-45!!! I'm finding HRWs sound really sweet through high gain amps. You're a lucky man! Congrats. and -Nice snatch-!
  15. I've never experienced that magnitude of loss in pre-amp tubes (valves). Experimenting with 12AX7s is child's play. You can swap them out while in standby mode. Get a bunch of small containers, line them up nearby and transfer the original tubes into the containers. In that fashion, you'll never loose the original order of the amp's 12AX7s (ECC83).
  16. Nice Snatch! I wish I had one that old; mine's a B. Yours looks to be 100% stock. Enjoy!
  17. If you don't pull the T-nuts and countersink with a forstener bit, you'll end up with 4 bumps in the grille cloth... You've done well!
  19. I have a full rack of Harbor Freight clamps. When it came to dovetails, I went with the big boy Bessy clamps. We use a piece of wax paper across the dovetails with a clamping board, side to side in your photo, to keep the joints flush. We also use Harbor Freight clamps, top to bottom in your photo, to tighten up the joint fit. If you need longer open time, Tite Bond makes a hyde glue with just that. If you get a rectangular box (4 right angles) and flat across the open face, you've alleviated the largest aw-shits first time out! Nice Job!
  20. The 150, 575 and Eagle all have different widths. It appears this new one is again different from those three.
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