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  1. Because that's where you keep your yoko.
  2. Succinct and comprehensive; thank you!
  3. Love, infatuation, lust... What's the difference? Ask her if she has a friend.
  4. Thar she blows! Offend away! I promise not to contact Jay. Is there a drool emoji? I need one here.
  5. So, what the Fuchs? Are Happy NADs in order or not? I'm confused, do you have the willpower to send it back in the same package or is the Dumblesque to haunting that you cannot release the source??? Please creator KBP810, do keep us abreast!
  6. Keep the Neptune, sell that old, yellowed natural maple Gitfiddler.
  7. Personally, I've never been offered guitar strings when updating the tele.
  8. Too rich for me. Talk about your amp making the sparks fly!
  9. Buy the cheaper dozen. Perhaps a set of red-plating 6L6 or EL34s?
  10. I have 6 of those too! I can make you a real good deal (for me) on a matching set...
  11. The 575 is essentially a Sweet 16 with a thicker top. It doesn't feedback nearly as easily. The 575 is not quite as resonate as the 16. It depends on the music you play. If you're looking for similar sound, go for the 575. The 535 is a laminated top and back. It is a different beast.
  12. Enabler alert! Dog-gone it. That's mean.
  13. Most amps seem to require a small range of TMB to unleash the dragon of sweet sound. Deviate from that range and the magic is gone. Most still sound good but they no longer give up the goods. The Metropoulos aren't that way. Playing wheel of fortune with any control simply gives a new flavor of wow. This latest MK II has a master volume that provides wow at low levels - that's unheard of! Being the kind that never includes features unless they pass his very critical scrutiny, George's Tweed switch no doubt gives up the goods. I'm stoked to hear your new gal. Once I take delivery, we should take them out back and make whitecaps on the water!
  14. There are three amps that still haunt me. 1) - Robert LaFond's Fender Concert. He dropped it off at the wood shop for a cherry cab. I played it after finishing the cab; whoa... I've seen a couple on the bloc at astronomical prices. 2) - Bad Cat Cub II. I don't know why but I traded it for an amp that should have sounded better. Life is riddled with failures. This was one of mine. 3) - Marshall Bluesbreaker (1964?). It sounded too good for the price so I walked; big oops.
  15. I've heard good reviews of the neo creamback. The weight savings is a plus! Congrats.
  16. You've done well. Creambacks, greenbacks and blackbacks do very well with these amps. Those 2x12s sound really big too. Can you spell jealous?!
  17. That 2x12 is akin to hound's teeth these days. That photo sounds good!
  18. The write-up on George is IMHO true. He has created the best Plexi amps available. Let us know if you go this route and your findings. Did Bruce Egnater have a hand in the Synergy system?
  19. The man is a genius. Dedicated to a fault. I have a Super Plex that I'm going to hang on to until it's cold, dead hands time. The DVL-1 is my desert island amp (two channels with two gain stages each plus a boost [vol, gain, bass and treble] and mid-cut that are always available) - I've never played a multi stage amp that sounds good between stages without tweaking. This one nails it. I have no idea how he sorted that out and kept all those gain stages friendly with each other. To hear George talk, he's gone even further with the MK II. When you go, take your wallet. I was forewarned: "Once you hear it, you can't unhear it."
  20. No! Heavens to Betsy. I gave him a bottle of Chivas Century - 100 barrels of different single malt whisky mixed down into individual bottles. We opened it that day! How else do you talk a guy into selling his prototype :).
  21. Oh MY! Beautiful!!! Happy NG/TRD.
  22. Shall do. It's a good life... I've already played her while in the finishing stages. Here's George with my #1:
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