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  1. Excellent. I saved this and sent it to my other computers. Thank you. Some of those old Heritage guitars with the janky stamped numbers stamped on them are some of the best instruments to ever come out of 225 Parsons.
  2. You, like many of the other people I met at the PSPs I went to -it seemed like I had known you forever. I have been lucky enough to have several of the HOC members come here and hang out with us. You feelings for my small tribe are most appreciated.
  3. He loved giving you hell by calling you, "Barefoot Bill." He loved the times he spent with you and Lance.
  4. I learned this evening that my buddy Jim passed away. Some of you who have visited me have met him. He always loved seeing the HOC members when they came through town. Keep his elderly mother in your thoughts.
  5. My and my daughter's first Heritage. '88 150 & a '93 137. The jacket I wore was found in my dumpster. I didn't keep it long.
  6. A buddy's 150 came with '59s. He change them to the lowly Schallers and is so much happier with it. I changed the HRW pups to Phat Cats in my 535 and am happier with it now.
  7. You have some bad magic going on there. Wait and see what the guitar tech says.
  8. From years past. Huntsville, AL. 😉
  9. I have to agree with Kuz. Even when people are given things they think they are worth more than they are. When you step out of the store the value goes down. If it is your guitar make it how you want it to be. Fine tuning isn't going to hurt it.
  10. Sorry if I missed it but have you tried spraying the switch with contact cleaner? That has worked for my friends and I many times.
  11. A cheap caliper can help a lot around home and also working on guitars. You can get them for as low as $20.00.
  12. One of the few fathers to buy their child a Heritage.
  13. No it just something I did when learning Photoshop. It doesn't lie. You would be sorry to hear me play.
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