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  1. I wish you lived closer I have an old unused osiliscope I would be glad to give you.
  2. One should never be surprised at an older Heritage standing up to any guitar. Pro-fusion, you are like a guy walking into an AA meeting suggesting going out and getting some, "cold ones." Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame...
  3. I think this is what happened. They would let employees build guitars for a discount every now and then and justify it by placing a 2 on the back of the head stock. My Heritage acoustic has a 2 on the back but Marv Lamb couldn't tell me why to was a second. Marv told me the story... Very nice guitar. I played my 535 for a few minutes tonight. Fantastic guitars.
  4. My choice for at least the last 30 years.
  5. High Flying Bird


    I use one pedal while jamming with friends. Forget a pedal board. Too much to go wrong. Especially at a gig. At one time you would have seen me as a skinny man in a 220 lbs suit. I got tired of that life. Best of luck to you on both fronts.
  6. One of my buddies owns a 2001 550. It is a fine guitar.
  7. I could give a care less about the guitar market. I have three really nice guitars and do not need another.
  8. If you can handle a soldering iron replace the barrel jack. To get it out you may be able to use a deep set nut driver or a socket. I have never tried it but it is a thought. Keep the amber knobs. They look perfect to me.
  9. Brent, that 5D3 is very kind to this guitar. When are you selling the camera? The pups look better without the covers. What a pretty guitar. My first 150 was probably one of these. It was all black but had the slimmest neck on it. If it weren't 12 pounds I might still own it.
  10. That is what I use. For my poor ears it is more than good enough.
  11. That is a nice looking guitar.
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