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  1. High Flying Bird

    Show your Vintage Sunburst

    I am not familiar with that finish either. Maybe this?
  2. High Flying Bird

    525, I’m obsessed, don’t have one though

    I played one unplugged at the Songbird Guitar Museum in Chattanooga. I really liked it. It was bright and loud.
  3. High Flying Bird

    Why did Heritage use Schaller Pickups & Hardware?

    These Schallers are hotter than the other my friends and I have owned. They would scream!
  4. High Flying Bird

    Why did Heritage use Schaller Pickups & Hardware?

    Joe's 150 had "59s in it and they sounded very muddy. Brent sent a pair of Schallers down and now he gets great tone out of the guitar. (photo before pup change)
  5. High Flying Bird

    New here and New owner of a bad a** H150

    That is a beautiful guitar. Something doesn't look right about it though. Send it to me for a little while and let me evaluate it for you.
  6. High Flying Bird

    new girl in the house

    It was a sign from God! ;^)
  7. High Flying Bird

    new girl in the house

    No difference but the, "H."
  8. High Flying Bird

    Millennium Ultra and Millennium Eagle?

    I have Lollar Imperials in my H-137. I love them.
  9. High Flying Bird

    New owner

    Me and two of my buddies have 535s. Great guitars. Crank it up and feel the air blow out of the f-holes.
  10. High Flying Bird

    What can you tell me about the Millennium SAE?

    Man, that thing looks nice. You did good. Congrats!
  11. High Flying Bird

    new girl in the house

    I haven't seen any photos Einerbe. You are killing me.
  12. High Flying Bird

    NGD SuperLight

    Man Richard! That is gorgeous.
  13. High Flying Bird

    NHGD Sweet 16

  14. High Flying Bird

    575's ninth birthday!

    Here is the acoustic cousin of your guitar. HFT-445.
  15. High Flying Bird

    Bridge pickup?