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  1. H-140 new pickups

    I have a set of Lollar Imperials in my H137 custom. I really like them. The SD Phat Cats sound good in my 535.
  2. Rolling Stone purchases 49% of Heritage Inc and releases major plans.

    You need to stop spanking your monkey.
  3. Check out this new Heritage Model. WOW

    LaFond, LaFlamme, Flamm. I am confussed...
  4. Getting rid of smoke odor

    I have a HFT-475 that came with a heavy buildup of smoke and bar funk. I smoke and I could smell it! It was bad. I got the Fender three piece kit of Mc Guire's guitar polish. The swirl and haze lotion did the trick. The other two bottles finished it up fast. It took a lot of elbow grease but in my mind that is the only way to do it. My buddy Joe has a Martin 12 string with a classical style head stock. It never impressed me much visually until I cleaned it up for him. For both of these guitars it was like you took a nasty light shade off of a lamp that was the guitar's finish. They seem to glow now.
  5. 2005 H150 Classic.

    This guitar came with SD '59s. Joe didn't like them so we put a set of Schallers in that Brent donated. It sounds much better now.
  6. 2005 H150 Classic.

    Time to put a stop to all of this madness. ;^)
  7. 2005 H150 Classic.

    I talked with Joe this evening. He got this guitar from the String Collector in 2007.
  8. 2005 H150 Classic.

    I think that is where he got it.
  9. 2005 H150 Classic.

    Yes Sir.
  10. 2005 H150 Classic.

    No. He has beaucoup mold in his garage.
  11. 2005 H150 Classic.

    This is Joe's guitar. More pics here: http://www.ronwarren.com/150-joe
  12. Heritage Bass

    Me too Paul. As soon as I saw it I was hearing Wayman Tisdale in my head.
  13. Heritage H140 Custom Shop

    I would say that is a custom shop design. You are lucky to have it.
  14. Hello!

    This man speaks the truth, Philrod. Good people here. The guitars are pretty good too. I own a 535.