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  1. High Flying Bird

    Thinking of building my own Heritage guitar

    Just burned two pieces of rosemary and killed a chicken and spilled it's blood on your photo. You should be fine in a few days.
  2. High Flying Bird

    H575 control pots not working?

    Get a can of spray first. If that doesn't work go to the next step. Start with the cheapest and hope for the best.
  3. High Flying Bird


    Guit, this thing looks brand new. It reminds me of some of their flyers from '89 or '90. What a finish!
  4. High Flying Bird

    Re Surf Us

    The guitar on the left is a 2010 H-137 custom. The guitar on the right in a '96 H-150 Special - not a poplar. Check the plate.
  5. High Flying Bird

    Looking for a 535, Is This A Good Deal?

    My 535 has a bigsby on it. Sometimes, as I have gotten older, the bigsby seems to make the guitar too heavy on the back end. If you don't need the bigsby look for a guitar that doesn't have one. I hardly ever use mine. Mostly it is used only when someone new picks up the guitar for the first time to see if it dive bombs.
  6. High Flying Bird

    Heritage Guitar Family Photos

    A few old ones. That is some ugly people.
  7. I saw the videos at a local German place. He can scoot around in those leather britches too. No wonder the Russians hate them.
  8. Heritage Guitars was run by people with a passion for making guitars not making money. They made a run of it for over thirty years. The new Heritage guitars are not made in the same environment. Face it the "brand" died a few years ago. The future of the new ownership? I could give a shit less.
  9. High Flying Bird

    Heritage 12 Strings

    I think it means, "antique." Nice score!
  10. High Flying Bird

    Price check on Aisle 140

    If you are talking about mine I can confirm that it is sweet. So is the old 137 daughter has. Light loads for old spines.
  11. High Flying Bird

    Heritage Website

    My first Heritage was a 1989 black H-150. It was heavy as hell and by far the heaviest guitar I have ever owned. It was bright and very tonefull. Not plugged in it had the sustain of a piano. The only other guitar I have ever heard sustain this long acoustically was a friend's, father's '58 or '59 Les Paul cherry sun burst. It was heavy as hell too. Both guitars were "hard." If you bumped your wrist it hurt. I personally feel that it is a matter of the individual guitar and guitar player that determine the results of sustain test. How an electric guitar sounds with no amplification is the true feel of a good instrument. You can always change pickups but you can't make chicken salad with chicken shit. Here I am playing that guitar after finding a couple of suits in the appartment's garbage cans. ;^)
  12. High Flying Bird

    Price check on Aisle 140

    Here is my 2010 137 custom Gold Top I bought used pictured with a buddy's 1996 150 Special. Even though the 150 has a maple cap both guitars weigh the same. This 137 came from the factory with Lollar Imperials. It is a tone machine as well.
  13. High Flying Bird

    Price check on Aisle 140

    Here is the 1993 H-137 I got my daughter for Christmas back in 2011. This is a tone machine! I never liked the 137 with the Loller P-90s. Here is is with the Phat Cats. It is a killer guitar with a medium to slim neck... just like I like them - uh, just how she likes them.
  14. High Flying Bird

    Heritage Website

    I hope you have your collection locked up in a proper safe. Some dumbass down here had their pistol stolen from their car at night a few weeks ago.
  15. High Flying Bird

    Heritage Rig

    Is Mary the vocalist?