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  1. This is the biggest reason why I sold my Marvbird. Every time I played it I had to pass it around to friends. It was bad enough to think of breaking it myself but the thought of some one else breaking it took me over the edge.
  2. Maybe there were two fires. The one I am talking about happened in early 2010.
  3. Marv Lamb grew up near Huntsville, AL and moved to Kalamzoo in the mid '50s. He was working at a bakery and would stop by Gibson every day to see if they were hiring. One day they got tired of him stopping by and gave him a job. The old train depot below is right across the road from where Marv grew up.
  4. I remember at the first PSP we all wanted to take a small bag of saw dust home. We did... on our clothes, in our ears and in our shoes. I was sneezing mulch for a week.
  5. Marv told me it was a transformer fire. That is all I know.
  6. Yeah Will, keep a hose handy for clean up after you pour some alcohol in the switch and light a match to it. We use contact cleaner on switches. That does wonders.
  7. His mouth moves but the sound comes out of his pants.
  8. A buddy's father owned a '59 Les Paul. Even when I was 17 years old and in good shape I thought it was terribly heavy. It felt hard too. Solid! I remember that day also because my buddy was trying to be a big shot and gave me a condom. I used it on his girlfriend the next week... but that is another story. When I got my black 150 in '90 it was just as heavy as the '59. It was just as hard and solid. I popped my skull many times taking it off or putting it on. It hurt my back playing it. I sold it and a Fender twin because they were too heavy to take around or play. Of all the Heritage guitars I have owned or played since they were all very nice guitars but the old black 150 didn't need an amp to sustain. Marv told my dealer they built two of them so Roy Clark could choose one. I didn't believe it until about a year later when I saw Roy playing an identical guitar as mine on Hee Haw. Later, in person, Marv told me that Roy had set it on a dresser in a hotel and it fell and cracked the headstock. That was one heavy guitar. We called it. "The Piano."
  9. That's the guy who whipped your ass isn't it?
  10. When the new group bought out the original Heritage they dumped a lot of their smaller dealers. That caused some hard feelings. I understand that. It isn't the same company these days. I can appreciate that they are building some very nice guitars now. I am glad they are. I think there is a band wagon going through that has a sign that says the new Heritage Guitar company build better guitars than the old group. I will not be riding on that wagon. Three of my friends and I have 10 Heritage Guitars between us. A 550, 3 150s, 3 535s, a 475 and two 137s. Only one of these was built after the old guys left. Buy used young man. A original Heritage will be a fantastic guitar.
  11. My old 445 had what I thought was Brazilian rosewood sides and back. This was back in the early '90s. I found photos of different type of rosewood somewhere and that is what brought me to that conclusion. I didn't know that wood was a big deal until reading this thread. I remember a photo in the USA Today of people putting on a show to protest the destruction of the rain forest. The guy's Gibby looked a lot like my guitar. I found that a bit ironic.
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