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  1. I have a set of Phat Cats in my 535. They will howl.
  2. Very nice! I guess the Gunny knew his guitars too.
  3. From Katie: All I know is that Marv had mentioned that Heritage didn't use dovetail method, due to being sued by Gibson. All Heritage mandolins were left over Gibson parts. Therefore things needed to be slightly changed. I am pretty sure he stated that Heritage slotted the neck routed like an electric guitar. This is all I personally know. Other than Aaron did all the construction of mandolins and unfortunately he is no longer with us to ask.
  4. This is from Katie. It is not a dovetail and we always used wood glue on necks. I am not sure on why he would have to drill any holes. Personally, without seeing actual neck pictures, I would reglue and clamp. Sounds like it is just loose.
  5. I have never understood the relicing thingy. I got my first Heritage in 1990. It seemed to be their finishes were so superior to other guitars. Why beat hell out of them in the factory? Earn that reliced finish. I don't feel triggered either mate. I suspect there is even more to come.
  6. Rich, the last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it. Hahaha... I almost made it up to Louisville a few weeks ago but the mechanic got my money.
  7. Katie Flamm may be the best person to ask about this. She will know who to tell you to talk to. I will send you my contact information in a message on this forum so y'all can hook up.
  8. I have Imperials in one of my guitars. They breath nicely. The SD's I have had seemed too muddy.
  9. Keepin' them straight in Marshall?

  10. Hey there buddy! 

  11. This is a first edition. 1993. The 137s with Lollars are the second edition type. The gold top is a custom order 2010.
  12. I think more than one or two people here will be happy to send you a sticker or spray paint logo template for what ever case you get. We used to have more time on our hands. For what it is worth, Wolfe used to sell their 137s in Access cases. That is where I first learned about them. I have had a few of them over the years and they have left with the guitars they came in. See if the local Guitar Sphincter has them and check one out. They are good enough to consider.
  13. These are very nice cases. I have one for my acoustic. https://www.accessbagsandcases.com/product/stage-three-case-gibson-les-paul-electric-guitar/
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