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  1. That should be all there is to it.
  2. Welcome aboard Mike! I have a 535 as well. Great tone machines. Guit, I have an old cheap pair of plastic calipers. Last week I checked them against a set like in the photo. The old cheap ones still were dead nuts on but the digital reading and controls were very nice. Under $50.00 at Lowe's.
  3. Very nice Busu-san. Very good tone. Also, you can play guitar like a bird can fly. Welcome aboard. https://youtu.be/477RPEkzcoY
  4. That is true. I have RAW files to prove most of mine. I too have missed you here. You have been to PSP. You have the shirt to prove it.
  5. If someone uses an image of mine just for fun I have no problem with it but if a business uses one of my images I would be pissed.
  6. Welcome aboard. Remember, photos or it didn't happen.
  7. As always, you speak with wisdom Sensei. Back around 2006 I bought a bottle of lemon oil. I used a clean older white cotton sock. The same sock is still on top of the 2/3s full bottle of lemon oil. It is best to use it when changing strings but it you are careful with your sock and Q-Tip technique you can do it with the strings on. A cloth diaper is also handy. You don't want to have the fret board swimming in oil just a drop covers several frets. I use it when needed. A few weeks ago I used it on my buddy's 1974 SG. As for the pot... get some spray and hit it, the other pots and the the toggle switch a few times. You have just spent enough money for now. That spray paid off last weekend.
  8. I always use a little lemon oil to keep the fret board hydrated.
  9. "There once was a note, listen..."
  10. I have heard of guitar like this before...
  11. You don't have to worry about pissing us off. We are too close.
  12. All of us from the old days had our differences but we sucked it up and went on -still as friends. That is what made this site and the old crew at 225 Parsons special. Well said Six Digits!
  13. There it is. I set up my own guitars too. I also help take care of my buddies Heritages.
  14. Hahaha... In 2016 I standing inside of 225 Parsons and told a fellow member that the spirit of Heritage was dead. He didn't believe me. I suspect that the powers that, now, be at 225 Parsons didn't like a retailer selling their guitars so low and had their feelings hurt. Well... bless their little fuckin' hearts. Back in the day we all knew that Heritage would soon come to an end. It happened in 2016. I hope the old timers made a bucketful of cash when they sold the joint. I would have done the same thing if I were them. One prolific member here said that Heritage had Mojo. You can buy the building, you can buy the trademark and you can buy new blood but you can't buy Mojo. Can I get an Amen?
  15. I think my 535 was a 1996. It was the same color. That is one of my favorite Heritage finishes. Congrats!
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