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  1. I need to break out the old sales catalogs. There were so many models at first that now are no longer made.
  2. 225 Parsons was a museum until it was sold to the current owners.
  3. After thinking about it I realize that I am wrong about the 137. There wasn't a 137 with a sharp horn. I was getting it confused with the 140. I wish I could blame it on age...
  4. That sounds like a 1977 Ford Pinto I owned. Half SAE, half Metric. It was built in Canada. I swear it was BandAid colored. Good luck with your upgrade. Take before and after pics and post them.
  5. Josh, neck carves are hard to interpret. I like a wide neck from top to bottom and thin from front to back. The neck on the 3rd versions of the 137 I have owned had a neck carved like the HFT-445 Accoustic I sold Steiner. It always felt thick to me. My daughter's 137 doesn't have p-90s but the body is shaped the same as the 3rd version except the neck is thinner than the 3rd edition. That guitar is a 2nd edition. The first edition had the sharp horn. My current 137 was a custom build and it has a thinner neck and is carved for humbuckers. I have Phat Cats in my daughter's guitar. The custom order came with Lollar Imperials. I got it from Guitar Sphincter second hand. The funny thing is that it is almost the same as my buddy's 150 Special. They weigh the same even with the 150 having a carved maple top. Rumor is that there is a pod of white 1st edition 140s out there. All of them with broken headstocks. Arrghhh... Good discussion!
  6. You may have metric hardware on the H-140. I suspect you do. If you don't want to yank out the bushings for the bridge you may want to buy metric. Send Brentrocks a message and ask him.
  7. I never thought about it before but there are 3 versions of the 137. The first has a sharp horn. The second doesn't but it has humbuckers, where the third, and most prolific version, has the fat neck and P-90s.
  8. Could you file or sand off some of the pickup cover on it's bottom side and get it lower? The pick up itself may not be the problem.
  9. I use a box that I bought from BYOC in kit form. It has 3 different boost circuits in it but the one I always use is based on a Rangemaster.
  10. I am no help because the first thing I do with a new guitar is twist the truss rod a touch to get some relief. Some people may find that I also like my action a little high because I make terrible noises with a slide every now and then. Adjust the guitar how you like it and enjoy. Here is my 535. I jammed with buddies a week ago. That guitar howls! ;^)
  11. Josh, what is that white stuff in chicken shit? It's chickenshit too. Old southern saying. As to the taste... we were both enlisted men. We could tell the difference.
  12. We had two tube 15 watt amps there playing at about 1/3 power and the 30 watt SS amp held up well.
  13. Last Saturday night a buddy brought over a 30 watt Orange solid state amp. It sounded great.
  14. That is a neat device too. I changed the link so it would work. The link tool here always puts up an "http://" for sport. http://www.stringraytool.com
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