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  1. High Flying Bird

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    We are just weekend pickers. None of us are very good but we hang out and have a good time. I do like to think that I can make up in tone for what I lack in talent. Here is an old 535 I traded after getting the Gold 535 in the photo. I traded "Goldyrocks" to Jim when I got the 535 on the left.
  2. High Flying Bird

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    Shazam Scott, you are up near Mayberry and Mt. Pilot. We almost drove up for a long weekend once when the girls were younger.
  3. High Flying Bird

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    Welcome aboard. We are a 535 friendly bunch here in north Alabama. Mine is on the left and two of my buddie's 535s are in the center and right.
  4. High Flying Bird

    H-575 w/laminated top

    A buddy has a 550. I love it and it's tone.
  5. High Flying Bird

    New terms

    I am with you brother.
  6. High Flying Bird

    Three of my favorite things

    Nice 150. It reminds me of my buddy's 150. I prefer Makers to Jack. I could be run out of town for saying that down here. ;^)
  7. High Flying Bird

    Neat article on Ren

    I think that one is an SAE.
  8. High Flying Bird

    Heritage? You make the call...

    Here is Guit's custom with the tiny blocks. It was done out of house.
  9. High Flying Bird

    Heritage? You make the call...

    I noticed the frets too. It looks a lot like my buddy's H-150 Special.
  10. High Flying Bird

    Heritage? You make the call...

    A buddy and fellow Heritage owner is going to a local bar to see some bands tomorrow night. While looking at the bar's Facebook page we saw this photo. I saw it as a thumbnail and said, "That looks like a Heritage. What do y'all think?
  11. High Flying Bird


    It is a '93. It has a slim neck and weighs next to nothing.
  12. High Flying Bird


    It is.
  13. High Flying Bird


    Close up of the body before the pup change.
  14. High Flying Bird


    I also think it was a first generation H-137. Many years ago I bought a used one for my daughter. Two years ago I picked up a 2010 that is almost the same. I put Phat Cats into her guitar and it screams. My guitar came with Lawler Imperials. Both are very nice light weight guitars.
  15. High Flying Bird

    MM PSP Photo Bomb