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  1. You are not doing it right then. ;^)
  2. What year is yours? Are you sure it is a 3 and not an 8? Those stencils sometimes are quite cryptic looking.
  3. Me too brother. I need an new camera more than a new guitar. For the price of a very nice used Heritage I could get a new full frame camera and all of the batteries I would ever need. Zeldoom, shop used. You can find very good deals on used Heritage Guitars. As for your English... it is better than mine.
  4. Here it is with a buddy's 150 Special. Believe it or not they both weigh the same.
  5. Here is a custom 137 I got used. It is a 2010. Lollar Imperials.
  6. 535 Ginger - 137 Maryanne - 150 Genie.
  7. Your is cherry if memory serves. They are great little guitars. I never liked the P-90s used on the later models. They sounded too muddy to me. The Phat Cats in Lydia's guitar can scream and remain clear. It could be used for jazz.
  8. They say music is related to math. I can't do either. That is why God invented calculators. ;^)
  9. The Prince of Orange has spoken. ;^)
  10. The same model I bought my daughter back in 2011. This one is a '93. I replace the pups with SD Phat Cats. That thing will howl!
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