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  1. No way! I was an electronic tech for 16 years and small tools and a soldering iron were my craft. This is a job best left to a guitar tech. I suspect you would have to cut wood to get a P-90 into those slots. Fishing the wires out through the f-hole is a job.
  2. I put a set of SD Phat Cats in my 535. Killer tone.
  3. Some detective work going on here. What a cool forum.
  4. That guitar is 3 miles from my mailing address in a buddy's house. When you see the Sedan's t-shirt or the custom condom machine in the jam room you will know you have the right place. You could ask Lefty Alicia, Steiner, Bill or Lance for the address but one of them would beat you to it once alerted. Just close the door on your way out. I don't want the raccoons getting inside.
  5. Keep your distance mister. ;^)
  6. I like DR Pure Blues for my electrics. I have tried others but always go back to the DRs.
  7. I like the Schallers but a used 137 custom I own had Lollar Imperials in it. Check those out. Killer pups.
  8. You will find that this is a rather laid back group. Many of the things posted in your profile are digs that the admin take to keep things rolling. If you look at my profile you will see I am listed as having the "First Father's Medal" for giving my daughter a Heritage for Christmas back in 2011. There is no first father's medal -but maybe there should be. ;^)
  9. I have a set of Phat Cats in my 535. They will howl.
  10. Very nice! I guess the Gunny knew his guitars too.
  11. From Katie: All I know is that Marv had mentioned that Heritage didn't use dovetail method, due to being sued by Gibson. All Heritage mandolins were left over Gibson parts. Therefore things needed to be slightly changed. I am pretty sure he stated that Heritage slotted the neck routed like an electric guitar. This is all I personally know. Other than Aaron did all the construction of mandolins and unfortunately he is no longer with us to ask.
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