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  1. If these are going to be a special PSP run why are they available later on the open market? If you are a member and can't travel why not just a factory order after the fact?
  2. Here is the '93 137 I got my daughter for Christmas several years ago. Damned good guitar.
  3. Damn right it is. It deserves better than me. As far as I know, two owners were not able to bond with this guitar. For me it is perfect. I added the Chet bar after I got it. I do have to say the Bigsby on this one is heavy as can be. I don't use it much but when I need it it doesn't go out of tune as much as you would suspect. It isn't made for dive bombing. ;^) Actually it is a 2003 535 custom. It came with HRW pups but I changed them out for Phat Cats. Run it through a Dallas Arbiter BYOC clone and into a Vox AC-15. It howls with tone.
  4. I have Imperials in a custom 137 Gold Top that followed me home. I have never heard of different barrel shapes on the Schaller bridges. That bridge may be backwards. I will have to take a look.
  5. A buddy has a 550 much like this one. Give it some time. You may like it as it is.
  6. I still say some old man in Vietnam swears he saw Hendrix at a GI USO show. His children tire of hearing the story.
  7. Snapping my fingers Daddy. Great version of this song.
  8. Here is the tail piece of a buddy's 550. Who knows if you 535 was a custom order, an employee build or the H tail piece was added later. I suspect it was added later. It doesn't really matter I am sure your 535 will howl. I love my 535. The shadow on the carpet is a sign from God.
  9. In my opinion the 535 is the finest guitar Heritage has ever made. Goldyrocks belongs to one of my best friends, the Amberburst rest in an undisclosed location and Lady Bird was traded to Mike Novello. Let the tone fill up the inside and feel the air blow out onto your arms.
  10. That should be all there is to it.
  11. Welcome aboard Mike! I have a 535 as well. Great tone machines. Guit, I have an old cheap pair of plastic calipers. Last week I checked them against a set like in the photo. The old cheap ones still were dead nuts on but the digital reading and controls were very nice. Under $50.00 at Lowe's.
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