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  1. That would be a standard Schaller pick up. Nothing wrong with them in my opinion. Best of luck with it.
  2. Their finishes were all over the place. Here is an old HFT 475. It is Almond Burst.
  3. Put your ashes in them. That would make sweet coffins.
  4. Steiner owned the 535 below and sold it to me. He loves the 575 and couldn't connect with the 535. Oddly, I have the same trouble in reverse. A 535 seems built just for me.
  5. Back in the old days Heritage would make special orders and also make one off customs to sell to their distributors.
  6. Good description of the finish. A backlit honeycomb.
  7. That would be made in 2000 wouldn't it? Good deal! Oh, on this site you are expected to post your own photos or it didn't happen. 😉
  8. That is correct. Marv said they got unfinished bodies from Larrivee. Heritage would make the necks, install them and finish the guitar. I couldn't tell you the years they did this. Tell Tracy I said, "hey."
  9. Some of their early acoustics were out sourced. I can't remember the name of the company though. It seems like they were from Canada.
  10. Old Friend, I had a, "buddy," who would show up from time to time and complain that I should use that hook for a swag light -he was very judgemental. I got tired of hearing it and hung the beer can up there to shut him up. I found the jacket in the apartment's dumpster. The jacket went back but the beer can stayed. Spectrum, we use sturdier cans for our phones down here. You can laugh Steiner but I have central air conditioning.
  11. As a joke a buddy bought me a set of neon yellow for my gold top 137. They felt dead to me. The sound wasn't so great either but the feel of them made me take them off. I like DR Pure Blues.
  12. I bought my first Heritage from the owner of Instruments Unlimited, Mr. Walker, here in Huntsville in 1989. He called the factory and they had a black 150 like I wanted and they could send down here that afternoon. Wow! When I went to pick it up on Monday Mr Walker told me that Heritage called them back after it had been shipped. He said that they built two of these for Roy Clark and he selected the other. I thought it was a neat story but didn't think much about it. A year or two later a buddy called me and told to turn on my TV and watch Hee-Haw. Roy was playing an identical guitar. In 2008 Marv remembered and told me Roy broke the headstock off of his 150 while on the road.
  13. I use DR strings. I doubt that the ones in the link were made back then. Good guess though.
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