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Custom Core H-150 (x2!)

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Hi everyone,

Over the last few months, I have somehow managed to pick up not one, but TWO Custom Core H-150s, and just wanted to share what amazing guitars these are.

I had previously owned a very nice H-535 while going down a semi-hollow rabbit hole. It was great guitar, but I ended up selling it and going through a couple different ES-335s looking for the one. Finally realized semi-hollows or SGs for that matter just aren't my thing and need to stick with LP-style guitars. So traded the ES-335 for a '22 CC H-150. Wow! What a great guitar! I have owned at least a dozen Gibson CS LPs over the years, and my number one for a long time has been an '04 R7. I didn't think it could get better than that. But this CC is just as good. Beautiful, plays amazing, sounds amazing, fit and finish are spot on, and it's lighter than my R7! In fact, I have been so enamored with it, I just traded another guitar I hadn't bonded with, a pristine '05 PRS McCarty Soapbar, for a '21 CC Artisan Aged H-150. Same story, beautiful, plays amazing, sounds amazing. aging is very well done. The necks on these CCs are SO comfortable to play which is a make-or-break for me.

I also want to give major kudos to Heritage customer support. I emailed them with a few questions about these used guitars. Not only did they respond quickly, but even though I was not the original owner they treated me like one and were very helpful! I was so impressed, and it made me even more fond of these guitars knowing the team behind them is so supportive.

Anyway, let's see if I can figure out how to post a picture here..


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13 hours ago, brentrocks said:

Oh yeahhhh.   You got it bad.   I know the feeling…I now have 3.  


Haha, yes I do have it bad! But I'm going to stop at two, I swear!

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12 hours ago, BrianG500 said:

Haha, yes I do have it bad! But I'm going to stop at two, I swear!

I thought I was gonna stop at 3

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