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  1. True, but aren't most owners bound by a contract to only sell it back to Dumble himself? Though I'm not sure if he can make those kinds of demands on the super famous and rich people. That said, IF I had a Dumble, I'd probably only use it in the studio, not take it on tour.
  2. The only "Dumble style" amp I am familiar with, and would consider buying, would be a Fuchs ODS. I have also heard of Bludotone, which definitely seems much more of a "clone" than the Fuchs, at least based on the controls and FET/NORM inputs.
  3. I just saw that Sweetwater put it on sale AND had a demo model, so after looking at them for months, I finally got one. Just is such a great way to have a ton of great pedal sounds in one enclosure.
  4. Nice solution!! There are a ton of products out there now, all good ones, and the way to go is to figure out what you need, and decide which one best meets those. The voltage switches are nice, as some pedals can be run at higher voltages to change the sound. Only some though.
  5. They are. B.A.D. is almost like a contract boutique level contract factory. Synergy is under the B.A.D. umbrella, so they are built there as well. It's definitely going to disrupt things for some time to come in a major way.
  6. I was following this on the book of Face, and this is what Wampler posted: So, the fire did not involve any of the BAD production, however water damage, smoke, etc still happened. They probably can't go back in until the FD and engineers clear the building.
  7. Having looked around, Rivera makes some INCREDIBLE Jazz amplifiers. The Jazz Suprema line. You also need to decide on whether you want ANY ability to dial in a little dirt. The Rivera Jazz Suprema is super headroom for clean.
  8. As others have said, this is going to depend a LOT on what type of clean do you want. Especially what type of HIGHS you want. I see a lot of people recommending the Fender Blues and Blues deluxe. Also the VOX AC15 or AC30. The VOX and Fender sound are quite a bit different. If you want something CRYSTAL clean, Carvin made the vintage series amps to have just that kind of clean channel. THey used that on a lot of their amps actually. But it can almost be TOO clean, but for Jazz, some people want that. Others want a more woody percussive sound.
  9. Ahh crap. I was thin back then. I've gotten kinda tubby.
  10. Man, what a streak of bad luck. I'm glad it just turned out to be a viral infection. Last friend I had who developed vertigo unfortunately won't be with us for much longer. As for the bandmates wife, mental illness is something that never really goes away. Especially after a very emotional time, like a wedding, they can be all over the place emotionally. Hopefully she can get the help she needs, either through therapy or medication, or both.
  11. I definitely look better with facial hair.
  12. Dangit. How come everyone else's photos of my guitar look better than my photos of it.
  13. tbonesullivan


    Pictures of my Heritage 2005 H150CM in Sunsetburst and my 1999 H-535 in Almond Sunburst.
  14. Hi everybody! My name is Dave, and I heard about this place over at the Hamer Fanclub (Also a member over there). I am originally a big Carvin addict, but lately have been moving away from being ALL carvin to being SOME carvin. I've got 8 Electric guitars (two up for sale), 1 acoustic guitar, 3 bass guitars, a bunch of carvin amps and bass amps, and some effects stuff. I'm a mediocre player at best, after years of trying sporadically at age 30 i've finally decided to take lessons. Anyway, I got my first heritage guitar a few weeks ago, and she's a real beauty. A 1999 H535 in Almond Burst. The original tuners have been replaced due to corrosion (smells like basement queen), the original schaller roller bridge replaced with a Grover TOM style bridge, and the original Big Schaller tailpiece replaced with Gibson studs and bushings, and a supposed Vintage Gibson Tailpiece of dubious authenticity. The guitar has barely any fretwear, so I believe I'll be the first owner to put some serious miles on her. Currently deciding whether to have the original tailpiece replaced.Not sure about the roller bridge. I have the tailpiece, but I've had to shell out for the roller bridge.
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