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  1. The gear page has a list of "tube dealers" up, and it all depends on whether you want New production Tubes or Old production tubes. There are a few guys who specialize in tested used pulls, and i've been very happy with old production tubes from them. I've also got so many tubse now that I pretty much won't need any for years/decades/etc.
  2. Man, some of those sounds are just not ones that I would ever want. I understand that people back in the 60s and 70s were really big fans of horrible fuzz, but I am not.
  3. How much people like the schallers seems to be based a lot on the guitar they are in. For solid bodies, they tend to fair well. Others love them in semi-hollow bodied guitars. They have really nice cleans, however I feel that when you go to the dirty side is when they don't really have that "classic" sound that most people want from a pickup. They are too nice, when you want just a bit of 'RUDE'.
  4. The first two albums were Marshall Amplifiers I believe. Then for Master of Puppets they got the Mark IIC+ amplifiers, and ran the preamps into the Marshall power sections. At least, that's what people usually say. They then used Mk III amplifiers and Rectifier amplifiers on later albums, and the MkIV on the black album, but by then they used a ton of studio tricks, multi-tracking, etc so getting those sounds is always a challenge. James Hetfield also had Mesa make two custom rack-mount EQ rigs for him, and I think only 8 were made in total. They were connected in series so you could scoop EVEN MORE MIDS. https://reverb.com/item/17000623-mesa-boogie-custom-dual-mono-graphic-rack-eq-hetfield-2016-black
  5. I use my Trem-O-Verb to try out the newest Metallica Riffs I'm learning. I'm torn on whether Vintage High Gain or MOdern high gain is better for their early sound. I know, properly, I should have a Marshall or a Mark IIC+, but I'm trying to cut down on amps. Also the Trem-O-Verb is thought by many to be one of the best sounding amps in the entire rectifier series. That said the Lone Star is also a great amp. I'd definitely be looking to get one of those If I didn't already have a Maverick.
  6. Nice!!! Those are great guitars. Wish I was in the market these days. Now I've just got "too many guitar" syndrome.
  7. Seriously. They are not an amp for someone used to working on old Fender and Marshalls with eyelet boards and PTP wiring. If it's a guy who believes that PCB amps are trash, don't even bother. You can watch the guitologist totally screw up a mesa amp, and he can't even figure out how to get the PCB out of the chassis. Uh, they got it in there, so it's gotta come back out. He also replaced the entire power tube board with discrete components, which did not fix anything. Anyway, Yeah I'm a mesa fan. I'm also a Rivera fan and and Carvin fan, though Carvin doesn't technically exist anymore.
  8. Not really, unless you don't know what you're doing, like the Guitologist who makes videos on youtube. The 3 and 4 channel amps can be a bit cramped to work on and hard to diagnose, but the 2 channel ones are much less complicated.
  9. Ugh... not this crap. Sadly, there is a HUGE market for it. Some companies pretty much ONLY make relic guitars now, which I guess really does help keep costs down: it's no big deal if you buff right through the clear coat by accident! As long as it plays good no one is going to care.
  10. Nice sound! Looking at the unit, it's very well designed! Really allows you to get some real dirt in your sound without losing all of the articulation.
  11. Ahh crap. I was thin back then. I've gotten kinda tubby.
  12. Man, what a streak of bad luck. I'm glad it just turned out to be a viral infection. Last friend I had who developed vertigo unfortunately won't be with us for much longer. As for the bandmates wife, mental illness is something that never really goes away. Especially after a very emotional time, like a wedding, they can be all over the place emotionally. Hopefully she can get the help she needs, either through therapy or medication, or both.
  13. I definitely look better with facial hair.
  14. Dangit. How come everyone else's photos of my guitar look better than my photos of it.
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