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  1. Well, I have placed the order. 2-3 months was the estimate when I ordered it, so now the waiting begins. That will give me plenty of time to read and re-read the manual, which is 30 pages of solid text. It really is like buying a bunch of different amps in the same housing.
  2. Paul Rivera STILL loves push-pull knobs. I don't think any of his amps are free of them. Still I'm not sure anything can compete with the Push-Pull insanity that is the Mesa Boogie Mark IV. 7 of the 18 controls on the front pull to do something.
  3. Ooof. I wonder if the tube went, or maybe the filament had some type of issue?
  4. It is such a great guitar. Awesome raunchy rock sound, and no excessive "bling". Thank you again for selling it to me. It's being well taken care of.
  5. Well, it already has the "licensed" bigsby on it, and I think the holes for the real one are mostly the same. If I really used the tremolo, I'd think about it, but also the spacing around the bridge wouldn't be ideal for the stets bar.
  6. Those class D amps are so light these days, it's incredible. I have a 1000 Watt Carvin power amp that weighs a fraction of an older Carvin 600 watt bass amp.
  7. Sweet! Also. that little stand looks suspiciously like a spring loaded fold-away amp carry handle. They are really useful in so many ways.
  8. As others have said, this is going to depend a LOT on what type of clean do you want. Especially what type of HIGHS you want. I see a lot of people recommending the Fender Blues and Blues deluxe. Also the VOX AC15 or AC30. The VOX and Fender sound are quite a bit different. If you want something CRYSTAL clean, Carvin made the vintage series amps to have just that kind of clean channel. THey used that on a lot of their amps actually. But it can almost be TOO clean, but for Jazz, some people want that. Others want a more woody percussive sound.
  9. I guess it's time to get out my half stack and blow up my house!
  10. Another thought I just had: Mesa Boogie has BUILT IN variacs for many of their amps. They actually have a different tap on the power transformer to run the amplifier at a reduced voltage. They also use Tube Rectifiers SPECIFICALLY to get overall voltage/current sag. Still, I just don't see how a power conditioner will really effect anything. Each socket is rated at around 15A, with the overall unit rated at 20A. I don't see how that could possibly be "choking" the power requirements of the amp, unless it was some cheap POS that couldn't actually handle 15A per outlet. The 150 Watt Me
  11. Most of the threads I found discussing it were hi-fi people talking about the amplifiers for their very expensive stereo rig. Some say that there is some type of interaction between the circuitry in the power conditioner and the amplifier. Something about wanting a "stiff" power supply. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/amplifier-is-now-off-the-power-conditioner
  12. ooo! That IS nice, even for stuff at home. I know that Rivera amps give all their bias specs for 115VAC, and that my R-55 and Pubster are both labeled 115V on the back. Maybe time to buy a variac? Probably not. I'm still just mystified though how a power conditioner could blow up an output transformer. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  13. The Arched laminated back is one of the big things that separates the H-158 from the rest of the Millennium series. I really need to dig mine out and start playing it again. I'm probably going to have to get the nut replaced and possibly replace the licensed bigsby with a USA one. It just does not come back to tune nearly as well as it needs to for it to be usable.
  14. I posted this on one of the Mesa Boogie FB groups, and recently it became active again. Since we've got a lot of really knowledgeable people here, I thought I'd bring it over. Back in May, someone posted that power conditioners, like the ones that Furman markets to musicians, are actually not good for amplifiers. I emailed Mesa, and they said "Power conditioners are best used for accessory items. Unless you are using a Voltage Regulator, the amp is best plugged directly into the wall." On the other hand, Tripp-Lite power actually has articles for choosing the right power conditi
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