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  1. StewMac has them in stock. I bought mie about 15 years ago before they got so expensive. It has move than paid for itself through the years,
  2. I use a neck caul and feeler gauges. It takes the mystery and mistakes out of the process.
  3. According to the Galloup School of Lutherie (Which was started by Dan Erlewine of Stew Mac fame) Handbook the distance between the string at the nut and the first fret starting from the bass side is E = .025, A = .025, D = .022, G = .022, B = .018, and E = .018. Of course it all depends on the player's style of music and finger board attack.
  4. The slots should be only deep enough so 1/3 of the string is above the top of the nut.
  5. Yes but you do get three sets of string with the purchase.
  6. I used to use a first generation Rat. While visiting ProCo back in the day one of the engineers explained to the Rat like most distortion and fuzz pedals accomplish their sound by squaring the sound wave. The problem I found with this concept is that one is losing highs in the wave. I remedied the situation by using a wah to compensate for the difference but not without its own own set of issues. I think ThroBak has solved the problem. https://www.throbak.com/store/p33/ThroBak_Strange_Master_Treble_Booster.html
  7. Heritage can't go wrong with Rob. He is an excellent luthier.
  8. I like the idea of nickel hardware. Nice score.
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